VanDutch USA announces opening of new Factory Direct VanDutch Center Naples

Friday, July 18, 2014, saw VanDutch USA announce the opening of their new ...

VanDutch USA announces opening of new Factory Direct VanDutch Center Naples

July 21, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Friday, July 18, 2014, saw VanDutch USA announce the opening of their new Factory Direct VanDutch Center Naples. This is situated at 895 10th Street South Ste 302B, Naples, FL 34102.


VanDutch Center Naples is a Factory Direct, first-class experience for clients buying a new product right in the place where they live, work and play. It is how all VanDutch Yachts will be sold in the USA –  a Precedent Unrivaled in the Industry.

VanDutch Center Naples:

VanDutch Center Naples will start to include the models 30 and 40 in its inventory on site and will offer the opportunity to inspect and sea trial by one of its qualified VanDutch Representatives. The 55 will arrive the end of 2014.

VanDutch Center Naples will have VanDutch Merchandise such as Apparel and Accessories, as well as to offer exclusive VanDutch Services to its clients like 24/7 Customer Assistance, Financial Services like Leasing, Financing, Fractional Ownerships, VanDutch Charter and Insurance, Concierge and Yacht instructional Programs.

VanDutch Center Naples is part of VanDutch USA’s dedication to deliver its Elite Experience and Showcase its latest Products in one convenient location. The VanDutch Factory Direct Centers in the USA are located in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Nassau the Bahamas, Naples, The Hamptons New York and Newport Beach California.

VanDutch Made in the USA:

VanDutch has expanded its production from one plant in the Netherlands to a second plant in Pulaski, Wisconsin, in order to increase the capacity with the intention to cater to the demands of customers worldwide. This expansion combines true American Craftsmanship with Dutch / American Heritage, Elegant Design and extreme Quality & Engineering efficiency. It is always reassuring to our Customers that their product’s quality can be counted on because it is manufactured and tested domestically by the most reputable Builders. We are proud to announce that we are ready to expand to the American market.

Positive Customer Impact:

Customers have already benefited from the move by bringing aboard American electrical systems and appliances so the boats are serviceable in the Americas. The new yachts, originally produced in Europe, have also been updated to accommodate the boating culture and lifestyle of the American market by adding options such as generators and additional air conditioning for clients in hotter climates such as Florida, The Bahamas, Mexico and South America.

The new US manufacturing is an update driven by a growing global market and is part of VanDutch worldwide commitment to deliver the latest product updates to its individual markets. The new VanDutch yachts are available immediately for purchase through the VanDutch Americas Sales Network.

VanDutch the Brand:

VanDutch Marine Ltd. – in short “VanDutch”– was founded in 2008. VanDutch introduced its first product line, the VanDutch 40 in 2009 and has sold an impressive more than 120 VanDutch 40 Yachts.

From 2012 onwards, VanDutch introduced an additional 3 new product Lines, the VanDutch 30, the VanDutch 40 Walk Around version, and the highly sought after VanDutch 55.

Motor yacht VanDutch 75 is currently under construction and will be available at the end of 2014.

VanDutch Centers:

To increase and modernize her global Sales and Service network, VanDutch opens Factory Direct VanDutch Centers on locations in the Americas (North, Central & South), Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. In the USA, VanDutch Centers will open their doors in East and West Florida, The Bahamas, New York & The Hamptons, California and around the Great Lakes. With the launch of these centers the VanDutch Customers and VanDutch Dealers/ Brokers, will be able to experience the various VanDutch models in an effective and efficient way, around the Globe.

The atmosphere in the VanDutch Centers is tailored entirely to facilitate and support Sales & Service of the VanDutch Yachts. Each of the VanDutch Centers will include the models 30, 40, 40 walk-around, 55 and the 75. All these yachts are available for inspection and sea trial.

The VanDutch Centers will have VanDutch merchandise, such as: VanDutch Clothing, VanDutch Spa Collection, VanDutch Watches and VanDutch Miniature Model Yachts.

All VanDutch Centers worldwide have the same general looks following the concept of VanDutch.

About VanDutch USA:

VanDutch USA, Inc., headquartered in the Yachting Capital of the World, Fort Lauderdale, FL., is the exclusive USA Importer of VanDutch Yachts.

The company supports its Customers, authorized VanDutch Centers, Dealers and Broker Network with Sales, Marketing, Sales and After-Sales Assistance, Customer Service, Sales and Technical Training, Warranty, Administration and Financial Services among other Services. The company also supports the development of the VanDutch Brand in the USA by participating in Events, VanDutch Getaways, Cross Marketing Programs, Cultural and Philanthropic Activities.

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