Italy Yacht Charter Reviews

Below: Actual superyacht charter clients anonymously reviewing Italy as a yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there.

Italy Yacht Charter Reviews

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How did our charter clients review and rate Italy as a yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there? Below, you can read their comments from the last recent season.

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The Reviews:

  • Colin, everything was perfect, the boat was very nice, large and well maintained. The Captain and crew were caring and attentive. Even those who are not generally very comfortable on boats said that they had a wonderful time. It was incredible. A.G.

Yacht ATLANTIC ENDEAVOUR / A Corsica to Sardinia, Italy Charter / August 2018.

  • Hi Amanda, We are settled back at home from our summer holidays and I just wanted to take a minute to respond to your email :) We absolutely loved our charter holiday so much!!!! The condition of the yacht was superb. The hot tub, toys, Jet Ski, tender, fishing gear were all top notch! The captain and crew were outstanding; very knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, and patient with the kids! The itinerary and cruising were so lovely, we really enjoyed our time visiting the ports. Marilyn's birthday was a total blast - the food and drinks and atmosphere on board were spectacular - she fully enjoyed herself! We definitely hope to do some cruising again someday in the future :) and again, thank you!!! E.

Yacht HER DESTINY / A Corsica to Sardinia Charter / August 2 -9, 2018.

  • Martha, We had a blast. Thanks so much! B. A.

Yacht TOBY / A Naples to Naples, Italy Charter / 18 – 25 August 2018.

  • Colin, obviously not a new boat but well-maintained. Very nice crew, captain was professional and at our service. In conclusion, a really good charter. B.F.

Motor Yacht JOAN / A Naples to Naples, Italy / 23 – 29 July 2018.

  • Colin, the boat was magnificent, large, nice, clean, convenient and really good. The good was good and the boat itself is worth 4.5 out of 5 stars. The Captain was sometimes a little grumpy but the team was generally very friendly. Wonderful trip. A.G.

Yacht DERIYA DENIZ / Naples to Naples, Italy Charter / July 2018.

  • Colin, Just to tell you that everything went very well. The boat was great and the crew exceptional. Food and service very good. I can only recommend it. I am very enthusiastic about this trip. Again thank you very much Colin. I will contact you for the next trip on the boat. GC

Motor Yacht DONNA LOKA / A Sorrento to Sorrento Charter / August 15 – 19, 2018.

  • Thanks Colin. We had a lovely time on Yacht 'Stalca', the crew was really good and being on such a historical boat was a lot of fun. The islands we went to in international waters by the way were one of the hi-lights so I would recommend them. So really enjoyed and hope to maybe charter her again next year. JG

Motor yacht STALCA / A Sorrento to Sorrento /16 – 23 July 2018.

  • Hello Trina, everything was fine thank you. P.H.

Yacht NEW STAR / Cannes, South of France Charter / August 2018.

  • Outstanding Trina, the best I have ever been chartering with you. The maintenance of the boat was great too! F.C.

Yacht BLUE VISION / An Italy to the South of France Charter – July - August 2018.

  • Outstanding Trina, the best I have ever been chartering with you, as well as great maintenance of the boat!!!! FC

Yacht BLUE VISION / A Naples to Monaco Yacht Charter / July-August 2018.

  • Hi Amanda, We had a great time and the yacht crew were fantastic. Everything wonderfully perfect and everything we could have hoped for!! Kids and Mom thoroughly enjoyed too. I probably won’t plan another charter until 2020, but ahead of that I would be interested to know what other great charter destinations there are, both within Europe and outside. Best Regards, MB & EE

Motor Yacht HER DESTINY / A Corsica to Sardinia Charter / 2 - 9 August 2018.

  • Dear Nicolas, best crew and trip ever. Very nice people overall. Main highlight were Karel (chief stew) and the chef. Amazing food (best ever also). Captain always nice and flexible (very important). Thanks a lot. G. P.

