The Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) - 24th-27th September 2014

The 24rd Monaco Yacht Show is to be held from Wednesday the 24th to Saturday the 27th of September 2014 and the event is promising to be bigger and better with more luxury superyachts (for charter and sale), designers and yacht builders exhibiting than ever.  You can see the video here.  Also, here is more on Monaco as a location to visit for chartering.

What is the Monaco Yacht Show?

The Monaco Yacht Show is held annually in September at Port Hercules, Monaco and brings together professionals from the international luxury yachting sector. Companies and individuals include luxury yacht builders, brokers, designers, equipment suppliers, and service providers and they gather to show off the latest and greatest luxury yachts for sale in Monaco.

The Monaco Yacht Show is the only yacht show worldwide which is exclusively devoted to superyachts for sale of at least 25 meters in length. It is the largest floating luxury yacht display in Europe of super and megayachts. This makes the Monaco Yacht Show premiere showcase for Super Yachts.

Some Recent History: The 2007 Edition took place Wednesday 19 to Saturday 22 September 2007 and was an amazing success. The 2008 show took place on Wednesday 24th til Saturday 27th of September. The 2009 one was on Wednesday the 23rd to Saturday 26th of September and the 2010 event was Wednesday 22nd - Saturday 25th September 2010. The 2011, 2012 and 2013 shows were also extremely successful. Indeed, every year the show gets bigger and the display slots are sold out earlier.

The Monaco Yacht Show started off as a superyacht broker oriented show in 1991. Since then over the last 15 years it has evolved considerably, benefiting from tremendous growth in the international yachting industry. Monaco is also perfectly placed in the heart of the Mediterranean and now with one of the largest luxury yacht harbours worldwide. The Monaco Yacht Show also has the great privilege of having H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco as its patron who provides a great deal of ongoing support.

Exhibitors at the previous MYS included around 80-90 shipyards, more than 20 yacht brokers, more than 45 naval architects & interior designers, around 200 equipment manufacturers, around 70 luxury yacht service providers, numerous luxury brands as well as yacht tender companies, a number of federations and many international luxury magazines. For the peripheral luxury sector: private jets and helicopters, luxury goods and accessories… Also the world's top 15 customised super yacht builders were at the show.

The official website for the event is here.

The Monaco Show includes:

- The Quayside exhibition where over 500 exhibiting companies exhibit in a 15000sqm area – The leading international yachting industry companies.

- The Floating Exhibition where more than 100 of the world's finest 82 to 262 feet luxury yachts congregate. Each year around 40 motor and sailing yachts premier at the Monaco Yacht Show.

- The Participants (over 26 000 people) featuring private individuals who are interested in new yacht models and yacht purchase, international yachting professionals and the actual participants - representing over 40 nationalities (Exhibitors & visitors).

As far as the exhibitors are concerned, ship builders, naval architects and interior designers earmark the show to advance their latest creations and work. Important advancements in super yachts are showcased an there often seems to be one or two pioneering yachts or yacht designs which are the talk of the show. The unique three masted clipper S/Y Maltese Falcon was a hit in 2006 and the 2007 event brought M/Y ALPHA NERO by OceAnco. The 2012 event saw such wonderful yachts as the 50.50m Wally BETTER PLACE60.95 m DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER60m superyacht LYANA or the 73.51m mega yacht MOGAMBO by Nobiskrug. 

The 2013 show exhibited such impressive mega yachts as the 75,40m Lurssen yacht NORTHERN STAR, the 80m CHOPI CHOPI superyacht by CRN, the 73m Dunya Yachts RED SQUARE, the Oceanco mega yacht ANASTASIA, the 72m VSY STELLA MARIS yacht or the Lurssen superyacht QUATTROELLE

MALTESE FALCON YACHTAs with other important shows, CharterWorld visits the Monaco Yacht Show in order to keep up to date with the industry movements and individual yachts. As with the broker only shows, like the Genoa Yacht Charter Show and the St Maarten and Antigua ones, we study the various abilities of the various yachts, new or old. We look at their condition if the yacht is already known to us and we consider their build quality and crew personality if they are new. What features does the yacht have? What about her layout, deck space, decor and amenities? These are all important aspects when it comes to matching our charter clients to their ideal charter yacht or yacht for sale.

