Taiwan International Boat Show 2014: A three day tour for foreign reporters from authoritative yacht magazines and guests

The first large scale Taiwan International Boat Show has been organized by the ...

Taiwan International Boat Show 2014: A three day tour for foreign reporters from authoritative yacht magazines and guests

September 16, 2013

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The first large scale Taiwan International Boat Show has been organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), as well as Kaohsiung City Government and is being implemented by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). With support from the Taiwan Yacht Industry Association (TYIA), this inaugural event will take place at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, running from May 8-11, 2014.

International Yacht Reporters Gather Onsite to Spur Momentum

International Yacht Reporters Gather Onsite to Spur Momentum

In order to effectively promote this inaugural large scale boat show, following a grand international press conference hosted by organizers last year, for considerable effect, this year they have once again invited foreign reporters from authoritative yacht magazines and guests to Taiwan for a three day tour (September 10-12).

In addition to visiting representative yacht and related part manufacturers in the Kaohsiung and Tainan regions, organizers also held an international press conference to highlight the recent developments in Taiwan’s yacht industry and the exhibition scale of the “Taiwan International Boat Show 2014”. Professional reporting from international media will enhance the international visibility of Taiwan’s yacht industry and exhibitions.

Through 60 years of development and evolution, Taiwan’s yacht building industry has struggled to transform and build brands through advanced manufacturing technology and customization capabilities. In the luxury yacht market dominated by European and North American countries, Taiwan’s yacht industry continues to receive support from international buyers. According to the internationally renowned yacht magazine, ShowBoats International in 2013, Taiwan has surpassed Germany as the 6th largest yacht maker of large yachts (80 feet and over), manufacturing 4,272 feet.

Kaohsiung possesses a unique harbor, while climatic and geographical conditions make Kaohsiung an ideal city for the manufacturing of yachts. Thus, it forms a cluster for the yacht industry, with 17 of Taiwan’s approximately 33 yacht manufacturers making Kaohsiung their production base, accounting for 80% of national output value. Therefore, Kaohsiung was the first choice to hold the “Taiwan International Boat Show 2014”.

Taiwan International Boat Show 2014 to be held at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Cente from May 8-11

Taiwan International Boat Show 2014 to be held at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Cente from May 8-11

In addition, the NT$3 billion Kaohsiung Exhibition Center features a high ceilinged 27 meter columnless space. During the exhibition, 20 large luxury yachts will be laid out in rows in this indoor exhibition. Visitors can view and experience Taiwan’s shipbuilding craftsmanship close up. The “Taiwan International Boat Show 2014” is expected to become the most anticipated international exhibition of the year.

Nine Professional Yacht Reporters and Industry Professionals from Nine Countries Come to Taiwan to Spur Momentum for the Boat Show

Continuing on from the pre-exhibition promotional event last June, the announcement of the 2014 Taiwan International Boat Show received a broad global response. This year, the organizers have once again invited eight authoritative yacht industry reporters from the U.K., U.S., New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Italy, and China, as well as a representative of the Australian Marine Export Group (AIMEX): a total of nine reporters and VIPs visiting Taiwan.

The itinerary for this visit includes a tour of representative yacht factories of nine manufacturers (Horizon Yachts, Kha Shing Enterprises, Global Yacht Builders, Man Ship, Johnson Yachts, Aritex Products, Jade Yachts, President Boat International, and Dyna Craft) and attending an international press conference.

The organizers have especially requested Horizon Yachts to provide the Horizon EP148 yacht Horizon Polaris as the site for this year’s international press conference. After the press conference, foreign and domestic VIPs will sail on the yacht through the Kaohsiung harbor area, view the harbor panorama, and enjoy the grandeur of the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center when sailing past. At the same time, foreign and domestic VIPs will witness the shipbuilding techniques and technologies of Taiwan’s yacht industry in experiencing the comfort of this cruise.

Foreign and Domestic Companies Jointly Create “Asia’s Only Indoor Boat Show”

From the beginning of registration until now, this exhibition has received enthusiastic support from foreign and domestic companies. The registration situation has been exciting and the organizers have stated that the exhibition will top 800 booths and utilize both the north and south exhibition halls to display Taiwan’s complete yacht building industry supply chain.

The biggest attraction in the exhibition is expected to be the showcase of yachts, where Asia‘s largest and the world’s tenth largest yacht manufacturer, Horizon Yachts, will display three large yachts.

Kha Shing Enterprises, a top-20 global yacht maker, will display three luxury yachts. Hsing Hang Yachts, who specialize in medium/small-sized yachts, will display two yachts and models. Tayana, who specializes in manufacturing sailboats, will display two sailing boats. Nova Marine, President Yachts and Morningstar Boats will each display two yachts.

In addition, renowned foreign and domestic yacht manufacturers, Global Yacht Builders, Johnson Yachts, Grand Harbor Yachts, Shing Sheng Fa Boat Building, New Ocean Yachts, Dyna Craft, Delta, Bluewater Yacht Builders, and Tachou, will be displaying their superior techniques and technological achievements in the exhibition hall.

The thriving yacht industry has driven the development of related peripheral industries. Therefore, during the exhibition period, not only will the boat display area attract visitors, the area with equipment and parts, maintenance services, and other peripherals, will also be in the spotlight. Aritex Products, yacht hardware manufacturers, will be the biggest exhibitor in the components area. Man Ship, Capital Machinery, UMC-United Metals, Hi-Man-Ech Diesel, and Weichang will also have large booths at the exhibition.

In addition to the active participation of domestic companies at this event, the exhibition has also attracted foreign companies to join the show, including the AIMEX, Enterprise Florida, and Aegis. These 3 foreign agents will organize groups to participate at the exhibition. Foreign companies are expected to occupy 50 booths in the exhibition area, which shows the international nature of this inaugural boat show.

The Inaugural Domestic Boat Show is a Maritime Event That Should not be Missed

The “Taiwan International Boat Show 2014” comprehensively displays the exquisite traditional crafts and designs of Taiwan’s yacht industry. This exhibition will debut at the newly constructed Kaohsiung Convention Center from May 8-11, 2014, and become Taiwan’s most watched maritime event!

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