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Top 10 biggest yachts of the world

June 22, 2016

Written by Rebecca Pascoe

There’s been a huge development in the building of yachts during 2015-2016. This is a list of the top 10 largest between 2015-2016.

Private yachts are getting bigger, more fuel efficient and even more luxurious. Large yachts are a symbol of wealth and sheer luxury, usually owned by millionaires or billionaires. They are specifically created, designed and built for leisure and entertainment. Depending on how large the yacht is, cinemas, ballrooms, beauty salons, spas and on deck sports facilities can all be included, now that’s the ultimate in luxury. Check out the following list of the top 10 biggest yachts in the world for 2015-2016:

The Eclipse

The Eclipse

1. The Eclipse – this is the world’s second largest and most expensive private yacht, valued at 860m Euros. Owned by Roman Abramovic, the famous Russian oligarch, the Eclipse was launched in 2010 and measures 536 feet long. 36 guests can comfortably stay on board along with 73 crew members. This impressive luxurious yacht has three helipads, two swimming pools, an armor plated master suite, a conference hall, dance floor, cinema and one mini submarine. Wow!!

The Dubai

The Dubai

2. Dubai – the beautiful 524 ft long vessel was built in 2006. It’s owned by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is the Prince of Dubai and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai is a fantastically well-equipped yacht with a swimming pool, many luxurious rest areas, a restaurant and a helicopter pad. With plenty of splendid accommodation, she can comfortably take 70 guests as well as 40 crew.

Prince Abdul Aziz

Prince Abdul Aziz

3. Prince Abdul Aziz – another big yacht of the world for 2015-2016. Measuring 482 ft it was built in 1984. Designed to be fit for a king, the Prince Abdul Azia can accommodate 65 guests. This fine superyacht is decorated with every luxury imaginable and has a mosque, fully equipped hospital, cinema, a helipad, lavish swimming pool and a Jacuzzi on board. The on board restaurants are operated by experienced chefs while the interior has traditional and modern décor.



4. Azzam – this amazing 599 ft. yacht is owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Navay. He is the Emir of Abu Dhabi and the President of the UAE. Worth 480 m Euros the Azzam is absolutely fantastic. With its Imperial French styled interior and 94,000 horsepower, this very large vessel can reach 30 knots or 56 kph. No luxury has been spared either in the many stately cabins or on the sumptuous decks.

Ocean Victory

Ocean Victory

5. Ocean Victory – a stunning seven deck superyacht which has six large swimming pools. Ocean Victory was built in Italy in 2014 and measures 459 feet in length. Veiled in secrecy, not much is known about the Ocean Victory, however you can be sure it is one most beautiful vessels ever to sail on the high seas.

Al Said

Al Said

6. Al Said – owned by Sultan Zaboos who is the Prince of Oman, the Al Said can speed along the waves at 25 knots flat out, with a cruising speed of 22 knots. This magnificent yacht can accommodate more than 70 guests and carry a crew of 154. The Al Said, 155.00 m (508.53 ft), has a large concert hall with a fifty piece orchestra, a cinema, helipad and many other luxurious facilities.



7. Topaz – the 147 metres (482 ft) Topaz is a German built superyacht and one of the most expensive yachts valued at 470 m Euros. Taking more than four years to complete, the interior which is sumptuous and luxurious, was decorated by Terence Disdale while the exterior was designed by Tim Heywood Design. The Topaz oozes charm and elegance, smartness as well as being simply beautiful.



8. Yas – one of the top 10 biggest yachts in the world for 2015-2016, the Yas was built in 1978. In 2011 it was re-launched as a much bigger yacht and now measures up to 462 ft. 60 guests can be accommodated comfortably. The Yas has all the modern amenities you could imagine onboard with a cinema, conference hall, spa salon, gym and a helipad. Now that is luxury.



9. El-Horriya – the seventh largest yacht in the world, this beauty is the world’s oldest yacht. She was built in 1865. El-Horriya is 478 ft in length and was originally made for an Egyptian King. Still in operation, the El-Horriya is now in the hands of the Egyptian Navy and used by the President of Egypt.

