Sailing yacht RANGER – the “overall” winner of the Saint Barths Bucket Regatta 2010.

The Saint Barths Bucket Regatta 2010 which ran from the 25th to the 28th of ...

Sailing yacht RANGER – the “overall” winner of the Saint Barths Bucket Regatta 2010.

March 30, 2010

Written by Chelsea Smith

The Saint Barths Bucket Regatta 2010 which ran from the 25th to the 28th of March was a great success. With 39 entries, this year’s St-Barts Bucket was the largest group of large luxury sailing yacht entries ever assembled at a Bucket regatta. Please see below for a list of the awards and winners of this year’s regatta.  

Sailing yacht Ranger at the 2010 St barth's bucket Regatta - Photo by Oskar Kihlborg

 The “overall” winner of the Saint Barths Bucket Regatta 2010 was luxury J Class sailing yacht RANGER. The overall winner represents the best performance overall for combined results, all classes, all races. Second and third places went to Perini Navi sailing yachts Andromeda le dea and P2 respectively.

Overall winners:

1st: Ranger

2nd: Andromeda_le_dea

3rd: P2

 In 2005 the yachts sailing in the regatta were split into 2 classes which were a “Cruising Division” and “Racing Division”.  Theses classes were named “Les Gazelles des Mers” for the Racing Division and “Les Grandes Dammes des Mers” for the Cruising Division.

Each Division has trophies presented for best performance overall, and saw J Class Ranger win the Racing class, with Perini Navi Andromeda winning the Cruising class.

 “Les Gazelles des Mers” – Racing Class

 1st:  Ranger

2nd: P2

3rd: Unfurled

 Les Grandes Dammes des Mers” for the Cruising Class

1st: Andromeda_le_dea

2nd: Axia

3rd: Hetairos

 Sailing yacht Georgia won the Alloy Cup – which is the Best Performance by an Alloy Yacht.

The winner of the All Star Crew Award was sailing yacht Antara.

At each Bucket Event, every yacht is asked to cast a ballot for the yacht crew among the fleet that demonstrates the most professional service in all tasks, while maintaining the best voie de vivre, camaraderie, teamwork and respect among the crew.  This is the crew that displays the pinnacle of the profession and has the most fun at it – the yacht that everyone wants to work aboard.   Because the award is earned by peer recognition, it has earned serious stature within the marine industry.

 The Spirit of the Bucket Trophy was awarded to luxury yacht Gloria.

 This award is presented each year by Alice Huisman, to the yacht that best exemplifies the spirit of the Bucket Regattas.  The selection is absolutely subjective, but considers sportsmanship, safe seamanship, best hospitality and overall contribution to the event. 

The Perini Navi Cup which is awarded to the Perini-Navi Yacht with the best combined result went to sailing yacht Andromeda_le_dea.

 The Vitters Seamanship Trophy was won by sailing yacht Baracuda.

The Vitters Seamanship Trophy is awarded to the yacht that demonstrates the best seamanship and sportsmanship in the interest of promoting safety on the race course.  All participants in the Bucket acknowledge that superyachts have serious limitations operating safely in close quarters and therefore, the RC has always valued safety well above performance.  This award will recognize the yacht that best demonstrates that understanding.  It also goes to prove that nice guys don’t always finish last…

The Skullduggery Cravat was awarded to sailing yacht Axia.

The Skullduggery Cravat is a perfectly tied Admiralty Noose, framed, with instructions in elegant calligraphy on how to tie a proper, 13 turn noose.  This was originally awarded to the owner of SARIYAH in 2002, so his captain, Timothy Laughridge (Bucket Committee) could be hung at the pleasure of the Fleet.

The award was renamed and put forward by the Committee to reinforce the Bucket premise that we are NOT here to promulgate adult behaviour. The Cravat will be awarded to the yacht and crew who display the best bucket humour.  As a guideline, one year the crew of  SARIYAH spent the evening prior to the last race, slaughtering a down feathered mattress, then they packed the feathers in with their spinnaker so when they set their ‘Chute with the Hawk logo the following day, they not only dusted the horizon with feathers, but left a rubber chicken hanging from their spinnaker pole!!!

 And last but not least, the Escargot Cup went to the luxury sailing yacht TOTO.

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