Trending Top 10 Superyacht Charter Spots This Year

Martha Lukasik is a senior expert luxury yacht charter broker who shares her ...

Trending Top 10 Superyacht Charter Spots This Year

November 30, 2017

Written by Martha Lukasik

Martha Lukasik is a senior expert luxury yacht charter broker who shares her specialist knowledge accrued in a decade an a half being involved in the superyacht industry.

Balearics – IBIZA

Surprisingly enough this year we can see an incredible growth in the charters in the Balearics islands. The high Spanish Vat of 21% does not seem to discourage eager charterers.Great selection of luxury yachts ranging from 18 up to 75 meters is available for you to choose from. With plenty to explore while cruising in the Balearics, Ibiza is one of Europe’s most vibrant clubbing and legendary nightlife centers. Your charter will be incomplete without checking out what the buzz is.

Stop by at one of the countless bars, clubs, restaurants or trendy shops. Ibiza is a true Mediterranean gem offering not only great night life and shopping but also art and history the old quarters of Dalt Vila.

Ibiza offers it all from majestically rugged coastlines, scores of stunning cove beaches, dense pine forests to great night lift and party scene.

Croatia – Dubrovnik

Aerial view of old city of Dubrovnik (Croatia), popular tourist attraction on Adriatic.

As Lord Byron once described Dubrovnik being “The pear of the Adriatic” , city emanate/ exude romantic charm and beautiful scenery with its shimmering marble streets, centuries-old buildings capped by bright orange roofs .

Dubrovnik is one of the most welcoming charter destinations in all of Europe. Its high stone city walls and the beauty of its ancient city center has for many years attracted the likes of artists, historians, scientists and chance travelers.
Philosophy, arts, science were blossoming in this rich town where everything was guided by town’s credo: LIBERTAS – Freedom.

Dubrovnik is known for its charming local places natural beauties and well-preserved cultural and historical heritage, and lovely beaches ensconced between awesome rocky ledges.

Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian countryside regularly make wine lovers’ top ten lists. If you are a wine lover please do visit one of the top wineries in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik also happens to be where both Game of Thrones and Star Wars: Episode VIII have been filmed.

Cote Azur – Glamorous Monaco

Despite being the second smallest country in the world, Monte Carlo stands for lavish life style and splendor.
Lying at the heart of the Riviera, Monte Carlo evokes a luxurious and glamorous world. Since 1929 home for the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix race as well as prestigious Monaco Yacht Show gathering the finest selection of mega yachts.

Monaco has the coast’s largest natural harbor and offers a lovely beach and a quaint and interesting old town for exploration.

Monaco has a colorful and fascinating history filled with barbarians, kings and even a movie star. It is a story of castles, epic battles and untold riches.

Thanks to Prince Charles III and establishing of the Société des Bains de Mer in 1863, Monaco become well known for tourism and the magnificent district of Monte-Carlo along with spectacular Grand Casino is not to be missed, even for non-gamblers.

You will be amazed by the opulence and breath taking beautiful surroundings, whereas some will be enjoy the finest people watching.


The islands are a year-round wonder—you simply can’t go wrong. There is always something amazing to see and do in the Galápagos, no matter what month you visit.

Galapagos offers expedition style charters quite different from your typical Caribbean or Mediterranean charter; it’s a nature lover’s dream destination.

The Galápagos Islands are one of the stunning wonders of the natural world. Snorkel with playful sea lions and Galápagos penguins, kayak among sea turtles, walk past dancing blue-footed boobies, hike along lava tunnels and experience one of the greatest natural history destinations in the world.

Your charter in Darwin’s Islands will be wonderfully active, with local guides- led walks to see the wildlife and exciting snorkeling excursions each day.

One of the best places to view blue-footed boobies would be North Seymour and for those who enjoy a nice hike I would recommend Bartholomew Island. You will climb up the wooden steps and reach the summit of this spatter cone for a most breathtaking panorama of the islands’ well photographed Pinnacle Rock, views of neighboring Santiago and many other central islands in the distance.

Espanola island would be the only nesting ground for the waved albatross, and consequently the best island for observing them. Its one of the more remote islands and it is the most privileged with a rich diversity of native wildlife.

Your days in Darwin’s Islands are wonderfully active, with expert-led walks to see the wildlife and exciting snorkelling & diving excursions.

Sicily – Aeolian Islands

Crystal clear waters and active volcanoes, these magnificent islands rise out of Tyrrhenian sea .
Here at the crossroads of Mediterranean culture you will experience the magnificent and allure of place famous delicious cuisine , wine and fascinating history.

