Superyacht Project Gotham: Exclusive Interview with Ivan Erdevicki of ER Yacht Design

An interview with ER Yacht Design President Ivan Erdevicki on superyacht ...

Superyacht Project Gotham: Exclusive Interview with Ivan Erdevicki of ER Yacht Design

April 12, 2018

Written by Maria Korotaeva

An interview with ER Yacht Design President Ivan Erdevicki on superyacht Project Gotham.

When Icon Yachts revealed the first concept images for a 46m/150ft superyacht known as PROJECT GOTHAM, the industry took notice of the exterior styling from ER Yacht Design, who also created the interior styling. Due for launch in Spring 2019, this powerful-looking and masculine yacht combines a sturdy and sleek appearance with cutting-edge design.

46m Gotham project rendering – bow view

Ivan Erdevicki, talks exclusively with CharterWorld about PROJECT GOTHAM, the evolution of the luxury yachting industry and other upcoming projects for ER Yacht Design.

1. How is PROJECT GOTHAM the same as, and at the same time different from, previous ER Yacht Design Projects?

In almost all of our creations, we try to step away from a typical yacht design cliché and to create a design that really makes its own statement with styling, but at the same time remains truly seaworthy, usable and buildable. With the Gotham Design, we went one step further and infused some “spirit” into it as well! It is a very exciting boat.

46m Gotham project rendering – built by Icon Yachts

2. What materials and textures were used in the interior and exterior guest areas?

Both interior and exterior areas are comfortable and luxurious with ample deck space for leisure and entertainment. Every single fabric, moulding, corner etc., is fully custom designed and manufactured to the client’s liking. Even some loose furniture is custom designed and built, such as the coffee tables, chairs etc.

Interior wall panels are covered in leather and accented with specialized materials in certain areas. Brushed stainless steel trims are used throughout the yacht but in a very discreet and unassertive way. The interior materials, colours and textures are carefully designed to reflect the sporty exterior appearance of the yacht, but still with a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Ivan Erdevicki

3. What was your favourite area (interior or exterior) to design?

In this particular project, it is most certainly the exterior: The main characteristic of the design is a confident, aggressive and modern-looking superyacht that will turn heads and grab attention in any superyacht marina in the World. This objective was achieved by starting from a clean sheet of paper and developing ideas around a 45m/148ft concept and, with the client’s focused input, crystallized the design to what it looks today, ready for construction.

4. What were the most challenging aspects of PROJECT GOTHAM?

Since this yacht is so uniquely special in her exterior appearance, the most challenging aspect of the project was to be able to keep the required style and look of the boat and at the same time satisfy deck thicknesses and heights for structural and system design requirements. In the end, it all came down to the smallest details and exterior lines adjustments in millimetres. Amazing!

Foyer with Wine Cellar

5. Can you tell us about any of the cutting edge design features and technology incorporated into PROJECT GOTHAM?

I can certainly think of several very special, and some of these unique design characteristics incorporated into this design. The signature feature is the twin aft-swept winged masts, a feature unique to Erdevicki designs.

From a performance point of view: The underwater hull design by Van Oossanen naval architects is a credit towards the boat’s efficiency, seaworthiness and overall reliability of the yacht, both for high-speed dynamic stability and comfort at sea. A stern mounted hydrofoil Hull Vane, improves the hull efficiency to add almost 3 knots.

In terms of AV Systems, this yacht will probably be one of the most advanced and the best AV equipped yachts anywhere, with a truly high-tech AV system throughout the exterior and interior areas.

master stateroom

There will also be a fully functional DJ stations on the flybridge deck, a state-of-the-art AV control system in the lower deck, fully integrated retractable high volume speakers on the upper deck and state-of-the-art speaker systems thought the interior spaces, controlled by remote and touchscreen control system, just to mention a few.

The yacht will also have a unique in-floor wine cellar on the lower deck, fully custom designed with a dual cooling system for different kinds of wine, and tempered glass top with LEDlighting. On the large aft deck fixed swim platform there will be a transformable transom bar, which will provide a truly unique system of swim platform transformation to the beach club.

Spacious main saloon

6. What other superyacht projects can we look forward to from ER Yacht Design?

We are currently working on several yacht projects and concept designs as well. One of these, worth mentioning, is a truly revolutionary 65m/213ft project. The project will be so distinctive in its idea that it might change the way of thinking for the yacht industry! The project will be featured at the Monaco Yacht Show this year.

46m Gotham project rendering – aerial close up of the aft decks

7. What major changes do you see happening in superyacht design over the next five years?

To me, it seems that the trend of ‘true purpose of the yacht as a boat’ is coming back, no longer only as an entertainment and exhibition platform, but more as a self-contained, safe and secure world that is able to move around the globe in maximum luxury and style. This in return will require implementing the newest technology and “green” solutions.

However, there is a strong demand both from clients and the market to have new ideas implemented in purpose and the style of the designs. We will see, but I think most of the time clients are willing to accept new practical and good ideas. If something is different it doesn’t mean it is good; but if something is different and good and meaningful – both in design and/or technology, then that can be considered a masterpiece.

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