South Pacific Yacht Charter: Superyacht Experts Discuss Newly Launched Website

Following the recent launch of a new website which promotes South Pacific as a ...

South Pacific Yacht Charter: Superyacht Experts Discuss Newly Launched Website

August 07, 2015

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Following the recent launch of a new website which promotes South Pacific as a yacht charter destination, superyacht agents and experts have been discussing the advantages of the new alliance of such beautiful and colourful countries as Australia, Fiji, Tahiti and New Zealand, and why it is of a huge asset to the superyacht industry.



When cruising the waters of the Pacific Ocean, charterers become part of a big family. Visitors will receive a warm welcome and have the opportunity to experience one-of-a-kind Fijian, Tahitian, Aboriginal and Maori cultures as insiders. Doors to the world of fresh and exciting new cuisine will open, unveiling new tastes and ingredients to the charterers. A personalised South Pacific itinerary includes adventures in pure, awe-inspiring and untouched environments, visiting places so beautiful one would think they have been photoshopped. Endless fishing, diving and extreme adventure sports opportunities await around each ‘corner’ of this special and breath-taking part of the world.

South Pacific Map

South Pacific Map

Meet great people who are also some of the best hosts, experienced guides, admired sailors and world class refit craftsmen – then come back again for more. This time as a mate.

The new website ‘’ allows superyachts to navigate the South Pacific countries’ websites to gain valuable information they need for making their cruising decisions and itinerary suggestions richer and even more exciting.

A cross-national alliance of Australia, Fiji, Tahiti and New Zealand launched the new website this week, showcasing South Pacific’s hidden treasures and everything that is needed the meet the global superyacht fleet demands, with agents who are experienced, knowledgeable and ready to offer a huge welcome and the best of service.

“Superyacht agents of the South Pacific have been working together for many years to promote a continuity of care for superyachts travelling between the various countries represented in the South Pacific. The new South Pacific Superyachting initiative will strengthen this network by promoting the whole destination experience and alliances between these South Pacific countries, to give visiting superyachts the best South Pacific experience,” says Carrie Carter of Carter Agencies Australia

Etienne Boutin, of Asia-Pacific Superyachts Tahiti agrees with Carter.

“The Asia Pacific Superyachts network of strategic locations looks forward to promoting the South Pacific Superyachting initiative and the South Pacific Region as a whole. The South Pacific is already a well-appreciated cruising destination in most people’s mind but what the SPSY initiative can achieve is to raise it into the select club of prime cruising destinations, which it belongs to by all standards: great sailing and exploring, fun activities for all, security, good support and top technical facilities,” says Boutin.

“Agents provide detailed knowledge of the destination and a personalised service to crew and guests. In a destination like Fiji your agent can ensure your visit to Fiji is plain sailing. Asia Pacific Superyachts Fiji believes that the South Pacific Superyachting initiative will attract more superyachts to the South Pacific and we look forward to welcoming them when they do,” says David Jamieson, Asia Pacific Superyachts Fiji.

“The launch of South Pacific Superyachting is another example of the marine industry and its commitment to offer reliable, experienced and dedicated suppliers and contractors to visiting superyachts. The formation of South Pacific nations to unite and encourage superyachts to the region will only benefit the area as whole and give the superyacht captain and owner assurance that the support for these yachts is available from a reliable source. The formation will give strength and credibility to the destinations,” says Allan Jouning, director, 37 South.

The new ‘’ website is now live with links to some of the respective countries’ marine and tourism websites for visiting yachts.

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