Top Winter Charter Destinations: From Sunny Exotic Escapes to Adventure-filled Superyacht Expeditions

Once winter sets in it’s time to seek out sunnier climes, and guests on a ...

Top Winter Charter Destinations: From Sunny Exotic Escapes to Adventure-filled Superyacht Expeditions

November 09, 2017

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Once winter sets in it’s time to seek out sunnier climes, and guests on a luxury yacht charter have no end of destinations to choose from, with the ever-popular Caribbean beckoning visitors back year after year and the stunning locations of Southeast Asia offering so much more than luscious beaches and sunny weather.

Light Holic available in the Indian Ocean

Light Holic available in the Indian Ocean

For the adventurous looking for something different this season, there are the far-flung reaches of Antarctica and Patagonia, where guests can truly put the most innovative water toys to the test.

Indian Ocean


One of the most beloved locations for exotic escapes on a luxury yacht charter, the Maldives is a heady mix of living local culture, pristine coastal locations and exemplary dive sites. Luxury lifestyle lovers will find numerous spas, resorts, clubs and shops for hours of rest and relaxation, and with the majority of the 1,200 islands being uninhabited it’s easy for visitors by superyacht to find a secluded spot to escape from it all.

COMO Cocoa Island, Maldives

COMO Cocoa Island, Maldives

Bringing together state-of-the-art technology and architecture designed to blend into the environment and embody 21st Century innovation, the Maldives is a truly unique destination, where blue-glowing bio-luminescent beaches add to the wonder and romance of a night under the stars.

The sea is clean and clear, making the perfect environment for family holidays with young children, and the water temperature tends to fluctuate within a warm and relaxing 26°C-30°C for snorkelling, diving and playing with the water toys.

Beginner divers have a myriad of options and sites such as Vaavu Atoll reward with sightings of manta rays. The currents can be strong passing through the atolls and the Lhaviyani Atoll offers more experienced divers a challenge.

Fishing is also a rewarding experience and the seas are teeming with delicacies. Some areas are protected against overfishing but an experienced captain will not only avoid these locations but take you to some great local spots.


Roam through the islands of the Seychelles and discover a tropical wilderness of uninhabited islands where UNESCO World Hertiage Sites such as Vallée de Mai will steal the breath away from visitors.

Fantastic vacations in Seychelles

Fantastic vacations in Seychelles

Take out the water toys for action-packed adventure among the uninhabited islands, then recover on a white-sand beach and watch the sun sink over the horizon to reveal a river of stars.

The Seychelles is just as much a paradise for art as it is for nature and there are plenty of luxury boutiques and galleries to add to a land-based excursion. Mahé is the epicentre of the nightlife and luxury charter guests have a choice of casinos, clubs and bars in which to spend their evenings.

The dive sites range from 8-40 metres deep to give beginner and advanced divers an excellent variety of locations for each day of their trip. Madagascar and Mauritius are only a short distance away to the south for luxury charters that want to include more than one destination in their itineraries.


Each island has its unique blend of natural wonders, vibrant culture and carefully preserved history to make every destination an adventure. The fine balance between high-end facilities and untouched islands ensures the region’s popularity and charter guests can go from a serene beach in the middle-of-nowhere to spending the night partying in one of the famous clubs and bars, such as Foxy’s Beach Bar in the British Virgin Islands.

Couple diving in the Caribbean © St.Vincent & the Grenadines Tourism Authority

Couple diving in the Caribbean © St.Vincent & the Grenadines Tourism Authority

St. Lucia and St. Vincent & the Grenadines all have spectacular areas of natural beauty, with the former being the location of the Pitons – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – while the verdant slopes of St. Vincent are the grounds of an active volcano. Black sand beaches along the leeward side are lapped by clear blue water and make a striking location for a sunset meal.

