Feadship Superyachts – a Leading Brand for Luxury Yacht Charters

Feadship is undoubtedly, one of the top luxury yacht builders in the world, ...

Feadship Superyachts – a Leading Brand for Luxury Yacht Charters

November 19, 2014

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Feadship is undoubtedly, one of the top luxury yacht builders in the world, constructing truly custom made Feadship superyachts. The company was once again amongst the main highlights of the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show with such fantastic Feadship charter yachts and private yachts moored in and around the Monaco harbour, as the 46m Dubois motor yacht COMO or the awe-inspiring superyacht Madame GU. Over the years numerous extraordinary yachts have left the three shipyards of Makkum, Aalsmeer and Kaag to explore different corners of the world, with almost every one of them built with private use in mind. While some Owners prefer to keep their yachts for themselves, there is also a great selection that are available for Feadship yacht charter opportunities.

Luxury motor yacht Como on display at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show

Luxury motor yacht Como on display at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show


One of the aspects aspect the company was focusing on during the show was their Feadship yacht charter fleet, which was also well presented by the printed book called: The Seven Senses of Chartering a Feadship. The book beautifully starts with a phrase: “From the seven days of creation to the seven phases of the moon, from the seven notes on a musical scale to the seven seas on which we sail, the number seven is an auspicious figure in many ways. And, uniquely in the world of superyachts, it’s also the number of senses you experience to the full when chartering a Feadship…”

LADY BRITT yacht - Sundeck

LADY BRITT yacht – Sundeck

The seven senses Feadship clients will experience when spending their holidays aboard one of the best yachts in the world are hearing, taste, sight, touch, smell, balance and last but not least the Feadship yacht charter experience. There are seven different destinations to choose from: the Eastern Mediterranean, West Mediterranean, Northern Europe, The Caribbean, North America, Asia and the South Pacific. Amongst the many spectacular Feadship charter yachts available is the 86m yacht Ecstasea, 81m AIR, 71.6m UTOPIA, 68m Lady Christine, 63m Lady Britt, 60m Blue Moon, 60m Paraffin, 55m Illusion, 53m Hurricane Run, 49m Highlander and the 39m GO.

Relaxing aboard superyacht Blue Moon - Sundeck Spa Pool

Relaxing aboard superyacht Blue Moon – Sundeck Spa Pool


Uniquity was the ‘word of the show’, describing the extraordinary lengths to which Feadship goes to create genuine custom yachts. It is very hard to explain just how ‘custom-made’ Feadship superyachts are in the industry where plenty of other shipyards are claiming the same thing. The main difference is that at Feadship, each and every project starts from scratch. “This means quite literally a blank page upon which the vision and ideas of the client are first explored,” as explained by their design director Ronno van Schouten. The latest issue of ‘Pilot’, the Feadship magazine, which was also available at the show, features plenty of results of this process in various forms, showcasing the sensational Feadship yachts that are launched three or four years after the proverbial pencil has first marked that paper. It is true that Feadship had built semi-custom yachts in the past, but that is not the case in the recent years. Each one of the yachts is pure custom that meets the requirements and the vision of her owner to the last detail. As the company says: “Uniquity is more than just the quality of being unique. It is the hallmark and the emblem of Feadship’s vision. It is the essence of our rich heritage, which dates back centuries. Uniquity is our gift to Feadship clients – and it is priceless.”


CharterWorld had a fantastic opportunity to take part in an exclusive press tour aboard the stylish Wajer & Wajer Osprey 38 yacht tender and cruise around the numerous Feadship superyachts moored near the Monaco bay. We were accompanied by Feadship’s Marketing Manager Francis Vermeer and Feadship America’s Director Timothy Hamilton who, with his extraordinary knowledge and passion, lead the tender tour, presenting each one of the Feadship vessels to all of us, excited press members, seated aboard the Wajer & Wajer tender.

Feadship superyacht Madame Gu at 2014 MYS - Photo by CharterWorld.com

Feadship superyacht Madame Gu at 2014 MYS – Photo by CharterWorld.com

First one up was the fantastic MADAME GU superyacht, magnificently stealing the show with her 99-metres and car-racing-inspired design and styling. She was designed by Andrew Winch and represented the largest yacht built in the Netherlands at the time of her launch. Madame Gu is not only pretty! Despite her 99 metres she is able to reach impressive 25 knots thanks her quadruple 3,600kW MTU engines. The main features that make her stand out are her fully enclosed helicopter hangar, fibreglass domes for the satcom/navigation gear and an exceptionally elaborate interior.

Madame Gu Superyacht at MYS 2015 - Photo by CharterWorld.com

Madame Gu Superyacht at MYS 2015 – Photo by CharterWorld.com

Other yachts that we’ve viewed included the 67m motor yacht SIRAN (1992), 51m ILLUSION (1983), 75.75m mega yacht OCEAN VICTORY (2008), 50m luxury yacht DEJA VU (2000), 46m AUDACIA (1987) and the 45m Feadship charter yacht SECRET LIFE (1974).

Wajer & Wajer Yacht Tender - Image courtesy of Feadship

Wajer & Wajer Yacht Tender – Image courtesy of Feadship


Friday morning of the MYS gave us the opportunity to step aboard the recently launched 46m superyacht COMO, boasting naval architecture and exterior design by Dubois Naval Architects as well as elegant interiors by Redman Whiteley Dixon. COMO represents an innovative thinking in motor yacht design featuring impressive amount of glazed panels throughout. The large amount of glazing provide her interiors with huge amount of natural light, and a great exterior and interior flow.

46m motor yacht COMO by Feadship

46m motor yacht COMO by Feadship

COMO yacht was designed exclusively for private use by her Owner. Stepping aboard we were greeted by her friendly crew, even meeting the very welcoming owner himself. One of the interesting features of the yacht is the beautiful circular seating plan in the main saloon, that can rotate to provide flexible seating arrangements. The entire interior was created to complement a modern and sophisticated lifestyle. The vessel’s layout is very flexible, where informal areas can be easily transformed into more formal settings when needed.

The upper deck is sheltered by a hardtop with glazed roof panels and it can be completely protected by a series of curved windows which slide upwards to seal the space between the hardtop and the superstructure. One might miss the popular Jacuzzi or a large beach club touring this beautiful yacht, but then again, this is a true reflection of what Feadship do: they create a yacht that is completely designed and built to the Owners wishes; despite what others may think.

Overall, when meeting any member of the Feadship team, one is instantly taken by the real passion and great pride in the product they are representing, as well as the gratitude towards everyone involved in the creation process, from the highly skilled artisans right through to the proud Owner.

Feadship has currently 7 yachts under construction, with two yachts in Makkum, three in Aalsmeer and 3 in Kaag. Two of these are due to be launched in January 2015. The yachts under build include 83.50m motor yacht hull#686, 46.40m hull#689, 44.20m hull#690, 101.50m mega yacht hull#808, 66.25m hull#809, 57.45m superyacht hull#810 and 92.10m hull#1005 yacht. It is also important to note that Feadship has an additional number of other projects in the order book on which they cannot publish any information.

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