ShowBoats Design Award 2014 for 80m CRN Flagship Yacht CHOPI CHOPI

CRN, brand of the Ferretti Group, specialising in the building of ...

ShowBoats Design Award 2014 for 80m CRN Flagship Yacht CHOPI CHOPI

March 03, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

CRN, brand of the Ferretti Group, specialising in the building of fully-customized displacement superyachts, made of steel and aluminium and varying in size from 40 and 90 metres, has received the ShowBoats Design Award 2014, with its flagship yacht Chopi Chopi. The impressive 80m mega yacht Chopi Chopi has been honoured with this prestigious award,  organized by the editorial group Boat International Media, in the ‘Interior Design Award’ category.

Chopi Chopi Yacht by CRN - front view

80m mega yacht CHOPI CHOPI by CRN

Against the splendid backdrop of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds by Kiztbuel in Austria, on the evening of the 24th February, during an exclusive two day event dedicated to world excellence in international nautical design, motor yacht Chopi Chopi was awarded a prize in the category “Interior Design Award” for the over 60 metres megayacht sector.  The award was received by Lamberto Tacoli, Chairman and CEO of CRN, and the architect Laura Sessa, the interior designer of Chopi Chopi, in front of an international audience of Owners, designers and experts from the boating industry.

The careful and select award jury, consisting of 14 members, amongst which were Owners of superyachts, prominent personalities from the world of design and experts in the boating industry, recognized superyacht Chopi Chopi as an exemplary model of a family house and a perfect combination of the classic and the contemporary, the elegant and the refined. These elements combine with a clever fusion of precious materials (wood, marble, leather, metals) and a surprising chromatic scale, that ranges from the subtle colours used for exteriors to the bright and lively tones for interiors, which harmoniously combine with the natural and artificial lighting of the spaces. The large internal and external volumes of Chopi Chopi have inspired the interior designer, Laura Sessa, to create a style and design the internal spaces with maximum functionality, in mind not only for the Owner but also for the crew members.

Mega yacht CHOPI CHOPI - Wheelhouse - Maurizio Paradisi

Superyacht CHOPI CHOPI - Wheelhouse - Photo credit to Maurizio Paradisi

Lamberto Tacoli, Chairman and CEO of CRN, comments on the award received: “We share this award with the Owner, who was present and participated in all the manufacturing phases of the megayacht, and is a true ambassador of CRN, and with the architect, Laura Sessa, who was an extraordinary interpreter of the Owner’s needs, creating interiors that correspond exactly with the expectations of the Owner and his family.  We must also thank Gianni and Paola Zuccon and the designers of studio Zuccon International Projects who designed the exterior profile. Naturally, we must not forget our shareholder Weichai Group and all the employees of CRN, who have put their skills, commitment and passion, which for the last 50 years have characterized the shipyard of Ancona.”

The 60m superyacht J’Ade was also in the finals of the category “Interior Design Award” for the megayacht segment between 30 and 60 metres. It was chosen for its highly innovative technical content, which perfectly integrated with the design elements. The garage, for the first time onboard a CRN megayacht, is floodable and the tender can be handled without using a crane. An innovative solution much appreciated by the guests, who will also be able to board and get off the tender with extreme ease. In the absence of the tender, the garage transforms into a large natural pool, an open space, a way to live “freely” onboard.  The result:  a technical space transformed into a living area, with a great atmosphere.

Luxury yacht CHOPI CHOPI - Dining room - Maurizio Paradisi

Luxury yacht CHOPI CHOPI - Dining room - Photo credit to Maurizio Paradisi


Hull number 129 built by the shipyard, at a staggering 80 metres, is the largest megayacht ever built by CRN and one of the biggest ever produced in Italy. Luxury yacht Chopi Chopi is a grand showcase of Italian quality, having been fully constructed in Ancona and designed by two Italian architectural firms: Studio Zuccon International Project, which created the exterior profile and interior layout together with CRN Engineering, and architect Laura Sessa, who was responsible for the stylistic concepts and interior design. Chopi Chopi yacht is a steel and aluminium displacement hull megayacht with 6 decks that can host up to 12 guests in six suites, 30 crew members and nine staff.

Conceived as a family house, Chopi Chopi superyacht represents a synthesis and at the same time an evolution with characteristic features, with the soul and the innovations of a ship branded CRN, which stands out for its spectacular volumes, the airiness of its spaces, its slender structures and its soft lines, the attention given to detail and well-being onboard, the play of lights and, above all, the more direct contact with the sea.

Mega yacht CHOPI CHOPI - Main Salon - Maurizio Paradisi

Mega yacht CHOPI CHOPI - Main Salon - Photo credit to Maurizio Paradisi

As with every vessel produced by the shipyard, the new flagship fully embodies CRN’s strengths: the balconies and open terraces in the VIP cabins on the main deck, the beach club on the lower deck with the stern hatch that turns into a 100sq metre beach overlooking the water and the wide windows, which allow light to flood into the interiors, thus granting constant eye-contact with the sea.

Moreover, the Chopi Chopi yacht features some particular innovative solutions, such as the avant-garde pilot house – sporting the characteristic round shape – and an exclusive space for the Owner, with a deck entirely devoted to him, located between the upper and sun deck, where he can enjoy cruising in maximum privacy and which can also be reached thanks to an helipad located at the stern.

Motor yacht CHOPI CHOPI - Owners cabin Maurizio Paradisi

Motor yacht CHOPI CHOPI - Owners cabin - Photo credit to Maurizio Paradisi

Below is a selection of the oustanding charter yachts built by CRN.

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