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WPNSA to host 2016 SAP 505 championships

July 11, 2016

Written by Rachael Steele

The location has been selected for the upcoming SAP 505 World Championships: Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, UK. From the 27th July to the 5th August, the venue will play host to both national and world championships.  The following is a press release from WPNSA.

Press Release:
2016 SAP 505 World Championships at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy

SAP 505 World Championships

SAP 505 World Championships

The International 505 Class Association has selected the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA) to host the 2016 SAP 505 World Championships and Classic Championships running from the 27th July – 5th August.

Attracting some of the best dinghy sailors in the world, the 505 Class will tune up at the Academy during 2 days of Pre-Worlds / UK National Championships racing on the 27/28th July. The main action will kick off with the start of both the World and Classic Championships on the 30th July.

505 UK Class President, Roger Deane, looked ahead to the competition:
“The 505 Class represents the very best in dinghy racing and is deserving of the best venue available which is why we chose the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. Sponsored by SAP, GUL and Allen the 2016 SAP 505 World Championships is going to offer ferocious competition between multiple contenders. Current and double World Title holder, US sailor Mike Holt, will be chasing 3 in a row at Weymouth and Portland, whilst Michael Quirk from Australia and Andy Smith from the UK will try to prevent it”.

Competitors at Weymouth and Portland as well as online spectators will be able to track and analyse racing using SAP Sailing solutions. With top contenders also entered from the UK, Germany and France, data for post-race debriefs will be essential to stay at the front of this highly experienced fleet which includes 5-time World Champion, Wolfgang Hunger.

P/R: The Monaco Solar Boat Challenge

July 08, 2016

Written by Rachael Steele

More and more concepts for ecological living are leaving the page and becoming reality, and the boating industry is not to be left behind. The Monaco Solar Boat Challenge will take place this week when 15 teams from universities across Europe will compete using boats professionally built based on their designs. The following is a press release from Yacht Club de Monaco.

Press Release

Monaco bets on solar power for boats

Thursday 14th to Saturday 16th July 2016

Competitors prepare for the Monaco Solar Boat Challenge 2016

Competitors prepare for the Monaco Solar Boat Challenge 2016

The flames of a real passion never go out, those linking the Principality to preservation of our environment being perfect examples. It is why the Yacht Club de Monaco continues on this path in organising the Monaco Solar Boat Challenge, taking place from 14th to 16th July 2016.

Organised with the support of the UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique) which is based in the Principality, this competition is special as it is only for boats powered by the sun, designed and driven by students from international universities. “The Monaco Solar Boat Challenge is an excellent initiative organized by the YCM in cooperation with the UIM. Solar energy is one of the key elements in the pathway towards a sustainable future and we are fully committed to promote the ultimate synergy of nature, motion and innovation in motor boating ” stated the UIM President Dr. Raffaele Chiulli, an association based also in Monaco.

15 teams have already confirmed their registration, 10 from the Netherlands, the others from Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Poland and Monaco. It’s an international field, proof of how widespread interest is in new energy sources among the new generation.

“In Monaco we pay particular attention to everything related to respect for the environment. Technology is now available to support this commitment. It therefore seems to me essential to encourage any initiative that will drive the future development of our industry. The enthusiasm of this new generation of engineers suggests this technology could soon be applied to the leisure boat sector, including mega-yachts. This is the kind of pioneering spirit the Principality has fostered for over a century, and delivers a message full of promise for the future,” says Bernard d’Alessandri, General Secretary of the Y.C.M.

The stage is set for this unusual spectacle in the bay of Port Hercule which will welcome a host of teams from all over Europe. As the aim is to support a new generation of revolutionary boats more respectful of the marine environment, the event underlines the Principality’s commitment to innovation and is rooted in a tradition that continues. As someone always on the lookout for cutting edge technology, and a staunch defender of the environment, Yacht Club de Monaco President HSH Prince Albert II is naturally right behind this project.

Indeed, the event is a nod to history in the wake of Prince Albert 1. An experienced navigator, he was an early pioneer, not only of modern oceanography but also luxury yachting, having organised over a century ago the first powerboat meetings held alongside royal yachts spending the winter in Monte-Carlo. In those days, the world’s industrialists were invited to showcase their latest developments in combustion engine technology. The times may have changed but the desire to embrace innovation has not.

