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Lurssen launch luxury yacht Project ORCHID

September 17, 2013

German luxury yacht builder Lurssen has announce the launch of the luxury yacht Project ORCHID, which has taken place on the 11th of September, 2013. Lurssen superyacht Orchid was launched in the traditional way: down the slipway and she is due to be delivered in 2015.

Superyacht Orchid (project name)

Reymond Langton Design has given motor yacht Orchid very harmonious proportions and with a length of 91 m and a beam of 14.45 m she boasts extraordinary volumes, accommodating all of the owner’s requirements whilst still maintaining sleek and very elegant lines.

Luxury mega yacht Project Orchid

Luxury mega yacht Project Orchid

The interior can best be described as contemporary modern. Among the special features of the Orchid superyacht project are a huge beach club and spa area on the lower deck and two guest cabins with sea terraces.

Name:                                             Orchid

Loa:                                                 91 m / 298’5’’

Beam:                                             14.35 m / 47’1’’

Builder:                                           Lürssen Yachts

Exterior Designer:                        Reymond Langton Design

Interior Designer:                         Reymond Langton Design

Photos of Lurssen Yacht AZZAM successfully completing her sea trials

September 09, 2013

The leading German shipyard, Lurssen, has recently released the photos of the 180-metre mega yacht Azzam, which has now completed her sea trials in the North Sea with a great success. The world’s largest superyacht, Lurssen yacht Azzam has exceeded the predicted maximum speed of 30 knots.

Impressive 180m mega yacht AZZAM by Lurssen

Impressive 180m mega yacht AZZAM by Lurssen - Photo courtesy of Lurssen

The breath-taking 180m Lurssen motor yacht Azzam is run by a  combination of 2 gas turbines and 2 diesel engines, with a total of 94000 horse powers.

Lurssen Yacht AZZAM - upview

Lurssen Yacht AZZAM - upview - Photo courtesy of Lurssen

Superyacht Azzam by Lurssen features sophisticated and elegant exterior lines and styling by Nauta Yachts, while her deluxe interiors, taking inspiration from the early 19th Century French Empire design, have been designed by Christophe Leoni.

Superyacht AZZAM by Lurssen - side view

Superyacht AZZAM by Lurssen - side view - Photo courtesy of Lurssen

Below is a gallery for the outstanding charter yachts built by Lurssen.

Monaco Yacht Show 2013 to unveil over 100 superyachts

September 03, 2013

The upcoming 23rd edition of the annual Monaco Yacht Show undoubtedly represents the most important event in the world of superyachts, displaying the most spectacular new yachts from this ever-evolving industry, in a prestigious four-day event, taking place in the fabulous setting of Port Hercule in Monaco. The event is a key opportunity to bring together superyacht owners, brokers, yacht builders, as well as designers from all over the world.

Monaco Yacht Show 2012

Monaco Yacht Show 2012

From 25-28 September, the event by the Informa Group will unveil over 100 superyachts float side by side in the shadow of the Monaco hills, buffed and polished to perfection by immaculate, ever-professional crews, ready to welcome on board brokers and potential buyers.

The yachts at the show this year demonstrate the trend among superyacht owners to constantly thrive to do what’s new and different. While ultra high net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) purchase superyachts for many different reasons, including the ultimate privacy that only a yacht can provide, one of the beauties of commissioning a superyacht is that, as long as your idea is within safety regulations, you can create anything you want.

The 42-metre motor yacht Sofia, built by Dutch yard Moonen, is fitted with a bathing platform built to take a three-man submarine that can be easily deployed. On the largest yacht at the show, the 88-metre superyacht Quattroelle, the owner wanted an entire half deck dedicated as a self-contained private space for himself and his family. The area includes the owner’s suite, his ‘n’ hers bathrooms and office, plus two children’s cabins, taking to a new level the concept of having privacy on board closed off from the other guests and the crew. It sees a move away from the previous trend of building yachts that were more neutrally designed, so as not to deter potential charter guests.

42m Moonen Yacht Sofia

42m Moonen Yacht Sofia

Bringing the outside inside is also a growing trend, as today’s guests want to be connected to the ocean in as many places on board as possible. The ‘beach club’ areas of modern yachts (a deck area at the aft end of a boat that’s only a few feet up from the ocean) have always been popular places to spend time on board, but now they are becoming larger and more developed, featuring saunas, massage rooms and bars.

On many newly built yachts, for example the Benetti-built superyacht Ocean Paradise or the Amels-built luxury yacht Engelberg, there are terraces and balconies that fold down on each side from the main salon or owner’s area – these make ideal spots for breakfasting in privacy and fresh air, looking over the ocean. The 65-metre mega yacht Lady M (built by Palmer Johnson) is one of the fastest yachts at the show, reaching speeds up to 28 knots, and its design is that of a sportscruiser, a fast boat made to speed at full power through the water, made for an owner wanting to feel the wind in his hair rather than sit serenely on deck sipping cocktails.

