Get Inspired: Popular Alternative Winter Charter Hotspots This Year

While the Caribbean represents the most popular destination for winter ...

Get Inspired: Popular Alternative Winter Charter Hotspots This Year

October 26, 2016

Written by Eva Belanyiova

While the Caribbean represents the most popular destination for winter holidays, there are a number of breathtaking destinations as a fantastic alternative for a luxury superyacht charter vacation. The Indian Ocean and the South Pacific are increasingly sought after thanks to their wonderful cruising grounds and beautiful natural environment. Get inspired and get ready for a new adventure!

Image courtesy of  Tourism Mauritius

Image courtesy of Tourism Mauritius


A burgeoning luxury market full of imaginative architecture which takes full advantage of the breathtaking beauty both on land and under the water, the Maldives has never been a better option for a luxury yacht charter. Luxury shopping for both designer brands and bespoke fashion items is easily accomplished and there is plenty to entertain children and adults alike.

Surfing in Maldives

Surfing in Maldives

Male contains two marinas for easy provisioning before heading off to discover the hidden beauty of the scattered isles beyond. The area is relatively flat and excels in its pristine coastlines and resorts where man-made structures work in harmony to preserve the natural environment.

Diners keen to know where their meal comes from can watch it being sourced right in front of their very eyes: seafood makes up a large part of the island diet and is caught fresh from the surrounding sea. The majority of the fresh fruit is also grown on the islands for a truly authentic experience.



Dive through shimmering silvery waters and discover thriving reefs where schools of multi-coloured fish gather to shelter and feed. Observe whales, turtles and dolphins pass through the area and enjoy a bird’s eye view as you parasail high above everything around you.

At sunrise and sunset, watch the sky change shades as you’ve never seen before while you dine alfresco or enjoy a relaxing soak in your luxury charter yacht’s Jacuzzi. Whether you stay close to Male or go in search of your own piece of paradise, the Maldives is the ideal backdrop for life aboard a charter yacht.


When there are places in the Indian Ocean nicknamed the Garden of Eden, and ‘paradise on Earth’, their reputation alone is surely worth investigating and the Seychelles doesn’t disappoint: The waters are as clear and blue as the sky, the vegetation lush and the buildings in-keeping with the island’s unique style to create an almost fairy-tale location hidden on an island in the tropics.

Anse Severe - La Digue - Image courtesy of Seychelles Tourism Board

Anse Severe – La Digue – Image courtesy of Seychelles Tourism Board

The Seychelles has long been a cruising destination for the rich and famous and as such the marina facilities are well developed: the Eden Island Marina on Mahe ‘is a new dedicated superyacht facility developed in conjunction with the Eden Island luxury residential project’, according to the marina’s website. It can berth superyachts up to 115m/377ft in length, providing secure and sheltered docking and facilities while you explore the extraordinary locations on land. The tourist spots across the islands are well maintained and visitors can expect to find bars, clubs, restaurants and plenty of shopping in the developed towns.

Anse Severe - La Digue - Image courtesy of Seychelles Tourism Board

Anse Severe – La Digue – Image courtesy of Seychelles Tourism Board

The islands are particularly alluring for divers and fishing enthusiasts, both of whom will come across a magnificent diversity of vibrant fish. Anyone learning to dive will find the clear waters and delicate reefs an enchanting training ground and there’s something to suit all abilities. Water sports are commonplace here and the sight of a laser sail boat or a jet-skier is not out of place.

The islands are inhabited to various degrees and the further from the main island of Mahe you travel, the less likely you will come across signs of human life. Some of the islands are completely untouched and the tropical island of Praslin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The winding coasts have plenty to satisfy explorers and photographers on a Seychelles yacht charter, with beaches lined with giant, egg-shaped boulders that compliment the location’s mystique.

Lion Fish - Image credit to Seychelles Tourism Board

Lion Fish – Image credit to Seychelles Tourism Board

As well as impressive sea life and picturesque beaches, the Seychelles is home to unique attractions on the planet, including the ‘Coco de Mer’. Located in the Vallee de Mai Praslin, this palm tree grows up to 30m/98ft in height and local legends tell that it came from the depths of the sea. Whatever its origin, it grows the largest seed in the world and attracts the Seychelles black parrot, considered one of the rarest birds in the world and listed as Vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). When you visit the Seychelles, you will find no place on Earth to match its natural beauty and charm while at the same time being equipped for private luxury charters. Make your next break a trip through Mahe and the scattered islands of the Seychelles and discover why it is still such a popular cruising ground today.


A heady mix of languages, cultures and cuisines from around the globe, Mauritius is charmingly cosmopolitan while at the same time remaining unique as a charter destination. The islands are close to one of the largest coral reefs on the planet, which shelters fragile marine biodiversity that can only be seen in a few locations across the world.

Spectacular Beaches - Image credit to Tourism Mauritius

Spectacular Beaches – Image credit to Tourism Mauritius

Whether charter guests intend to spend their days exploring the land or the ocean, Mauritius is a well-developed tourism spot ready to receive golfers, fishing enthusiasts and spa lovers alike. Mauritius has an excellent reputation as sailing grounds and luxury catamarans are often spotted heading to the other islands to explore or enjoy the privacy of quiet, pristine beaches. Discover Mauritius for yourself and you will find an amazing yacht charter destination with no end of activities, however long your stay.

