China (Xiamen) International Boat Show (CXIBS) 2013: Top 10 Experiences

This year’s China (Xiamen) International Boat Show (CXIBS), one of the ...

China (Xiamen) International Boat Show (CXIBS) 2013: Top 10 Experiences

September 27, 2013

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

This year’s China (Xiamen) International Boat Show (CXIBS), one of the most popular and prestigious boat shows in China, will take place at Xiamen Wuyuanwan Bay. The event will last four days, running from November 8th to 11th.

China Show

CXIBS has been successfully held five times and this year it will be distinctive. It has attracted great attention from hundreds of thousands international and local marine enthusiasts. It covers two show locations which totally are more than 50,000 square meters. From astonishing yachts to fishing boats, leisure boat and boats for every budget, the CXIBS 2013 delivers the excitement of boating, for any life style.

It is worth mentioning that Azimut Yachts have announced that they will host a special owners’ meeting at this year’s CXIBS, which means China is getting more and more important in the global yacht market.

Top 10 Experiences you can’t miss at this year’s show

1. The well-known Feadship 150 superyacht BLUE SKY will be on display
There will be more than 300 luxury yachts on Xiamen harbor during CXIBS 2013. On that occasion, Ferretti 80-ft,Ferretti 84-ft,AZIMUT 64-ft,AZIMUT 72-ft, Feadship 150 super yacht and other super yachts brands like Sunseeker, Princess, Lagoon, Beneteau, Sunreef, Jeanneau, Regal, Sessa, Majesty, Brunswick, Absolute, Sealine, Rodman will be exhibited in the Show.

Luxury motor yacht Blue Sky by Feadship

Luxury motor yacht Blue Sky by Feadship

2. High-end Brands Gathering: Ca, Yacht, upmarkets and others
CXIBS 2013 will gather all kinds of high-end and luxurious brands. In this show, the best cars, luxury yachts, airplanes, real estate projects and luxurious upmarkets will be shown in Xiamen. Through the show, the distinctive styles, charms and highlights from all the luxurious world will be present to promote the luxury feeling to all-round experience.

3. Super yachts Trial,experience the life of the billionaire

Want to live like a billionaire? You don’t have to charter a super yacht for experience. CXIBS 2013 will provide Super yachts Trial for people who has registered. Just enjoy the charming scenery of this city on the yacht.

4. Yacht Babe Competition
Attractive and sexy girls is a must have at this luxury event. Yacht Babe Competition will be held at this show and a huge sexy yacht baby group will make a exciting appearance. There are elements of luxury yachts that astonish you, but beauties would be amazed if you see it. That is a favorite for photographers.

5. Owners’ day held by Azimut

Azimut Yachts have announced that they will host a special owners’ meeting at this year’s China (Xiamen) International Boat Show 2013. And Giovanna Vitelli, the daughter of the founder of the company, Paolo Vitelli, will spearhead the event.

Considerable effort has been made developing Xiamen and surrounding areas in Fujian province into one of the leading yachting markets in mainland China. Giovanna Vitelli mentions: “China is a very important market for global strategy development and since the Xiamen show is one of the most influential shows in China, we decided to hold the event there.”

6. Partnering Meeting
During the Show, the Organizing Committee will hold a Partnering meeting for the domestic and overseas enterprises, providing a communication and exhibition platform for the overseas enterprises and help overseas yacht enterprises obtain the attention from Chinese enterprises and thus promote them to build cooperation. Overseas enterprises are welcome to register for this meeting.

7. The 9th China Club Cup Sailing Boat Competition
The 9th China Club Cup Sailing Boat Competition is organized by sailing windsurfing association of China, Xiamen government and Huli district government, gathering domestic different region yacht sailing club. Players from all over the world  including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, the United States and other countries and regions will gather together to present a wonderful game.

8. Mystery Guest Show Up
A number of top China’s millionaires and famous stars will show up and give a fabulous program. What’s more, international giant figures will show up.

9. Xiamen Flavored Snacks & Gifts
Xiamen is also famous for its delicious snacks. Shacha noodles, Worm Jelly, Scallion meters fruit, Traditional Chinese Rice-pudding etc. Besides, Xiamen green bean pie with feature long enjoyed a good reputation is a good choice for visitor to buy for gifts. Different flavors of pies such as Geen tea, pineapple, Pork can meet different tastes.

10. Pleasure Resorts
If you have enough time, you must pay a visit to the Gulangyu island which be called the most romantic island. The blooming flowers, flourish trees and beautiful scenery win Gulangyu Island a name “Garden on the Sea”. You will enjoy the beauty of Gulangyu from the rows of old house, beautiful harbor scenery, unique shops and the local people.

Also, you can go to Wuyuwan bay wetland park where almost eighty-two kinds of birds inhabit. Not only can enjoy the pleasure of bird but also the pleasure of fishing. Natural lake of Wetland Park, is a place where many fishing enthusiast aspire to.

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