Motor Yacht SEVEN SINS / A Naples to Taormina, Italy Charter / 28 July - 4 August 2018.

  • Hello Amanda, Vigilant 1 and Philippe’s crew are very good. I would recommend them. Best Regards, L.L

M/Y VIGILANT / Porto Vecchio, Corsica - Poltu Quatu, Sardinia / 21 - 28 July 2018.

  • Nick, everything was great. Crew really nice, if we can accommodate dates we would like to repeat this boat next summer. Pascal mentioned some places in Turkey that I found really nice. Captain Pascal is really nice and very easy to deal with which is always very important in these trips. Gallia is also really nice in coordinating the internal staff. As I said if we can accommodate places and dates next year we would like to go again with them. J.Z.

M/Y MY WAY / Bonifacio – Ajaccio, Corsica / 21 - 28 July 2018.

  • Hi Martha, it was simply fantastic! The captain and the crew were amazing, very attentive to all our needs. We also managed to cruise around the whole island thanks to the captain’s experience and careful planning. All in all fantastic! We are looking to do the same thing next year but probably on a bigger boat even though POPOTINE was very comfortable. We can plan in due course. Kind regards, W.M

M/Y POPOTINE / Naples- Naples / 22 - 29 July 2018.

  • Hi Josh, just a quick note to thank you for an amazing charter experience on Skyler. The yacht, Captain and crew were exemplary. Nothing was too much trouble for the team onboard. My family and guest on both weeks had a truly amazing experience. Best regards, G

Hi Josh, yes, I second G’s words, we had an amazing time that exceeded my family’s expectations and having experienced it, it is certainly something we will do again. The captain and whole team were extremely friendly and couldn’t do enough for us. I need to stop swaying though! Cheers, D

M/Y SKYLER / Naples-Sicily / 7-20 July 2018.

  • Amanda, we are so happy. We had a great time in Ischia. Lunch yesterday at Quattro Passi was fantastic and we would highly recommend it. Seamless tender and electric cart provided by the restaurant. All is good as we head back to Naples - Pablo and crew are great. Thanks for doing a great job. Will need to work hard so we can do this again. BC

M/Y LIBERTUS / Naples – Naples, / 4 - 11 July 2018

  • Amanda, it was a very successful trip, thank you for arranging everything. The Captain and crew could not have been nicer or more accommodating with children and babies. The Chef was excellent and rapidly learnt our preferences. Interesting that captains and crew rotate fairly rapidly, nevertheless worked well together. Accommodation is comfortable, with air conditioning being a bonus. Would recommend to friends. JWL

S/Y RHEA / Riposto, Sicily – Aeolians / 14 – 21 July 2018

  • Hi Amanda! Just want to let you that we had a wonderful time on JAUNI. The boat and the crew are amazing, catering always to all our wants and needs! I have to confess that I was a little nervous that not everything would be up to our expectations but they were met and exceeded in full!! I can really see myself and my family and or friends enjoying this kind of experience again in the near future!! To you, many, many thanks again for making this vacation as enjoyable as can possibly be and for your support and patience. Looking forward to planning our next vacation with your help!! All the best, D

MY JAUNI / Palermo - Milazzo - Aeolian / June 20-27, 2018.

  • Hi Reia, we as a family had a wonderful vacation, and made the most of our time together. There were some very nice features to the yacht. The living room, and sitting area were fresh with design, and color. Very nicely decorated. The tv’s were very good. The dining table and chairs for all meals worked perfectly. The swimming dock was great, and had sufficient height to get in and out of. Our food was exquisite, Matteo was a real Chief, very talented had excellent skills, was curious, accommodating with a great personality and attitude. Vanya, our head stewardess, was equally skilled, and had a million dollar personality. Everyone loved her, and she worked tirelessly. I do think a crew of six is light by at least one crew staff member when considering 9 guests occupying all berths. Our Captain was very nice, and sincere, he just spoke limited English which made communication more challenging. All said for more value shoppers like us, it was overall a wonderful trip for us. We would prefer having an excellent stewardess and culinary experience the way we did, more than a perfect yacht. T.H.

