Legal & VAT Yacht Issues Luxury Yacht & Superyacht News

Legal & VAT Yacht Issues Luxury Yacht & Superyacht News

The State of the Industry Review 2011

August 11, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

All of the speakers for The State of the Industry Review 2011 have now been confirmed. The State of the Industry Review 2011 is co-hosted by Superyacht Business and Andrew Weir which is a free event by special invitation only that takes place on Thursday, 15th September at the Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street,... ... read full story

KH Charts Superyacht opens Antibes Base to Support Growth

August 09, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

KH Charts Superyacht has launched a new office in Antibes, France, in partnership with Yacht Shopping. KH Charts Superyacht delivers ISM compliant navigational solutions and service packages to over 400 super yachts across the globe. This offering, combined with Yacht Shopping’s specialism in maintenance and spares, will allow KH Charts Superyacht to deliver a full-service... ... read full story

Abacus Corporate Services Limited – New Malta Company offers Specialist Yacht Services

August 08, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

Abacus Corporate Services Limited - New Malta Company offers Specialist Yacht Services

As a long established Fiduciary Services Group based in the Isle of Man, Abacus, has extended its administrative services for Yacht and Aircraft holding companies to Malta following the establishment of their Maltese corporate services provider, Abacus Corporate Services Limited. The new office located at the Gasan Centre, Mriehel, will provide a full range of... ... read full story

EU action on matriculation tax for +15m Charter yachts in Spain

July 28, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

Lobbying actions across Spain have gathered pace during this last year, highlighting the ludicrous loss of revenue and negative affect on jobs created by the imposition of 12% matriculation tax on foreign owned charter yachts. Several of the meetings held with the yachting sector have been orchestrated in Mallorca by local tourism specialist Kate Mentink, who... ... read full story

Superyacht Australia launch new website

July 14, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

Due to the high level of enquiry and demand for greater access to information about the Australian Superyacht industry and cruising in Australian waters the peak national body Superyacht Australia has launched a new web portal. Superyacht Australia invested in the new website development to ensure that Superyacht Owners & Captains wanting to cruise in Australian waters... ... read full story

Superyachts require better definition to increase superyacht cruising in Australian waters.

June 27, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

Following on from the issues raised at the recent Superyacht and Marine Export Conference Superyacht Australia met in Canberra with the deputy CEO of Australian Marine Safety Authority, Mick Kinley. The Australian government is currently working on a raft of maritime regulatory reforms. These include writing the national law that will establish a single maritime... ... read full story

New Italy Cruising Rules

May 19, 2011

Written by Mike Smith

ayss logo

The are some New Italian Cruising Rules this season according to AYSS and Luise Associates which affect yachts visiting Italy for longer than 24 hours requiring an advanced notice of arrival, according to the following news briefing from the Association of Yacht Support Services: Italian D.L. 18 – February 16th 2011, modifies D.L. 196 year... ... read full story

Italy passes welcome new regulations to reduce superyacht bureaucracy

May 18, 2011

Written by Mike Smith

In a move that is sure to bring many smiles in the luxury yacht industry, Italy has recently passed new laws, called the Decreto Sviluppo, which will have the effect of reducing much of the unnecessary bureaucracy surrounding the Italian marine and superyacht sector. It will also help in creating a simplification of much of... ... read full story

The Isle of Man Ship Registry Grows Superyacht Sector

May 05, 2011

Written by Mike Smith

The Isle of Man Ship Registry 2010 report shows growth in the superyacht sector. For more details download the report here: The Isle of Man 2010 annual ship registry report. In every bay where superyachts group to berth or drop anchor, Manx-registered vessels are becoming ever more prevalent. Where once only one or two flags adorned... ... read full story

Bahamas to develop a dedicated superyacht registry

March 03, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

Superyachts that frequent The Bahamas are familiar with the duty-free and/or flag-state services they offer - now the Bahamas are developing its own dedicated superyacht registry. While superyachts have been able to register under the Bahamian flag for some time, they were technically grouped under the ship registry. However, according to The Bahamas Maritime Authority, the megayacht ranks have been growing to the point that a separate structure seems more logical. ... read full story

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