Carloforte and Saint Peter’s Island

Blessed with near-perfect natural harbors and pristine beaches, Carloforte and ...

Carloforte and Saint Peter’s 49 Island Yacht Charter

Blessed with near-perfect natural harbors and pristine beaches, Carloforte and the Island of Saint Peter have been known as important fishing hub and luxury superyacht destination in this part of Italy. Carloforte lies some 7 km of the northeastern-side of Calasetta and is about 12 km from the southwest section of Postoscuso. The Island of Saint Peter lies opposite to the Sulcis Peninsula and is one of the largest islands in all of Italy.

This is the reason why Carloforte and the Island of Saint Peter are considered important maritime destinations in the region. While Carloforte and Saint Peter have already etched an indelible mark on Italy’s tourist map, the resort town and island still boast of a thriving yachting and fishing industry. In fact, a significant number of yacht charter enthusiasts visit the island to catch a glimpse of and experience this age-old fishing tradition.

This luxury yacht charter holiday area is also popular for its dining experience. The local restaurants and other food venues in Carloforte and in other places of the Island of Saint Peter serve the day’s catch and are cooked with the authentic style that is typical of Italian cuisine.

Yacht Charter Holiday in Carloforte and the Island of Saint Peter

Aside from its rich fishing tradition and boatbuilding industry, Carloforte has now emerged as a key tourist spot not only in Italy but in the entire Mediterranean as well. It has also gained a strong popularity for its local cuisine and wine. In fact, there are two major festivals that are held in the Island, and most seasoned sailors and tourists visit the place on board their yacht rentals in time for these local festivities.

The “Tabarkan Couscous Festival” is an annual event being celebrated in honor of this famed Tunisian dish presented with authentic Genoan character. On the other hand, “Girotonno” is a major celebration during summer that highlights this delectable fish-based Italian dish and prepared in a thousand mouthwatering treats. This summer festival is considered hereabouts as one big feast of exotic and delicious tastes and flavours.

Spending your yachting holiday in Carloforte and the Island of Saint Peter will always be an experience worth remembering. The breathtaking view of the natural beauty and charm of the Island are enough reasons for you to make a repeat to your holiday and stay on this popular island resort. Indeed, the town of Carloforte and the Island of Saint Peter are the best places to be if you want to experience a piece of authentic Sardinia.

Important Places and Popular Attractions

The Carloforte is the epitome of quintessential rugged beauty as it is teeming with stunning cliffs made of whitewashed rock formations, pristine beaches and vibrant fauna. Several of these natural wonders in the Island provide what could be the most spectacular views especially from elevated vantage points. Another important attraction in the island is the Capo Sandalo, the fully-functional 1880 lighthouse perched on a rocky terrain on the other side of the Island.

Carloforte and the Island of Saint Peter account for a significant part of Italy’s natural treasures, and you really cannot help but to fall in love with the place the moment you set foot on its shores. Indeed, it is an important part of your itinerary when you spend your yacht charter holiday in Italy.

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