Luxury yacht builder Baglietto today – a bespoke Italian leadership

The concept of leadership has always characterized Baglietto activity and ...

Luxury yacht builder Baglietto today – a bespoke Italian leadership

December 22, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The concept of leadership has always characterized Baglietto activity and growth since 1854 when Pietro Baglietto began to construct small wooden boats in the backyard of his house. Since that time the brand has always been synonym of innovation, true creative spirit and of technical genius, promoting engineering research as well as development.

Baglietto 46m Superyacht

Baglietto 46m Superyacht underway

The recent plans of industrial growth by Gavio Group, which acquired the yard in 2012, aim to prove once again Baglietto leadership, settling the yard once again among major international building yards. In order to reach this goal, significant investments have been performed, widening the yard infrastructures; in particular, the yard plants and workshops now occupy an area of 35.000 square meters and the completion of two new covered plants for the building of motor-yachts up to 65-meter in length and two piers allowing the mooring of motor-yachts up to 70-meter in length have just been completed.

Altogether the investment reaches 18 million Euro to be added to the first investment of about 20 million Euro performed at the time of the acquisition. The project -which have demanded two years of restructuring works- will reach its completion soon while at the same time new opportunities to expand even more the production area can be today conceived.

At the same time, the production activity has simultaneously started again on a full-time basis: Baglietto yard has today 46 direct employees, no longer relies on the “Wages Guarantee Fund” phase and can count on about 200 indirect craftsmen and suppliers working for the yard.

Thus, after the launch of superyacht ‘Monokini’, the 44-meter motor-yacht and MV13 last year, the very first 46-meter displacement motor-yacht designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design was launched and exhibited during Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show last September.

Six new motor-yachts are currently under construction at the yard: while the prototype of MV19 is being built, a new 55-meter displacement motor-yacht is being produced together with a 43m and a 46m of Baglietto Fast Product Range. A new 46-meter displacement motor-yacht being the sister-ship of the yacht exhibited during the Autumn boat shows and one 54-meter motor-yacht are also under construction.

The outstanding effort is focused not only on the production of new vessels but also on the relevant engineering research and development activity of new models ensuring future enhancement and consolidation of the Product Range and of the yard activity. Each of these new projects coherently follows the conceptual design ideas that proved to be successful in the past, identifying Baglietto style as well as respecting all naval qualities such as stability, soundness and reliability which have always characterized Baglietto vessels since the onset of the yard production.

Among the new models that we will be given the opportunity to see and appreciate during next yachting season, all being new creations made by Francesco Paszkowski’s skillful hands, there will be the herein above indicated 43-meter and 46 meter FAST motor-yachts, both belonging to the range of fastspeed range with hull and superstructure in aluminum, powerful engines as well as attractive lines.

At the same time the Displacement Product Range will also pursue its growth: a new 55-meter motoryacht has just been started whose design revamps the values appreciated on the units of this product line built in the past, while introducing a few new and innovative design and lay-out concepts.

Other projects already developed both from the style and the engineering stand-points, designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design and the Technical Department of the yard, include also a 62-meter displacement motor-yacht and a 38-meter fast motor-yacht.

The MV19 project represents the continuity of the concept that gave birth to MV13, a small fast boat reminding of MAS exterior lines, thus demonstrating the deep respect towards the Product Line that has characterized the history and the growth of Baglietto yard.

At the same time, the yard has also settled the foundation of a department focused on military vessels. In this case as well, the past serves as encouragement for the up-bringing of this activity. In fact, in the first decades of last century Baglietto created a manufacturing tradition for military vessels that was wellknown and appreciated world-wide. Therefore, today the military sector will be revamped, using the most innovative technology solutions and identifying the feasible synergies between the pleasure yacht and the military sectors.

“The 46-meter motor-yacht presented at the latest Boat Shows this year”commented Mrs. Silvia Fogliuzzi, recently appointed Chief Operating Officer of the shipyard“is the best way to present ourselves to the world. We spoke little about the changes undergoing at the yard in the last two years since we believe that it is our Product, its quality and soundness that best way to speak about us. We are supported by a strong industrial Group which allows us -during this delicate re-organization phase- to focus not only on to the short-term economic results but also on to giving the utmost attention to the Product Range respecting the yard tradition being the foundation of its success along 160 years of history”.

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