Complete guide to sailing in the Mediterranean in 2020/21

There’s no better time for sunbathing and water sports than summer, and ...

Complete guide to sailing in the Mediterranean in 2020/21

February 21, 2020

Written by Maria Korotaeva

There’s no better time for sunbathing and water sports than summer, and the Mediterranean luxury yacht charter grounds has a massive selection of sailing yachts for the ultimate sea and sand holiday where culturally rich sites line the shores. Here is the complete guide to sailing in the Mediterranean in 2020/21.

Relaxing aboard sailing yacht THALIMA

Why choose a sailing yacht?

  • An experience closer to nature
  • The slower pace means more time to relax and take part in the moment
  • Choice of fewer modern day distractions or cutting-edge entertainment systems
  • Classic vessels offering atmospheric interiors
  • Catamarans offering greater stability
  • Excellent selection of water toys with you throughout the journey
  • Less noise and vibrations than a motor yacht

Luxury sailing yachts

The rules of luxury sailing yachts are changing, and nowadays there are vessels like MALTESE FALCON that can compete with motor yachts for lavish interiors and on board amenities. As you sail along you can watch the changing scenery from your deck Jacuzzi, and for night-time there are alfresco cinema setups for films under the stars.

Sailing holidays in Turkey

Vessel size and interiors can vary greatly, from sleek contemporary vessels designed for high performance in regattas to 50 year-old classics boasting carefully maintained traditional surroundings to stoke young imaginations. Layouts vary as well, with some providing an emphasis on outdoor space while others focus on having plush air-conditioned interiors with versatile spaces placed over two decks.

Some of the highly recommended opulent sailing yachts include THALIMA, SHAMANNA, ROSEHEARTY, VOLADOR, NEYINA, GENEVIEVE, AQUIJO, ZANZIBA and NADAMAS.

Opulent gulets

Gulets are two or three-masted sailing vessels that originated in Turkey, and production still continues in the region today for an authentic Eastern Mediterranean experience while discovering the Turkish Riviera, the Dodecanese Islands and beyond.

Leave behind modern day distractions and engage with your surroundings with a great collection of water toys and mouth-watering alfresco dining from professional chefs.

Gulet DOLCE VITA – Sailing

These vessels are often designed for 12 or more guests and many have been used for weddings and other special occasions involving large family gatherings.

Opulent gulets in the Mediterranean that have been highly suggested by the professional brokers at CharterWorld include STELLA MARIS, DOLCE VITA, DRAGONFLY and CAPRICORN 1.

Find out more about Turkish Gulets.

Care-free catamarans

The most prevalent type of sailing yacht is the catamaran, and it comes in all shapes and sizes with budgets typically aimed at family groups and couples. The two hulls offer the greatest stability and unlike mono-hulls, the accommodation is placed on the main deck for greater natural light. Luxury catamarans also tend to have shallower drafts than other sailing yacht options, passing through lagoons with greater ease for closer beach access. Catamarans also tend to be shorter in length but have a broader beam for the same size area.

Family-friendly catamaran

This large category doesn’t mean that the yachts themselves are carbon copies of each other either. The interior arrangement and colour scheme is personalised aboard each vessel, with some equipped with Jacuzzis and others providing an abundance of outdoor seating on board and well thought out beach setups.

Some of the best charter cats with fantastic reviews are IPHARRALA GATTA, NUMBER ONE, GYRFALCON, JOY, LIR and OCEAN MED.

What are the benefits of sailing with a crew?

The crew is the most important factor for an incredible luxury yacht charter experience, and there are Dive Masters and fitness instructors aboard some catamarans in the Mediterranean.

Charter SY Grand Bleu Vintage – Sailing with a crew

The crew are an integral part of your experience and certainly add the ‘luxury’ to a luxury yacht charter – there’s no need to cook, clean or spend every waking moment watching the kids, as your crew will keep them entertained with fun and games onboard. They’ll even watch them at the beach as well as making sure they’re safe with the water toys, giving the adults time to relax, rest and spend time on personal interests.

And of course, there’s the benefit of having a captain and crew knowledgeable in the local charter grounds, taking you to the best spots and avoiding all the tourist traps so that you can spend more quality time immersed in the local scenery and interacting with the amazing local wildlife.

What are the pros of having a tailored itinerary?

It’s quite easy to simply drift from day to day enjoying the abundance of beaches and snorkelling sites on offer, which is why having an organised itinerary to include the incredible Mediterranean landmarks is essential.

