Top 10 Bizarre Yacht Concepts

The yachting industry is booming, attracting some young and ambitions ...

Top 10 Bizarre Yacht Concepts

December 01, 2016

Written by Maria Korotaeva

The yachting industry is booming, attracting some young and ambitions designers, as well as some bespoke design studios who have been in the yachting for a while. The explanation is simple: “the limit is the sky” – say some designers, comparing boats and yachts to other architectural concepts in the world. The question is, are they realistic, lucrative, and will they ever make it to the market? Here we have compiled a list of the most outrageous superyacht concepts.

1. Yacht Island Design

Dreaming of your own luxury superyacht? Dream bigger! Because the Yacht Island Design studio likes to do things differently, they suggest you have the whole island, or streets of Monaco, or a palace as a superyacht. The company has now designed 5 concepts, with 2 of them soon to be presented, and one called “Tropical Island Paradise” that you might have already seen before. This is an absolute head-turner concept. Does is look like it will be brought to life?


Tropical Island Yacht Design


Yacht Island Design “Tropical Island Paradise”

2. Trilobis

Trilobis is the first eco-yacht that looks like a spaceship but provides a unique underwater experience on board. Although it all sounds a little complicated, interior of the vessel is quite simple: it consists of living spaces over 4 levels and accommodates up to 6 guests. However, the best part of the luxury experience starts at the underwater glass room, designed for the best views with 6 seats, software that controls lighting and electromechanical windows that change transparency automatically depending on the outside light.


Trilobis Yacht

3. Ikkar Transforming Yacht

The 150-metre yacht concept was developed by Julien Anglade. This is a hybrid yacht that can transformed into different shapes depending on the passengers’ preferences. Ikkar accommodates 50 guests assisted by a crew of 70. Living spaces are enormous, with an option of having a huge swimming pool, a cinema theatre and other luxury entertainment spaces.

Ikkar Transforming Yacht

Ikkar Transforming Yacht

4. Infinitas

This yacht design concept evolved from the symbol for infinity, which has been abstractly expressed in the exterior. Infinitas has a very impressive feature – the pool deck. It is extraordinary, as guests would have had three option how to cross it: to dive in the underwater opening in her layout from one site to another; to use an overhead skybridge; or to go through a lower level lounge. Guests on board surely would have been entertained.



Infinitas Pool deck

Infinitas Pool deck

5. Project Magnitude

Project Magnitude was originally design by Lukas Opalinski based on Y700 Oceanco Series. This 90m superyacht is a representation of the innovative technology with functional design. One of the key features in her design was a unified platform that could be opened from the watersport deck allowing to launch water toys or even do some morning exercises and jogging.


Project Magnitude

6. Tofi

The winner of the 2011 “Dremboat” Millennium yacht design award, yacht Tofi was designed by Hyun Seok Kim. The concept is built on the idea of a total comfort. This compact yacht comprises of so much space, and all you need for a staying on board throughout your journey: two bedrooms and a living room, large terrace for entertainment facilities, a small room with a hole on the floor for fishing, and the roof for a bbq, sunbathing and social gatherings.


Tori Yacht


Tori at night

7. Why

Famous French high fashion luxury good manufacturer Hermes in 2009 designed a superyacht concept “WHY”. Together with the shipbuilder Wally, Hermes proposed an idea of the £90-million yacht concept that would measure 58 x 38 metres. Superyacht Why was supposed to present a vessel not just as a form of transport but also as a comfortable luxury villa. The designers who developed the concept saw an opportunity on the market for creating an owner’s own space that could be taken on any voyage without being in a hurry to arrive at any destination.


Yacht Why


Wally and Hermes: Yacht Why

8. Emax Excalibur

Emax Excalibur definitely deserves to be called the “Future Superyacht”. This concept was presented by Sauter Carbin Offset Desing in collaboration with Ned Ship as “the green vessel”. This is due to the fact that this yacht is covered with solar panels and built from kevlar and carbon, and is completely carbon neutral. The Plug-in Max Excalibur can reach a maximum speed of 30 knots, and cruise at a speed of 18 knots.

Emax Excalibur

Emax Excalibur

9. U-010 Undersea

If you are a fan of the underwater world, and snorkelling and diving is just not enough for you, why do not consider a submarine yacht? The U-010 yacht concept created by young designers Marina Colombo and Sebastiano Vida combines all features of both luxury superyacht and submarine. The double-skin hull with a layer of aluminium and high-modulus steel allows the vessel to move under water at a top speed of 10 kn and at a maximum depth of 200 feet. A large number of windows and very welcoming interior design  provide comfort on board and astonishing views.

U-010 Exterior

U-010 Exterior

U-010 yacht

U-010 Yacht

10. Voronoi

“The floating snowflake”, “the most beautiful yacht in the world”, “the most extravagant yacht design” – all these are description of the, indeed, very thrilling yacht design concept Voronoi. Hyun-Seek Kim presented this concept in 2011 and called her “Voronoi”, which is a surname of the Russian math professor Gregory Voronoy. The design follows a pattern of an algorithmic diagram by Voronoy, which in practise removes unnecessary blocks of solid spaces, while creating a solid and tough structure.


Voronoi concept


Voronoi yacht

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