The Monaco Solar Boat Challenge 2016

The Monaco Solar Boat Challenge 2016

A bright future beckons with these inventions, one where technology, talent and respect for the environment go hand in hand in perfect unison. Flying across the water powered only by the sun is no longer a utopian dream but a reality, with engines capable of speeds up to 20 knots thanks to the development of foils.

In 2015 during the first ‘International YCM Speed Record’, the power of these prototypes was much in evidence with a record speed of 44.4km/h over a distance of one eighth of a nautical mile (231.5m) being set by Gerard van der Schaar of the Clafis Private Energy Solar Team.

Alongside the main event is the Vripack Grand Prix, when the word ‘challenge’ will live up to its name as never before: teams which do not have a solar-powered machine will have the opportunity to assemble one from scratch (supplied in kit form by Vripack) before the event to compete in the different races. A “first” and big challenge which 5 students from the high school (Lycée Technique et Hôtelier) in Monaco are taking up – to build a boat in just five days!

Looking ahead already to 2017 with the YCM OFFSHORE SOLAR CLASS, the Yacht Club de Monaco will host several teams composed of international university students who will join forces with shipyards to design and build solar boats capable of accommodating three people to take part in an offshore race.

Rendezvous 14th to 16th July 2016 to discover the future of solar navigation.

P/R: Clipper Round the World Yacht Race draws to a close

July 07, 2016

Written by Rachael Steele

The first competitors have arrived at the finish line in Derry-Londonderry to complete the final leg of the 2016 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Both experienced and amateur crew members were encouraged to participate in the regatta, making it unique amongst other events in the racing calendar. The following is a press release from Clipper-Ventures.

Press Release

LMAX Exchange steals Race 12 victory into Derry-Londonderry

Following an incredibly closely fought bout across the North Atlantic, LMAX Exchange has beaten Derry~Londonderry~Doire into its Northern Irish host port by just 33 minutes to complete the 3,624NM LegenDerry Finale from New York, USA, the final ocean crossing of the Clipper 2015-16 Race.


The elated LMAX Exchange crew arriving first into Derry-Londonderry.

The elated LMAX Exchange crew arriving first into Derry-Londonderry.

The two teams duelled constantly for the lead throughout the 16 day race which was a particularly fast crossing partly aided by the Gulf Stream in the early stages, and it was the home team which led for most of it. However it never managed to fully shake off LMAX Exchange which overtook this morning in lighter winds and adverse tides as both teams rounded Rathlin Island.

LMAX Exchange crossed the finish line near Greencastle first, at 1043UTC, less than 5NM ahead of Derry~Londonderry~Doire, which finished at 1116UTC. ClipperTelemed+ finished in third place at 1258UTC, claiming its third consecutive podium result.

Commenting on the win, Skipper Olivier Cardin said: “This was the last ocean crossing of the Clipper 2015-16 Race and yet it was actually rounding Rockall which opened the game as we were beating into the wind and dealing with strong tides on the last part. The final 24 hours were decisive. Crossing the finish line first was our goal and all the team was fully focused on reaching the finish line first. It’s a great result for LMAX Exchange!”

The victory marks the team’s sixth win of the twelve races completed so far in the Clipper 2015-16 Race series. LMAX Exchange leads the overall race leaderboard by nine points with just two races remaining before the 30 July London Race Finish.

Speaking on his team’s battle to the finish, Skipper Dan Smith was clearly disappointed to lose out on the home win. He said: “This race was a tough one for the team with us being in the lead for the majority of the race and being pipped to the post at the end.

“I can’t fault my team for their dedication and efforts that they have put in to get us to Derry- Londonderry. We may have come second but have received the most points in the race and appreciate the incredible Derry-Londonderry welcome.”

Derry~Londonderry~Doire picks up eleven points for second place plus two bonus points for setting the fastest time in the Ocean Sprint section of the race. The team currently sits second in the overall standings.

Making his way up the River Foyle ahead of his team’s arrival ceremony, Skipper Matt Mitchell of third place ClipperTelemed+ said: “It’s great to be across the line in Derry-Londonderry. It was some pretty tough racing over the last few weeks, from gale force winds to no wind and everything in between. We are very much looking forward to our welcome and to enjoy the hospitality of Derry-Londonderry.”

GREAT Britain was fourth across the finish line at 1425 UTC, followed almost one hour later by Unicef at 1524 UTC.

