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155m SWATH Luxury Yacht Charter & Superyacht News

90m ‘Tropical Island Paradise’ superyacht by Yacht Island Design

July 24, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

The ‘Tropical Island Paradise’ superyacht is a 90m motor yacht design which is the second proposal by Yacht Island Design, following on from their 115m SWATH Streets of Monaco superyacht design. The 90m Tropical Island Paradise design has a theme that is centred around a secluded island paradise, with elements inspired by the islands of... ... read full story

155m SWATH ‘The Streets of Monaco’ superyacht by Yacht Island Design

January 06, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

Yacht Island Design has been formed by a creative team who are driven by a passion to deliver something different. That difference is themed yachts, the first of which is called ‘The Streets of Monaco’ - a 155m SWATH vessel that takes the principality of Monaco to the ocean. ... read full story

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