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M/Y Menorca: An interview with Mare e Terra CEO Laurent Morel-Ruymen

June 28, 2017

Written by Rachael Steele

2016-2017 has so far been a very productive period for superyacht refits, yet rarely does a classic motor yacht appear on the charter market having undergone more than general repair to wear and tear. When an extensive refit is carried out, such classic yachts tend to be split between two polar opposites: a complete restoration of the interior back to its original appearance, or a modern redesign that combines the original fixtures with cutting-edge technology and 21st Century aesthetics and textures.

Laurent Morel Ruymen - Founder of Mare e Terra

Laurent Morel Ruymen – Founder of Mare e Terra

49m/159ft motor yacht MENORCA is one such exceptional example of the latter category: Built in 1960 by Botje Ensing, her owner requested a contemporary interior from Menorca-based interior designers Mare e Terra. The result is a flawless balance between large interior space, natural materials and functionality, while doing minimal disruption to her classic fixtures and traditional layout design.

Mare e Terra founder and CEO Laurent Morel-Ruymen spoke to CharterWorld about superyacht MENORCA’s brand new interior design.

1960s luxury yacht MENORCA - Built by Botje Ensign

1960s luxury yacht MENORCA – Built by Botje Ensign

Your company is located in Menorca: Is it a coincidence that this luxury yacht has also been renamed MENORCA?

There is no coincidence here: MENORCA is named as a tribute to the beautiful island of Menorca that is the last gem of the Western Mediterranean, and our design house was chosen because of our strong links to the island. We had also renovated an old Menorcan palace into an hotel named Can Faustino, a Relais et Chateaux that stands on top of the port of Ciutadella.

MENORCA - sunset on aft deck - Photo credit Mare e Terra

MENORCA – Sunset on aft deck – Photo credit Mare e Terra

Are there any previous designs that have influenced this one? Is there any idea or object used from an older design that has evolved in this design?

As I’ve mostly sailed and am relatively new to motor yachting, I’ve sometimes thought that the bulk of modern motor yachts look a little bit like ‘plastic cathedrals’. Of course there are exceptions, for instance to my eyes the work of Martin Francis or Philippe Starck stands well above typical interior design standards and I admire their realisation; Nevertheless my vision of a motor yacht is that of a moving luxury beach house and this is what I sought to achieve when designing the refit of M/Y MENORCA; barefoot understated luxury – just what the island of Menorca is about.

With regards to the exterior I was very much influenced by the classic look of M/Y PALOMA and the modern-meets-retro flair of M/Y ALTAIR. We also kept the chimney that is reminiscent of another classic luxury yacht, CHRISTINA O.

Sunbathing in style aboard MENORCA - Photo credit Mare e Terra

Sunbathing in style aboard MENORCA – Photo credit Mare e Terra

Superyacht MENORCA is a classic from 1961: Was there anything you needed to work around or be sensitive of whilst designing and refitting?

When launched back in the 60’s for the Baron Allard, MENORCA was an important yacht for the time, and when Greek shipowner Papanicolau bought her, he went for a serious rebuild that included the addition of a series of water toys and a crane that was fitted to the enlarged sun deck, greatly increasing her weight. As a consequence, the aesthetic appearance and balance of the yacht was affected and she sat too low in the water.

During her most recent refit we removed everything, including an unattractive Jacuzzi on the bridge deck that blocked the view from the dining room. The result is an enormous sun deck ready for parties of up to 140 people, and thanks to the new reduced weight and increased balance, M/Y MENORCA now stands proudly at her correct waterline, revealing the true beauty of her canoe stern. The cut of the steel bulkhead at the aft of both the bridge deck and sundeck also allowed for a return to the classic look of the 60’s that she had once shared with her sister ship superyacht LAND’S END.

“Charter luxury yacht MENORCA in her brand new condition this summer in the Balearic Islands from €85,000-98,000 per week plus expenses and see the details of her design up close. Contact CharterWorld for more information and to secure your dates today.”

MENORCA yacht engine room - Photo credit Mare e Terra

MENORCA – Yacht engine room – Photo credit Mare e Terra

Is everything in the refit new or has anything been given a new lease of life?

The boat went through a serious overhaul but the air start Man engines from 1960 are still there; would you dare to change the motor of a Bugatti Royal or that of a post war Rolls Royce?

Any particularly challenging part of the design?

The staircase was an issue and I think that the wenge spiral staircase is a strong point in the overhauled salon presentation. Creating shade through a pergola-like structure made of mesh fabric without losing the classic line of the yacht was also a challenge, and last but not least, the choice of the colour for the hull was also challenging: deciding between flag blue white or grey there was serious hesitation, but I believe the choice of the grey was right.

MENORCA interior with a piano - Photo credit Mare e Terra

MENORCA interior with a piano – Photo credit Mare e Terra

Natural elements are a strong theme in your design ethic: what materials did you use in this design and why?