The remaining seven Clipper Race teams are still racing and are due to arrive to Derry-Londonderry later today and over the next three days. The fleet will stay in Northern Ireland for an action packed stopover which includes being the focus point of the 2016 Foyle Maritime Festival, until 17 July when the teams depart for Race 13 of the 14 stage series, to Den Helder, the Netherlands.

Racing: days two and three in Palma de Mallorca

June 29, 2016

Written by Rachael Steele

After three intense days of racing, the 20th Superyacht Cup in Palma de Mallorca has drawn to a close. Every crew put in a prime performance that made for attention-grabbing races on all three days of the event. The following article summarises the class winners for days 2 and 3 and names the overall winner of the 20th Superyacht Cup.

Day 2:

As spectators gathered, the second day of racing saw a repeat appearance of the perfect weather from the day before. 22 stunning superyachts prepared for the custom courses where participants in Classes A and B were to race 21.1 nm and Classes C and D needed to cover a shorter distance of 14.3 nm.

Sailing yacht KIBOKO DOS – Image © Claire Matches

When racing began at 13:00 the sea breeze blew around 8-11 knots. This was all the invitation 32m SEA WAVE required to be first across the starting line for Class A, followed closely by 45m MARI CHA III and 33m INOUÏ.

SEA WAVE took the lead from the first mark as WIN WIN and INOUÏ piled on the pressure in the race to the next mark.  It was only once WIN WIN passed the second mark that she caught up with the race leader and pulled ahead to become the first to reach the fourth and fifth markers and become the winner of Class A.

In Class B, P2 proved her worth once more, passing 35m SOJANA at the third mark 2 minutes and 55 seconds ahead before taking first place again, pushing GANESHA into second place.

Class C began neck and neck as TEMPUS FUGIT, KIBOKO DOS, STAY CALM, FIREBIRD and HEARTBEAT all rounded the first mark within one minute and nine seconds of each other. STAY CALM and KIBOKO DOS continued to compete for first as the second mark approached, but KIBOKO DOS broke out in front and won in Class C.

Two-masted gaff schooner MARIETTE of 1915 raced against 42m NAEMA and 60m GERMANIA NOVA to take the lead in Class D, making it her second win of the regatta. Second place went to new participant NAEMA, who finished 9 minutes and 42 seconds behind the lead.


Day 3:

The final day of the Palma de Mallorca Regatta was expected to have the lightest winds: 8-12 knots in the morning and 6-10 knots from 14:00. The race committee chose two courses designed to test each crew’s skill: a 20.6 mn course for Class A and a 17.8 nm course for Classes B, C and D.

Sailing yacht P2 – Image © Claire Matches


The racing day began at 13:00 as Class A SEA WAVE took the lead to round the first marker with Mari Cha III and Inouï following close behind. Mari Cha III overtook SEA WAVE in an effort to reach the second mark first and pull ahead. However, Mari Cha III was not the only yacht to overtake SEA WAVE and in the end  it was WIN WIN and UNFURLED who fought to reach the third mark ahead of the competition. In a similar scenario to day one, WIN WIN, SAUDADE AND UNFURLED competed for the fourth mark and the finish line, but it was UNFURLED who drew ahead to cross the finish line 1 minute 4 seconds ahead of SAUDADE.

P2 made great time from the very start of the Class B race, going on ahead of the rest of the competition to beat SOJANA to the third Porrasa mark by 1 minute and 45 seconds. As P2 passed the fourth mark and crossed the finish line it was regatta veteran GANESHA who was trailing closest behind.

Class C saw a close fight between TEMPUS FUGIT, KIBOKO DOS and newcomer FIREBIRD. The latter 27m sailing yacht pushed ahead of the two winners from earlier races, but couldn’t keep up the pace. 28m KIBOKO DOS closed the distance and overtook before the fourth mark, creating a gap of 1 minute and 44 seconds between them as she crossed the finish line.

MARIETTE of 1915 won both the first and second Class D races and intended to add a third win against competitors NAEMA and GERMANIA NOVA. After making it past the first and second marks ahead of her rivals, MARIETTE of 1915 was overtaken by GERMANIA NOVA who went on to finish 3 minutes and 49 seconds out in front.

