27th Atlantic Rally For Cruiser Brief

27th Atlantic Rally for Cruiser Luxury Yacht Charter & Superyacht News

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers 2012 with participation of 24 Oyster yachts

December 11, 2012

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

This year saw the 27th edition of Atlantic Rally for Cruisers host 226 yachts as well as 1269 people. For the first time since 1989, ARC organisers decided to defer the start of the race from Sunday 25 November to Tuesday 27 November to permit a frontal system to pass through making difficult conditions in the wind acceleration zone South of Gran Canaria.

Oyster 625 sailing yacht Guardian Angel

Oyster 625 sailing yacht Guardian Angel

Racing division boats and some of the larger experienced cruising yachts, including Oyster 625 sailing yacht Guardian Angel, Class 1 winner of the 2012 Oyster Regatta Palma, started on the Sunday as planned and crossed the line in just under 14 days at Rodney Bay, St Lucia. The Oyster 625 has been designed to give increased performance and handling and Guardian Angel’s success is a testimony to that.

The 625 yacht has attracted much acclaim, including European Yacht of the Year, Asia Boating Awards and most recently US Boat of the Year award 2013 for Best Bluewater Cruiser.

Twenty-four Oyster Yachts participated in this year’s ARC, including the Oyster Lightwave 48 yacht Scarlet Oyster, a familiar sight on the UK race circuit, with many trophies to her name crossing the finish line earlier today, closely followed by Oyster 82 luxury yacht Raven and the new Oyster 725 yacht Spirit of Phantom. All experiencing some exciting and fantastic downwind surfing conditions during their Atlantic crossing.

Completing her maiden voyage by crossing the Atlantic independently to the ARC, Eddie Jordan’s Family Trust’s Oyster 885 superyacht Lush arrived into Antigua after 11 days and 23 hours at sea. The 885 had a fantastic crossing in superb conditions and much to the delight of her crew when she hit 21.2 knots.

Lush’s skipper Paul Adamson said: “The perfect wave arrived with the perfect gust of wind – Lush listened to her skipper and dropped into the wave and launched herself like a base jumper off a mountain down the face of what was a magnificent ocean roller. We all jumped for joy when the log topped out at 21.2 knots”.

Oyster 885 sailing yacht Lush will now start preparations in the Caribbean ahead of the Oyster World Rally, which starts on 6 January 2013 from Nelsons Dockyard, Antigua.

Twenty Sailing Yachts by Nautor Swan to compete in the 27th Atlantic Rally for Cruiser (ACR)

April 11, 2012

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The 27th Atlantic Rally for Cruiser (ARC) is already completely subscribed. More yachts have been given places this year, and there will be around 230 at the start of the rally on 25th November in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Sailing yacht Swan 80

Sailing yacht Swan 80

Spaces in the ARC booked up faster than ever, surpassing the 2011 entry level by early February. The popularity of the rally remains undimmed; testimony to the founding principles of safe and fun ocean crossing.

This year there will once again be a strong Swan contingent within the fleet. Twenty Swans from eight different nations will be heading to warmer waters with models spanning 40 to 82 feet. Nautor’s Swan is always one of the most prominent boat builders to feature in the ARC, putting this unrivalled luxury sailing yacht brand in the top two most popular ARC fleet models. Swans are synonymous with ultimate ocean going performance and blue water comfort essential for the longer Atlantic crossing which can take up to 25 days to complete.

Sailing yacht Swan 82S

Sailing yacht Swan 82S

The RORC racing divisions have a healthy 42 entries, with good competition and fast crossing times promised from Swan 80 sailing yacht Berenice (ITA) and Swan 82S superyacht Nikata (GBR) at the larger end of the fleet.

ARC are also delighted to welcome back ‘Mr ARC’ Manfred Kerstan. A regular on the ARC pilgrimage having taken part in over a decade of these rallies, Manfred will be crossing again this year on his Swan 62RS yacht Albatros, twenty six years after his first ARC crossing.


Albatros, Swan 62 RS, Manfred Kerstan
Berenice, Swan 80, Marco Rodolfi
Cheri Hakatan, Swan 51, Ronald Wulff
Dream Citta di Rieti, Swan 47, Francesco Persio Pennesi
Eira, Swan 51, Sebastian Gylling
Embla, Swan 44, Gunnar Myhre
High Yield, Swan 45, Hanns Ostmeier
Jadran III, Swan 41, Giorgio John Squarcia
Lucky Swan, Swan 40, Cathelijne Los
Milanto, Swan 46, Valerio Bardi
Nikata, Swan 82S, Tom Brewer
Northern Child, Swan 51, Christian Reynolds
Selene, Swan 44, Adrian Lower
Senta, Swan 46, John and Karen Cole
Snow Wolf, Swan 48, Robert Nichols
Spirit, Swan 65, Michael Roberts
Storm Svale, Swan 40, Mike St. John
Sumatra, Swan 48, Shane Diethelm
Vahine, Swan 65, Stefan Abrahamsson
Zen, Swan 48, John Bainbridge