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More than 300m of yacht refit projects for Royal Huisman’s HUISFIT during 2011-2012

November 09, 2012

When the prestigious Dutch luxury yacht builder, Royal Huisman, established its custom refit service Huisfit in 2011, the goal was made clear. Huisfit would provide: “The perfect way to renovate, restore or maintain a fine yacht (Huisman build or otherwise) to the finest standards. Or to go a step further and enhance the yacht’s technical or lifestyle features as only the Huisman team know how.”

Huisfit refit: the 70m Lurssen megayacht Skat

Huisfit refit: the 70m Lurssen megayacht Skat

The attraction of that proposition (and the leading edge customer support and service that go with it) has been made clear by the award of some highly impressive refit projects such as the 90m / 305ft sailing yacht Eos, the 40m / 132ft motor yacht Be Mine (ex Leonora) and, most recently, the 70.7m / 231ft motor yacht Skat. In total, the projects undertaken or secured during the past 12 months amount to a 322.5m (1055ft) in combined length overall*.

* The full 2011-2012 list: 70.7m Lürssen Skat, 23.8m Truly Classic sloop Heartbeat, 90m three-masted Lürssen schooner Eos, 40m Lürssen Be Mine, 21m classic motor yacht Nixe II, 36m Royal Huisman motor yacht Arcadia, 41m Royal Huisman sailing yacht William Tai.

This success stems from a high quality package that is recognized to be innovative, flexible and competitive:
• Access to Royal Huisman’s Intelligent Engineering™ process, bringing together the yard’s exceptional infrastructure, technology and skills with leading Dutch marine industry specialists to provide a bespoke solution for every refit project.
• A choice of refit at the Huisman yard in Vollenhove or at selected deep water locations elsewhere in Holland.
• A very comprehensive range of refit, rebuild and reclassification services.
• Competitive prices, realistic budgets and reliable delivery dates supported by regular progress and financial reports.
• Exceptional facilities, hospitality and logistical support for owner’s project managers and crew, with 24/7 access to Project offices.
• A well-established yard that provides excellent aftersales service and can always be relied upon to stand behind its work.

40m superyacht Be Mine refitted by Huisfit

40m superyacht Be Mine (ex Leonora) refitted by Huisfit

Be Mine completed
The refit and transformation of the 40m motor yacht Be Mine is completed and following sea trials, she has sailed from the yard.

Skat and Heartbeat both sign Huisfit
The 70.7m (232ft) Lürssen motor yacht Skat is in Harlingen where Huisfit is undertaking a range of refit work under covered dry dock including: alterations and renovations to tender bay garage, new exterior furniture for main and bridge decks, changes to Spa Pool deck, a variety of system works and general works. The 23.8m (78ft) Truly Classic sailing yacht Heartbeat arrived in Vollenhove for painting, varnishing and upgrades of the electrical & board systems.

Huisfit at METS
Huisfit will be exhibiting on Stand #10.616 in the Superyacht Pavilion at the Marine Equipment Trade Show in Amsterdam from November 13-15.

Superyacht QUATTROELLE by Lurssen completes sea trials

November 06, 2012

Launched by the leading German shipyard Lurssen on the 23rd August 2012, the 88m superyacht Quattroelle (project Bellissimo) underwent sea trials from 23rd to 25th October. The impressive motor yacht Quattroelle is due to be delivered this month.

88m Lurssen superyacht Quattroelle (project Bellissimo) - Photo by Klaus Jordan

88m Lurssen superyacht Quattroelle (project Bellissimo) - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Megayacht Quattroelle is the first Lürssen yacht designed by Nuvolari-Lenard, who are responsible for the exterior as well the interior design.

Luxury megayacht Quattroelle - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Luxury megayacht Quattroelle - Photo by Klaus Jordan

“Quattroelle” stands for Love, Life, Liberty and Luxury.

Lurssen luxury motor yacht Quattroelle (project Bellissimo) - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Lurssen luxury motor yacht Quattroelle (project Bellissimo) - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Luxury yacht Quattroelle (project Bellissimo) is a successful combination of elegance and sporty looks well on the way to become Classic. The size of the yacht with her massive volumes was a challenge, but with careful volume distribution and a proportion study, Nuvolari Lenard has achieved a sleek appearance of the vessel. The funnel design reminds us of the air scoop of a formula one car and with its inverted shape creates the distinctive silhouette of Quattroelle.

Below is a selection of the superb charter yachts built by Lurssen.

Sea trials for the 88m Lurssen megayacht QUATTROELLE (Project Bellissimo)

October 25, 2012

Launched by the respected German shipyard Lurssen in August, the breathtaking 88-metre superyacht Quattroelle (Project Bellissimo) is currently going through sea trials. Luxury motor yacht Quattroelle is designed by renowned Nuvolari & Lenard.

Lurssen Luxury Yacht QUATTROELLE

Lurssen Luxury Yacht QUATTROELLE (Project Bellissimo)

Lurssen megayacht Quattroelle boasts five large decks, providing plenty of exterior deck space for entertainment and relaxation. Beautiful and comfortable accommodation for 12 guests in total is divided in 6 stylish cabins.