Once corrections were applied, the overall class winners were:

Class A – WIN WIN

Class B – P2


Class D – MARIETTE of 1915

The winner of the Superyacht Cup 2016 was from Class A: WIN WIN. Her captain, Clive Walker, told spectators: “I’ve got a huge smile on my face. We’ve been trying to win a regatta ever since we launched the boat two years ago and we’ve finally done it, which is a huge relief. To be part of this team for the last eight years and having won [in the past with Scorpione dei Mari] as well is incredible, just fantastic. A win-win situation!”

At the regatta’s 20th prize-giving ceremony, the WIN WIN crew held high the winner’s trophy the ‘Big Bent Cleat’, looking as impressive as ever on its newly refitted base.

The Superyacht Cup also presented a €11,000 cheque to the Joves Navegants charity, a long-running sailing initiative on the island designed to improve the lives of underprivileged boys and girls. Donations give the chance for 8 young adults in a drug dependency programme the chance to sail 21m GALAXIE and learn about yacht maintenance, sail preparation and steering at sea. Other projects from Joves Navegants include circumnavigating Mallorca and Menorca and La Ruta de la Sal, a sailing regatta where at risk young adults sail GALAXIE between Barcelona and Ibiza.

An intense first day of racing at Palma de Mallorca

June 24, 2016

Written by Rachael Steele

The first day of the 20th edition Palma de Mallorca regatta got off to a fine start with sunny skies and favourable winds on the 22nd this month, with 22 competing teams signed up for the three day event. The energy between crewman and competitors was electric as each luxury yacht was primed for the start of the first race.

Palma de Mallorca Superyacht Regatta 2016

Palma de Mallorca Superyacht Regatta 2016

Four categories will be used this year and SYC will implement the ORC-sy rating rule to ensure fairness between competitors in a move which has been approved by yacht captains, crews, organisers and onlookers alike.

New names 39m ATALANTE and 45m UNFURLED launched only last year and will be competing against established yachts such as 38m sailing yacht P2 built in 2008, and 2013-built superyacht TEMPUS FUGIT.

Coming fresh from wins at the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta earlier this month were 33m WIN WIN and 45m SAUDADE. As proven competitors, neither team will take the other for granted and spectators experienced a fierce but friendly rivalry between the two crews as they vied for top place against UNFURLED in Class A. Although SAUDADE looked as though she would take first place, WIN WIN caught up and overtook in the final minute to become the winner of the regatta’s opening race.

Sailing yacht SOJANA

Sailing yacht SOJANA

In Class B, 45m SALPERTON and 35m SOJANA tried for first but both were beaten by P2 in an outstanding performance.

29m KIBOKO DOS, 25m STAY CALM, TEMPUS FUGIT and FIREBIRD created a dramatic battle to the finish in Class C, with a margin of only 4 seconds between leading sailing yacht KIBOKO DOS and fourth place STAY CALM.

The Class D regatta saw the 60m traditional gaff-rigged schooner GERMANIA NOVA head off course from the start in pursuit of the second Pantaenius mark. The set back cost valuable time when she had to go back to round the first Alpha mark. MARIETTE of 1915 put in a solid performance from the start, rounding all markers ahead of her competitors to take first in Class D.

MARIETTE’s captain Charlie Wroe commented: “We’ve had three really good days sailing in the bay, leading up to today’s first race and it went really well. We had a good start, it was lovely sailing out there and it’s really good to see all the boats out there, powered up and going along. We’re really happy.”

Almost half the luxury sailing yachts in the regatta are available for charter throughout the year. Those currently available for charter are:

ATALANTE: 39m/129ft (2015)

GANESHA: 46m/151ft (2013)

GERMANIA NOVA: 47m/182ft (2001)

P2: 38m/125ft (2008)

PENELOPE: 31m/100ft (2012)

SALPERTON: 45m/148ft (2009)

SOJANA: 35m/112ft (2003)

TEMPUS FUGIT: 27.5m/90ft (2013)

TENAZ 39m/131ft (1996)

Contact CharterWorld for more information on seasonal pricing and availability.

