Hargrave to premiere two new superyacht models at Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show 2014

The upcoming Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show, set to be held in February 2014, ...

Hargrave to premiere two new superyacht models at Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show 2014

December 30, 2013

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The upcoming Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show, set to be held in February 2014, will see Hargrave Custom Yachts premiere two new superyacht models: the 2014 101′ Hargrave Raised Pilothouse yacht SASSY, as well as the 2014 80′ Monte Fino – Monocle Edition yacht.

2014 101' Hargrave RPH superyacht

“We’re really excited heading into the Miami show this year”, said Hargrave President Mike DiCondina. “We signed a new 93’ boat order right at the Lauderdale Show and sold the new 101’ Hargrave raised pilothouse on display at the show, so it is safe to say we think the recovery in our segment is starting to gain real traction.”

Hargrave will have a total of ten new and preowned yachts for sale at the show including:

(4) Raised Pilothouses: 125′, 114′, 101′, 85′
(2) Flush Decks: 82′, 76′
(3) Sky Lounges: 101′, 84′, 81′

Here is the information on the two new boats that will be at the show, one at the Hargrave display and one at Monocle Management, the largest fractional yacht program in the US and one of Hargrave’s best clients.

The newest generation Hargrave 101’ raised pilothouse, motor yacht SASSY will showcase an exciting new exterior look from Black Designs combined with a lot of performance enhancements, some major new technology, and a fresh new look throughout from Yacht Interiors by Shelley in Fort Lauderdale.

“We are looking to appeal to the next generation of yacht buyers in our size range, so we knew we would need something that jumped out at those buyers. I think when people see this at the show they will be surprised and get a better idea of what the word custom means at Hargrave.”

“As soon as you walk up to our new boat you’ll see that the shapes and curves speak to a whole new group of clients. These people grew up with high styled sport boats, and even though they need more room for their growing families, they still want something that reflects their sense of style.”

“We’ve made some performance changes to the shape of the hull and to the drive train as well that will improve efficiency and handling and allow us to take full advantage of the new generation CAT engines.”

“One of the most dramatic pieces of technology onboard is the OctoPlex electrical system which matches up to the state of the art monitoring system from Maretron.  This system really has that wow factor people crave today and can be expanded easily with the plug and play interface technology. The capabilities of this technology are amazing and it is hard for most people to fully comprehend it. We installed the first system on the 118’ Hargrave superyacht SANDRINE a few years ago and are excited to now have the latest generation onboard to help showcase our newest models.”

“The new interior from designer Shelley DiCondina has a very different feel to it, a fresh new youthful look with a lot of energy to it. We have had a chance to show this yacht to several clients and they agree that this is really different from what most people associate with Hargrave interiors. Our new inventory program has given us the flexibility to pursue the latest and greatest in all areas of yacht design and we think this is another benchmark project that will help our company continue to advance in our market segment.”

2014 80' Monte Fino - Monocle Edition Yacht

The new 2014 80’ Monte Fino – Monocle Edition will make its world premiere at the Monocle Management display this year.

“Fractional yachts run harder, stay out longer, and require a higher level of performance in order to avoid any down time” said Hargrave CEO Mike Joyce. “Monocle is our largest customer and operates a number of Hargrave yachts in the 100’ size range. They came to us looking for something in the 80’ range with more modern European styling but built and equipped for ruggedness. Monte Fino is a major player in the global yacht market and has engaged some of the top European designers to successfully power their program in the New Millennium. We were able to tap into that project and add what Monocle needed and I think it will be a very successful product line for them and for us.”

Hargrave is the US distributor for Monte Fino and is building a special line of yachts for Monocle Management Company which is the country’s largest fractional yacht ownership program.

Below is a choice of the stylish charter yachts built by Hargrave Custom Yachts.

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