Al Salamah

Al Salamah

10. The Al Salamah – being the tenth biggest yacht in the world, the Al Salamah doesn’t stint on luxury. It has a beautiful swimming pool, helipad, cinema, spa, library, work out center and fully equipped hospital on board! Owned by Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, the Defense Minister and Prince of Saudi Arab.

Mighty 180m Giga Yacht AZZAM Gross Tonnage

April 16, 2015

Written by zuzana

The actual gross tonnage of the mighty 180m giga yacht AZZAM has been unveiled, indicating that the world’s largest superyacht – in terms of length – is not the largest superyacht in the world in terms of tonnage. Mega yacht AZZAM’s actual gross tonnage is 13,136 tons, meaning she places second, following the 155m superyacht AL SAID, with 15,850 tons.

Azzam superyacht - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Azzam superyacht – Photo by Klaus Jordan

Both superyachts were built by the leading German shipyard, Lurssen. The 2013 AZZAM yacht boasts stylish and elegant exteriors by Nauta Yachts and interiors by Christophe Leoni, while the 2008 AL SAID yacht has been superbly penned by Espen Oeino, with interior design by Redman Whiteley Dixon.

Al Said Yacht - Photo Credit Qatarperegrine

Al Said Yacht – Photo Credit Qatarperegrine

This month saw another giant vessel emerge from Lurssen’s facility in Lemwerder, Germany, the 156m mega yacht OMAR (project name), expected to be delivered within the next year. No details have been ever released about this striking vessel, so it is difficult to say if OMAR beats either AZZAM or AL SAID in terms of tonnage. If you have any additional information about OMAR, do not hesitate to contact us here.

A choice of the superb Lurssen charter yachts can be viewed here below.

Video of new 150m+ Lurssen motor yacht OMAR

April 13, 2015

Written by zuzana

Following a great video of the 125m mega yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY (Project TATIANA), DrDuu has kindly provided us with his video of the all-new Lurssen motor yacht OMAR (project name), expected to be delivered within the next year. Luxury mega yacht OMAR emerged from Lurssen’s facility in Lemwerder, Germany, on Friday, April 10, 2015. The video below shows the high volume OMAR, while being placed into the floating dock. 

Luxury superyacht OMAR is believed to be over 150 metres long. If the new yacht’s length is correct, then she should rank among the five largest private yachts in the world, once completed. The world’s 5th largest superyacht is currently another Lurssen, the 147m (483’) mega yacht TOPAZ.

Super yacht OMAR is shorter than the current largest yacht in the world – the 180m giga yacht AZZAM, but OMAR boasts the most usable area on board. The vessel is believed to have two decks below the water line and amazing 18.000 registered tonnages.

No details have been ever released about the 150m+ luxury yacht OMAR. If you have any additional information about this striking vessel, do not hesitate to contact us here.

Below is a selection of the breath-taking charter yachts built by Lurssen.


April 11, 2015

Written by Eva Belanyiova

New photos of the 125m mega yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY by Lurssen have been sent to us by DrDuu, a passionate yacht, ship and aircraft photographer and enthusiasts. He has captured the recently launched GOLDEN ODYSSEY yacht, known as Project Tatiana in Bremen, Germany, while she was attracting plenty of attention for quite obvious reasons. Although the vessel’s name has not been confirmed, it is believed she will indeed be named GOLDEN ODYSSEY once christened.

125m Luerssen yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY - Photo credit DrDuu

125m Luerssen yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY – Photo credit DrDuu

125m GOLDEN ODYSSEY superyacht - Image credit DrDuu

125m GOLDEN ODYSSEY superyacht – Image credit DrDuu

GOLDEN ODYSSEY (Project Tatiana yacht) is currently under build in Germany and without doubt will feature impressive interior design and styling, which is believed to have been designed by Alberto Pinto. Her exterior lines are said to have been penned by Martin Francis. Despite her large size, GOLDEN ODYSSEY super yacht features well-balanced exterior, pleasing to the eye. She seems to have been designed with vast interior spaces, and less-then-usual exterior areas, suggesting an owner who prefers to keep his profile and life aboard private.