We used a carpet made of jonc de mer and white lacquered wood panelling for the beach house feel. The paint itself is an eggshell emulsion in a warm off-white, i.e. ‘Menorca white’. In order to balance these neutral tones we used a selection of tinted wenge and oak furniture in the interior. The collection of photos from French photographer Nicolas Guerin and the bespoke piano from a Belgian manufacturer also add up to the overall feeling of family summer house.

MENORCA stunning collection of African masks on the stairwell - Photo credit Mare e Terra

MENORCA – Stunning collection of African masks on the stairwell – Photo credit Mare e Terra

Tell us about the masks in the skylight: Do they have a link to Menorca’s culture?

The collection of coloured African masks belongs to one of the yacht owners; he has another set in his office in Paris that I very much like and I was very keen to have a touch of colour on these walls. There is no link with Menorca in the masks but in the corridor to the VIP staterooms we have added 4 pictures from the St Jean celebration in Ciutadella de Menorca.

MENORCA saloon with grand piano - Photo credit Mare e Terra

MENORCA Saloon with grand piano – Photo credit Mare e Terra

Is there any particular room or design element you are particularly proud of and want to draw attention to?

There are a few individual pieces and places across the decks: I really like the staircase as well as the dining room chairs that we bought at auction from a town hall in Denmark, as well as the safari chairs in the main salon.

I’m also quite taken with the wheelhouse, which captures the essence of James Bond movies from the 70’s.

MENORCA wheelhouse - Photo credit Mare e Terra

MENORCA Wheelhouse – Photo credit Mare e Terra

Charter luxury yacht MENORCA in her brand new condition this summer in the Balearic Islands from €85,000-98,000 per week plus expenses and see the details of her design up close. Contact CharterWorld for more information and to secure your dates today.


ERA 80 Superyacht: A unique Superyacht charter opportunity identified by Ricky Smith Designs

April 19, 2017

Written by Eva Belanyiova

The Superyacht charter business in the South Pacific remains a largely untouched potential market. Asian, Indian and Arabic investment in Australia has increased dynamically to a point where corporate headquarters and large regional facilities are not being located in the eastern and southern states. The Queensland State Government, as well as the Prime Minister, have both visited India in the past month with large government and corporate delegations courting massive industrial companies to invest in the mineral industry.

80m ERA motor yacht concept by Ricky Smith Designs

80m ERA motor yacht concept by Ricky Smith Designs

Available Superyacht charters located in the South Pacific in relative proximity of the ring of untouched paradises like Solomon IslandsVanuatu, Fiji, New Caledonia, Tonga, American Samoa, Bora Bora and even Tahiti which are capable of servicing 20 plus guests are few by comparison with the heavily populated Mediterranean and Caribbean charter markets.

Tourism is the second largest industry in Australia with natural, deep water harbours which are positioned along the east coast and are accessible by superyachts.

The Queensland government are processing amendments to their customs regulations to allow local customs clearance rather than purely at state capital locations. This is an important hurdle which has caused problems for visitors who have wanted to visit the ultimate east coast tourist spots of The Gold Coast, Whitsundays, and Townsville which are all regionally located.

Ultra-luxurious interior spaces aboard the 80m ERA by Ricky Smith Designs - Panorama Lounge Main deck aft

Ultra-luxurious interior spaces aboard the 80m ERA by Ricky Smith Designs – Panorama Lounge Main deck aft

In preparation for the change in the laws Gold Coast City Marina with its massive infrastructure has invested in extensive deep water dredging and added new docks with powering options suitable to accommodate Superyachts.

ERA is an eighty-meter superyacht which combines the level of sophistication and tailored luxury the owner’s desire for extended cruising, with integrated design flexibility to allow the interiors to transform to suit commercial charters or become a corporate workhorse at any time.

“Superyacht ERA design breaks new ground for owners and their corporate and charter market opportunities.”

Much of the design development of ERA was driven by an emerging market for larger and faster charter vessels. Much of the early design development was driven to create not just another expedition yacht with a luxurious interior, but to offer a design which incorporates innovations which bring commercial advantage to the operation and design aspects of the yacht.

Beautiful Owners Suite with luxurious materials and furnishings - ERA superyacht by Ricky Smith Designs

Beautiful Owners Suite in Penthouse with luxurious materials and furnishings – ERA superyacht by Ricky Smith Designs

ERA incorporated the innovative hull form Stuart Friezer Marine Naval Architects (Denmark) which independent tank testing has proven to dramatically reduce in- water resistance and offer “dual speed” cruising where the vessel can cruise economically at higher than standard speeds, while also able to reach sprint speeds when, and if desired or needed. Fuel saving hull design plus integrated solar panels all make operating more sustainable and profitable.

While the hull and superstructure are fabricated in aluminium, the interior structure incorporates carbon fibre truss structure, beams, angles, and channels for structural reinforcement and honeycomb carbon fibre sandwich panels for strength and weight control. Technology is moving forward and improving methods of weight control for superyacht interiors. Exotic marble granite and onyx are cut down to 10 mm ultra-thin slabs without losing strength. Floor to ceiling art- deco lights house the structural compression posts. The coffered veneered bulkheads house service ducts, cable trays, media infrastructure and lighting.

