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Cheoy Lee delivers Global 103’ motor yacht

June 21, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

On June 7th, the Global 103 cockpit motor yacht by Cheoy Lee, yard number 4915, was loaded onto the mulit-purpose heavy lift ship BBC Carolina. The 130m long carrier will steam at 14 knots across the Pacific to the port of discharge, Port Everglades in Florida. The Cheoy Lee Global 103’ motor yacht (hull number... ... read full story

Cheoy Lee Global Motor Yacht Series

April 05, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

Following the success of the Cheoy Lee Bravo Series designed by Mike Burvenich, the next logical step was to develop a larger series of yachts based on the success of the Bravo series. Burvenich working closely with Marty Isenberg of Cheoy Lee looked at what the typical owner was looking for in the larger yacht series. From these discussions the Cheoy Lee Global Series was born. It was determined that the latest trend is for smaller more efficient yachts. The most popular size range was determined to be from 100 to 145 feet. Four initial models were developed; the Global 103, Global 118, Global 130, and Global 145. ... read full story

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