Yacht Designers, Naval Architects and luxury Yacht Builders in Attendance at Monaco

Key Super Yacht Manufacturers at the show include: OceAnco, Lurssen, Feadship, Azimut, Benetti, Dubois, Alloy Yachts, Canados, Couach, ISA, Jongert, Perini Navi, Pershing, Riva, Rodriquez, Royal Denship, Sunreef, Sunseeker, Ferretti, Heesen, Holland Jachtbouw, Trinity,  Abeking & Rasmussen and Wally, to name a few.

Some of the luxury charter yachts on display during previous  Monaco Yacht Shows included Sensation (Sensation Yachts), Lady Michelle (Trinity), Noble House (Sensation Yachts), Magna Grecia (Elsfletherwerft), Starship (Van Mill Holland), Snapper (Sunseeker), Ocean Victory (ISA).

What to expect from the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show:

The list of luxury yachts to be exhobited at the 2014 MYS will be released closer to the the show's date.

In the meantime below is a list of yachts that were present at the 2013 show:

86.11 m QUATTROELLE - Lurssen (2012) M/Y

80.00 m CHOPI CHOPI - CRN (2013) M/Y

75.40 m NORTHERN STAR - Lurssen (2009) M/Y

72.50 m RED SQUARE - Dunya Yachts (2013)

72.10 m STELLA MARIS - VSY (2012)

67.30 m WHITE CLOUD - Feadship (1983)

65.50 m LADY M - Palmer Johnson (2013)

65.00 m GALACTICA STAR - Heesen Yachts (2013)

60.10 m PARAFFIN - Feadship - (2002/ refitted in 2005)

65.00 m Codecasa yacht (2010) TBC

60.00 m DARLINGS DANAMA - CRN (2011)

65.00 m FAMILY DAY - codecasa (2010)

60.00 m SWAN - Benetti (2011)

60.00 m CLOUD 9 - CMN (2009)

60.00 m EVENT - Amels (2013)