“The end results are light-filled uncluttered spaces with an improved vision both internally as well as outwardly.”

Transformable space design

The SFM hull form is purposefully designed to have no tumblehome up to the bulwark on the main deck over the main sections of the hull. The fabrication timeframe is dramatically reduced for a vessel of this size while allowing the interior spaces to be fabricated accurately offsite at the same time. This method was incorporated in the interior design construction method of the interior of Ulysses (Trinity Yachts) where the interior was pre-built, shipped and installed in 10 months.

The Main deck social areas comprise 7 separate spaces; Foyer vestibule, Dining room, Mid Reception lounge, port and starboard entry vestibules, Formal Panorama Reception and the aft deck areas.

Slide the aft facing glass doors away and the Formal Panorama Reception opens onto the aft deck and pool terrace for private cocktail parties at sunset, alternatively, push away the forward-facing curved glass walls and space increases massively into the Mid Reception lounge. Open the black chrome framed doors to the dining room, Foyer vestibule and the reception lounge is complete. With the interior and exteriors partitions opened, ERA offers an unprecedented 225 square metres of available space.

Building ERA

ERA can be fabricated in Australia, Asia, or Europe.

Construction is in Aluminium with the unique integrated Sky-roof bimini shaped in GRP.

Length 80 metres

Beam 13 metres

20 guests 10 staterooms

24 crew 12 cabins

Hull and superstructure Aluminium

Propulsion Azipods with bow thruster

Max speed 25 knots


Article supplied by Ricky Smith Designs

9 Female Luxury Yacht Interior Designers for International Women’s Day

March 08, 2017

Written by Rachael Steele

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate the gains made towards women’s equality in workplaces and societies across the world, and to draw attention to current women’s issues and push for greater social change. The yachting industry is filled with female talent, with architects and designers from both sides of the Atlantic creating innovative, bespoke and award-winning designs. The list below is by no means comprehensive but showcases some of the amazing talents of recent years.

Pascale Reymond:

Since opening Reymond Langton Design in 2001, Pascale Reymond and co-founder Andrew Langton have created the impressive interiors of many luxury yachts including  TITAN and SERENE from Abeking & Rasmussen and Fincantieri amongst others.

Superyacht SERENE with interiors by Pascale Raymond

Superyacht SERENE with interiors by Pascale Raymond

Laura Sessa Romboli:

This Italian designer has an established name in the industry, working on turning some of the world’s largest and most expensive yachts from bare hulls into lavish interiors. Amongst these are superyachts MADAME KATE (61m/199ft) and CHOPI CHOPI, the former winning multiple accolades at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2015.


MADAME KATE - Main salon by Laura Sessa Ramboli

MADAME KATE – Main salon by Laura Sessa Romboli

Fiona Diamond:

After great success with her first design company specialising in commercial and residential interiors, Fiona Diamond joined the design team at Terence Disdale Design and worked on more than 30 superyacht interiors before establishing Seymour Diamond in 2010. Past projects include prestigious names ECLIPSE, PELORUS, and Feadship‘s ROYAL ROMANCE.

Superyacht ROYAL ROMANCE. Photo credit Jan Ramaker

Superyacht ROYAL ROMANCE. Photo credit Jan Ramaker

Margherita Casprini:

A designer with a few notable launches this year, Margherita Casprini worked on the interior of luxury yachts ALBA and 2016 awards finalist SUERTE, as well as the upcoming Baglietto 55m and the Tankoa S501 in conjunction with Francesco Paszkowski.

Mega yacht SUERTE - Saloon by Margherita Casprini

Mega yacht SUERTE – Saloon by Margherita Casprini

Francesca Muzio:

Interior designer of the Shangri-La Hotel in London’s The Shard and part of the team behind FM- Architettura di Interni Design, Francesca Muzio produced interiors for long established industry names including Amels, Abeking & Rasmussen, Lürssen and Benetti. 65m/213ft POLAR STAR, 50m/164ft EILEEN and 52m/170ft AMORE MIO 2 are some of the luxury charter yachts available on the market that have Francesca Muzio’s effortless style and atmospheric surroundings.

Superyacht POLAR STAR - Main salon by Francesca Muzio

Superyacht POLAR STAR – Main salon by Francesca Muzio

Sandrine Melot:

Beginning her career in the hotel industry, Sandrine Melot soon expanded her portfolio into restaurants, office spaces, residential properties and superyachts. She debuted in the yachting industry with 34m/1112ft BLUE PRINCESS STAR and took first place in the ‘Semi-Custom M/Y – Open/Sport Cruiser Division’ category, furthering her stellar portfolio with projects including award-winning sailing yacht NIRVANA and awards finalist motor yacht PHILMI.