Lurssen super yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY - Photo by DrDuu

Lurssen super yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY – Photo by DrDuu

125m GOLDEN ODYSSEY yacht by Lurssen - Photo credit DrDuu

125m GOLDEN ODYSSEY yacht by Lurssen – Photo credit DrDuu

Mega yacht Golden Odyssey - Project Tatiana yacht - Image credit DrDuu

Mega yacht Golden Odyssey – Project Tatiana yacht – Image credit DrDuu

125m Luxury Mega Yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY - Photo credit to DrDuu

125m Luxury Mega Yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY – Photo credit to DrDuu

GOLDEN ODYSSEY yacht by Lurssen - Photo credit DrDuu

GOLDEN ODYSSEY yacht by Lurssen – Photo credit DrDuu

Due to be delivered later in 2015, GOLDEN ODYSSEY mega yacht will most likely be placed on the 15th place amongst the largest yachts in the world, with ultra-luxurious mega yacht AZZAM, also by Lurssen, on the first place. She is the largest vessel to have been launched this year, with 102m motor yacht SYMPHONY right behind her. If you have any additional information about the striking Project Tatiana yacht, don’t hesitate to contact us here. In the meantime, we will keep an eye out on more details.

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Video of 162m Blohm + Voss motor yacht ECLIPSE

March 30, 2015

Written by zuzana

The second largest superyacht in the world, following the 180m (590’7’’) Nobiskrug giga yacht AZZAM, motor yacht ECLIPSE (533’2’’) is a voluminous and breath-taking vessel, delivered by the respected German shipyard Blohm + Voss of Hamburg in 2010. Designed by the French architect Hermidas Atabeyki, luxury mega yacht ECLIPSE boasts elegant and stylish interiors by Terence Disdale Design and Greenline Yacht Interiors. Below is a video showing this jewel of the sea, made by ‘Christos PLS’.

Blohm & Voss super yacht ECLIPSE can sleep an impressive number of 34 guests in maximum luxury, providing them with 18 beautifully furnished cabins. These include a generous owner’s suite as well as 17 VIP suites.

Among the special features of the outstanding 162-metre superyacht ECLIPSE belongs a spacious open loggia, balconies for the guest suites, a futuristic inside submarine hangar, as well as a helicopter hangar, a three-man leisure submarine, a 16-metre swimming pool with an adjustable depth feature that permits it to be converted into a dance floor, an exterior fireplace, six yacht tenders, and many others.

Below is a selection of the luxurious charter yachts built by Blohm + Voss.

125m GOLDEN ODYSSEY Yacht by Lurssen

March 26, 2015

Written by zuzana

Returning back to the newly-launched 125m Project Tatiana, supposedly to be named GOLDEN ODYSSEY yacht, we have decided to compare her to other important mega yachts currently in build or cruising the worldwide waters. The 125m GOLDEN ODYSSEY yacht by Lurssen left her shed at Lurssen’s facility in Germany’s Lemwerder last week. Believed to be designed by Martin Francis, with interior design by the late Alberto Pinto, mega yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY (Project Tatiana, hull no. 13689) is due to be delivered later this year and, once her length has been confirmed, will be placed as the 15th largest yacht in the world. She is the largest vessel to have been launch to date in 2015, followed by the 102m (333’) Feadship superyacht SYMPHONY (hull 808); although we have seen the 110m JUBILEE yacht by Oceanco slip out of her shed, but she has still quite a few months of work ahead, with delivery date in 2017.  Lurssen is also the builder of the current largest yacht in the world – mega yacht AZZAM, measuring amazing 180 metres in length and achieving an astonishing speed of 30 knots. 

