7 Reasons to Drop Everything Now and Visit St Martin on a Luxury Charter Yacht

St. Martin is a truly unique island in the heart of the Caribbean. Along with ...

7 Reasons to Drop Everything Now and Visit St Martin on a Luxury Charter Yacht

October 19, 2016

Written by Maria Korotaeva

St. Martin is a truly unique island in the heart of the Caribbean. Along with being one of the most popular luxury travel destinations, St Martin offers amazing sailing conditions for your next luxury yacht charter. Stunning emerald hills,  powder white beaches, breathtaking views of the coastline attract the high society every winter season. A yacht charter in St Martin is a great mix of island hopping and open blue water cruising. If your dream this chilly time of the year is to get out and explore the local culture, try scuba diving, go dancing and partying or simply to relax and be pampered on beautiful beaches, then you have to drop everything right now and start packing your luggage to visit this island. If this still does not convince you, here are the 7 reasons why you have to get in touch with your broker to secure a luxury yacht charter in St Martin.

1. First, get your tan.

With 37 incredible beaches to choose from, there is a guarantee that you will find your perfect spot. The climate of the area is tropical with year-round sunshine, and some warm and moist trade winds. Apart from getting your tan, there is another reason to visit the famous beaches of St Martin. Maho Beach, is a popular location among plane spotter and is one of a few places in the world where an aircraft can be seen so closely.


Manu Beach, St Martin. Photo by Sonny Maden

2. It is a unique island

The uniqueness of St Martins can be attributed to the fact that it is the smallest island in the world that belongs to two countries – France and the Netherlands, hence, the spelling St. Martin or Sint Maarten. With 34 sq mi of the total territory, there is no official boarder between the two nations.

3. A mix of cosmopolitan Mediterranean flair and Caribbean hospitality

The Caribbean Islands are famous for outstanding hospitality, gastronomic delights, the best rum in the world and jamborees. This, combined with European mentality and luxury services makes it a perfect place for a jet set lifestyle. A large number of luxury hotels, restaurants, boutiques and bars, stretched across the coastline, provide top class experience.


The French Capital of St Martin. Photo by Rick Duhrkopf

4. You are into active lifestyle

If you count your steps or calories each day, or have just got a new personal trainer and trained really hard for you vacation, or just lead an active lifestyle in general, you can still do all of that on you luxury superyacht charter in St Martin. Wether you prefer to disembark on a white-sand beach for some activities onshore, or cruise around to a perfect spot for snorkelling and water sports, or prefer to complete your daily workout on board the yacht, there are plenty of options to choose from.

5. When tranquility is the key

If you are sailing to the Caribbean a bit of time on the beach is obligatory. If you are keen for some luxurious lazing around then tranquil waters and light breeze on the beaches of St Martin is for you.

Tranquility. St Martin

Tranquility. St Martin

6.  Anguilla, St Barth, St Kitts, Antigua and Barbuda are only a few miles away

A perfect superyacht charter itinerary in the Caribbean would, indeed, include the bespoke islands in the yachting industry. Although the islands are located so close to each other, they are all completely different. Shoal Bay is a great place for hanging out in the neighbouring island of Anguilla. If you want to add some sumptuousness to your itinerary then St Barth, one of the most favourite places of the elite, movie stars and celebrities, is your perfect destination.

St Martin. Photo by AncasterZ

St Martin. Photo by AncasterZ

7. Perfect sailing conditions

CharterWorld offers a great selection of luxury sailing yachts available for charter in St Martin, as the sailing conditions are just perfect. St Martin and Leeward Islands are cooled by trade winds so the climate is comfortable all year around. The winds are north-east to south-east and range from 17 to 23 mph from November to May.

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