Palma prepares for 20th anniversary Superyacht Cup

June 16, 2016

Written by Rachael Steele

Amidst the backdrop of some of the most stunning scenery the Western Mediterranean has to offer, motor yacht teams prepare to race in the longest running superyacht regatta in Europe commencing on the 22nd to the 25th of June. Situated in the sheltered Bay of Palma on Mallorca, the regatta provides four days of excitement in one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the world: the Balearic Islands. As an annual event which draws international crowds, the Superyacht Cup is a well-organised event run by highly experienced Race Officers and the Real Club Nautico de Palma team.
Palma marina

Palma marina

Temperate waters and a bustling nightlife draw visitors to the four islands every year, the most famous of which, arguably, is Ibiza to the south west. Each city is about with five-star restaurants, bespoke boutiques and big-name international brands, all surrounded by the enchanting architecture and vibrant local culture.
Superyacht Regatta, Palma

Superyacht Regatta, Palma

The Balearic Islands offer a great selection of activities and tours surrounding the Superyacht Cup and getting off the beaten track is simplicity itself for those looking for solitude. Charter a luxury yacht to Palma for the 22-25 of June and don’t miss out on this anniversary event which is sure to become a momentous celebration.

P/R: Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek

June 01, 2016

Written by Rachael Steele

As the summer heats up, regattas are underway across the globe: no sooner has one race finished in the Mediterranean than another begins. Thailand – and in particular Phuket – has proven a popular charter destination in recent years and the 13th Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek will get underway later this month. More than 40 sailing yachts are expected to participate in the event, which take place from the 20th of July until the 24th. The following is a press release from the Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek.

Press Release

Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek underscores Phuket’s “Regatta Hub” status

PHUKET, Thailand – Thailand’s leading island destination, Phuket, is soon to receive a boost in low season arrivals as the 13th Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek readies to welcome more than 400 sailors and friends from 30 countries between 20th and 24th July, to compete in four days of exciting sailing off Phuket’s southeast coast.

Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek

Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek – This year over 40 sailing yachts are expected to participate.

“Thailand has five international regattas that attract sailors from around the world each year, “ explained Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chavanee Tongroach, Vice Minister of Tourism and Sports. “Phuket is the most popular of all the locations and has the most regattas – we can say that Phuket is the Regatta Hub. The beautiful sailing grounds and marine facilities are excellent and Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek is very much inline the Government policy to promote Thailand as a leading marine tourism destination in the region.”

Home to three of the country’s “Big Five” international regattas, Phuket is Thailand’s regatta hub and with Phuket Raceweek’s low season timing it brings a boon to the island’s tourism industry, delivering revenues and showcasing the low season beauty of Phuket and its year-round sailing credentials. Moreover, the timing is popular with overseas sailors, particularly Australians, who can escape their winter for some warm-weather sailing in Phuket.

“Over the last four years we have focussed a lot on raising awareness of Phuket Raceweek overseas and increasing its appeal to international sailors,” said Mr Byron Jones, Managing Director of organisers Media Business Services Co. Ltd. (MBS). “We are now seeing the results with the number of International participants and chartered boats on the up. This brings benefits to Phuket through room bookings and tourism revenue, and we estimate the net financial gain to the island from Phuket Raceweek is approximately 15THB million.”

In addition to the time of year and appeal of warm-weather sailing, Cape Panwa Hotel itself is a huge drawcard for sailors. Its stunning beachfront and pier provides easy access for boats and an ideal anchorage for the fleet, while the five-star hospitality, Bamboo Bar and Regatta Village make for the perfect aprés sail environment.

“Marine tourism is a good way to showcase Phuket as a world-class tourism destination and its unique culture and lifestyle. Cape Panwa Hotel, and our sister property Kantary Bay, are proud to be a sponsor of this event and we look forward to welcoming the 400 plus sailors to Panwa Cape this Jul,” said Mr. Poomiphat Navanukroh, Travel Industry Group Director, Cape & Kantary Hotels.

With 38 boats already entered and more showing intent to do so, organisers expect the fleet will exceed 40. Competing in six or more classes including IRC, multihull, charter and one-design classes, the regatta has gained a reputation for delivering competitive racing together with picturesque island courses.

“We’re very encouraged to see some top calibre boats and crew from all over the world signed up, and come 20th July we may have one of the largest fleets in the event’s history,” added Mr. Jones.

60th Giraglia Rolex Cup 2012: St. Tropez, France to San Remo, Italy

March 22, 2012

Written by Chelsea Smith

The Giraglia Rolex Cup is one of the most popular yachting events in the Mediterranean and has been a tradition for European sailors close to 60 years. The event is a pageant of sailing and runs over a full week each year in mid-June.