The world's largest 180m mega yacht Azzam at Lurssen - Photo by Klaus Jordan

The world’s largest 180m mega yacht Azzam at Lurssen – Photo by Klaus Jordan

Following the launch of AZZAM we had the Blohm+Voss launched mega yacht ECLIPSE slipping down to a second place. Details about the accommodation aboard Project Tatiana or Golden Odyssey have not been revealed as yet, however as an example, ECLIPSE sleeps up to 34 guests in 18 staterooms. The 134m mega yacht SERENE by Fincantieri (#12 in the world), offers accommodation to 24 guests in 12 staterooms and the 126m OCTOPUS yacht (also by Lurssen and the 14th largest yacht in the world), can sleep up to 22 guests. Whatever the number of staterooms that Golden Odyssey will have they will surely feature state-of-the-art audio visual entertainment systems, the finest in furnishings as well as super-luxurious amenities.

Luxury mega yacht Eclipse built by Blohm + Voss

Luxury mega yacht Eclipse built by Blohm + Voss

It is not known yet whether luxury yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY will join the global superyacht charter fleet or rather mega yacht charter, however her expected ultra-luxurious facilities, numerous decks for socialising and de-luxe staterooms make her undoubtedy very well suited as a luxury charter yacht. Other expected features may include one or more Jacuzzi spas, a large beach club, an elevator providing easy access to all decks, numerous entertainment areas providing space for gatherings and socialising, as well as areas for sunbathing and relaxing outside. Guests will surely have plenty of options for dining, be it inside or al fresco. Whether her Owner decides to keep her private or share her as a charter yacht, GOLDEN ODYSSEY is surely going to be a spectacular mega yacht once delivered.

85m luxury charter yacht Solandge built by Lurssen - Photo by Klaus Jordan

85m luxury charter yacht Solandge built by Lurssen – Photo by Klaus Jordan

Lurssen Yacht Charter

Currently there is a wide range of Lurssen superyachts available for luxury yacht charter across the globe and one of the most outstanding belonging to this fleet is undoubtedly the striking 85m charter yacht SOLANDGE (Project NIKI), available for rent in the Caribbean during the winter and in the Mediterranean during the summer months. Boasting a timeless Espen Oeino exterior design and a stylish interior design by Aileen Rodriguez, she can accommodate up to 12 charter guests in 8 magnificent cabins.

Yacht TV - Underway in the Caribbean

Yacht TV – Underway in the Caribbean

Other yachts include the impressive 78m Yacht TV, 60m ARKLEY, or the 60m SOLEMATES II.

Follow this link for more information and a selection of Lurssen charter yachts, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Guide to the biggest 101 luxury yachts in the world

December 11, 2014

Written by zuzana

If lining the biggest 101 luxury yachts in the world end to end, they would be almost 6 miles long, as stated by Boat International magazine. This includes the definitive guide to the world’s biggest superyachts in its January 2015 issue, which will go on sale today, on December 11, 2014.

Boat International Top 101 Largest Yachts List 2015

Boat International Top 101 Largest Yachts List 2015

Boat International, often referred to as the Billionaire’s Bible, is the world’s leading luxury yachting title, and each year produces the industry’s most comprehensive guide to the world’s top yachts.

Tony Harris, CEO of Boat International Media, said: “We’re extremely proud to present this year’s top 101 superyachts, which is the yachting world’s equivalent of the Forbes Rich Lists.

“We have access to the best and most complete data, and spend considerable time researching and drawing up the list – and we also feature insider information on all the new entries.”

The biggest yacht in the world remains the epic 180 metre mega yacht Azzam, designed by Nauta Yachts and built at Lurssen in Germany. The biggest new entry, meanwhile, is the super-secret 140 metre superyacht Ocean Victory, just launched at Fincantieri in La Spezia, Italy.

Following a comprehensive redesign, the January issue of the magazine also features a guide to the world’s best spas to visit by superyacht, as well as contributions from Hugo Rifkind, Eddie Jordan, Jordana Reuben, Sir Ben Ainslie and Simon de Burton.