58.80 m SEAHAWK - Perini Navi (2013)  S/Y

58.40 m KOKOMO - Alloy Yachts (2010) S/Y

58.20 m J'ADE - CRN (2012) M/Y

58.20 m CARPE DIEM - Ttrinity Yachts (2011) M/Y

56.00 m ROSEHEARTY - Perini Navi (2006) S/Y

55.50 m ISSANA - Feadship (2005 refit 2009) M/Y

55.10 m SHENANDOAH - Townsend & Downey (1902) M/Y

55.00 m ENGELBERG - amels (2013) M/Y

55.00 m Benetti yacht (2012) M/Y TBC

55.00 m Benetti yacht (2012) M/Y TBC

55.00 m Amels yacht (2013) M/Y TBC

54.70 m PROTEKSAN TURQUOISE yacht (2009) M/Y TBC

54.30 m Amels yacht (2011) TBC M/Y

53.00 m BURKUT - Baglietto (2009) M/Y

52.45 m BLUE SCORPION - Baglietto (2006) M/Y

52.12 m MARJORIE MORNINGSTAR (2004/refit 2012) m/Y

52.00 m SAI RAM - Benetti (2003) M/Y

51.97 m FEADSHIP yacht (1994 refit 2007) M/Y TBC

51.82 m DREAM - FEADSHIP (2003) M/Y

49.90 m ILERIA - Proteksan Turquoise (2013) M/Y

49.90 m PLATINUM - Benetti (2009) M/Y

49.90 m Ortona Navi yacht (2008) M/Y

49.30 m AUSPICIOUS - Mondo Marine (2009) M/Y

49.10 m LA DEA II (ex MAIDELLE) - Trinity Yachts (2007) M/Y

48.20 m PARAM JAMUNA IV - Rossinavi (2013) M/Y

48.00 m NATIVA - Arzana Navi S/Y

47.50 m OLAH - International Shipyard Ancona (2005 refit 2011/2012) M/Y

44.70 m BLADE - MMGI Shipyard (2010) M/Y

46.50 m SORAYA 46 - Gentech (2013) M/Y

46.50 m LATITUDE - Timmerman (2009) M/Y

46.00 m MYSTIC - CMB Yachts (2010) M/Y

46.00 m STARLING - Sanlorenzo (2013) M/Y

45.00 m RMK motoryacht (2012) TBC M/Y

45.00 m PRIDE yacht - Viudes (2013) M/Y

44.50 m BALAJU - Intermarine (2002) M/Y

44.00 m MONOKINI - Baglietto Spa (2013) M/Y

41.78 m SOFIA - Moonen Shipyard (2013) M/Y

44.60 m MADSUMMER - Feadship (2008) M/Y

44.00 m Heesen motoryacht (2009) TBC M/Y

41.00 m AZIZA - ISA (2013) M/Y

40.97 m NAMELESS - Mondo Marine (2013) M/Y

40.80 m LILIYA - Sanlorenzo (2013) M/Y

40.65 m AB 140 - FIPA Group (2013) M/Y

40.05 m SUN LOVER - Sunseeker (2013) M/Y

40.00 m COLUMBUS SPORT HYBRID 40M - Palumbo (2013) M/Y

40.00 m CACOS V - Admiral Tecnomar M/Y

40.00 m STATE OF GRACE - Perini Navi (2913) S/Y

40.00 m NAMASTE - Tamsen Yachts (2008) M/Y

39.95 m RAINBOW - Holland Jachtbouw (2012) S/Y

39.70 m APOSTROPHE - Hakvoort Shipyard (2013) M/Y

39.12 m NEVER SAY NEVER - Sunseeker (2012) M/Y

39.00 m SNOWBIRD - Hakvoort (2010) M/Y

38.90 m GANESHA I - Fitzroy Yachts (2006) S/Y

38.62 m LE MUST - Gulf Craft (2013) M/Y

38.40 m MARINA WONDER - Gulf Craft (2012) M/Y

38.14 m TWILIGHT - Oyster S/Y

37.70 m ALUMERCIA - Heesen (2000/2008) M/Y

37.00 m YII - Holland Jachtbouw (2006) M/Y

36.60 m GIORGIA - Benetti (2009) M/Y

36.58 m FIROUZEH - ISA (2007) M/Y

34.95 m AMINAH - Benetti (2000 refit 2010) M/Y

34.20 m VVS1 - Alloy Yachts (2007 refit 2012) M/Y

32.70 m M&A's - Canados (2013) M/Y

32.64 m Baltic Yachts sailing yacht TBC (2013)

32.64 m INUKSHUK - Baltic Yachts S/Y

31.75 m SERENITY - Benetti (2012) M/Y

31.42 m HEVEA - Southern Wind Shipyard (2013) S/Y

31.00 m LADY THURAYA - Lubbe-Voss (2009) S/Y

31.00 m 100 EXPLORER - Moonen Shipyard (2013) M/Y

30.80 m PENELOPE - Oyster Yachts (2012) S/Y

30.48 m MORNING STAR - Ferretti Custom Line (2013) M/Y

30.47 m MAGIC CARPET CUBED - Wally (2013) S/Y

28.72 m Overmarine Group motor yacht (2013)

27.90 m ETERNITY - Jade Yachts (2008) M/Y

27.00 m CLARE - Oyster Marine (2013) S/Y

26.32 m FEELIN' GOOD - Southern Wind Shipyard (2013) S/Y

26.23 m WALLYACE - Wally (2012) M/Y

24.00 m Lynx Yachts' motor yacht TBC (2013) M/Y

24.00 m BLACK MAIL - Maori Yacht (2013) M/Y

24.00 m Dominator yacht (2011) M/Y 

22.07 m INSPIRATION - Jongert (1985 refit 2012) S/Y


Please contact a friendly CharterWorld yacht consultant if you would like more information about the show or would like to view a yacht.


