Pastrovich: Connecting spaces to increase human emotions

Monaco-based luxury yacht design studio, Pastrovich, has unveiled how they ...

Pastrovich: Connecting spaces to increase human emotions

November 19, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Monaco-based luxury yacht design studio, Pastrovich, has unveiled how they approach every new superyacht project, and which is their vision of spaces in yacht design. One of the examples on which the studio explains their philosophy is the refit interior design for the 42m motor yacht Life Saga (ex Blue Harem).



The evolution, historically, has always gone through the study and development of new technologies. Great minds, undoubtedly above average, have decided to share with the world their best talent: the ability to see things from a different point of view. Thanks to the genius and spirit of sharing of these people, the world we live today is what it is.

You probably wonder why Pastrovich decided to express this concept. Because surely there is still much to be invented but the studio firmly believes that much of what has been devised should still be applied outside the scope for which it was conceived.

This is precisely the base from which the studio starts the study of all their projects and is also the reason why they decided to start with a famous quote of Frank Lloyd Wright, famous architect of the 19th century, a true “genius” and father of many improvements of today architecture. A real inspiration to Stefano Pastrovich.

Stefano Pastrovich is an architect too and for this reason he decided to “import” in his superyacht design projects many elements resulting from Frank Lloyd.

Wright architecture studies. One of these – which has now become a real design philosophy for the studio – is the connection between interior and exterior spaces to develop and increase human emotions.

You can find several references of this philosophy application in quite all superyacht design projects by Pastrovich.


For example in the 42m superyacht LIFE SAGA project, the two consecutive open sectors allow the spatial connection between the forward dining room and the aft salon. A similar connection is present between the aft salon and the exterior terrace creating a feeling of great openness and freshness, where exterior and interior become one.



The philosophy of Pastrovich, like in the 30m superyacht Zulu refit project, is that the eye sight doesn’t have to register a division or partition between the interior and the exterior, establishing where the closed part of the boat ends and the open starts (and vice versa). From this point comes a dialogue between the interior and exterior of the space. This is achieved by creating a relationship between spaces as well.


30m motor yacht Zulu refit project

When you enter an architectural space, in the 30m luxury yacht Zulu design, there shouldn’t be any abrupt entrances or exits into respective spaces. You should just experience a change in scenery, ambience, atmosphere, air, aura, etc.










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