M/Y FIORENTE / Cinque Terra, Italy – Corsica / June 2018.

  • Hi Amanda - we had a fantastic time aboard GEMS and the crew was excellent. I don’t think we appreciated before the trip how much time we would want to spend aboard the boat. Michele’s cooking was amazing and everyone treated us so well. I don’t think we have a single complaint. I think I can speak for both C and myself in saying that we wish we were still sailing with the crew on GEMS as I type this. Thank you for helping us on setting this up. We are exploring doing another charter for next summer and will come back to you once we have had a chance to think about it. Much appreciated!!! J

M/Y GEMS / Rome – Amalfi - Rome / June 9-16, 2018.

  • Trina, the captain and crew were fantastic. They went over and above many times and the chef was seriously world class. CT

M/Y TRANQUILITA / Naples, Italy / June 2018.

  • Sally - The charter was soooo great! The service was top notch. The food was AMAZING, drinks were fantastic, and they were one step ahead of us at all times. Paola was AMAZING and super helpful with everything from taxis, dinner reservations, itinerary, keeping the boat organized, and on top of it all she was super sweet and funny. Salvo was also amazing and very helpful (also made great scrambled eggs) and the captain was super professional, friendly, and accommodating. The boat was wonderful, super clean, organized, and had a perfect set up for us. We miss it already :( Thanks for recommending Sally! It was perfect! NB

M/Y FOREVER / Stabia – Naples, Amalfi coast / May 26 – June 2, 2018.

  • Amanda, just got home from Paris and I am finally able to respond. We all had a great time and had an incredible experience. Every member of the crew was wonderful and a real pleasure to be around. There was not one of them that was not a pleasure and they made the trip even better for all of us. The yacht, itself, was fine and we were all very comfortable; especially those of us in the bigger rooms. The itinerary was very good and although we started out thinking that we wanted to spend time in the larger places, like Positano, Sorrento, Capri, etc...; in fact we enjoyed the smaller places much more. Bruno spent just the right amount of time in each place and we are thinking about next year, perhaps in Sicily or somewhere south of Amalfi. But the reason we would use the India again, as opposed to a larger yacht, is that we really liked the crew. Thanks

M/Y INDIA / Amalfi / July 14-21.

  • Hi Trina. The charter was really nice. I think I prefer the layout of the 56 better than the 62 but the boat was nice. The captain and crew were spot on and showed us a great time. The weather wasn't totally perfect all week but we made the most of it. The critic if I had to choose would be that of lack of communication when it comes to food. Everything was delicious but on this charter and others, I would think that they would ask what we would like to eat instead of just preparing stuff. I understand that the selections are sometimes limited but input is always nice. I hope that came across correctly and I'm definitely not complaining. I would use the Shida again.

SHIDA / Sicily / September 18 – 25.

  • Dear Josh, honestly, it was super good. The whole team from the captain to the crew members worked collectively to make our vacation amazing. We loved the games in the yacht room. The chef as you have mentioned was super, Jef the chef!

Slipstream / Naples - Olbia / July 17-24.

  • Hi Amanda, The crew was very friendly, and very good sailors, Captain Francesco and his brother Renato were willing to navigate the area with no issue for distance, ocean conditions or even sailing at night which allowed us to visit Ponza and other beautiful islands that we would have not been able to visit otherwise. Also Sara, was a very friendly and nice person. The cook, Nadia, was super nice and the food was very good. Pasta and salads (that was what we selected). Francesco has a much more relaxed and informal way compared with other captains we have met before. For us the relaxed mood was ok. The boat was in good condition as well as the tender. Overall it was a good boat and good crew.

