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Perini Navi 70 M Luxury Yacht Charter & Superyacht News

Construction of 70m Perini Navi superyacht SYBARIS (hull C.2227) well underway

December 12, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Construction of the new 70-metre Perini Navi superyacht Sybaris (hull C.2227) is in full swing. Once completed, she will represent the second largest Perini Navi sailing vessel ever built. ... read full story

Perini Navi C2227 sailing yacht SYBARIS arrives in La Spezia, Italy

October 11, 2013

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Luxury sailing yacht Sybaris, hull C2227 and the first in the 70m Perini Navi Series, arrived at La Spezia, Italy from where she will be launched in 2015. ... read full story

Perini Navi Group launches 73m Picchiotti flagship motor yacht GRACE E

September 16, 2013

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The all-new Picchiotti flagship, the breath-taking 73-metre mega yacht Grace E (hull C.2189) has been successfully launched by the Perini Navi Group. The vessel boasts elegant and contemporary interiors, designed by Remi Tessier. ... read full story

Rondal extending its workshop to length of 78 meters

August 29, 2013

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Rondal is currently extending its composite workshop to a length of 78 meters. The first project to be built in the enlarged facility is already in build. It is the 73m main mast for the 70m Perini Navi superyacht Sybaris (Project C.2227). ... read full story

Flurry of orders for Ocean Yacht Systems (OYS)

June 24, 2013

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

It is a very busy period for the world renowned UK supplier of rigging, hydraulic and thruster systems, Ocean Yacht Systems (OYS). The company has been awarded a contract to supply units for such spectacular vessels as the all-new 70m Perini Navi mega yacht Sybaris, currently under construction. ... read full story

Rondal’s rig package for new 70m Perini Navi sailing yacht SYBARIS (Hull C.2227)

March 01, 2013

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

At the moment under construction at Perini Navi in La Spezia, the all-new 70m superyacht Sybaris (Hull C.2227) will boast a complete composite rig package, to be designed and produced by Rondal. ... read full story

Sailing yacht STATE OF GRACE launched by Perini Navi as their first yacht in new 40 M Fast Cruising series

January 14, 2013

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The splendid 40-metre superyacht State of Grace (hull C.2180) has been recently launched at the Perini Navi Istanbul/Yildiz shipyard as the first 40 M Fast Cruising series vessel. The Istanbul-based Perini Navi yard is also working on the first yacht in the 70 M series, scheduled for launch in 2015. ... read full story

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