M/Y PHILMI - Wet bar by Sandrine Melot

M/Y PHILMI – Wet bar by Sandrine Melot

Adriana Monk:

Known for working on ‘interiors in motion’, Adriana Monk has designed for Rolls-Royce, Jaguar and Land Rover. Her focus on forming an environment that is both stylish and functional led to her appointment as interior designer for the 30m/98ft WallyCento Hamilton and her work continues to focus on sailing yachts, particularly those designed for racing.

30m luxury yacht Hamilton - Salon by Adriana Monk

30m luxury yacht Hamilton – Salon by Adriana Monk

Daniela Zulli:

Heading her own design company before joining Terence Disdale Design, Daniela Zulli has been involved in a number of yachting interiors with the company, including M/Y KIBO from 2014 and 147m/482ft TOPAZ from Lürssen.

Abeking & Rasmussen luxury yacht KIBO

Abeking & Rasmussen luxury yacht KIBO

Cristina Gherardi:

From updating high-end retail and residential spaces, Cristina Gherardi has also worked on luxury interiors for jets and yachts, with well-known names such as ODESSA and SAVANNAH amongst others.

84m/274ft superyacht SAVANNAH was one of the most anticipated yachts of 2015 – being launched as the world’s first hybrid propulsion yacht – and won accolades for her engineering and design.

M/Y Savannah - Interior by Cristina Gherardi. Photo credit: Jeff Brown

M/Y Savannah – Interior by Cristina Gherardi. Photo credit: Jeff Brown


In Pictures: The Winners of the Boat International Media’s ShowBoats Design Awards 2017

February 07, 2017

Written by Maria Korotaeva

The Boat International MediaShowBoats Design Awards aims to honour the best-of-the-best design ideas in the super yachting industry. A large number of world-renowned designers and shipbuilders, along with young and inspiring yacht designers participate in the event each year to join in the glamour and celebration. This year the winners of the Boat International Medias ShowBoats Design Awards brought home the Gold Neptune Trophies, with some of them winning multiple awards in various categories. Here are the designers who have made a great impression on the yachting industry:

1. Best Exterior Design & Styling Award – Motor Yacht above 48m

Superyacht Joy 70m was launched in 2016 and built by Feadship. Her exterior design is by Bannenberg & Rowell and CharterWorld was the first ever to organise a yacht charter holiday on the yacht.

Yacht JOY Aft View - Copyright Feadship

Yacht JOY Aft View – Copyright Feadship

2. Best Exterior Design & Styling Award – Motor Yacht below 48m

Wider 150 motor yacht Genesi 47m was built be Wider Yachts. She boasts an extremely elegant design by Fulvio De Simoni.



 3. Best Exterior Design & Styling Award – Sailing Yacht

My Song 39.6m is a 130 Custom high-performance sailing yacht built by Baltic Yachts. Her award-winning exterior styling is by Nauta Design.

My Song - Nauta Yacht

My Song – Nauta Yacht

4.  Best Interior Layout & Design – Motor Yacht above 500GT

Luxury superyacht Cloudbreak 72.3m is a magnificent vessel in the yacht fleet of Abeking & Rasmussen. Thanks to her interior designer Christian Liaigre, Cloudbreak has won the best interior layout and design award.

Cloudbreak. photo by Christopher Scholey

Cloudbreak. photo by Christopher Scholey

 5. Best Interior Layout & Design – Motor Yacht below 500GT

The 39-metre motor yacht Sexy Fish is a beautiful vessel, constructed by the Turkish shipyard, Tansu Yachts. Interior Design: Tansu

Yacht Sexy Fish by Tansu Yachts. Photo credit Ercan Koca

Yacht Sexy Fish by Tansu Yachts. Photo credit Ercan Koca

6.  Best Interior Layout & Design – Sailing Yacht

Sybaris 70m is a stunning performance-orientated ketch by Perini Navi. Best interior layout and design in sailing yacht category went to her interior designer PH Design.

Sybaris Perini Navi

Sybaris Perini Navi

7. Best Naval Architecture – Displacement Motor Yacht

Galactica Super Nova 70m by Heesen Yachts. Naval architect: Van Oossanen & Heesen Yachts.

Galactica Super Nova. Photo by Guillaume Plisson

Galactica Super Nova. Photo by Guillaume Plisson

 8. Best Naval Architecture – Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yacht

With the launch in 2016, the first SD35 motor yacht GIPSY is a beautiful 35-metre all-aluminum semi-custom vessel, built by the Genoa-based shipyard, Otam Yachts. Naval architect: Umberto Tagliavini

GIPSY - Otam Yachts

GIPSY – Otam Yachts


 9. Best Naval Architecture – Sailing Yacht

The breath-taking 85-metre sailing yacht AQUIJO (Hull Y711/Hull 3069, Project 85) by Oceanco and Vitters is a massive all-aluminium ketch-rigged vessel, with the launch in 2015.  Naval architect: Bill Tripp

AQuiJo yacht Photo by Stuart Pearce

AQuiJo yacht Photo by Stuart Pearce

10. Most Innovative Motor Yacht

Genesi 47m by Wider received the highest possible score from RINA for her class leading low levels of noise and vibration. The fantastic group of professionals and designers worked on the construction of Genesis: her Naval architecture is by Fulvio de Simoni / Wider Engineering & Sydac, interior design is by Ideaeitalia and exterior styling is a work of Fulvio de Simoni.