Catamaran KASKAZI FOUR / Amalfi / July 10 – 17

  • Dear Amanda, Thanks a lot for your email and for taking such good care of us. We are well and having a great time here! Ben and his crew are super nice and are doing everything to make our stay really memorable. The boys loved the Seabob and all the other toys in the boat. The chef is excellent! I am sure we will continue having a great time here.

Atlantic Endeavour /Sicily / July

  • Amanda. Yes! We had the best experience, aboard Keros Island. Simone, Matias, Luciana and Mariana are wonderful. They have the best attitude, the service was impeccable and the trip was so much fun. My birthday celebration was spectacular, they made it very special. I do not want to compare, but so far this has been the best trip. Thank you so much for following up, we are looking forward for the next year's Trip. Once again, thank you so much for all your help and support. Best regards.

M/Y KEROS ISLAND / Amalfi / July 4-11

  • Nick, the yacht is beautiful and in impeccable condition. We were extremely happy with the service and the crew’s efforts. Overall we had a great trip, please forward 15% for the crew.

CARPE DIEM 191 / Naples - Nice / 30 June - 9 July

  • Hi Trina, we are back and just wanted to thank you for all your help, everything worked out just great! We are planning to charter a boat again next year in June but are probably going to Ibiza. Do you charter boats which are based in Marina Ibiza so that we can use the boat during the day and spend the nights in the Marina with no additional cost? Thanks again for your help.

RIVIERA / Italy / June

  • Aloha Trina: Many thanks for your attention to details. Everything went just fine on Ocean Med. The catamaran was a great choice as the rooms were perfect for our group. We appreciated & were delighted to have the extra crew member. I believe it would have been just too much for just 2, as the cook was busy most days in the kitchen, food terrific. Patrice was a delight as a captain with a can do attitude. He was very conscientious in regards to keeping our APA low. Luck had it that Capri was booked, along with restaurants; the water too rough to enter the blue caves, such is traveling. We did have a great time ashore enjoying the shopping and restaurants. I guess we will have to return! We look forward to our next family vacation next year :) Thank you so much for all your assistance to ensure a successful charter. OCEAN MED / 14-21 June / Naples-Naples.
  • Hi Martha, We just got home. We had the time of our lives. I didn't realize how attached we would become to the crew. I felt like Dorothy when she left Oz and had to say goodbye to the scarecrow, tin man, and cowardly Lion. We loved the crew. Carli was incredible at anticipating everything and her communication was perfect. Gemma might be my favorite person in the whole world. Lisa was so sweet and amazing. Teo was incredible. Pete, the 2 Ben's and Frasier were so good at always having our every need anticipated. They were friendly and interacted with all of us so well. Tom was absolutely awesome. Captain Will was fantastic. Fran the chef and his sous chef Shaun were flawless. I wanted to hire them all on the spot and take them home. The vacation with our friends and the itinerary shattering due to high winds and seas so we didn't have time to visit Bonafacio, but Captain Will communicated so thoroughly about what was keeping us from moving and the whole crew showed great empathy. Once the winds died, Captain Wills’ patience paid off and we had a delightful trip to Ponza, then 2 days in Capri where we celebrated my birthday. The first night we ate out at Da Paolino which Carli recommended and then escorted us to the restaurant. We begged her to stay and had a lovely night getting to know her. Last day was Positano and Ben and Pete took my best friend out on a little photo tour after having taken the kids out earlier for water fun in coves and jumping off the cliffs. I could go on and on but we were so sad to leave. We miss them all already. Thanks Martha for the trip of our lives!

MISCHIEF / June 5 – 12 / Porto Cervo - Naples

  • Amanda!! We had a wonderful time I want to thank you very much for all of your help. It was a beautiful trip, Melissa and Francesco were great, we had a very nice time. We hope to repeat this soon. We visited Ischia, Positano, Capri, Amalfi and Sorrento and spent the perfect amount of time sight-seeing in each place. We also anchored near beautiful spots to practice water sports. The meals were incredible, we all enjoyed the food very much. I already have a good friend that would like your contact information and will give it to her. I want to thank you again and hopefully will be in touch with you soon!!