88m Lurssen mega yacht Quattroelle - Photo by Klaus Jordan

88m Lurssen mega yacht Quattroelle - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Must-see yachts

Every year at the Monaco Yacht Show, there are a few yachts that every journalist is clamouring to get on board, whether it’s because of their jaw-droppingly innovative design, sheer size or even an intriguing celebrity owner, and this year’s must-see yachts could be even more extraordinary than last year’s. As mentioned, superyacht Quattroelle, built by the highly respected Lurssen yard, is the largest yacht in the show and one of the most spectacular. Huge volumes, a sumptuous self-contained owner’s deck, an extraordinary range of bespoke glassworks and different woods, an onboard art gallery and an enclosable outdoor seating area are highlights on board this extraordinary vessel.

Italian yard CRN, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary, brings its own flagship yacht at 80 metres in Chopi Chopi superyacht. Each guest cabin on board has its own outdoor area, the owner’s area has its own private hot-tub, and there is room for 33 crew members. The beach club covers 100 square metres, sure to be one of the biggest in the show. This yard also brings motor yacht J’Ade to the show, which features a floodable tender garage with a side-opening hatch so guests can easily hop on board the tender for exploring or watersports.

Luxury motor yacht JAde by CRN

Luxury motor yacht J'Ade by CRN

Dutch yard Amels will bring the 60-metre charter yacht Event, from the yard’s 199 series, designed by UK designer Tim Heywood. Its innovate exterior shape, with a vertical bow, will ensure it stands out at the show. The Moonen 42-metre superyacht Sofia with its three-man submarine perched on the huge bathing platform will also turn heads. Mega yacht Seahawk, the first 60-metre from Perini Navi, is a sailing yacht that can perform as a racer or be used as a cruiser depending on the owner’s wishes.

State of the industry

While the superyacht industry is far from returning to the heyday of 2007, the situation in 2013 is a new reality, to which the industry is slowly adapting.

Brokers are working harder to convince owners that the prices yachts could once command are no longer viable, and expectations need to be adjusted accordingly.

Where there is an increased amount of realism among sellers, more deals are done – but with prices lowered, this doesn’t necessarily translate to greater profit. In times of uncertainty where owners are less willing to take risks, the northern European yards, well-established and long respected, continue to thrive, with Lurssen’s largest, Amels’ extraordinary semi-custom yacht Event, and Heesen’s technologically groundbreaking superyacht Galactica Star (with a hydrodynamic hull form that increases efficiency by upto 30%) demonstrating the continuing success of these yards at the show.

In other parts of Europe, business is generally tougher, but quality will always shine through – CRN, as well as the two new ones here, have seven yachts in build. Like the businesses of yacht owners, the yacht industry is positioned all over the world, and while this means it is as affected as any industry by economic ebb and flow, it is also a strength. The superyacht industry creates jobs globally through its demand for quality workmanship – your yacht can be designed in England and built with German engineering and Italian styling.

You can view the list of luxury superyachts attending the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show here.

Second round of sea trials for 180m Lurssen mega yacht AZZAM

August 26, 2013

Measuring impressive 180 meters in length over all, the all-new Lurssen mega yacht Azzam is currently undergoing her second round of sea trials in the North Sea. The world’s largest superyacht, the 180-metre luxury motor yacht Azzam has reached a maximum speed of 26,2 knots so far. She is expected to achieve up to 30 knots.

180m Azzam yacht by Lurssen - Photo by Klaus Jordan

180m Azzam yacht by Lurssen - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Boasting sophisticated and elegant exterior lines as well as styling by Nauta Yachts and beautiful and luxurious interiors by Christophe Leoni, the 180m Lurssen superyacht Azzam is powered by a a combination of 2 gas turbines and 2 diesel engines, with a total of 94000 horse powers.

Mega yacht AZZAM by Lurssen - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Mega yacht AZZAM by Lurssen - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Below is a choice of the outstanding charter yachts built by Lurssen.

Luxury yacht Ronin left Lurssen after an extensive refit

August 19, 2013

Refit, Repair, as well as Conversion has become a core business for the prominent German luxury yacht builder, Lürssen. During the last 12 months, the Lürssen facilities have hosted 8 yachts between 46 and 110 meters for modifications. Amongst them are some of the world’s most spectacular yachts, such as mega yacht Coral Island, superyacht Radiant or luxury yacht Mayan Queen.

Superyacht Ronin refitted by Lurssen - Photo by Carl Groll

Superyacht Ronin refitted by Lurssen - Photo by Carl Groll

One of the bigger refits was motor yacht “Ronin” – an iconic Lürssen yacht, built in 1993. She left the shipyard in August 2013 to the complete satisfaction of her owner.

