How to Find & Book the Best Luxury Superyacht Charter

Are you new to luxury yacht charter? Great. For two reasons: Firstly, because you are in the right place as this is a quick rundown on how it all works and secondly because you are in for a real treat.

Most first-time charterers are very impressed with both the personalised quality of the holiday and the value it represents. It’s important though to book the best boat with the best crew in the most ideal location. Luckily, it’s actually a simple and easy enough process to organise, plan and book your charter yacht vacation because its managed entirely with the dedicated help of your experienced and impartial CharterWorld yacht charter consultant/broker. After all, it should be an easy and positive experience because it is a very premium product and this is your vacation.

A luxury super yacht charter is designed for optimal comfort and pleasure giving a superb vacation experience. However, both yachts and holidaymakers are individual and unique, so it is important to match them well. Same goes for the charter location. The yacht is a complex entity that is tailor-made to deliver the best pleasures in life with elegance and a 5-star experience. Have no fears, the planning is done with the complete assistance of your personal consultant or broker and these experts offer experienced suggestions and guidance on obtaining the best luxury super yacht charter to cater sufficiently for your needs and all your specifications.

"There are numerous yachts available to rent, so with some experienced and impartial help you are able to make your ideal choice depending on your preference. Further, many yachts available for hire are not actually advertised, so you need the best consultant / broker to deliver the options that are not only suited best and which provide the best value."

To achieve the best experience on your yacht vacation, there is a comprehensive and dedicated process going on behind the scenes to ensure you are matched with the best boat and with the ideal luxury yachting getaway. The ideal boat at the right price is one thing but in reality the most important ingredient to your yacht charter success is the charter broker and the yacht’s crew. The first recommends the second after visiting countless yachts and pooling fellow broker network experience and recommendations.

Luckily, CharterWorld has the very best brokers who will utilise their countless experiences to go the extra mile. This is evidenced by our inspiring testimonials page and list of private charterers who will provide referrals to our service. This is where you will find and reserve the best boat in the world.

Yacht Galactica by Heesen - Photography by Jeff Brown

Yacht Galactica by Heesen - Photography by Jeff Brown

Selecting the Ideal Yacht

There are numerous yachts available to rent, so with some experienced and impartial help you can make your ideal choice depending on your preference. Further, many yachts available for hire are not actually advertised, so you need the best consultant / broker to deliver the options that are suited best and which provide the best value. Different yachts specialise in different aspects of yachting pleasure, observe different tastes and have different crew. Each and every one of these yachts has a variety of accommodation options and toys. They also have a range of luxurious amenities and many other features. To reach your perfect decision, you need to consider the type of charter you desire according to your budget, bearing in mind any advertised or unadvertised specials. You should also bear in mind all the activities you want to undertake and experience while on board during your vacation.

There is a vast number of desirable options for you. Whether you wish to embark on a voyage into the oceans or just want to experience the scenery on the shorelines in the luxury super yacht, you will find something to suit your needs. There are catamarans, motor yachts and sailing yachts as well as Gulets in Turkey. There are crewed yachts, superyachts and mega yachts, all different ways of describing luxury yachts, depending on where you come from. You also need to decide the type of vacation you are embarking on to determine whether a formal or casual setting is required to cater for the charter. In case of colleagues from work or friends, you may choose a yacht whose cabin and their inbuilt cabin luxuries are similar. In case it is a family vacation, the cabins need not be same because different cabins are suited to different individuals. For example, in the case of younger children, the cabins selected need not be as large or luxurious and the master suite.

Our Impartial Charter Broker Works for You

Unless you have an independent and impartial charter broker (agent) you are dealing with someone who is really working for the yacht’s owner. That’s why it’s important to ask if your broker solely represents you because otherwise they are actually trying to get the best deal for the owner. In this case you are actually dealing with a stakeholder and not an impartial charter broker / consultant. CharterWorld is a charter brokerage that works with all the owner’s agent brokers (stakeholders) and all the yachts, so you can be  sure you are getting both the best deal and impartial service and advice.

Your Yacht Charter Broker (Charter Consultant) – What Do They Do Exactly?

The process of planning for your yacht charter vacation is highly personalized to suit and tend to all your needs. That is done with the helpful recommendations of an independent charter broker who is completely ‘in the know’ and whose advice comes free of charge. They can find you the best boat, broker the deal and manage the vacation. The agent handles all the arrangements involved in the planning and booking process. They handle all the details of the charter contract, menu options, all the costs and every other detail that are required to make your luxury yacht charter vacation a success and full of beautiful memories.

All you need to do is to provide the broker with detailed information on the type of charter you desire, your budget constraints, and your desired type of vessel. Others include the number of people you will bring on the holiday and the destinations you may be interested in.

Your Yacht Charter Itinerary

This is another aspect of your vacation that is taken care of by your charter broker / consultant. After booking the preferred charter, you then embark on planning your personalized itinerary. Your broker will offer their advice from their past experiences and from input by the captain, but the ultimate decisions are yours to make. This planning can be done in consultation with the friend and family you want to bring on board to ensure that everybody enjoys their time during the charter getaway.

On the confirmation of your charter booking/contract, a preference sheet will be sent to you to fill before your vacation arrives. This contains each and every detail of your preferred lifestyle, starting from your preferred menu, medical histories, and reservations concerning your travel. It also has the whole list of names of the people you will bring with you on the trip. That will enable the crew to be fully prepared for you before your arrival to ensure that your charter getaway is free of undesirable incidences. You may also request private jets charter quotes and other luxury concierge travel as your charter consultant can take care of all of the peripheral travel arrangements.

The Yacht Charter Agreement

This agreement is put together by your broker as based on the standard agreement for the area you are chartering. It contains all your discussed information as agreed through prior discussions with the agent. This sets out your rights and those of the yacht and its owner. It is signed by the owner, the broker, a stakeholder (in typical cases the yacht's central agent) and the 'head' of the charter party. The most widely charter agreement used is provided by Worldwide Yachting Association (WYA). This association operates under Western Mediterranean Terms (WMT). At this instance, the first payment which normally is in the tunes of 50% of the whole charter fee is paid.

An advance provisioning allowance (APA) which is approximately 20-30% of the charter cost fee is added to the permit fee cost. This advanced cost takes care of food, fuel and other special equipment required for your charter getaway bills. In the instance that you may wish to berth or go on a cruise, these fees are included in the allowance price. The provisional fee is a not constant. It is a variable which depends on the destination you choose and the types of activities that you want to engage in which may require extra preparations. The captain is responsible for itemising a complete invoice for everything spent. If you spend less on the boat, you will be refunded the balance of the APA. Similarly, if you are a big spender, your captain will give you updates and advise if the APA is almost consumed and will request further funds if necessary.

Finally, according to the terms of most charter contracts, the last payment of your charter fee and the APA are required to be paid at least a month before the departure of your yacht charter luxury vacation. The boat is then ready to prepare for your individualised holiday. With this preparation, you are guaranteed to enjoy your planning and the booking process for a you luxury superyacht charter.

Please note that this is a generalised article about planning and booking a luxury yacht charter. Each charter may vary according to the area and the standard contract used. You will have the exact details pertaining to your charter advised and discussed by your consultant both before and after you book. Also, the whole idea around chartering a yacht is freedom and individualisation. Accordingly, you will be able to create a custom experience that is personal to you with your broker / consultant. Please get in touch.

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