Four New Unconventional Vessel Classes unveiled by Pastrovich

Monaco-based luxury yacht design studio, Pastrovich, has developed four New ...

Four New Unconventional Vessel Classes unveiled by Pastrovich

June 04, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Monaco-based luxury yacht design studio, Pastrovich, has developed four New Unconventional Vessel Classes: Backpacker, Dressage, Freeride and Parkour, each representing a kind of Owner’s personality. The Parkour Class is represented by the breath-taking 90m motor yacht X-KID STUFF concept, featured on CharterWorld on May 28, 2014.

Four New Unconventional Vessel Classes by Pastrovich

Four New Unconventional Vessel Classes by Pastrovich - Credits Pastrovich

Each industry sector has its own rules, conventions and “clichés”, certainly the yacht industry is the same. It is accepted that there are certain, standard methods which allow you to share your thoughts, words and feelings. Certainly, however, designers’ is also the profession of creativity and imagination, two properties that are very difficult to contain.

The rebellious nature of the Pastrovich studio has lead them to rethink these conventions and create their own language. “Exception to the rule” is the foundation on which the studio builds all their ideas. Everything starts with a vision, blurred in its infacy which gradually becomes more and more clear: for every dog there is a master, such as for each boat there is an owner.

By listening and studying very closely the owners for whom Pastrovich has the pleasure of working they realise that there is something that could be further improved in the superyacht industry. Listening to them, the studio perceived a very special need for them: they needed to tell them their desires, their ideas and expectations through an unconventional scheme, made up of images and ideas that were part of their daily lives.

90m X-KID STUFF Superyacht - Closed Profile - Credits Pastrovich

90m X-KID STUFF Superyacht - Closed Profile - Credits Pastrovich

Hence the birth of the idea to categorize their projects according to a new and very customer oriented framework, based on a key concept: Sport.

Each traditional “Vessel Class” has been reinterpreted and revised in order to adapt it to the sport field that best represents it. At Pastrovich, now, they speak a new language…


Why Backpacker
“Backpacking” is a travel and life philosophy. Going around the world with the bare minimum for survival, a backpack and a tent as your “home”. Translated into yacht industry, Pastrovich looks at vessels constructed for breaking the ice of the North Pole or face the fearsome storms of Cape Horn. Not limited to private vessels, but also scientific research vessels. Interiors furnished with a very careful attention to every little detail but not necessarily luxury. Hiking into the sea, this is the true spirit of a Backpacker vessel.

Backpacker Class - Credits Pastrovich

Backpacker Class - Credits Pastrovich

How to recognize a Backpacker Owner
This is a person who wants to feel their emotions directly on their skin, the thrill and the adrenaline course through their veins. It‘s the typical character that is at stake in every situation: dealing with a storm, a hard mooring… There are those who look at the everyday world from the glass of an office and those who choose enchanted landscapes and breathtaking views to be their everyday playground: these are “Backpackers” owners.

What identifies a Backpacker Vessel

Sturdiness, grandeur, safety and reliability, comfort (but not excessive luxury) and practicality. Think about a vessel that needs to be able to navigate in the cold northern seas and at the same time to sail the waters of the warm equatorial seas.


Why Freeride

Freeride, for Pastrovich, is a state of mind. A code of life that is part of some peoples DNA. It means constantly living beyond the limits with a large dose of adrenaline throughout the body. The feeling of fear does not exist for those who encapsulate Freeride philosophy. The freedom of action and unpredictability are two key features of this type of person. Search the risk, face it and beat it, this is their mission and their daily bread. Raw energy, this is their fuel!

Freeride Class - Credits Pastrovich

Freeride Class - Credits Pastrovich

How to recognize a Freeride Owner
On the mainland, he is covered head to toe in mud, as happy as a child as he embarks on a new spectacular downhill mountain bike race or, if you prefer, think of a man, battling against the cold, teeth chattering from the chill, as he prepares to jump from the skid of the helicopter hovering at the peak of the mountain staring down the steepest side of the ridge he intends to conquer. Out at sea he loves the sea waves breaking on the bow of his yacht travelling at breakneck speed, the tight turns, the roar of the engines. The spirit of challenge is always with him and never leaves him: the real Freerider is always ready to embark on a daring new competition. Soemeone said “Stay hungry, Stay foolish”. The Freerider Owner embodies exactly this motto!

What identifies a Freeride Vessel
Speed, sportiness, determination and similarly perfection, accuracy and ease of handling. Cozy, elegant interiors, open space, great for a simple afternoon nap. Several “tricks” on board as a powerful and ultra-light tender, a jet-ski, etc. …


Why Dressage
Trot, gallop, crossover step, in dressage horse and rider perform beautiful geometric movements on a rectangular field. Everything is precise, with meticulous attention to every detail, from the horse’s harness to the riders uniform. Every gesture, every movement, every change of pace reveals intense elegance. Elegance, this is precisely the term that best allows us to understand the combination from this sport and a vessel category. The elegance of dressage is thus transposed into the rich luxury of the furnishings and finishes of the vessels belonging to this category. In a Dressage Vessel everything is in its place, everything is clear, everything is special, rich and luxurious … everything is close to perfection!

Dressage Class - Credits Pastrovich

Dressage Class - Credits Pastrovich

How to recognize a Dressage Owner
A dressage owner greets a woman with a solemn kiss on the hand. For him, a circumstance is never random. It ‘s always perfect, the right dress for the moment, the hairstyle care, a suitable fragrance. If he smokes, Pastrovich imagines him with a fine pipe in his hand, if it is a woman with a long black cigarette holder. In any case, it is an educated person, with refined tastes and manners, a truly luxury lover but never too ostentatious.

What identifies a Dressage Vessel
Elegance, sumptuousness, extreme attention and high value for every detail. Rare marbles, very precious kinds of wood, gold and other precious metals expertly mixed. Sparkling crystals and interesting light design, built to enhance the ornamental in all its characteristics.


Why Parkour
Have you ever seen, in cities, foolish people doing crazy jumps from one building to another, from one wall to another? If you’ve seen them, have you ever noticed that all those amazing maneuvers had their own style and were not made at random? Well … Parkour, an “underground” discipline that was born in France in the early 90s. It consists of following an established path, overcoming any present kind of obstacle, with the greater efficiency of possible movements, and adapting the body to the surrounding environment. Pay attention, if you are going to see a video on Youtube, you will appreciate the expressed elegance in every movement, the fluidity with which the tonic figures of these urban athletes “glide” on each obstacle.

Parkour Class - Credits Pastrovich

Parkour Class - Credits Pastrovich

How to recognize a Parkour owner
Sunset, Thailand, Phra Nang Peninsula, in the background the beautiful Railay Beach. Two hands bleached from talc firmly grip a tiny rocky protuberance, hanging, in the typical “triangle” position, the body of a man. Suspended in the air at an altitude of 125mt of a crystalline sea so that you can catch a glimpse of the coral on the bottom. Slowly he begins the descent to an altitude of 40 meters. Suddenly, with a sharp twist of the body, he jumps. Down, forty feet below, a handful of seconds at most, the traditional Thai lukewarm water. The man emerges and reaches with a few quick strokes the tender that leads him on his yacht, moored a handful of meters away. A Brief foray into the onboard Spa to invigorate the spirit as well as the body and than immediately at the table to enjoy a gourmet dinner of the fresh fish caught that morning. This, is just a day in the life of a typical ‘Parkour’ owner

What identifies Parkour Vessel
elegant, grand exterior, stylish, glamourous interior, the ability to browse without limits, an adrenaline rush in view of a relaxing environment.

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