Picking the Perfect Yacht Charter Destination

Sailing into the flaring sunset, sipping cocktails on the deck, starlit soirees ...

Picking the Perfect Yacht Charter Destination

July 07, 2015

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Sailing into the flaring sunset, sipping cocktails on the deck, starlit soirees and endless days of pirate style adventures soaked in luxury, this is what the superyacht lifestyle is all about. For those seeking other worldly experiences upon the seas there is a little more to it than simply stepping aboard and drifting away, you need to pick a luxury yacht charter locations that suits your style.

Motor Yacht Starfire

Motor Yacht Starfire

From gliding under icy tundra’s and feeling the spray from whales crashing in the Arctic Sea to diving from your superyacht deck into pristine warm waters in the Bahamas, no two charter destinations are the same. With the right luxury yacht, a knowledgeable captain and dedicated crew the world can truly be your oyster. Those seeking ultimate glamor with a dash of glitz will adore the French Riviera whereas those wanting offbeat into the wild moments of daring may find the shores of Norway are calling. To celebrate our unique world of wonders you can dare to dream big when picking the perfect superyacht charter destinations.

Skagsanden Beach - Flakstad - Lofoten - Photo Sonia Arrepia Photgraphy - Visitnorway.com

Skagsanden Beach – Flakstad – Lofoten – Photo Sonia Arrepia Photgraphy – Visitnorway.com

Thrill Seeking or Beach Chilling

Every destination in the world can accommodate a certain theme, for extreme adventures you head to jungle soaked shores, for fine food and a splash of artistic temperament you head to Europe, for a blissful beach break with spa days and cocktails the Caribbean is calling. When planning your superyacht rental adventure it helps to know a little about what you are looking for. Couples seeking romance on secluded shores can choose the British Virgin Islands and spend endless days snorkelling in the rainbow gardens, indulging in massages on their superyacht and picnicking in empty pirate coves. Families wanting thrills on the high seas will adore the pirate inspired energy and the scattered shipwrecks of the Bahamas and keen golfers can tee off on some of the best courses in the world in the bliss and beauty of the emerald greens and blues of the Caribbean. You can choose a divine destination based on how you plan on spending those hours when you aren’t indulging in the luxuries of your superyacht charter.

The Caribbean - Bahamas - Exumas -  Bahamian island paradise

The Caribbean – Bahamas – Exumas – Bahamian island paradise

Winter Warmers or Sultry Summers

If there is frost on the ground and you are dreaming of sunning yourself on the polished deck of a luxury motor yacht with a chilled cocktail in hand, then a winter sun escape may be the perfect choice. For those planning a European escape to the summery isles of Greece or Italy then you need to be sure that the months you choose to travel are warm enough to make the most of your superyacht style. High season and low season can affect your superyacht plans, spring times in Europe may be more peaceful but stepping from your yacht into the soft blue waters may nip the skin a little. Seasonal travel can also come with heightened prices, throngs of tourists and less tranquility whereas with low season travel you can enjoy quiet shores but the days may be more likely to be marred by the weather.

Europe - Greece -Mykonos -Lighthouse

Europe – Greece -Mykonos -Lighthouse

Childish Delights or Sophisticated Style

When picking the perfect superyacht destination you also need to consider who is onboard to share in the pleasures of sailing. Adults will adore spending their hours sipping the finest cognacs, indulging in onboard massages and tiptoeing around ancient ruins and opulent museums. Children may prefer the thrills of Jet Skiing around the Corsican coast, treasure hunting in the Virgin Gorda, and splashing in the waterparks of Greece or seeing wildlife dart in and out of the rainforests on exotic shores. Many superyachts are designed to tailor trips perfectly to the needs of their charter guests meaning that you can strike the perfect balance between culture, indulgence and play. Crew members can help keep little ones entertained and with plenty of toys and tenders on board, exploration is encouraged. Yet for some children the casinos of Monaco or exclusive beach clubs of the French Riviera won’t be as much fun as the natural playgrounds that can be found in the islands of the Caribbean.

France - Corsica - The Port de Plaisance of Bonifacio

France – Corsica – The Port de Plaisance of Bonifacio

Comfortable Pastures or a Challenge

Perhaps once upon a time you fell in love with the crumbling cliffs, the postcard pretty houses and the secret seafood places of the Amalfi Coast and you dream of returning. Maybe you want to tick diving in the blue holes of Belize off your bucket list or soak up the thrills of exploring a new culture. Whether you want to revisit old favorites or whether you want to see something new and indulge in intrepid travel will also impact your choice of superyacht destination. Of course with qualified diving instructors on board, intimate knowledge of secret coastal spots and every kind of craft for perfecting the art of watersports no two days are ever the same on a luxury superyacht charter.

Amalfi Coast in Italy

Amalfi Coast in Italy

Right Yacht at the Right Destination

When planning your next yachting holiday, make sure to reach out to a charter company that has access to all available yachts. Choose an impartial one that works for you personally (not the yacht owner) and has your best interests at heart – like CharterWorld.

Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel

For additional information and personalised itineraries, please contact our professional and experienced charter agents who will be pleased to assist you in organising your next dream holiday.

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