Superyacht Cup Palma 2010 Day 2

The Opening night party Superyacht cup 2010 Palma As always, the wind ...

Superyacht Cup Palma 2010 Day 2

June 26, 2010

Written by Mike Smith

The Opening night party Superyacht cup 2010 Palma

As always, the wind conditions can be predictable or unpredictable and in the case of Superyacht Cup Palma Day 2, they were both. Everyone bobbed around the committee boat, saying here we go again, with delay after delay and everyone expecting a simple puff of wind, just enough to fill the myriad of sails. But the race officer, even though he was warned of the typical conditions in the Bay of Palma, kept his fingers crossed and an eye of the breeze, to call an ideal start and a shortened course, starting around two-ish when the first boats crossed in front of Tigerlily of Cornwall.

Yacht Alarife and Salperton Palma Superycht Cup 2010

En-route to the first mark, we all fought to keep focused as the breeze played with our minds, saying 10 knots, maybe 12 knots, I’m not sure how much I’m going to blow today. Then after rounding, all in staggered sequence with only one or two over taking each other,  on to the second mark all the way across the bay.  The island surprised us and delivered a superb gust up to 18 knots, and the fleet started to move, kites went up and smiles were across everyone’s faces. The strengthening breeze kept everyone active and the fleet was really sailing, no one could complain about these perfect conditions. The late afternoon sun was shimmering across the bay and the fleet romped home after the final zig zagged mark, with an almost perfect fleet finish, all within a few boat lengths of each other, the simplest of days became heaven on earth and water.

Yacht Tenaz

The Superyacht Cup Palma delivered in bucket loads and the bar chat tonight will be of good sailing and relaxed racing, after all this is not a dangerous race where people feel scared or sail on the edge of technology, but a regatta where families, friends and crew all play together and enjoy what yachts are all about. In defence of the Superyacht Cup, I have to also add that if today’s racing was anything to go by, this is a perfect way for owners to really appreciate life afloat.  I had the good fortune of sailing on board Sailing yacht Tenaz, a family run yacht with everything you would expect, children playing on deck, mum reading the papers and dad at the helm, and at the end of the day, he thrust his arms in the air with triumphant shout, yes we came 6th, thanks gang he added, and then he, his children and the crew all laid the fenders ready and started to wash down, it truly was all hands on deck, and a true representation of what this event is all about. Good clean racing fun. Lets hope for more of the same today.


By Martin Redmayne

Yacht Hyperion

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