Total length of top 101 superyachts in 2014: 9984 metres

Total length of top 101 superyachts in 2004: 7992 metres

Average length of yachts in top 101 in 2014: 98.85m

Average gross tonnage of yachts in top 101: 3,909GT

Top superyacht builder represented in top 101 in 2014: Lurssen, with 23 yachts

Top countries of ownership of yachts in top 101 in 2014: USA (17 yachts); Russia (15 yachts); Saudi Arabia (10 yachts); Greece (6 yachts); Dubai (5 yachts)

Nauta-designed 180m motor yacht AZZAM embarks on her maiden voyage

November 25, 2014

Written by zuzana

Nauta Design are excited to announce that the 180-metre motor yacht AZZAM – the largest luxury yacht in the world to date – has recently left the Lürssen facilities in Bremen for her maiden voyage. As all the others of the team involved in the design as well as construction of luxury mega yacht AZZAM, Nauta Design have been waiting for this day for almost one year, since the yacht’s delivery on October 22, 2013.

180m Lurssen mega yacht AZZAM designed by Nauta - Photo by Giovanni Romero/

180m Lurssen mega yacht AZZAM designed by Nauta - Photo by Giovanni Romero/

Nauta Design made a huge effort to comply with an incredibly short, thus very challenging, design and production schedule which Lurssen actually succeeded in achieving even one month head of time. Knowing now that the Owner of superyacht AZZAM is finally starting to enjoy what Nauta Design have created is definitely a happy moment.

Luxury superyacht AZZAM - Photo by Giovanni Romero/

Luxury superyacht AZZAM - Photo by Giovanni Romero/

Super yacht AZZAM design and build process was like a Ph. D. course in the megayacht world! Nauta Design are now ready and confident in facing any kind of challenge in that field in a very mature way: the wake of AZZAM, in terms of new projects, is already there and the studio is enjoying their confidence in dealing with it.

Luxury motor yacht AZZAM - Photo by Giovanni Romero/

Luxury motor yacht AZZAM - Photo by Giovanni Romero/

Below is a choice of the stylish charter yachts with design by Nauta.

New 165m motor yacht project by Nauta Design

September 19, 2014

Written by zuzana

After the amazing impact of the 180-metre giga yacht Azzam on the market, firmly placed among the 100 biggest superyachts in the world, Nauta Design is proud to unveil their new breath-taking 165m motor yacht project.

New 165m mega yacht project by Nauta Design

New 165m mega yacht project by Nauta Design

The Milan-based office led by Mario Pedol, elaborated the 165m Nauta mega yacht project, partly inspired by the “Light” conception that the Nauta designers conceived six years ago, and became their signature on all the superyachts they design. This concept is based on what has become a trend in the civil architecture: seamless inside/outside connection and harmony, breath-taking views from both inside and out, balance and cleanliness of lines, extraordinary outdoor spaces. The blending of these key elements makes for elegance and visual lightness of the whole yacht.

The superstructure of the 165m Nauta superyacht project is spanned on half of the total length of the hull and the 4 decks above the main deck (on a total of 7 decks) are harmoniously shortening step by step, to form a perfect balanced volume that ascends in a pyramidal shape to bear at the summit the mast, which stands exactly on the central vertical line of the hull.

165m Nauta superyacht project

165m Nauta superyacht project

Each deck has a tremendous windowed area to emphasize the in/out view and contact. Each deck is devoted to some specific functions.

The main deck half front area is dedicated to 2 Vip suites and 7 Vip cabins, each enriched with private fixed balcony recessed into the hull, providing each guest with his own private dehors. Amidships is the spectacular main lobby, 150 sq. m., to welcome guests in the best way. The aft area of the main deck is dedicated to the pool, 10 x 4 m, which is linked with the underneath wellness and entertainment area, lying on the lower deck, fitted with gym, sauna, Hammam, massage, beauty parlour, cinema, casino.

Furtherly aft on the lower deck, owners and guests can enjoy 150 sq mt of open teak deck then go into the impressive 170 sq mt enclosed Sea Lounge for a drink or snack. The Sea Lounge is actually a true disco club with DJ professional consolle and cocktail bar.

165m Nauta motor yacht project

165m Nauta motor yacht project

The opening transom has folding stairs for easy access to the water, and two side opening terraces furtherly enhance the contact with the sea and the environment.

Two convenient boarding lobbies are positioned amidships to port and starboard where guests and crew can board tenders without disturbing the swimming guests aft.