Anchor our it at the foot of prehistoric village 1300 BC in Panarea the most chic and sophisticated of the islands. Enjoy luxury boutiques , rooftops bars and gourmet restaurants. By boat is the best way to explore its coastline. The Island’s charm lies not only in its natural beauty but in unspoiled character, car free tracks and best places for snorkelling and diving in the Aeolians.

If you are looking for fine restaurants and nightlife, the more populated islands of Lipari, Salina and Panarea offer those, along with marinas and supermarkets. If you want quieter anchorages, the more remote islands offer those, along with hot springs and volcanic mud baths.

Cyclades – Mykonos

Mykonos is a wonderful Cycladic island, worth visiting at any time of the year.

Despite its cosmopolitan character, Mykonos remains a beautiful and picturesque island, with golden beaches, friendly and smiling people. In Mykonos you’ll meet all the famous actors, singers, stars, TV personalities and top models. However, behind all this glam you will find Mykonos calm and relaxing with its continuous link with history lasting for centuries.

Enjoy a nice stroll in Mykonos Town’s “little Venice” with its row of waterfront cafes over handing the water.
Worth tasting is the spicy cheese pate, kopanisti, fennel croquettes, garlic pasta, asparagus with eggs, or green fried tomatoes.

Sardinia – Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo offers extremely modern marina complex including boutiques, café and waterfront bars.

Its worth taking a walk through narrow streets stopping for a cocktail and some people watching. With its designer shops and boutiques, its exquisite bars and restaurants and lavish night scene there if plenty to fill the days in Porto Cervo.

Porto Cervo that is also called by some, “the heart of Costa Smeralda”, with its glamour, luxury and glossy nightlife as well as beautiful beaches and an emerald sea.

During the high season summer months Porto Cervo marina that is one of the largest tourist ports in the Mediterranean Sea, welcomes many super yachts with celebrities and VIP guests enjoying the exclusive night life that Porto Cervo is famous for.

Gulf of Naples

Panorama of Procida Island with view on Corricella village, Italy

A place known around the world for the unique beauty of its landscapes, dazzling Light crystal clear waters and sunshine.

Nature and history embrace each other to create this magical ambiance. Cruising in the gulf of Naples you can experience the wonder of places famous for delicious cuisine and wine as well as culture and memories of a thousand-year history.

Sorrento would be one of the “ must see” places to visit with its beautiful cliff top town with its many historic buildings, pars and artesian shops to enjoy.

Beautiful as it is by day, Capri is an island which is even more beautiful at night; when the sea is illuminated by the silver light of the moon and the blinking lanterns of the small fishing boats and the streets are animated by the sounds of laughter, music and dancing. Dining on the Island of Capri is always a wonderful experience and you may choose among one of Capri’s most sophisticated restaurants, a simple trattoria or a sea-edge pizzeria.

Capri is both charming and elegant with incomparable scenery the mist of nature art culture and jet set society.

Corsica – Bonifacio

Bonifacio lies like a masterpiece in the extreme south and is a unique place of interest with its most beautiful natural harbor and clear and cobalt-blue water. Bonifacio has to offer some of the finest local ingredients and seasonal flavors. No one can resist the fascination of this old town and its narrow alleyways.

Bonifacio is a town of immense charm and a wonderful place to sample some or the local bars and restaurants. The coast around Bonifacio is very picturesque, offering several beach nearby and separated by cliffs. Some of the most popular beaches would be Sant’Amanza and Rondinara and the beach at Petit Sperone.

Montenegro – Tivat

Tivat with its new and luxury Porto Montenegro marina reminds an ambiance of Old port of Cannes.
This recently built facility is the biggest foreign investments in Montenegro. Marina itself is a place for nice shopping, enjoying spa treatments or simply admiring luxury yachts coming into the port.

Velika Plaža a 14 Km long beach located in the far south of Montenegro offers soft yellow sand and shallow waters, ideal for families as well as extreme water sports lovers such as kitesurfing or windsurfing. Several lively beach bars attract a party crowd in the summer.

Worth visiting is also the TARA CANYON, lush with wild flowers, and home to spectacular waterfalls and sandy beaches, it is the second deepest canyon in the world after Grand Canyon.

In summer Tivat provides a lively nightlife scene attracting renowned international DJs. Dance the night away in open-air clubs and chic hangouts spread between Tivat, Kotor and Budva.

Special Top Spot – Antigua

View of Antigua island landscape from above

Antigua is to host the huge annual MYBA superyacht charter show in December, as usual, and this corner of the Caribbean is looking to be in fantastic condition and ready to receive superyacht charters this year. A perennial yachting favourite, especially amongst super sailing yachts with the Race Week regattas, Antigua is also stepped in history, offers great infrastructure and wonderful beaches. In short, it is a Caribbean luxury yachting treasure!

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