During her 11 month stay at the yard she has undergone a complete face-lift from the technical side up to the repainting of the hull and superstructure to make her as good as new.

Work included:
•    removal old teak deck, installation of cork underlay (noise reduction) and installation of new teak decking
•    dismantling of abt 50% of the interior to remove old AV cables, installation of new state of the art AV, telephone and camera system incl. new cabling
•    complete overhaul of generators (Cat) and main engines (MTU)
•    10 year ABS survey
•    complete overhaul of pumps and valves in technical areas
•    Installation of a new provision cooling plant
•    composite work on foredeck storage boxes, wing consoles, tender cradles
•    new sun awning system for sun-/bridge deck (carbon poles)
•    new shaft bearings, complete alignment propulsion
•    hull paint, underwater paint and paint repairs in the superstructure,

Luxury yacht Ronin has a length of 58,50 m and her radical exterior is designed by Sir Norman Foster. She is a high performance yacht with a top speed of 34 knots.

Successful sea trials for 85m Lurssen luxury yacht SOLANDGE (Project NIKI)

August 16, 2013

The impressive 85-metre Lurssen luxury yacht Project Niki, which will soon be christened “Solandge”, has successfully concluded her sea trials. The final delivery of motor yacht Solandge (Project Niki) is planned for Autumn 2013.

85m mega yacht Solandge (Project Niki) by Lurssen

85m mega yacht Solandge (Project Niki) by Lurssen - Image credit to Klaus Jordan

Superyacht Solandge is yet another 80 m plus yacht built by Lürssen, the renowned manufacturer of large yacht. With her efficient and inviting layout, Solandge will be an exciting addition to the global charter fleet, she represents the very latest in high-end luxury cruising.

Luxury motor yacht Solandge - Upview

Luxury motor yacht Solandge - Upview - Image credit to Klaus Jordan

With her experienced charter crew the 85m mega yacht Solandge will without doubt provide the ultimate experience to remember. She will be cruising her first season in the Caribbean.

Superyacht Solandge

Superyacht Solandge - Image credit to Klaus Jordan

Main Characteristics of the the 85m Lurssen yacht Solandge (Project Niki)

Name: Solandge – project Niki
Loa: 85.10 m / 279’1’’
Beam: 13.80 m / 45’3’’
Builder: Lürssen Yachts
Exterior Designer: Espen Oeino
Interior Designer: Aileen Rodriguez

Sea trials for 85m Lurssen mega yacht SOLANDGE (Project NIKI)

August 16, 2013

Launched by the leading German builder Lurssen in June 2013, the brand-new 85-metre mega yacht Solandge (Project Niki) is currently undergoing sea trials in the North Sea. Expected to enjoy the azure waters of the breath-taking yacht charter destination – the Caribbean this winter, luxury motor yacht Solandge has been penned by acclaimed Espen Oeino, with lovely interior design by well known Aileen Rodriguez.

85m Lurssen mega yacht Solandge (Project Niki) - Photo by Klaus Jordan

85m Lurssen mega yacht Solandge (Project Niki) - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Accommodation aboard the beautiful 85-metre superyacht Solandge will be offered to 12 guests in total. She will also carry an impressive crew of 29, sleeping in 15 crew cabins.

Lloyds registered, the 85m Lurssen luxury yacht Solandge (Project Niki) can achieve a maximum speed of 18 knots. She can comfortably cruise at 14 knots.

Below is a choice of the outstanding charter yachts built by Lurssen.

Lurssen refit 59m motor yacht RONIN

August 14, 2013

German shipyard, Lurssen, has recently completed refitting the 58,5-metre motor yacht RONIN, originally launched by the builder in 1993. RONIN superyacht was designed by Sir Norman Foster, featuring naval architecture by Gerhard Gilgenast and arrived to the Lurssen shipyard in September 2012.

Image of superyacht RONIN before her refit

Image of superyacht RONIN before her refit

The latest refit of the RONIN yacht represents one of the largest refits carried out since she was launched and includes the removal of the old teak deck, installation of cork underlay for noise reduction as well as the installation of new teak decking.

Furthermore, the shipyard has dismantled about 50% of the interior to remove old AV cables and installed new, state-of-the-art AV, telephone and camera system; new cabling inclusive.

Refit in the technical areas included a complete overhaul of three Caterpillar generators, two MTU main engines, pumps and valves as well as a 10 year ABS survey.

They have also installed a new provision cooling plant, carried out composite work on the foredeck storage boxes, wing consoles, tender cradles. There is a new sun awning system for sun-/bridge-deck with carbon poles. In addition, new shaft bearings and a complete alignment of propulsion.