2012 marks the 60th edition of the Giraglia Rolex Cup, an event that came to life in 1953 in a show of camaraderie between Italian and French sailors wishing to prove that the rigours of World War II were behind them.

Sailing yacht JETHOU, GBR rounding the Giraglia Rock - Photo By Rolex Carlo Borlenghi

Sailing yacht JETHOU, GBR rounding the Giraglia Rock - Photo By Rolex Carlo Borlenghi

The key dates this year are Friday, 8 June to Friday, 15 June. Inshore racing on the Bay of Saint-Tropez takes place from Sunday, 10 to Tuesday, 12 June, and, the offshore race starts on Wednesday, 13 June. The period in Saint-Tropez has a quintessential French Mediterranean feel, with the three days of inshore racing allowing competitors to enjoy the culinary highlights of an engaging port, before embarking on the more serious challenge of a 241-nautical mile race to San Remo, via the Giraglia, a rocky outcrop off the northern tip of Corsica.

Regularly attracting in excess of 200 yachts for the week of competition, the event is a kaleidoscope of nationalities. The French and Italians make up the bulk of entries, but frequently yachts from the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Nordic countries, Eastern Europe, Russia, and, even Asia and the Southern Hemisphere add richness to the occasion.

There are various notable moments for the participants. Certainly, the most memorable is the customary crew party featuring live music, exceptional food and drink, and, a spectacular firework display. Hosted by Rolex, it is set amid the grounds of La Citadelle, the 17th century fort that dominates the skyline on the landward side of Saint-Tropez. This year, the Giraglia Rolex Cup Crew Party will be held on Monday, 11 June.

The Rolex Crew Party goes on at the Citadelle - Photo By Rolex  Carlo Borlenghi

The Rolex Crew Party goes on at the Citadelle - Photo By Rolex Carlo Borlenghi

Thereafter, for those on the offshore race, the rounding of the Giraglia marks the turning for the home. The rock itself is like many others, topped with a lighthouse to help navigators with their bearings. It lies less than one nautical mile off the coast of Corsica, rises 66-metres at its highest point and measures 600-metres in length. Yet, it has achieved mythic proportion in the minds of racing sailors, who view it in similar terms as the Fastnet Rock: somewhere small and uninhabitable, but crucial in the quest to complete the challenge of the race.

Start of the inshore race Photo By Rolex Carlo Borlenghi

Start of the inshore race Photo By Rolex Carlo Borlenghi

The inshore series prize giving will take place on Tuesday, 12 June in Saint-Tropez, whilst the final prize giving will be held on Friday, 15 June in San Remo. The event is organised by the Yacht Club Italiano one of the oldest yacht clubs in the Mediterranean, with the assistance of the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez (with both of which clubs Rolex enjoys an exclusive partnership), and, in conjunction with the Yacht Club de France. Rolex has sponsored the event since 1997.

1930 Sailing yacht Dorade refitted and ready for the 2012 Caribbean regatta season

February 18, 2012

Written by Chelsea Smith

The famous Sparkman & Stephens 1930 yawl, sailing yact Dorade, has proudly entered the 2012 Caribbean regatta season after a major restoration in the USA. She will then returns to ocean racing – with yacht and crew in tune.

Sailing yacht DORADE credit Cory Silken

Sailing yacht DORADE credit Cory Silken

Dorade has emerged from a major restoration in the USA.

Expense was not spared as the yacht Dorade’s owner, Matt Brooks, pulled together a team of craftsmen sharing his values to do the best job after purchasing her in 2010. “Make her as near to perfect as you can!” was the brief given to Joe Loughborough, who oversaw the refit in Newport, Rhode Island throughout the best part of 2011.

Work was carried out on virtually every part and detail of Dorade from hull frames to engine, spars, rudder, electronics, sails, rigging, custom winches, headstay tang and the whole interior – full-size mock-ups being made of certain areas. The specialists involved in preparing the Dorade sailing yacht for ocean races were “unlike any she has sailed in the past 50 years”.

The 1930 refitted yacht DORADE - Photo credit Billy Black

The 1930 refitted yacht DORADE - Photo credit Billy Black

Dorade racing in the Caribbean regatta season to train crew.