 11. Most Innovative Sailing Yacht

One of her innovative features includes an all-carbon versatile rig that can set a pin head main for cruising or a square-top offering more sail area for racing. My Song 39.6m by Baltic Yachts was designed by Nauta design, who also took care of her interior. Reichel-Pugh Yacht Design was responsible for the yacht’s naval architecture.

My Song by Baltic Yachts

My Song by Baltic Yachts

 12. Best Lighting Design

Lighting Specialist of Perini Navi 70m Sybaris, PH Design in collaboration with Lindsey Edelman, received the Gold Neptune Trophies for the best lighting design. More photos here.
Mega yacht SYBARIS - Master Cabin - Photo by PH Design

Mega yacht SYBARIS – Master Cabin – Photo by PH Design

13. Best Recreational Lifestyle Design Feature – Wellness Centre

 Watch the video of PLVS VLTRA 74m by Amels. Her interior designer is bespoke Winch Design.

14. Tender & Support Vessel Design

9.5 Limousine by Cockwells. Interior design: Cockwells & Exterior styling: Andrew Wolstenholme
Limousine Tender by Cockwells

Limousine Tender by Cockwells

 15. Newcomer of the Year

PH Design received the “Newcomer of the year” award for designing yacht Sybaris by Perini Navi. This is the third trophy awarded to Sybaris at the Boat International Media’s ShowBoats Design Awards 2017. 

 Luxury yacht SYBARIS - Main Saloon - Photo by PH Design

Luxury yacht SYBARIS – Main Saloon – Photo by PH Design


Savannah: Breaking with convention for breath-taking results

February 02, 2017

Written by Rachael Steele

Winner of 6 awards in relation to her innovative architecture and holistic design,  Feadship superyacht SAVANNAH breaks with tradition and the result is a refreshingly distinct take on the luxury yacht interiors formula: Gone are the doors that separate rooms within the internal space – undulating corridors and curved walls create unique areas that are never cut off from the world outside or within. Panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows create the ideal setting for uninterrupted views out onto the decks, the swimming pools, and the ocean beyond.

Motor Yacht Savannah by Feadship - Helicopter View - Photo by Jeff Brown

Motor Yacht Savannah by Feadship – Helicopter View – Photo by Jeff Brown

Savannah by Feadship with image by Jeff Brown

Savannah by Feadship with image by Jeff Brown

Yacht Video by Feadship Yachts:

Yacht Savannah by Feadship - Main Deck Lounge on location in the Seychelles - Photography by Jeff Brown

Yacht Savannah by Feadship – Main Deck Lounge on location in the Seychelles – Photography by Jeff Brown

Yacht Savannah by Feadship - Outdoor Bar on location in the Turkey - Photography by Jeff Brown

Yacht Savannah by Feadship – Outdoor Bar on location in the Turkey – Photography by Jeff Brown

Yacht Savannah by Feadship - Owners Dining Detail on location in the Turkey - Photography by Jeff Brown

Yacht Savannah by Feadship – Owners Dining Detail on location in the Turkey – Photography by Jeff Brown

Savannah by Feadship - - Photo Jeff Brown

Paris-based Cristina Gherardi Design was given the task of making a concept that connects with nature, and together with architect Marcello Bozzarelli they have succeeded in creating the owner’s desire of a ‘visually floating’ superstructure where each deck appears to hover above her metallic pale green hull. To add to this effect, SAVANNAH’s matt black windows curve seamlessly from bow to aft and add tonal contrast against her paintwork.

The sliding doors hidden within these black bands open up each of the communal spaces – even the gym on the skydeck has the same ability to let guests move out beyond its four walls. The effect is a blurring between indoor and outdoor spaces and nowhere is this more pronounced than with the main salon. “We have used mostly sliding doors, which are hidden,” Gherardi says. “Another factor that lends connectivity are the skylights, the opening in between decks and the mirrored ceilings that reflect the sea and increase the overall volume.”

Image Gallery of Yacht Savannah:

Superyacht Savannah from above - Photo by Feadship Royal Dutch Shipyards

Superyacht Savannah from above – Photo by Feadship Royal Dutch Shipyards

The founder of Cristina Gherardi Designs, Cristina Gherardi Benardeau, has a long and impressive portfolio of designing and updating high end retail and residential spaces spanning from Paris to New York. Using elements from her past commissions and her experience away from the yacht industry, she has avoided many of the tired expectations to create invigorating and artistic environments.

