Marine Electronics Luxury Yacht & Superyacht News

Marine Electronics Luxury Yacht & Superyacht News

First iPad Installed on a Private Superyacht

July 31, 2010

Written by Mike Smith

Van Berge Henegouwen Installaties has now installed an iPad on a superyacht. The Durch company continues to add comfort and luxury to the yachting experience, by giving superyacht Owners control of their onboard high-tech systems through the integration of what is called the world’s most revolutionary, user-friendly and intuitive device – the Apple iPad. Recently,... ... read full story

Jacco van der Stelt new commercial manager for Lantic Entertainment Systems

July 28, 2010

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Jacco van der Stelt has been appointed by Alewijnse Marine Systems as the new commercial manager for Lantic Entertainment Systems. He will be based in Nijmegen in Netherlands. ... read full story

SELEX Communications Yacht Technologies launches global security at Monaco Yacht Show 2010

July 27, 2010

Written by Mike Smith

SELEX Communications Yacht Technologies, a Finmeccanica company and one of the world’s leading providers of navigation, communication, security and entertainment solutions for superyachts, will be revealing its enhanced global security capabilities at this year’s 2010 Monco Yacht Show. ... read full story

AISSat-1 Successfully launched

July 16, 2010

Written by Eva Belanyiova

AISSat-1 Kongsberg Satellite Services

AISSat-1 has been successfully launched from India on 12th of July 2010 by Kongsberg Seatex AS, and has already started transmitting AIS messages from space through Kongsberg Satellite Services ground station at Svalbard. ... read full story

Recovery of technological maritime market observed by IMTECH

July 13, 2010

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Imtech Logo

Imtech announced observation of improvement of the technological maritime market in Far East and Singapore, drawing conclusion based on the increase in orders in these areas over the past few months. ... read full story

Marlink and Asia Broadcast Satellite expand KU-Band coverage in Asia-Pacific

June 29, 2010

Written by Chelsea Smith

Marlink has announced the extension of its maritime satellite communications Ku-band VSAT services to include Hong Kong, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean ... read full story

Lantic Entertainment Systems all-in-one TFY HDMI Screens at Monaco Yacht Show 2010

June 23, 2010

Written by Mike Smith

By removing the need to install a Lantic Entertainment Centre – the processing unit that acts as the brain for each zone in a system – the screens are ideal for mounting in cabins and other areas where space is restricted as well as offering a lower cost entry point into multizone, itegrated entertainment. ... read full story

Ocean Signal enters the marine communication market

June 21, 2010

Written by Eva Belanyiova

A new name in marine communications has been launched specialising in the design and development of advanced communication and safety products. The directors of the company, Ocean Signal™, have brought together one of the most highly experienced teams in the marine communications industry. Individually they have designed and developed many of the market leading products and now, as Ocean Signal™, bring a fresh approach to communication and safety at sea for commercial, fishing and leisure vessels. ... read full story

Getting ready for the launch of the H2X shipyard’s first Blue Coast Yacht maxi-catamaran Blue Coast 95’

June 18, 2010

Written by Eva Belanyiova

The H2X shipyard has been working on the construction of the first Blue Coast Yacht maxi-catamaran, the Blue Coast 95’. From the naval architectural firm of Coste Design & Partners, this exceptional vessel is scheduled for delivery by the end of Summer 2010. ... read full story

JETprotect Release Long Range Counter Surveillance Camera, Model CS300K™

June 15, 2010

Written by Mike Smith

"To date, the art of detecting someone observing you or your facility ('casing') has been trained guards watching CCTV monitors", said Gregory Johnston, CTO of JETprotect. "Our new camera takes the 'red-eye' effect of flash cameras and projects it hundreds of meters", said Mr. Johnston, "to find pupils, binoculars or video cameras that are staring at you". ... read full story

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