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Luxury catamarans are increasing in popularity worldwide, both for yacht charters and as private yachts, as newer and better catamarans are being designed and built. Catamarans are still predominantly sailing yachts, by number, although there are some important larger motor yachts that are being designed and built, chartered and sold.

If you are interested in chartering a large crewed luxury catamaran for your vacation, please browse a selection of the charter boats here. You can also contact us for charter yacht offers or yacht sales directly here. If you are interested in the latest luxury catamaran yacht launches and designs have a look at luxury catamaran news here, or at the bottom of the page.

More about Luxury Catamarans

Yacht designers are well aware of the benefits of luxury catamarans in terms of space, configuration flexibility and cruising efficiencies. One downside is potential difficulties in finding harbour berths due to the large beam of a larger crewed luxury catamaran. Luxury yacht industry professionals increasingly view the catamaran concept as being the 'yacht type of the future'.  Luxury catamarans are getter larger, more luxurious and more technologically advanced and there are more and more interesting designs being Launched every year - as with other more traditional kinds of mono-hull superyacht.

The strengths of the catamaran as a luxury yacht re well documented. This type of sailing superyacht offers the speed and space of a large modern motor yacht whilst at the same time providing the smooth efficient sailing performance of a sailing yacht. Reduced draft has its benefits too. This enables even large catamaran to moor in close to the shoreline and get great spots in port or anchorages. Luxury catamarans have further upside in that’s they have excellent stability, safety and efficiency in terms of engine and fuel usage.

An increasingly important advantage is the ecological or green one. Large luxury sailing catamarans are able to subsidise their fuel use by using the wind for propulsion. Also, catamarans tend to use smaller and more efficient diesel engines than mono hull yachts, especially motor yachts, as they are efficiently driven through the water as higher speeds without as much power. Catamarans designs simply very good sense, from every angle, and they also make excellent charter yachts.

Europeans, particularly the French, were the first to take up the luxury catamaran concept in a serious way. All areas of the world are now showing a stronger interest in designing and building catamarans and many are being produced and sold in countries like the United kingdom, Italy, United States, Australia and New Zealand.

The luxury catamaran superyachts which have several crewmembers are now a far more common sight on the world’s oceans and there are a number of large cats which measure over 100ft in length. These super catamarans feature as both sailing yacht and motor yachts, private and charter yachts – there are all types represented in the large mega yacht catamarans. As the yacht owner demand for luxury sailing catamarans has increased so too has the number of companies designing and building them. Some of the companies that are involved in catamaran building and design include Yapluka, Blue Bay, Sunreef, Blue Coast, and VPLP (Van Peteghem and Lauriot Prévost).

Below is the latest catamaran yachting news and one the left column as a small selection of some of the many luxury catamarans available for charter, around the world. If you have any yacht charter or yacht sales questions or questions about anything related to catamarans, please contact us here.

Catamaran Luxury Yacht News

Experience Fiji aboard 42m charter catamaran DOUCE FRANCE
Experience the unforgettable islands of Fiji by embarking on a vacation of your lifetime aboard the huge luxury catamaran Douce France.
Prestigious Asia Boating Awards 2015 Winners
Asia Boating Awards 2015 Luxurious Gala - Image credit to Asia Pacific Boating
The winners of this year's 11th Asia Boating Awards have been announced, including such outstanding vessels as luxury mega yacht Silver Fast and superyacht Illusion V, to name but a few.
Lovely Sunreef 74 Yacht WildBerry Awarded Best Worldwide Production Sailing Yacht Above 15m
Sunreef 74 sailing yacht WildBerry Winner of Asia Boating Award 2015
The first Sunreef 74 sailing yacht WildBerry has become the winner of the Asia Boating Award 2015 in the 'Best Worldwide Production Sailing Yacht Above 15m' category. Within the following few months, the shipyard will launch the next 4 units from this amazing model.
JFA Yachts announces its participation in International Multihull Boat Show
Salon multicoque 2015
French shipyard, JFA Yachts, will participate in this month's International Multihull Boat Show. The company is currently working on the construction of the all-new Long Island 100' superyacht.
Newly refitted 120’ catamaran VITALIA II (ex Orange 2) to be launched by Multiplast on April 17, 2015
New 120’ catamaran VITALIA II (ex Orange 2) to be launched by Multiplast
Multiplast from France has announced that it will launch the newly refitted 120ft catamaran Vitalia II (ex Orange 2) on April 17, 2015. After the launch, the vessel will undergo sea trials, and subsequently, it will enjoy the waters of the popular Mediterranean yacht charter locations.
Sunreef 74 sailing yacht WildBerry among IY&A Awards 2015 Finalists
Sunreef 74 catamaran WildBerry
Sunreef 74 catamaran WildBerry has been announced as one of the finalists for the International Yacht & Aviation Award 2015, in the “Sailing Yacht up to 30 metres” category.
Original design of Kingship motor yacht KingCAT 85 refined by ER Yacht Design
Original design of Kingship motor yacht KingCAT 85 refined by ER Yacht Design
The original design of Kingship super yacht KingCAT 85 has been beautifully refined by ER Yacht Design of Vancouver, Canada. This striking power catamaran can comfortably accommodate eight guests and a crew of two members.
New 71m catamaran mega yacht MANIFESTO concept by VPLP
71m catamaran mega yacht Manifesto concept by VPLP
The breath-taking 71m catamaran superyacht MANIFESTO concept has been proudly unveiled by VPLP Design from France. This striking catamaran can sleep up to 12 guests in utmost in luxury.
JFA Yachts to exhibit at London Yacht Jet and Prestige Car Show
New 164' Explorer superyacht concept developed by JFA Yachts
French shipyard, JFA Yachts, will be participating in next month's London Yacht Jet and Prestige Car Show 2015. The company has recently introduced the striking 164' Explorer yacht concept, and is currently building the Long Island 100' superyacht.
Sunreef 74 sailing yacht WildBerry successfully completes her first Atlantic crossing
Sunreef 74 catamaran WildBerry in the beautiful Florida yacht holiday location - Fort Lauderdale
Sunreef 74 catamaran WildBerry has successfully arrived in Florida’s Fort Lauderdale, following her maiden Atlantic crossing. The vessel will shortly enjoy sailing in the popular Caribbean yacht charter locations.

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