Monaco Yacht Show News

Sale of 69m motor yacht TANKOA S693
TANKOA S693 Yacht Arrival
At the moment in build at TANKOA Yachts facilities in Genoa, the 69-metre mega yacht TANKOA S693 was successfully sold last month. Scheduled for delivery in the second half of July 2015, she has been designed by bespoke Francesco Paszkowski.
New super yacht construction building for PRIDE MEGA YACHTS
Luxury Motor Yacht Illusion
Formerly known as 'Pryde Yachts', the Chinese builder PRIDE MEGA YACHTS has invested RMB20m in a new manufacturing facility, in order to enhance its build capacity and quality. The company is currently working on the 88,8m superyacht ILLUSION.
Admiral Yachts working on construction of 45m motor yacht FLYING DRAGON (ex Capri)
Admiral Regale 45 WJ superyacht Flying Dragon (ex Capri)
The Regale 45 WJ superyacht Flying Dragon (ex Capri) is currently under construction at the Italian shipyard, Admiral Yachts. Penned by Luca Dini, she is expected to be handed over this summer and will be exhibited at this year's Monaco Yacht Show.
New Overmarine Yacht Mangusta 165 E to be delivered soon
Mangusta 165 R Yacht - Photo credit to Reply Story courtesy of the Owner
February 6, 2014, saw the Overmarine Group launch the brand new superyacht Mangusta 165 E, where 'E' stands for 'Evolution'. Set to make her world premiere at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show, she is expected to be delivered to her new Owner shortly.
Technical launch of Riva 122′ motor yacht MYTHOS at CRN Ancona
Riva 122 superyacht Mythos at CRN Ancona
The all-new Riva 122' superyacht MYTHOS successfully hit the water at CRN Ancona on Saturday, March 15, 2014. Scheduled for delivery in early May, she will be officially presented to the public at the 2014 Cannes Boat Show.
Overmarine Group launch 8th motor yacht Mangusta 165 E
8th superyacht Mangusta 165 R by Overmarine Group
Overmarine Group has recently launched the eighth superyacht Mangusta 165 R, where 'R' stands for 'evolution'. She is expected to make her world premiere at this year's Monaco Yacht Show.

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2013 Show News

New super yacht construction building for PRIDE MEGA YACHTS
Luxury Motor Yacht Illusion
Formerly known as 'Pryde Yachts', the Chinese builder PRIDE MEGA YACHTS has invested RMB20m in a new manufacturing facility, in order to enhance its build capacity and quality. The company is currently working on the 88,8m superyacht ILLUSION.
Dunya motor yacht AXIOMA (ex Red Square) shortlisted for World Superyacht Award 2014
72,5m mega yacht Axioma (ex Red Square) by Dunya Yachts
Measuring impressive 72,5 meters in LOA, the breath-taking superyacht Axioma (ex Red Square) has been announced as one of the finalists for the 2014 World Superyacht Awards. She was built by Dunya Yachts to a design by Sterling Scott.
New images and videos of 80m DART Yacht Concept by Royal Huisman and Andrew Winch
80m motor yacht DART concept by Royal Huisman and Andrew Winch Designs
Royal Huisman has revealed the new images and videos of the striking 80-metre mega yacht DART concept, designed in partnership with Andrew Winch Designs and officially presented at the last year's Monaco Yacht Show.
Additional images of 60m Perini Navi mega yacht SEAHAWK (hull C.2193)
60m Perini Navi superyacht Seahawk (hull C.2193)
These are the additional photos of the breath-taking 60m superyacht Seahawk (hull c.2193), delivered by Perini Navi in 2013.
Video introducing 110m Oceanco mega yacht RIALTO (DP002) concept designed by Nuvolari Lenard
This is a video showing the impressive 110-metre Oceanco superyacht RIALTO (DP002) concept, beautifully penned by Nuvolari Lenard.
Additional images of 40m Perini Navi sailing yacht STATE OF GRACE (hull C.2180)
40m Perini Navi superyacht State of Grace (hull C.2180)
Perini Navi has released the exterior and interior images of their new 40-metre superyacht State of Grace (hull C.2180). Beautifully penned in collaboration with Ron Holland, she represents the first yacht in the new Perini Navi 40m Fast Cruising series, built at the Perini Istanbul-Yildiz shipyard in Turkey.
Dorries Yachts presents new 65m mega yacht exterior proposal
New 65m motor yacht exterior proposal by Dorries Yachts and H2 Yacht Design
Dorries Yachts from Germany has proudly presented their latest 65-metre mega yacht exterior proposal, developed in partnership with well known H2 Yacht Design.
Additional renderings of 46m PS46 Yacht Concept by Alloy Yachts and Philippe Briand
PS46 Yacht Concept by Alloy Yachts and Philippe Briand - Profile - blue hull
Philippe Briand-designed 46m superyacht PS46 concept was developed by Alloy Yachts as a fully engineered turnkey project, destined for owners looking for a high quality individual build, but without the time as well as cost that a full custom boat usually demands.