Along the Amalfi Coast, wake up in a peaceful cove and have breakfast alfresco, then cruise to such destinations such as the Blue Grotto at Capri or the shopping, galleries and museums in Naples before heading on to Pompeii. Knowing what is expected each day will help both guests and crew to plan ahead, whether it’s securing VIP tickets to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Venice, a late night in the Monaco casinos or a beach party with dinner by candlelight.

How much does it cost to sail in the Mediterranean?

The cost of sailing in the region depends on whether you charter during the busiest season or the shoulder seasons, the size of the vessel and the amenities onboard. As a result, prices can vary from as little as €12,000 per week plus expenses all the way up past €1 million.

Discover the Mediterranean aboard a sailing yacht

At the end of the charter, there is also the cost of food, drinks, any fuel to add up, and a tip for the crew. To avoid any nasty surprises with the bills at the end, guests can agree to an Advanced Provisioning Allowance (A.P.A.) beforehand that covers the cost of the food, a certain amount of drinks and fuel for the tenders etc. Your Captain will retain all receipts and keep guests informed throughout the charter about how much of the budget has been spent. If there is any of the allowance left over, it will be returned to the paying charter guest’s account.

How do charter guests review their sailing holidays in the Mediterranean?

Luxury yacht groups choose CharterWorld brokers for their extensive industry expertise and dedication to charter guests regardless of whether they are first-time cruisers or repeat clients. CharterWorld is a Corporate Member of MYBA – Worldwide Yachting Association and three brokers are members of the CYBA (Charter Yacht Brokers Association), adhering to the strictest standards in the industry for unparalleled service.

Here are two examples from recent luxury yacht charters in the Mediterranean:

“Hi Amanda, the Captain was very responsible, and most important of all he likes to be in the best place and is not like the others who prefer to stay away so as not to have problems in anchoring, he is active and always willing to help, and does his utmost to satisfy us. Mr. Yanis is very well educated and performs his duties very seriously and competently. Very good. The cook worked very hard and cooked very well what we asked her. Our trip was beautiful and wonderful, we were very well attended, and we highly recommend Number One and his crew. Best regards and thank you for everything, let’s keep in touch.”
RH – Catamaran NUMBER ONE / Mykonos – Mykonos, Greece / August 27 – September 3, 2019

“Aloha Trina: Many thanks for your attention to details. Everything went just fine on Ocean Med. The catamaran was a great choice as the rooms were perfect for our group. We appreciated & were delighted to have the extra crew member. I believe it would have been just too much for just 2, as the cook was busy most days in the kitchen, food terrific. Patrice was a delight as a captain with a can do attitude. He was very conscientious in regards to keeping our APA low. Luck had it that Capri was booked, along with restaurants; the water too rough to enter the blue caves, such is traveling. We did have a great time ashore enjoying the shopping and restaurants. I guess we will have to return! We look forward to our next family vacation next year :) Thank you so much for all your assistance to ensure a successful charter.”
OCEAN MED / 14-21 June / Naples-Naples

Sailing yacht holidays are highly recommended by charterers around the world

“Hi Amanda, The crew was very friendly, and very good sailors, Captain Francesco and his brother Renato were willing to navigate the area with no issue for distance, ocean conditions or even sailing at night which allowed us to visit Ponza and other beautiful islands that we would have not been able to visit otherwise. Also Sara, was a very friendly and nice person. The cook, Nadia, was super nice and the food was very good. Pasta and salads (that was what we selected). Francesco has a much more relaxed and informal way compared with other captains we have met before. For us the relaxed mood was ok. The boat was in good condition as well as the tender. Overall it was a good boat and good crew.”
Catamaran KASKAZI FOUR / Amalfi / July 10 – 17, 2019

“Hi Amanda, We absolutely loved the crew. They were really exactly what we needed. Very helpful hardworking and super insightful to what we wanted- maybe they had your direction a little :) Hope to rent again next year from you. There were some amazing Navi’s, our heart stopped seeing them. Best regards, IG and RG”
Sailing Yacht HERITAGE / Bonifacio, Corsica – Cala di Volpe, Sardinia / August 18-25, 2019

“Dear Martha, We got back to New York last night and wanted to thank you for finding us such a great boat and crew. A top of the line sailboat, in great condition, between 80 and 90 ft, at the right price is our sweet spot and we may be interested in chartering again next year. It will only be the two of us again so that should be a plus for the charterer. Thanks again!”
V.H SAILING YACHT CALLISTO / Athens – Athens / 14 – 21 August 2018

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CharterWorld brokers personally inspect the charter yachts at the boat shows throughout the year, finding the very best crews and vessels to recommend. Previous clients have been enamoured with the Mediterranean and fully endorse a sailing yacht charter to anyone who has yet to try holiday aboard a luxury yacht.


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