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Famous 110m mega yacht JUBILEE renamed KAOS after refit

October 01, 2020

Written by Maria Korotaeva

The 36th largest superyacht in the world, 110m JUBILEE has been renamed KAOS after a major refit at Lurssen facilities.  She was launched in 2017 as the largest motor yacht ever built in the Netherlands. Built by Oceanco and designed by Lobanov Yacht Design, she is a head-turning yacht with smooth lines and unusual exterior... ... read full story

110m Mega Yacht Jubilee to be redelivered in 2020

March 26, 2019

Written by Maria Korotaeva

110m megayacht Jubilee will be redelivered in 2020 after a one-year refit at Lurssen. ... read full story

Oceanco mega yacht Jubilee finds new Owner

December 14, 2018

Written by Rachael Steele

The Oceanco superyacht JUBILEE has been sold to a new Owner. At 110m/361ft, she is the largest motor yacht so far delivered in the Netherlands and is constructed from steel and aluminium. Her naval architecture was produced by Azure Naval Architects, while her unique exterior styling comes from Lobanov Design and the interiors are created by... ... read full story

CRN presents 75-metre superyacht Begallta

December 05, 2018

Written by Rachael Steele

CRN has revealed a new 75-metre superyacht named Begallta designed in collaboration with Lobanov Design and Pulina DNA. ... read full story

Famous Superyachts on Social Media

May 02, 2018

Written by Maria Korotaeva

View the best superyacht shots on the Social Media this week. ... read full story

Oceanco superyacht Tuhura unveiled at the DIBS 2018

February 28, 2018

Written by Maria Korotaeva

On the first day of the Dubai International Boat Show, Oceanco has revealed their extraordinary 115m/377ft superyacht TUHURA, based on the canoes that travelled thousands of miles across the South Pacific. ... read full story

Top Superyacht Designers of 2017

December 26, 2017

Written by Maria Korotaeva

Private vessels and luxury charter yachts are defined by their decor as much as the onboard amenities and performance. In a space that will be used for large celebrations or quiet relaxation, an established designer or unknown name can make a superyacht a success and a talking point for years to come. Take a look at the designers and the luxury yachts that have defined the superyacht scene for 2017. ... read full story

In pictures: Superyachts spotted cruising to Monaco Yacht Show

September 27, 2017

Written by Rachael Steele

The Monaco Yacht Show will open its doors shortly for the public debut of some of the most innovative yachts of the year. A few of these eye-catching designs, however, have already been spotted cruising through the Mediterranean during the summer months: Here they are captured on camera. ... read full story

Watch: Recently Delivered 110m Mega Yacht Jubilee in Gibraltar

July 10, 2017

Written by Maria Korotaeva

Mega Yacht Jubilee, the largest yacht ever built in the Netherlands, has now been delivered. Watch close-up video of this head-spinning 110-metre luxury superyacht docked in Gibraltar Mid Harbour Marina. ... read full story

110m Mega Yacht Jubilee Returns from Sea Trials

June 08, 2017

Written by Maria Korotaeva

The 110m superyacht Jubilee has just returned from sea trials. ... read full story

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