On the lower deck two garages berth a submarine and a fast Rib. The front area of this deck is all dedicated to crews, with 30 cabins, mostly double, crew mess and galley.

On the forward area of the upper deck, 6 guest cabins are connected, further in front, with an amazing guest observation deck, facing the bow, surrounded by 180° large windows (and linked by a spiral staircase to the Vip cabins and suites area underneath). This feature offers to the numerous guests – up to 32 – a 400 sq. m. area, half enclosed and half open, where to sunbath and relax either under navigation or at anchor. Further in front the helipad is actually hiding the heli hangar. The aft indoor part of the upper deck has a nice entertainment and relaxing saloon with the live music of a piano, connected to an outdoor dining and lounging area.

165m Nauta luxury yacht project

165m Nauta luxury yacht project

Deck 5 is dedicated to the owner, who could choose to keep all the deck for him, with an approximately 700 sq. m. suite containing, beside the sleeping room, a gym, a studio, a 36 sq. m. conference room for 16 invitees, a very private owner dining room, a deck salon directly connected to a 300 sq. m. open relaxing area fully equipped with sofas and chaise longues.

On top, the sun deck crowns this 165m. The open front area is naturally devoted to sunbathing and completed by a pool. The 150 sq. m. of the indoor volume contains a panoramic lounge and bar.

The 165m Nauta yacht is vertically linked by a total of 5 lifts, 3 reserved to the guests and 2 for the crew to service the different decks.

8 generators provide 14,000 kW to the diesel-electric propulsion motors that assure a quiet, silent and vibration-free navigation up to 20 knots max speed, and 18 knots cruising speed. At 15 knots the range is 6,000 miles.


Construction Material: AH36 steel and aluminium alloy (sea water resistant type)

Class: LRS + PYC

Length Overall: 165 m.

Length at Waterline: 155.4 m.

Beam max: 21 m.

Design draft: abt. 5.5 m.

Displacement (@ design draft 5.5 m.): abt. 11,500 tons

Gross tonnage: approx. 13,000 GRT

Number of Decks:  7

Accommodation for Owner, Vip & Guest: 32 in 16 cabins

Accommodation for Captain, Crew and Staff: 64 in 33 cabins

Owner’s suite: 1

VIP suites: 2

VIP cabins: 7

Guest cabins: 6

Interior Luxury spaces: approx. 2,040 sq. m

Crew accommodation: approx. 1,140 sq. m

Catering and service spaces: approx. 850 sq. m

External furnished spaces: approx. 3,170 sq. m

Propulsion Engines: 2 PEM x abt. 7,000 kW

Diesel Generators Engines Max Power: 4 x abt. 2,900 kW + 4 x 2,100 kW

Propellers: 2 FPP

Cruising Speed (@ design draft): approx. 18 kn.

Max Speed (@ design draft & 100% max rated power): approx. 20 kn.

Nautical Range (@ economic speed of 15 kn): approx. 6,000 nm

Thrusters: 2 x abt. 900 kW (bow) + 2 x abt. 450 kW (stern)

Stabilizers: 2 pairs fixed – at anchor stabilization

Rudders: 2 high lift type

Below is a selection of the stylish charter yachts with design by Nauta.

Launch of 103m motor yacht Project QUANTUM BLUE at Lurssen

July 28, 2014

Written by zuzana

Friday, July 25, 2014, saw the premier German shipyard, Lurssen, launch their all-new motor yacht Project QUANTUM BLUE. Measuring about 103 meters in length over all, luxury mega yacht Project QUANTUM BLUE has been superbly penned by acclaimed Tim Heywood. She has been built at the company’s Lemwerder facility – the same location where the world’s largest superyacht AZZAM was constructed. Below is a photo of the 180m AZZAM – the official information and photos from the launch of QUANTUM BLUE are still expected to be released by the shipyard.

Mega yacht AZZAM by Lurssen - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Mega yacht AZZAM by Lurssen - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Featuring a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, the 103-metre Lurssen luxury superyacht Quantum Blue boasts an impressive beam of 16,80m (55’12”).

Below is a choice of the outstanding charter yachts built by Lurssen.