Audi MedCup: Matador and Madrid-Caser Seguros win in Cagliari

Matador, the 2009 52 world champions, win the Region of Sardinia Trophy Regatta ...

Audi MedCup: Matador and Madrid-Caser Seguros win in Cagliari

September 27, 2010

Written by Chelsea Smith

Matador, the 2009 52 world champions, win the Region of Sardinia Trophy Regatta a clear 13 points ahead of Audi A1 powered by All4ONE who finished their season as they started, on the second step of regatta podium, just as they did in Cascais. Madrid-Caser Seguros won the 42 Series.

52 Series Matador Region of Sardinia Trophy - Audi MedCup Circuit Photo Credit Nico Martinez Audi MedCup

52 Series Matador Region of Sardinia Trophy - Audi MedCup Circuit Photo Credit Nico Martinez Audi MedCup

42 Series Madrid - Caser Seguros Region of Sardinia Trophy - Audi MedCup Circuit Photo Credit Nico Martinez Audi MedCup

42 Series Madrid - Caser Seguros Region of Sardinia Trophy - Audi MedCup Circuit Photo Credit Nico Martinez Audi MedCup

Here are the final thoughts from the dockside on the last day of the season

Dean Barker (NZL), skipper-helm Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL):

“This is such a nice feeling to be able to come back and be very successful again this year. No question that the standard this year is much higher than last, and I think as a result of that it’s hard to win as often as we did last year but I think the strength of the team has been sailing consistenly all the year through. We came out of Portugal with a nice little points buffer and I think that really set us up pretty well for the year, that allowed us a little bit more of flexibility, a little bit more of room and as a result it was difficult for the other guys to kind of get back info it.”

Ray Davies (NZL), tactician Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL):

“Key this season has been consistency, reliability in the boat, keeping the boat in one piece, a fantastic shore team which has worked tirelessly through the year ason, the attention to detail. There is no one thing, just an exceptional group of guys putting in the hours, and sometimes that can be a thankless task at times and today the boat held together really well.

We have definitely had to sail better than last year. The competitions But from the start the design and the concept of the boat has been right, just better than the others, but between us on the boat there is really good trust, an exceptional group and we have never changed a single crew member. It has been a really good, solid team since the start.”

Guillermo Parada (ARG), skipper Matador (ARG):

“We really feel very proud of ourselves and our team. We stuck together, kept pushing till the very end. Winning this regatta is very important to us, not only the win but also doing it the way we did.”

“We were putting pressure on Quantum until the very last day. And we lead every day and we did again today until we lost the kite.”

“So we are very happy of the overall results and proud of ourselves as a team.”

“These boats in this conditions are good fun to sail, they are very demanding, very challenging. We had good runs, very enjoyable.”

“As we said this morning we had done all our homework in advance and today we needed to enjoy the sailing because we are all sailors and we all love to sail.”

“That’s what we came for and the conditions were perfect so we did that and we made the most of it.”

“We finished on a high note, which is very important specially after last season it was sort of payback for us in order to show ourselves that we can do it.”

“We can make it happen and we can fight against any team in the world at the same level, so I am very proud.”

Adrian Stead (GBR), tactician onboard Quantum Racing (USA):

“There has been some great regattas this year.”

“I have to say that Matador sailed incredibly well this regatta. We had them behind a few times and they took us, all credit to them, very well sailed. But quantum racing we are very pleased with what we’ve done and looking forward to next year with the new boat, and also to the 52 worlds in a few days time.”

“Today we all pushed the boats pretty hard and I think that shows the level standard here and in these kind of conditions you see those little things that make the difference.”

“It was great sailing today, we had a little stall out in one of the gybes, but all credit for our team.”

Sebastien Col (FRA), tactician AudiA1 powered by ALL4ONE (GER/FRA):

“I think that our team has improved in Cagliari in regards with all to the rest of the season season. We’ve had some very difficult moments but the team has always sailed well, so I’m really proud of this team. Winning the last race is meaningful.”

Ben Ainslie (GBR), skipper TeamOrigin (GBR):

“It’s been a really good circuit, great racing, a lot of really good venues and really different conditions throughout the year so it’s been fantastic. I think ETNZ obviously sailed the best all year around and we were really impressed with how Matador sailed in this regatta towards the end of the season, they really started to sail well. This is the windiest day we’ve sailed these boats and it was good fun, quite wild. These are great boats and deliver some of the closest big boat racing that I’ve ever done.”

Jose Maria Van der Ploeg (ESP), skipper Madrid-Caser Seguros (ESP):

“This was a fantastic way for us to end a great series, the boats are fantastic. The team has been improving at every stage, and now we are at the maximum, exactly where we want to be. We will take a few weeks to take a break and then think about our moves in the next season.”

Cesare Bressan (ITA), Main trimmer AIRISESSENTIAL (ITA):

“We were not as fast as the two B&C boats today, so it was going to be hard to get the scores that we needed. The wind hit 33 knots, which is the strongest we’ve ever seen on this boat, and we broke the out hall shackle on the mainsail, but off the wind was really fun, hitting 22 knots of speed. Roberto [Monti] did a great job driving; he has really improved over this season.”

John Bassadone (GBR), owner/driver Peninsula Petroleum (GBR):

“Today was incredible, over 30 knots of wind, and we first broke our new main, had just enough time to put our old main on, and then that broke too. So, if we had another race I’m not sure what we would have done. But we had tremendous fun, the boats are fantastic, and this MedCup has been great, its hard to imagine a better circuit of racing.”

Region of Sardinia Trophy Final results

52 Series

1. Matador (ARG), 2+8+2+1+5+1+1,5+5= 25,5 points
2. Audi A1 powered by ALL4ONE (FRA/GER), 5+1+5+6+3+11(DNF)+6+1= 38 
3. Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL), 8+2+1+10+2+3+9+3= 38
4. Synergy (RUS), 6+5+3+4+1+5+7,5+7= 38,5     
5. Quantum Racing (USA), 9+3+7+2+6+4+3+6= 40  
6. TeamOrigin (GBR), 7+4+4+8+4+2+10,5+2= 41,5 
7. Bribón (ESP), 1+9+8+3+8+3(RDG)+8(RDG)+5,3(RDG)= 45,3 
8. Artemis (SWE), 3+6+10+5+9+8+4,5+4= 49,5 
9. Cristabella (GBR), 4+10+6+9+7+6+12+8= 62
10. Luna Rossa (ITA), 10+7+9+7+10+7+13,5+9= 74,5
11. Bigamist (POR), 12+12+12+12+12+12+18+12= 102 (DNC) 

42 Series

1. Madrid – Caser Seguros (ESP), 1+2+1+1+1+1+1= 8 points 
2. Islas Canarias Puerto Calero (ESP), 4+1+3+2+2+3+2= 17 
3. Península Petroleum (GBR), 3+3+4+4+3+2+3= 22
4. AIRISESSENTIAL (ITA), 2+4+2+3+4+4+4= 23
5. Iberdrola (ESP), 6+6+6+6+6+6+6= 42 (DNC)

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