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MC155 – The new Trimaran concept from Design Unlimited

August 17, 2017

Written by Rachael Steele

Design Unlimited has unveiled the MC155, a trimaran that has been designed in conjunction with McConaghy Boats and German Frers with composite materials from Pure Design. ... read full story

Exciting New 100M Trimaran Concept with landing deck for a plane by Winch Design

January 14, 2016

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The latest 100m (328') trimaran yacht concept has been proudly unveiled by London-based Winch Design. This unique vessel features the landing deck for the Agusta Westland 609, and even a hangar, hosting this innovative aircraft. ... read full story

A pair of unique trimaran expedition yachts unveiled by Nigel Irens Design

January 14, 2016

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Nigel Irens Studio, in partnership with CMN shipyard and French designer Christophe Chedal-Anglay, has developed a pair of exciting new trimaran expedition yacht concepts: ORIGIN 575 and XPLORE 70. Both offer the ultimate experience for the adventurous owner. ... read full story

New 282’ Trimaran Mega Yacht KOMOREBI concept unveiled by VPLP at MYS

September 25, 2015

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

VPLP has proudly revealed their latest 282' Hybrid Trimaran KOMOREBI yacht, a Japanese concept that invites to relax, unwind, rejuvenate and live harmoniously again. ... read full story

New Luxury Trimaran DRAGONSHIP 25 launched by PI Super Yachts

July 07, 2015

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Pi Super Yachts has proudly launched the new 25-metre super trimaran DRAGONSHIP 25 with 291sqm of luxury living space. The yacht boasts a highly innovative Hydrogenisis 'Blue Box' - technology, electric propulsion and the unique Autosail with built in solar PV technology. ... read full story

McConaghy Boats & BMT Group to construct Luxury Trimaran Tri60

February 12, 2015

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Luxury Trimaran Tri60 is the latest yacht created in collaboration between BMT Group and McConaghy Boats, offering great balance of space, speed and style. ... read full story

Motor yacht Adastra Feature – by John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs

June 06, 2011

Written by Mike Smith

Motor yacht Adastra is a very interesting superyacht which is designed for ultra efficient long range cruising. The striking 42.5m Trimaran Adastra was designed by John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs and is currently being built in China for a Hong Kong yacht owners Anto and Elaine Marden. Yacht “Adastra” is the result of more than 5... ... read full story

The 80 metre (220 ft) Maricuda Project to win the Hales Trophy, the Blue Riband of the Atlantic gains momentum

April 04, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

The Maricuda project to win the Hales Trophy, the Blue Riband of the Atlantic has gained significant momentum recently with its association and assistance from General Electric, Renk, Wartsila and Devonport Yachts. The design process of the 80 metre (220 ft) Maricuda Atlantic Challenger, the craft that is being designed to cross the Atlantic in under two days is closer to becoming a reality. ... read full story

America’s Cup: Trimaran USA 17 back home in San Francisco

March 01, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

The giant America’s Cup-winning trimaran arrived in the Bay today aboard the freighter M.V. Star Isfjord after a 7,900-mile passage from Valencia, Spain, via the Panama Canal. The ship carrying USA 17 trimaran passed underneath the Golden Gate Bridge at 0530 PST and berthed alongside San Francisco's Pier 80 at 0650. ... read full story

America’s Cup winning trimaran USA 17 bound for San Francisco

January 25, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

The extraordinary carbon-fiber machine USA 17 is being loaded onto the freighter M.V. Star Isfjord this week for the long delivery trip to San Francisco via the Panama Canal. The freighter carrying both USA 17 and her extraordinary 223ft wingsail is scheduled to leave Valencia on January 29 or 30 for the 7,900-nautical-mile passage to the Bay Area. ... read full story

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