2020 yacht charter holidays close to home: South Pacific edition

For yacht charterers based in the South Pacific looking escape on a holiday ...

2020 yacht charter holidays close to home: South Pacific edition

May 14, 2020

Written by Rachael Steele

For yacht charterers based in the South Pacific looking escape on a holiday close to home, the South Pacific offers myriad tropical island options and adventures in nature that ensure you never have to break your bubble on a luxury yacht charter.

Luxury Motor yacht Noble House in French Polynesia

Luxury Motor yacht Noble House in French Polynesia

The South Pacific is a paradise for water sports, and Scuba divers, in particular, will be impressed with the wreck dives and coral reefs surrounding pristine atolls. Snorkel with colourful fish, sharks, rays and loggerhead turtles. Fishing enthusiasts have unlimited opportunities to catch their meals before spending the afternoon sunbathing on white-sand beaches and warm clear seas. Visit pearl farms, chat with friendly locals and purchase fresh produce from local boats. Head to the black pearl farms for a memorable and elegant memento of your holiday, or as a gift for family and friends back home.

Hygiene and cleanliness standards have always been rigorous aboard luxury yachts, and your crew can put in place extra measures to further reduce contact with the outside world. It’s possible to take a private flight to Fiji or one of the other islands where exclusive transport can be waiting to take you directly to the marina, and once you arrive on board your group is in for a treat. Take the latest entertainment systems with you into the wilderness, from a large library of films to games consoles, karaoke systems and even a dance floor.

Luxury yacht charter holidays in South Pacific

Whether you charter a small family catamaran or a magnificent mega yacht, you will have plenty of on board sunbathing space, a great collection of water toys and a dedicated crew providing you with lavish meals, entertainment and impeccable service.

Tahiti & French Polynesia

Far away from the rest of the world, French Polynesia and Tahiti are exceptional destinations for those who want to detox from digital life and spend quality time with loved ones without any distractions. Wake each day to the brilliant tropical blues and have breakfast on the flybridge, then rest on the sumptuous sunbeds while your crew prepares the water toys. Humpback whales can be spotted from the winter season of July through to November, and June and July, in particular, are spawning times for marbled grouper.

View French Polynesia itinerary.

A recent study has found that the reefs in French Polynesia are recovering from global bleaching, attracting more fish to the area, giving you another reason to dive in each day for a swim in different locations. At night, relax with a cocktail in the Jacuzzi at sunset. Buy black pearls direct from the farmers or brightly coloured tifaifai quilts for your beds, and add some Tahitian Vanilla to your meals.

With water toys

The fantastic luxury catamaran DOUCE FRANCE is available in the region and is offering free cancellations for bookings until 31/05/2020, and she will be available to charter from 15/06/2020.

Solomon Islands

North east of Queensland, Australia, the Solomon Islands boast more than 900 small islands for your group to explore and unwind in: Create a treasure hunt for younger family members, snorkel in the shallows and watch the sunset over a beach barbeque.

The region was once occupied by US forces during WWII, leaving behind plenty of wrecks that have become artificial reefs around Marovo Lagoon, the world’s largest saltwater lagoon. Snorkel and Scuba dive surrounded by brightly coloured fish and larger species, and make use of the other water toys in your collection to kayak or sail over such locations for a view from above.


Papua New Guinea

The verdant volcanic slopes of Papua New Guinea are worth leaving your yacht for, as you immerse yourself in the birdsong of Varirata National Park, or hike around the active volcano of Mount Tavurvur and the nearby hot springs.

Sailing yacht DRUMBEAT – swimming platform with water toys

The Louisade Archipelago has white sand beaches, swaying palm trees and shallow turquoise waters that are far from the rest of civilisation, and Panasia Island in particular comes highly recommended. While in this particular archipelago, visitors should cruise to the Conflict Islands Turtle Sanctuary and snorkel with the local marine life near untouched islands.

Cook Islands

This island chain getaway has long been an alternative to popular destinations such as Fiji, and visitors can choose whether they want the bustle of city life and all its benefits, or take life at a slower pace. Large blue starfish can be spotted in the shallows of these fine sand beaches, and the group won’t need to wade far to spot a flash of stripy butterfly fish darting through the water.


New Caledonia

New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands are close to New Zealand and Australia, and offer snow-white beaches, dark rocky outcrops and tranquil turquoise waters for unwinding in complete peace. In town, there is a thriving art culture comprised of contemporary and traditional styles: Stunning street art lines your way to museums and galleries.

Explorer superyacht SuRi


North of New Caledonia, Vanuatu offers around 80 islands stretched over 1,300 kilometres. Find your piece of paradise and savour the sunshine as you enjoy spa massage services aboard your luxury yacht, and make time for yoga at sunrise and sunset. Those looking to keep active have myriad dive sites to visit, including the famous wreck of the SS PRESIDENT COOLIDGE. Enjoy some high speed thrills with the jet skis, water skis and Seabobs, and kayak from one secretive bay to the next along forest-fringed shores.


Fiji is arguably the most well-known destination in the South Pacific, and a luxury yacht charter allows you to discover this soft coral wonderland without meeting other tourists. Kadavu is considered one of the best places for snorkelling and Scuba diving for beginners and the 65 kilometre long Great Astrolabe Reef is absolutely unmissable. Advanced divers can head away from the shores to the Bega Shark Dive site just south of Suva, where tiger sharks and bull sharks can be encountered.

Luxury yacht lifestyle

Back on land, the Kula Eco Park is a breeding ground for peregrine falcons and crested iguanas, and zip lines add a burst of adrenaline as you travel around the park.


This is another destination with incredible isolated beaches, but there are so many other delights unique to Tonga: The Mapu’a ‘a Vaea Blowholes, the Anahulu Cave filled with stalagmites and stalactites, and the Ha‘amonga ‘a Maui, considered the South Pacific’s Stonehenge.

From June to October humpback whales pass through the shallows to breed and then migrate south to Antarctica, and you might spot a pod in the distance as you go snorkelling among the reefs to see clown fish and sea anemones. Swallows Cave is one of the highlights of a trip to Tonga, and snorkelers can access it from above while Scuba divers can enter through the underwater tunnel for extra amazement.


These scattered islands have plenty of interesting landmarks both natural and man-made. Visit the ancient and atmospheric ruins at Nan Madol and the powerful Kepirohi Waterfall across the bay. Hike between villages on the Tamilyog Trail and stop off in Yap for the giant Stone Money, then spend the afternoon relaxing on your sundeck or Scuba diving among eerie WWII wrecks like the IJN FUJIKAWA MARU, the SS SAN FRANCISCO MARU and many more.

Yacht Charter Holidays close to home in the South Pacific


Have your camera at the ready to capture the gorgeous shores and waterfalls around Samoa, a place for rest and relaxation with a laid-back lifestyle in town. Sights around the island include the beautiful and serene Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral, while nature has created such wonders as the swimming hole known as the To Sua Ocean Trench. The night sky is so clear that you’ll want to have your camera out again before you drift to sleep beneath a canopy of stars.

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