Throughout SAVANNAH’s interior, guests will discover playful use of colour and texture with each material having a pragmatic purpose as well as being visually pleasing to look at.  “Even the fabrics on the sofas [which look like silk, but are not] all have practical, removable slipcovers that can withstand abuse. These days, people do not want to be in the sun, do not want to be in the heat and do not want to be susceptible to mosquitoes.”

Dedicated dining space aboard M/Y SAVANNAH from Feadship

Dedicated dining space aboard M/Y SAVANNAH from Feadship

Abstract art is a prominent feature in the design, from the mosaic in the 9m/30ft swimming pool to the ink-like swirls playing on the video screens on either side of the connecting catwalk between salons. The looped video artwork was used in Gherardi’s retail spaces for Christian Dior.

The guest accommodation uses curved hallways and winding staircases to create a sense of natural fluidity. By taking visual queues from the surroundings and following the red hallway guests will find themselves in the entrance to the Master suite, where a study leads through to the forward-facing bedroom. Similar to the design of the communal spaces, the curving windows provide all-encompassing views and integrated doors open up onto the deck.

Superyacht SAVANNAH - Semi-submerged lounge

Superyacht SAVANNAH – Nemo lounge


The underwater Nemo Lounge is a compelling room that allows guests to view sea life from under the waves without getting a toe wet. Comprised of tiered seating and low lighting, this original design also has the added function of becoming a home cinema with a retractable screen.

Superyacht SAVANNAH also won awards based on her engineering, which combines several current technologies to create a hybrid configuration between diesel engines and hybrid motors. With the addition of two Li-ion battery banks to account for a surge in usage and to act as a precaution against blackouts, there are five operational modes for transit and while stationary.

As the world’s first hybrid superyacht in 2015, SAVANNAH still remains one of the world’s most innovative vessels.

Further info in an article by Jill Bobrow, here.

Photography by Jeff Brown, Cristina Gherardi Designs and Feadship

Eye-Catching Superyacht Philmi for Charter

December 05, 2016

Written by Maria Korotaeva

What makes one superyacht different from another? When looking at the stunning Philmi it is pretty obvious that this beauty stands out from the crowd by having an incredible exterior design.

Launched in 2014 by ISA Yachts, motor yacht Philmi was designed by Andrea Vallicelli. The most admirable feature of her exterior is the azure appearance. Philmi is a full-displacement yacht measuring 43 metres of overall length and 8.6 metres beam. Being one of the models in the Granturismo superyachts range by ISA, Philmi was designed to meet the demand on the market for great yachts with a balance between the external and internal areas.



Interior design was developed by Sandrine Melot of Melot+Trillo architectural/design company. Superyacht Philmi does not only have a unique exterior but also features an absolutely superb interior styling. Sandrine Melot used Surface Collection by Swarovski to add opulence and sparkle to interior spaces. Although there is a variety of colours, interior furnishing features predominantly warm colours.

MY PHILMI - Salon entrance

MY PHILMI - Salon entrance

MY PHILMI - Wet bar

MY PHILMI - Wet bar

The main saloon and the Owner’s master suite feature two large skylights, providing a great amount of natural light. The bar designed and made by Melot and Swarovski, the sculpture and paintings by Stephane Pencreach in the main saloon and guest cabins are one of the most stunning decorations. Five cabins, including the master suite can comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests in total.

MY PHILMI - Salon lounge

MY PHILMI - Salon lounge

MY PHILMI - Wet bar

MY PHILMI - Wet bar

MY PHILMI - Master suite

MY PHILMI - Master suite

Large gymnasium with Technogym equipment is located on the stern and opens onto a large swim platform. Another entertainment area is on the flybridge deck, which includes a great outdoor cinema room. The upper deck features Jacuzzi and large sunpads.

MY PHILMI - Jacuzzi

MY PHILMI - Jacuzzi

MY PHILMI - Sundeck dining

MY PHILMI - Sundeck dining

MY PHILMI - Aft deck view in

MY PHILMI - Aft deck view in

Alfresco dining area is located on the main deck, where guest can taste some gastronomic delights prepared by professional crew, which will also ensure that an outstanding level of service is provided at all times.

MY PHILMI - Alfresco dining

MY PHILMI - Alfresco dining

Philmi reaches a maximum speed of 17 kn, while her cruising speed is 15 knots with a range of 2,800 nm. Watch this amazing video, get inspired and admire the truly amazing Philmi.

If you would like to charter the luxury superyacht Philmi please contact your preferred broker. The team at CharterWorld will provide an unbiased service and highly professional support in arranging your luxury vacation on a superyacht.

Top 10 Amazing Interior Design on Luxury Charter Superyachts

November 02, 2016

Written by Maria Korotaeva

Interior design of superyachts attract a lot of attention in the yachting community. Interior designers from around the world create extraordinary concepts and award-winning ideas brought to life on board luxury yachts. Indulging yourself in luxury should definitely be a part of your yacht charter experience.  Here is our top 10 of the most amazing interior design on charter superyachts.


