Launch of brand new Dominator 800 motor yacht Hull No.2

Dominator Yachts has recently opened their doors to experience a day in the ...

Launch of brand new Dominator 800 motor yacht Hull No.2

May 25, 2015

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Dominator Yachts has recently opened their doors to experience a day in the life of a customer. This coincided with the launch of the second Dominator 800 superyacht. The brand new Dominator 800 motor yacht Hull No.2. is a sister ship to the first Dominator 800 yacht, launched in Miami, however, she is significantly different.

Dominator 800 superyacht Hull no. 2 just launched

Dominator 800 superyacht Hull no. 2 just launched

With each yacht, each customer is also unique, therefore we spend a lot of time with every single client going beyond any standard offering and resulting in every yacht being built as an individual commission”, said Alex Langhein, CEO of Dominator International.

The D800 superyacht is the evolution of the D780 (example is charter yacht Saint Anna). She represents the new Dominator tailor made philosophy. Alberto Mancini, interior designer, comments:I created a new custom layout requested by the owner. The customer’s main wish was to provide space with a large galley/dining area. Interior styling and materials were selected over many months in close contact with the owner and his wife. My personal choice which was accepted and which we worked on together was to develop a nice warming and elegant atmosphere, not big contrasts but tone on tone colors, a shade of beige, taupe and grey. The brighter oak brushed painted parquet with the oak painted bulkhead gives immediately a welcoming perception of elegance.”

Second Dominator 800 yacht underway

Second Dominator 800 yacht underway

“Each cabin has been designed together with the owners spending a lot of time on the project and the result is full satisfaction for all. I would say that the interior design is a nice mix of class with warm minimalism. The modern Boiserie of the owner cabin furniture is the perfect example how to use clean lines in wooden surfaces yet can give a very elegant and relaxing atmosphere. In the owner’s bathroom, the matt Botticino marble is the perfect bath top to fix chrome polished taps specifically designed by the CEA brand,added Alberto Mancini.

The second Dominator 800 yacht has been fitted with a new propulsion system from Reintjes, the Fortjes 4000. This compact and reliable propulsion is made of an upper reversing gearbox coupled with a new, advanced gearbox with CR propellers. The hydrodynamic advantages in efficiency are based on the counter rotating propeller concept mixed up with an especially shaped strut of the gondola, allowing for the best possible recovery of the swirl energy. This concept also involves the distribution of the power to two propellers, remarkably decreasing the ration of power to blade area. This system is mixed up with a specially designed and constructed rudder application for superb and stable maneuvering.

Rendering of Dominator 800 superyacht - Saloon

Rendering of Dominator 800 superyacht – Saloon

In terms of the interior as well as the technical specification, luxury yacht Dominator 800 is a real state-of-the-art vessel. Initial results are already very encouraging with the innovative propulsion system proving less consumption, more efficiency and more power due to the propellers being in line with the hull versus an angled conventional shaft system.

Dominator also introduced the virtual reality experience for their upcoming vessel, the game-changer Ilumen yacht. Thanks to real construction data, users have the ability to literally walk through the yacht by wearing special shoes and walking on a large round disc which picked up movement. This in combination with the Oculus rift headgear allowed the user to walk and look in every direction viewing the entire 26M yacht as if they would in reality. Moreover, the interior fixtures and furnishings as well as colours could all be changed with an instant at the choice of the user, reflecting Dominator’s philosophy of building only in accordance with customer’s requirements.

Below is a video from the launch of second Dominator 800 yacht:

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