Lignano Yacht Charter

The Lignano yacht charter holiday resort was fittingly dubbed by Ernest Hemingway as Italy’s version of Florida, as it rose from what was originally a thriving and verdant marshland and turned it into a primary tourist destination that it is today. Your yachting exploration and discovery of the magnificence and full splendour of Italy will be further enhanced if you experience the important attractions and significant places in Lignano.

For Italians, the term “Lignano Sabbiadoro” can only mean one thing and that is “dream vacation.” For seasoned sailors and those who frequently visit the place, Lignano is easily one of the few places in Italy that is really considered as top favourites of luxury yacht charterers.

Located within the Province of Udine, on the north eastern section of the peninsula, this popular holiday resort literally rose from the wet marshland. The area was painstakingly drained during the start of the 20th century and construction and development activities transformed the once desolate place into a bustling tourist centre in just a short span of time.

Yacht Charter Holiday in Lignano

The literal translation of the word “Sabbiadoro” is “Golden Sand” and it was used as an attribution to La Speza primarily for branding purposes. Suffice it to say, the best attractions of this human marvel are its beaches. This is the main reason why yacht charter aficionados easily fall under the spell of this charming and enchanting holiday resort. In fact most of the Swiss and German travellers make this their second home and never fail to spend their yacht charter holiday in Lignano, especially during the summer months.

The Beauty and Charm of Lignano

The town of Lignano has 4 main districts – the Sabbiadoro, the City, the Pineta and the Riviera. The Sabbiadoro lies on the farthest part of the peninsula and links to the town’s port area. The City is the residential district of Lignano. The Pineta is Lignano’s main commercial centre. And the Riviera, which is located on the peninsula’s western section, is also a residential district, but features a more verdant landscape than the City. 

Notable places and important attractions in Lignano include the Hemingway Park, which was established in honour of the quintessential literary icon and Punta Verde’s Zoo Park. Majority of places within the town of Lignano have distinct modern trappings, and you can see magnificent creations and masterpieces of known designers such as Aldo Bernadis, Gianni Avon and Pietro Zanini.

Perhaps a unique trademark for Lignano is the presence of the only structure that links to its past – the 15th century Church of St. Maria. It is important to note that this old structure was literally transferred from its original location, the adjacent town of Bevazzana, and re-established on its current location in the town of Lignano. 

Of course, we can expect to find and experience all the exquisite trimmings of a primary tourist centres when we spend our holiday in Lignano. You can find the best restaurants, boutiques, shopping centres, cafes, bars and anything that a tourist would want to have in a dream superyacht and luxury charter yacht holiday location.