Undoubtedly, charter superyacht Solandge has one of the most impressive interior design concepts. While wooden lamination provides a classical look, beautiful mother of pearl elements, stunning sculptures, art and handmade italian furnishing add to its opulence.

Superyacht Solandge. Main Deck Saloon. Photo credit Klaus Jordan

Superyacht Solandge. Main Deck Saloon. Photo credit Klaus Jordan


Superyacht Solemar‘s Beautiful interior features sophisticated cherry wood, marble and light colour fabrics. Spacious rooms are lit with natural light, and create a inviting atmosphere.

Superyacht Solemar. Interior

Superyacht Solemar. Interior


The artwork on the hull of the superyacht Saluzi is not the only outstanding feature. While having very colourful and eye-catchy exterior, the interior design also represents her uniqueness. Brights and fluorescent colours in one part of the yacht, white and glossy tones of the sun deck and pastels tones mixes with darker notes and bright furnishing definitely place this yacht in the list of the most extraordinary yacht interior design.

Superyacht Saluzi. Interior

Superyacht Saluzi. Interior

Quite Essential

Modern trendy interior of Quite Essential was created by Michela Reverberi. Quite Essential or “The Fifth Element” is a design concept, which was developed specifically to represent the highest synthesis of the other four elements. Colourful details, patterns, fabrics and furnitures are displayed against pure white background, which forms an intimate atmosphere.

Superyacht Quite Essential. Main Saloon

Superyacht Quite Essential. Main Saloon


Superyacht Seanna possesses a truly opulent interior. Her timeless styling, enhanced with luxury white marble elements, 22-carat gold leaf and astonishingly integrated contemporary and traditional furniture make her standout from another interior design concepts.

Superyacht Seanna. Formal dining

Superyacht Seanna. Formal dining


Every guest on board Sherakhan will be astonished by amazing wood work. The main saloon features a beautiful dining table that seats 22 people and impressive furnishing. Some other attributes are stunning staircases, a large chandelier, a fireplace, a bar and a podium with white piano enhance this luxury interior even further.

Superyacht Sherakhan. Dining room, view from above

Superyacht Sherakhan. Dining room, view from above

Jade 959

Created by Central Yachts and boasted with elegant furniture by the Italian luxury fashion house Fendi. Contrasting elements, leather sofas and chairs in combination with simple but sophisticated tones of generous spaces will not leave you unimpressed by Jade‘s interior.

Superyacht Jade. Interior

Superyacht Jade. Interior


Famous designer Joe Thome design the interior of Samar. The suoeryacht’s leave everyone admiring her classical interior with breathtaking elements, such as famous paintings, sculptures, bright bohemian carpets, stunning furniture and cheery wooden panels and finest leather.

Superyacht Samar. Main Salon

Superyacht Samar. Main Salon

Carpe Diem

Incredible interior of Carpe Diem is a work of Carol Williamson & Assoc. A futuristic integration of white leather and soft tone fabrics with Macassar wood and ebonized detailing is a stunning feature of this conceptual design.

Superyacht Carpe Diem. Master Lounge

Superyacht Carpe Diem. Master Lounge

Lioness V

Smooth contrast of pastel and dark colours with an added freshness visually maximise the interior, creating a very light but sophisticated look. Lustrous dark panels presented with soft pale fabrics certainly provide relaxing and luxury atmosphere on board Lioness V.

Superyacht Lioness V. Upper deck

Superyacht Lioness V. Upper deck

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SD112 KATHLEEN by the “Atelier” of the yachting industry

October 17, 2016

Written by Maria Korotaeva

Sanlorenzo, the shipyard best known for collaborating with the finest contemporary interior design brands to create stylish and exceptional yachts, has presented its SD112 Kathleen. This time, Sanlorezo’s partner is a debutant in the yacht building industry – Citterio Veil studio.


SD112 Kathleen exterior


SD112 Katheleen Interior

SD112 Kathleen reconfirms the shipyard’s concept of setting new rules for style and design. Her elegance and time honoured style are ones of the many outstanding features. The Sanlorenzo SD line illustrates living in the sea concept, consolidating the unbreakable link between home and yacht. Measuring 110.40ft /33.65m the SD112 is a stand-out project in the SD line, due to her curvy hull that reveals her striking beauty.


SD112 Kathleen interior

The living area has been redesigned with more optimised spaces and elegant details to complement lifestyle comfort.  The owner’s precise requirements have been met in all stunning details and warm colours of the interior designed by Citterio Veil studio. The interior layout comprises of a master suite, 2 double cabins and 2 twin cabins, comfortably accommodating up to 10 guests assisted by 5 crew members.

SD112 Kathleen interior

SD112 Kathleen interior

The Citterio style and Sanlorenzo’s shared vision on innovation and constant development has brought to life the exceptional SD112m Kathleen, which has been recently delivered to her owners.

Citterio’s next project in collaboration with the iconic Italian Shipyard will be a 42-metre Explorer 460, commissioned by a Swiss owner. Meanwhile, CharterWorld offers a great selection of luxury charter yachts by Sanlorenzo available now. For more information please contact our team at CharterWorld.