Luxury yacht RONIN has had paint repairs done to her superstructure, as well as a hull paint and underwater paint. She left the Lurssen shipyard in her full glory on 13th of August, 2013.

Another busy year for Royal Huisman’s Huisfit completing important superyacht refits

July 18, 2013

It is another busy year for the Royal Huisman‘s refit facility, Huisfit. Owners and project managers are drawn to the concept of superyacht refit, repair as well as renewal services performed to Royal Huisman standards, at competitive rates, and with flexibility of location and a comprehensive crew support package included. Huisfit has recently completed the refit of the 70m Lurssen mega yacht Skat, the 93m Lurssen 3-masted schooner Eos, Heartbeat yacht, as well as Nixe II yacht.

70m Lurssen mega yacht Skat refitted by Royal Huisman's Huisfit

70m Lurssen mega yacht Skat refitted by Royal Huisman's Huisfit

Luxury yacht Skat annually maintains a very active cruising schedule throughout the Med, Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Caribbean, Bahamas and United States. A concentrated programme of refit work had to be reliably accomplished within a short timescale to fit within that schedule. The majority of the 2013 works was undertaken by the Huisfit team under covered dry dock in Harlingen; a measure of Huisfit’s extensive capacity and flexibility. The work-list included:
– New cladding, new floors and hatches and general refurbishment/ upgrade of the two tender garages including corrosion repair and prevention.
– New exterior furniture for main and bridge decks
– Changes to the Spa Pool deck layout including removal of bar and installation of sun beds
– Systems works including generator, shaft seals, hydraulic and black water piping replacement under the survey of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
– A range of general works such as electrics and cosmetic paint repairs.

Superyacht Skat by Lurssen

Superyacht Skat by Lurssen

Skat Yacht underway

Skat Yacht underway

Mega yacht EOS returned to Harlingen in the summer of 2012 for a stage II refit & repair. The project was multi-faceted and required the involvement of the captain, crew and management team of the yacht; and specialist subcontractors involved with interior furniture and furnishings, electricals, air conditioning, insulation and audio-visual electronics. In short: exceptional project planning, collaboration and teamwork was called for in order to achieve complex objectives within the desired timeframe.

In terms of scope, the majority of the interior, and part of the upper deck exterior was replaced, while the forward and aft cabin deck were renovated, touched up and cleaned. To appreciate the full scope of the undertaking, a great deal of the interior was removed before replacement work could begin – a painstaking approach for captain Jerry Reed and his crew and for Huisfit’s project manager and his team.

Among the many contributors to this project, two of particular note were the specialist interior subcontractors Vedder, and Metrica, both of whom had worked on the original build and now displayed exemplary efficiency as they removed,fabricated and replaced the interior arrangements.

93m superyacht EOS

93m superyacht EOS

With so many contractors working together this was a challenging project, but EOS yacht departed Harlingen in good-as-new shape, as planned in mid-June 2013.

Despite being almost 60 years of age, motor yacht Nixe II seems to emerge from her Huisfit visits looking younger every time. A great classic motoryacht enhanced by a growing list of present-day features and amenities, Nixe’s worklist on this occasion of returning to Vollenhove included:
– Hull thickness inspection and repairs
– Paintjob of the hull
– Varnishing of the superstructure
– Various updates to electronics and mechanics like both shaft lines.

Photos of Lurssen’s 115m PELORUS yacht

July 10, 2013

One of the largest yachts in the world, the 115m mega yacht Pelorus has been spotted a few years ago near Stathelle in Norway by Tomas Østberg-Jacobsen, a passionate yacht photographer. The magnificent Lurssen built PELORUS Yacht was designed by Tim Heywood for her original owner: a Saudi businessman. The informal yet luxurious, beach-house like interior was created by Terence Disdale.

PELORUS yacht in Norway - Photo by Tomas Østberg-Jacobsen

PELORUS yacht in Norway - Photo by Tomas Østberg-Jacobsen

Mega yacht Pelorus was Lurssen’s largest built vessel at the time of her construction, too large for the parent yard and had to be built at the Krogerwerft subsidiary. She is powered by two 3,900kW Wartsila V12 engines,  has four 465kVA alternators and about 40 crew.

115m PELORUS yacht in Norway - Photo by Tomas Østberg-Jacobsen

115m PELORUS yacht in Norway - Photo by Tomas Østberg-Jacobsen

Some of the most important features of Pelorus yacht are the top-deck lido with two swimming pools and the large sea-level bathing platform. There are also two helicopter pads as well as a vast selection of small boats. Accommodation is offered to 22 guests on board and there are also additional cabins provided for visiting technicians or guests’ personal staff.

Below is a selection of beautiful yachts by Lurssen, available for charter: