Gresham Yacht Design now open for business

Founded by Steve Gresham, Gresham Yacht Design (GYD) is thrilled to announce ...

Gresham Yacht Design now open for business

September 18, 2013

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Founded by Steve Gresham, Gresham Yacht Design (GYD) is thrilled to announce that it has opened its beach club for business. The UK studio provides personal service of Design, Engineering, as well as Project Management. It specialises in the exterior design/styling of yachts, and have designed superyachts from 25m to 120m and upwards.

Steve Gresham

Steve Gresham

GYD works alongside interior designers and decorators, providing a full design service, from inception to completion, using its team of creative talent.

GYD has designed over 500 metres of Superyachts currently in build.

Although an exceptional exterior design studio, it isn’t just the styling of the exterior, it’s much more – GYD plan and layouts the space of the interior – make sure that all the interior rooms have the correct windows size and shape and most importantly that there is enough space for the engine room and mechanical / technical spaces.

Steve’s sketching and drawing are excellent and this is his signature strength – he can explore design on the page and has a great understanding of 3D and form and can express this in front of the client.

The style of the yacht is dictated by the owners’ wishes and requirements. GYD style is current and innovative, the studio likes to push the boundaries and not be too conservative – to develop and explore new original concepts, but always with an eye on the feasibility of these designs – GYD has developed yacht balconies where previously there were none – they have an eye for proportion and balance – the surfaces of a yacht are what define the exterior – the treatment of these surfaces and the detailed design of them marks the contrast between a yacht that is “produced” and one that is designed.

Working with suppliers around the world GYD understands materials and construction and is able to provide a bespoke service for individuals.

Don Shead Yacht Design (6 Years)
•    Worked with naval architects and engineers to understand how to design and build a Superyacht
•    Designed and Project managed a high speed turbine yacht in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, USA with Palmer Johnson
•    Spent 2 years working in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on a major refit project and also designed a diesel electric system for a Superyacht

Tony Castro Yacht Design (2 Years)
•    Spent 2 years with Tony and designed a 36m classic Superyacht built at Royal Huisman in Holland

H2 Yacht Design – (8 Years)
•    Designing innovative Yachts over 70m

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