Horseriding - Image credit to Tourism Mauritius

Horseriding – Image credit to Tourism Mauritius


Thailand has long been an established name in luxury holidays for its hospitality and 5-star resorts. Now, the location is opening up to the yacht charter market and realising its potential for equipping marinas to berth larger luxury yachts. The clear waters make an ideal training ground to learn how to scuba dive and the coral reefs and diverse wildlife makes for no end of entertainment. Temples and ancient sites are scattered along the coast and up into the mountains, waiting for explorers to discover them.



Nightlife in Thailand is unrivalled for its eclectic mix of high-end clubs, savoury street foods and night markets. Whether guests are looking for a quiet getaway or a land-based adventure, Thailand has plenty to offer travellers.


Australia has a well-established reputation as a getaway destination for families looking to escape the winter blues, and no location is more famous in Australia than the Great Barrier Reef. Within the boundaries of this aquatic National Park are the Whitsundays – a string of islands rated as one of the most beautiful sailing grounds in the world.

Turtles, dolphins, manta rays and humpback whales use the colourful reefs for shelter on their migration and during the breeding season. Seclusion is easy to find with the benefit of a yacht charter and you can be watching the sunset out of sight from any signs of civilisation. Whether you are sunning yourself on the powder white beaches or scuba diving deep into a maze of coral to discover species you have never seen before, the Whitsundays are the perfect retreat from cold, dull days on the approach to Christmas.

Hamilton Island - Whitsunday Islands - Queensland - Credit to Tourism Australia - Photographer Ellenor Argyropoulos

Hamilton Island – Whitsunday Islands – Queensland – Credit to Tourism Australia – Photographer Ellenor Argyropoulos


Located east of the Australian coast and south of Vanuatu, New Caledonia is a French territory full of historic buildings and impressive wildlife. The islands have been isolated from the mainland for millions of years and because of this, many of its flora and fauna are unique to these small landmasses. The New Caledonian crow is a tool-using animal and considered to be one of the most advanced and intricate tool-makers in the animal kingdom. Underwater, the nautilus is a spectacular sight to behold: these ‘living fossils’ can reach almost a foot in diameter and are found in the Pacific Ocean surrounding the islands.

New Caledonia

New Caledonia

The Isle of Pines lagoon is listed amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its incredible diversity of reef structures closely packed together. On land, the island itself has plenty of historical settlements ideal for photography and exploration, with the country’s rich history waiting to be discovered.

The Loyalty Islands consist of Ouvea, Lifou and Mare. Ouvea is known to attract many sea turtles as well as coconut crabs, making it an ideal destination for scuba diving and snorkelling with wildlife. Lifou is known for its snorkelling around the bays and Mare is ideal for charter guests looking to sample local crafts and markets without the rush of crowds.


The South Pacific is gaining popularity as a destination that is as yet underdeveloped by the tourism trade. As such, the 300 islands that make up the Fiji nation are untouched and unreachable by anything other than private yacht charter, making the region an excellent destination for guests truly looking to get away from modern pressures and leave behind all work and worries.

Enchanting Fiji - Image credit to Tourism Fiji

Enchanting Fiji – Image credit to Tourism Fiji

The region boasts friendly locals and fresh cuisine including coconut and smoked fish, barbequed in the earth. Whether you sail past the coral barrier reef or take to the air to marvel at these verdant volcanic islands, each has plenty to offer visitors in terms of entertainment.

In Lautoka, the Koroyanitu National Heritage Park is dedicated to preserving the natural forests that surround craggy cliffs and both are home to diverse bird life. The park exemplifies Fiji at its most natural and will enchant nature enthusiasts and photographers alike with its beauty. The Sabeto Hot Springs in Nadi will provide a rustic spa treatment in the great outdoors and along the shore, Natadola beach is awash with corals that cover the white sands and litter the seabed beneath the azure waves. There are plenty of tracks along the coasts for hiking enthusiasts, passing by waterfalls and leading to little coastal villages.

Fiji - Image credit to Tourism Fiji

Fiji – Image credit to Tourism Fiji

As well as white water rafting along the rivers, Fiji is excellent for scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing, not to mention testing out the latest yacht toys available on the market. Guests looking to relax will find the perfect excuse to use the yacht sun loungers and keep cool with a cocktail from the bar.

Whether you choose to sail or live aboard a motor yacht, Fiji is welcoming and full of opportunities to experience a different pace of life and discover new things: Disconnect from work and relax in the South Pacific while you watch the sea life swim by your beach club under a setting sun. Away from the lights of civilisation, the Fiji Islands are an excellent destination for stargazing. Whether for a special occasion or the annual family getaway, a Fiji yacht charter has plenty to amaze guests young and old.


We hope our selection of the best alternative winter yacht charter holiday destinations has inspired you to embark on a new adventure in one of these breath-taking places on Earth. For more information and a selection of suitable superyachts and luxury boats at your chosen destination, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experienced brokers for an unbiased and gratuitous assistance.

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