OMBRE BLU / Amalfi / June

  • Dear Amanda, Sorry with this late feedback, I have just settle back this week. Trip was great. Crew was very professional. They all were always at our request and very polite. Chef was a very special person, among being a great cook, he won everybody’s heart. Captain and first official always flexible at our requests and showed very confident. Stewardess, one Croatian and the other Moldavian, always kind, respectful and super efficient. Naturally their personality not as warm as us Latin’s, but they put a lot to make us feel happy. Boat is great, since is metal hull, stabile while at anchor and navigation, incredibly stable. As you know, it is very slow boat, cruising speed only 9.5Knts. But it was not a problem. destination was also great, Aeolians more calm but with better nature, Amalfi more glamorous but also more busy. Thanks for your help and we start talking soon to prepare next years trip.

M/Y XO OF THE SEAS / Milazzo - Naples / Aug 29 - Sept 6

  • Reia, We enjoyed our time on board very much – all the members of the crew were very capable and friendly and made an effort to make us enjoy our holidays. The cook was also very good. The crew was also very patient, helpful and friendly with the kids (three boys, 5, 3 and 2 year old…). On the boat, speed was a good thing and it was useful to have a fast boat so we could cover a fair bit of distance.

M/Y TOBY / Sicily / August

  • Nick, had a great time, wouldn't really change anything to be honest. Boat was a great size and represented very good value for what you got. Crew were extremely friendly and very attentive. Itinerary was well thought out. Food was fantastic ... we all now need diets.

M/Y TOBY / Amalfi / Aug 3 - 10

  • Reia, The extra space, larger cabins, dining and sunning areas were great. It was also fun when the sails were up. I think my wife and I prefer the monohull, but the kids liked the trimaran. One drawback was that it was too big to berth in a harbor, and we kind of missed stepping off the boat into the harbor, but Sebastien and crew were great with the tender. It was also too big for some smaller ports (an anchor issue), but really no complaints. A great boat to see that part of Italy. The crew was very nice, and friendly, also respectful of our space. They were a little on the quiet side, but that was fine. The food was fantastic, and beautifully served. The new cocktail every night was fine, and lovely pre dinner nibbles. A very comfortable boat, and we had a great time – very sorry to disembark in Naples, as we had such a good time. Thank you again for all your work!

S/Y STERGANN II / Italy / June

  • Dear Martha, Thank you so much for helping to arrange our trip on Libertus. Having previously sailed on a classic Benetti we were keen to repeat the experience and the restrained elegance of these boats is hard to beat. We were thrilled to see that Libertus retains all the features of these beautiful vessels but has been upgraded to a superb level of luxuriousness. It is well equipped both in terms of facilities and first rate toys. The Crew under Captain Pablo De La Riera were completely excellent. Safety was a priority and Pablo worked with us from well before arrival to tailor an itinerary to suit us. He was also more than willing to adapt the plan on arrival. The service from all of the Crew was friendly and attentive and it was a complete pleasure to spend time with these attractive and interesting young people. The Chef, Maxime, delivers cuisine of such a high standard and variety that you quickly lose the will to dine on shore at all. We could not recommend this boat and team more highly and would happily charter Libertus again. Once again, thank you. We had the holiday of a lifetime on:

M/Y Libertus / Aeolian Islands, Sicily / June

  • Feedback from OMBRE BLU guest book: Dear Melissa and Francesco, Thank you for the most amazing vacation! These past 7 days have been perfect - the weather, food, accommodations etc. Thank you for sharing your beautiful boat with our family. It is clear that you value the satisfaction of your guests and go above and beyond expectations. We have created life long memories aboard the OMBRE BLU and you two will forever be in our hearts!

OMBRE BLU / Amalfi / June

  • We Love the boat! Marc is a joy. Thank you Amanda

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How did our charter clients review Italy as a yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there? See Above where you can read their comments from the last recent season.

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