St Lucia - ©Saint Lucia Tourist Board

St Lucia – ©Saint Lucia Tourist Board

Every destination is excellent for water sports and guests looking for unique dive sites will be spoiled for choice: Saint-Pierre Bay in Martinique is lined with corals, sponges and sea fans and many species of turtle can be spotted in the area. Dominica‘s diving spots south of Roseau are not to be missed by divers seeking underwater caves, arches, coral gardens and trenches dug by lava. One of the unique features of the region is the Champagne Reef, where thousands of tiny bubbles escape from the porous rocks to the surface.


Southeast Asia

Myanmar (Burma)

Southeast Asia is opening up as a luxury charter destination and Myanmar is enjoying some of the success that neighbouring Thailand has received. Pagodas rise through the mist and evoke timeless themes of exploration and adventure, while air balloons fly over the settlements. Trek through the forest or visit the local markets for authentic souvenirs of your trip.

The Mergui Archipelago has long attracted visitors with its carefully maintained environment, where marine life fills the surrounding seas and divers are treated to an exceptional display of corals, gorgonian fans, anemones and fish of all sizes.

Fisherman in Myanmar © Myanmar Tourism Federation (MTF)

Fisherman in Myanmar © Myanmar Tourism Federation (MTF)


The exotic and idyllic landscapes of Thailand have a well-established reputation for drawing in travellers with a roaring nightclub scene: Casinos and shopping opportunities abound and the savoury street food adds even greater ambience to the bustling nightlife.



The tourism industry has invested in state-of-the-art marinas to ensure that even mega yachts are able to visit and find a berth along the sparkling coastline. In January, the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous Cup will take place at SALA Phuket Resort in Mai Khao Bay and the superyacht community will gather together for drinks and entertainment night and day throughout the event.

The Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Islands are two popular spots for adventure holidays, combining rain forest trekking with water sports in front of soft sandy beaches empty of any crowds.


Indonesia has a proud history with sailing and the traditional sailing boats, known as phinisi, can be seen heading from one luxury charter spot to the next with silent, graceful beauty. Bali and Java both host beautiful resorts, spas and plenty of entertainment for a fun-filled holiday after sunset.

Raja Ampat - Photo Jez Ohare

Raja Ampat – Photo Jez Ohare

There will be numerous opportunities for guests to break out the water toys for an afternoon of high-octane fun or simply exploring along the rocky coastlines aboard paddleboards and kayaks.

Visit the famous Komodo Dragons at Komodo Island and dive among some of the world’s best sites; Alor Island has incredible caves, colourful flora carpet the sea floor and sharks, eagle rays and turtles are only some of the marine life to spot as you swim around.

Antarctica and Patagonia

Expedition yachts are allowing charter guests to go deeper into the extreme wilds of the world than ever before, with an ever-increasing list of luxuries available on board. Far south, the stark contrasts of Antarctica and Patagonia have an allure all of their own, hiding natural beauty and national treasures that are just waiting to be discovered on a luxury yacht charter.

Superyacht LEGEND in Antarctica

Superyacht LEGEND in Antarctica

Cruise down the vivid coast of Chile to visit the Amalia Glacier and view the southern ice fields, or whale watching near the Valdes Peninsula in Argentina. See the Cave of the Painted Hands in the Pinturas River Valley and the magnificent colours running through the logs at the petrified woods in Río Mayo. The ends of the world are not without their indulgences and guests will find spas, resorts and retreats before heading out into the true untamed wilds.

There is no better opportunity to make use of the most unique and large water toys than in the Antarctic, where submarines allow guests to explore what’s under the waves and amphibious vehicles can take guests across difficult terrain.

Wake up to stark contrasts between sea, mountains and sky and have breakfast while observing whales, seals and uncommon marine birds that can be photographed in their natural habitat. Afterwards, explore Torres del Paine National Park and trek in an unforgettable landscape where misty waterfalls tumble between rugged mountains.

At the end of a busy day, fall asleep in warmth and luxury while Aurora Australis – the Southern Lights – dances among the stars.

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