Taiwan International Boat Show 2014 – an Important Marine Grand Event for Taiwan’s Yacht Industry

Organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, as well as Kaohsiung City ...

Taiwan International Boat Show 2014 – an Important Marine Grand Event for Taiwan’s Yacht Industry

August 16, 2013

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, as well as Kaohsiung City Government, implemented by TAITRA and supported by Taiwan Yacht Industry Association (TYIA), the inaugural Taiwan International Boat Show will be hosted by the newly open Kaohsiung Exhibition Center from Thursday, May 8 until Sunday, May 11, 2014.

TIBS 2014

The history of Taiwan’s yacht manufacturing industry can be traced back to the 1960s. Over the past five decades, the industry at first flourished, then internationalized during the 80s, before experiencing a rapid decline in the 90s.

Now, following industrial transformation and the development of proprietary brands in Taiwan, the exquisite craftsmanship, high level of customization and superiority of Taiwan’s yacht industry has once again gained recognition from global buyers.

According to ShowBoats International’s 2013 Global Order Book, Taiwan outranks Germany as the 6th largest yacht manufacturing country in the world of yachts 80-foot or above, with 4,272 feet in total. As the capital of Taiwan’s yacht industry, Kaohsiung was chosen as the city to organize the “2014 Taiwan International Boat Show.”

The “2014 Taiwan International Boat Show” is the only professional exhibition of yachts, yacht-related equipment and the marine industry in Taiwan; it is also the only indoor boat exhibition in Asia that showcases a variety of powerboats, vessels, accessories, maintenance services, water recreational activities, tourism and other related products and services.

An estimated 200 firms will be invited to take up over 1,000 booths in the North and South halls of the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center and present the exquisite yacht craftsmanship much sought by international buyers.

Enthusiastic Support from Domestic/Foreign Yacht and Related Equipment Manufacturers Demonstrates Comprehensive Industry Supply Chain

As the first “Taiwan International Boat Show”, TYIA appeals to all its members to attend the event. The most spectacular yachts and vessels of this exhibition will be displayed in the columnless, 18 meter lofted south hall of the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center.

The world’s tenth largest yacht manufacturer, “Horizon“, will exhibit three luxury yachts, the 110-foot RP series superyacht Andrea VI – which is also the largest yacht on display at this exhibition – as well as a Horizon 88-foot yacht and a 56-foot yacht. “Johnson Yachts” will be exhibiting a 58-foot yacht, “Tayana Yachts” will be exhibiting a 48-foot sailing yacht, “Global Yacht Builders” will exhibit a 44-foot yacht, “Grand Harbour Yachts” will showcase a 68-foot yacht, “Shing Sheng Fa Boat Building” will display a 37-foot fishing yacht, while “Jade Yachts” will exhibit four yacht models.

Horizon RP110 motor yacht Andrea VI

Horizon RP110 motor yacht Andrea VI

In addition, other renowned yacht manufacturers, such as “Kha Shing Enterprises“, “Nova Marine”, “President Yachts”, “New Ocean Yachts” and “Dyna Yachts,” are deciding on the yacht models they wish to exhibit.

Besides the display of yachts, another popular exhibition area is the equipment and components area. In support of the development of Taiwan’s yacht industry, yacht peripheral industries and supply chains, including raw materials, marine hardware and accessories, wood processing and furniture manufacturing, have been established over the past decade.

Consequently, at the first Taiwan International Boat Show, “Aritex”, the largest yacht hardware accessory manufacturer in Asia, will feature a large booth to showcase its marine hardware. Other manufacturers that have signed up for the exhibition include “Man Ship Machinery and Hardware”, the first stainless steel yacht manufacturer in the world; well-known marine propeller manufacturer, “SOLAS”; Caterpillar’s only dealer in Taiwan, “Capital Machinery”; shaft and component importer and exporter, “UMC-United Metals”; as well as “Grand Propeller”, “Victron Energie”, “Knan’s Enterprise”, “Jeou Tang Industry”, “Trimarine Taiwan”, “MTU-DDC Taiwan” and “Dafar International,” among others, all of which will demonstrate a complete supply chain for Taiwan’s yacht industry.

The “Taiwan International Boat Show” will not only attract the participation of domestic and international yacht/marine industries, but will also catch the attention of overseas manufacturers. With the US and Europe still not exhibiting noticeable improvement in their economies, the development of yacht industries worldwide is being hindered, the Asian yacht market has become the new emerging market. Through Taiwan’s geographical advantage, foreign manufacturers are able to enter the Asian market, in turn attracting manufacturers from Australia, America, Japan, Hong Kong and China to the exhibition.

First International Boat Show Taiwan – An Important Marine Grand Event

Integrating traditional manufacturing, high technology and exquisite craftsmanship, Taiwan’s comprehensive yacht industry will be exhibited at the “2014 Taiwan International Boat Show.” The exhibition will be held between May 8-11, 2014, and it is expected to become the most anticipated event in Taiwan!

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