The Heineken Regatta in St Maarten is followed by Les Voiles de St Barths and the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. Sailing yacht Dorade will also be present at the St Barths Bucket superyacht event. As well as enjoying fun and camaraderie among the competitors, the regattas will provide an important step in the training program for the team who will race in the 2012 Newport-Bermuda Race, while testing Dorade.

Designed by the late Olin Stephens, S/Y Dorade was originally launched in 1930 and influenced nearly all developments in yacht design for the next three decades. She was a hugely successful racer, winning the 1931 Transatlantic race – both line honours and overall – and winning the 1931 (and 1933) Fastnet race overall.

1930 Sailing yacht Dorade refitted and ready for the 2012 Caribbean regatta season- Photo credit Cory Silken

1930 Sailing yacht Dorade refitted and ready for the 2012 Caribbean regatta season- Photo credit Cory Silken

Dorade returns to ocean racing on 15 June: Newport-Bermuda.

The Newport Bermuda race was one of classic yacht Dorade’s first ocean races and she came second in class in 1930 (and first in class in 1932). On 15 June 2012, with a crew that will have tested their chemistry and skills in the Caribbean, Dorade aims to beat that and win.

Matt Brooks on Dorade credit Pam Rorke Levy

Matt Brooks on Dorade credit Pam Rorke Levy

Sail yacht Dorade’s owner and team-leader, Matt Brooks, whose home waters are the Bay of San Francisco, is a world-renowned mountain guide and has racked up first ascents in the Sierra and French Alps. He also flew solo aged 13 and set a record time for circumnavigating the globe (westward) in a jet plane. He is the reigning 6-metre class, vintage division, world champion.

Other core members of Dorade’s crew include John Burnham, Buddy Rego, Pam Rorke Levy, Christopher Musler and James A. Hilton Sr.  Captain Alex Greenson joined Dorade in January and is preparing her for the regattas, with shore support from Mike Drake of MCM Newport. The final crew list is yet to be announced.

Rolex Swan Cup 2012 – Entries Open

February 15, 2012

Written by Chelsea Smith

Entries for the Rolex Swan Cup 2012 are now officially open.  The Rolex Swan Cup has been held every two years since 1984, and is a world famous yacht racing regatta that sits at the pinnacle of the Nautor’s Swan calendar attracting Swan sailing yachts from the across globe to congregate for seven days of exciting sailing and socialising.

 Rolex Swan Opening Reception at Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (c) Rolex & Carlo Borlenghi (Rolex Swan Cup 2010)

Rolex Swan Opening Reception at Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (c) Rolex & Carlo Borlenghi (Rolex Swan Cup 2010)

The esteemed Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, at the very epicentre of cosmopolitan, high profile yachting and known as the spiritual home to Nautor’s Swan, will again host the Swan fleets within Italian waters.  Competitors will experience the glamour of Porto Cervo, Sardinia with the event stretching from September 10th to the 16th 2012.

The Swan yachts comprising of current and more traditional styles across a diverse range of sizes will again be run as four different race classes.  For many race crews it is the ultimate event to win in their specific class with a competitive approach to claiming some of the world’s most stunning silverware.  The most eye catching of all trophies, the Gold Cup, is awarded to the top Swan 45 yacht.  The Rolex Swan Cup includes the Swan 45 World Championships, producing an intense set of races and jubilant victor.

The Rolex Swan Cup Rendezvous Programme will also be in full swing for those owners who prefer a more relaxed approach to their Italian trip.  This will co-ordinate cruises to secluded anchorages and beach side socialising for all age groups.

A full on-shore social agenda is also an important ingredient in Rolex Swan Cup festivities.  This starts with the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda’s elegant, outdoor opening cocktail reception and then leads into the fun of the crew party with both old and new friends meeting from across the globe.  Daily refreshments are also available straight after racing at the Piazza Azzurra, the centre of all the action with an electric atmosphere.  The festival activities continue into an all-inclusive prize giving on the last day of the event to celebrate together.

All Swan owners are also invited to the much sought after Rolex Owner’s Dinner hosted around the swimming pool at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda where they have the chance to share experiences with each other in relaxed, intimate surroundings.

The Rolex Swan Cup has a continuous track record in supporting the largest of all Swan event entries, with Swan owners delighting in bringing large crews as well as extended family and friends to enjoy not only the favourable warm climate and outstanding yachting conditions but also the local charm and hospitality of the region.