Press Release: The quest for better boats in less time continues at Vripack

June 15, 2016

Written by Rachael Steele

Better known to the public as the next-gen technology for gaming, virtual reality headsets are an effective tool to allow designers to review their work without the need to build scaled models.

Vripack Studio has put virtual reality to use to assess ship design and space efficiency before committing to a build, leading to significant reductions in production time and cost. The following is a Press Release from Vripack on the use of virtual reality within the design process.

Press release

The quest for better boats in less time continues at Vripack

In their third of a six-year- mission to reduce the construction time of any new yacht by at least 25%, the Vripack Studio recently made another leap forward. By making use of Virtual Reality they manage to review both design and engineering and bring back fail cost by a staggering 75%.

Creative director Bart Bouwhuis of Vripack explains: “After years and years of very low incremental growth the recent developments in Virtual Reality are exponential now and allow us to use this tool for our reviews instead of making mock ups, prototypes and pre-fabrication. So the cost related to that as well as the time consumption is now fully eliminated. It’s part of history.”

“The initial use, straight out of the box, has allowed for checks of spaces, volumes, heights, sight lines, stairs and what have you more. After nearly twelve months of R&D we’re at a stage where we’re reviewing complete installation sequences, maintainability, accessibility and so on and so forth. We’re basically evaluating the assembly process and the future maintenance of the whole yacht, let aside the training and instructions possibilities for the workers, all this before any hour is wasted on building something that could be done better and in less time,” Bart confirms.

“Our innovations in construction processes already led to the development of Smart Kit ® resulting in a 15% hull building time reduction. This innovation is followed by Boat Blocks ® that we currently use in production and through which we already see double digit savings. With the development of Virtual Prototyping ® we enter a third phase of evolution. With the first yachts in built, using the combination of these modern design solutions, it’s a bit early for final conclusions on exact time saved but I can disclose that we’re heading towards well over 20% and we’re building at very reputable yards which themselves are even more amazed by the efficiency and added quality of their new work,” Bart proudly smiles.

In 2014 Vripack released their 2019 vision in which they give themselves six years to reach the goal of reducing building time by at least 25% while delivering a better boat. The first results of their in-house created innovations show they’re well ahead of schedule. With their can-do mentality and three more years to come this is very promising to say the least.

About Vripack ®
Established in 1961, Vripack is a leading full service yacht design, naval architecture and engineering studio with over 7300 projects under its belt. Vripack focuses on realizing better ships in less time for private customers and yards world-wide. At Vripack we believe that a good design should not meet all requirements, it should surpass them in order to create a boat that goes beyond dreams.

Marijana Radovic and Marco Bonelli of m²atelier Unveil Interiors for 54m Superyacht Project.

March 29, 2016

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Marijana Radovic and Marco Bonelli of m²atelier have unveiled interior designs for a new 54-metre project, including a harmonious master suite, situated forward on the main deck that offers direct access to the spacious saloon.

54m Superyacht Project by m2atelier  - owner suite

54m Superyacht Project by m2atelier – owner suite

According to the designers, the main goal behind the new 54-metre project was to come up with an elegant and sophisticated interior, while retaining simplicity. The concept line is based on the harmony of modular spaces, light setting and symmetrical distribution. The interiors were created to offer a feeling of intimacy without fragmenting the environment. These partitions are designed and structured to create a delightful interior letting out a feeling of luxury and elegance associated with space.

54m Superyacht Project by m2atelier - owner suite

54m Superyacht Project by m2atelier – owner suite

Utilising reflective materials and prisms, light is brought into the interiors, making it one of the most important features. The light is can be toned down by unique light textile roller blinds, fitted to the windows.

54m Superyacht Project by m2atelier - onwer bathroom

54m Superyacht Project by m2atelier – owner bathroom

The master suite boasts geometric shapes and symmetrical parts to divide the area and to create functional and transformable layout. This contemporary understating of a flexible space can be easily adapted to suite the owner’s mood. The exterior dining area represents one of the most important parts of the yacht and a fabulous socialising area of the yacht, providing fantastic views and comfortable seating.

54m Superyacht Project by m2atelier - bathroom

54m Superyacht Project by m2atelier – bathroom

The fixed oval sofa is coupled with a back counter modular display joining both buffet and bar services. When the extremities are joined, this rounded shape creates an enclosed bar. The main features of this interactive element are its polyvalent properties, depending on the different scenery.

Wood and leather have been used extensively for the interior. Neutral beige and brown with marine-blue accenting are the main colours used throughout, acting as an introduction to the outside environment and strengthening the relationship between the interior and exterior areas.

Nature is invited into the interior thanks to plants enclosed in rectangular ‘indoor gardens’ with prisms on top that channel natural light. The interior is further accented with two private balconies on each side of the master cabin. The upper deck creates a bright and inviting ambience with full height windows which settles in for a large terrace creating an illusion of being suspended over the bright blue sea.