Lurssen megayacht KISMET – the largest superyacht on show at the 2012 FLIBS

October 25, 2012

Measuring an impressive 68 meters in LOA, the breathtaking motor yacht Kismet (Project Falcon) is the largest luxury vessel currently on display at the 2012 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Launched by the leading German builder Lurssen in 2006, the Kismet superyacht is designed by well known Espen Oeino, with the interior design by Reymond Langton.

68m Lurssen megayacht KISMET - Image by YachtMati

68m Lurssen megayacht KISMET (Project Falcon) - Image by YachtMati

Luxurious and comfortable accommodation for 12 guests in total is provided in 6 beautiful cabins. There is a master cabin, a VIP cabin as well as 4 double cabins. Superyacht Kismet also boasts a highly trained 22 crew.

Twin Caterpillar diesel engines can propel the 68-metre luxury yacht Kismet (Project Falcon) to the maximum speed of 16 knots. She can comfortably cruise at 14 knots. Featuring a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, Kismet is also equipped with Quantum Zero Speed 4 Fin to provide a more pleasurable cruising experience while aboard.

Below is a selection of the spectacular charter yachts constructed by Lurssen.

Colombo 32 Super Indios yacht tender for the 88m Lurssen megayacht QUATTROELLE (Project Bellissimo)

October 19, 2012

The Italian builder, Colombo Boats, is proud to present its latest Colombo 32 Super Indios yacht tender for the newly launched 88m Lurssen motor yacht Quattroelle (Project Bellissimo). The new Colombo 32 Super Indios Tender is designed by renowned Nuvolari & Lenard.

Colombo 32 Super Indios yacht tender

Colombo 32 Super Indios yacht tender

Like all Colombo models, Colombo 32 Super Indios yacht tender is made with great care using the best construction materials and precious finishing elements. Its purpose is to carry numerous passengers in total comfort. For this reason, it could be also the taxi of a luxury hotel on the water.

The walkaround deck is full of comfortable sofas which can be fully protected by Bimini at the bow as well at the aft. Special items, such as retractable steps, the tip bow, the ergonomic handles, have been specifically designed to facilitate the operations of embarking or disembarking, avoiding those uncertainties that passengers feel getting on or off the boats.

The retractable console dashboard permits to reduce the height of the building with a simple touch on a switch, thereby facilitating entry into the hangar of megayacht Quattroelle. The same maneuver protects the equipment when the Colombo 32 Super Indios yacht tender is mooring.

The hull navigates very safe with the ideal trim angle. The spray rails have been properly designed to avoid spray on the deck. There is a wide choice of engines, diesel or gasoline, on average from 220 to 270 horsepower, for a top speed of over 40 knots with short pitch propellers, suitably selected for full load navigation.

Lurssen Luxury Yacht QUATTROELLE (Project Bellissimo)

Lurssen Luxury Yacht QUATTROELLE (Project Bellissimo)

The joystick control makes easy maneuvering and mooring, even in difficult conditions.

The 32 Super Indios Tender is fully customizable, both in color and in setting. There are many accessories finely crafted by the skilled artisans of the yard which always make the Colombo motorboats eternally fascinating.

Dimensions and Technical Details of the newest Colombo 32 Super Indios yacht tender for the 88m Lurssen superyacht Quattroelle (Project Bellissimo):

LOA 9,71  m
Beam 3,09 m
Engines Volvo Penta from 2 x 220 hp up to 2 x 270 hp
Propulsion system Volvo Penta Duoprop Aquamatic
Dry displacement 5,5 ton
Fuel tank capacity 500 l
Water tank capacity 150 l
Design category CE B

The impressive 87m Lurssen megayacht ACE designed by Andrew Winch on display at MYS

October 12, 2012

This year’s Monaco Yacht Show featured the 87m motor yacht ACE (ex Project Rocky), constructed by the prestigious German builder, Lurssen. Positioned at anchor, the sophisticated exterior lines of ACE superyacht designed by renowned Andrew Winch were visible from the harbour by day and were amazingly illuminated at night.

Andrew Winch designed 87m Lurssen luxury motor yacht ACE (ex project Rocky) - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Andrew Winch designed 87m Lurssen luxury motor yacht ACE (ex project Rocky) - Photo by Klaus Jordan

At Andrew Winch Designs, it is the profound understanding of their clients’ passions and lifestyles that feeds the studio’s uniquely tailored yacht designs.

All ideas start with a sketch – often on a restaurant napkin! – and the Andrew Winch Designs creativity and design flair is then allied with the technical knowledge of their in-house Naval Architects and dedicated Exterior Yacht Design team.

This sharing of ideas has created a natural synergy between exterior and interior for each of the studio’s yacht projects. From smooth classic lines to fast flowing exterior profiles, Andrew Winch Designs have designed an individual signature for every one of their Clients. The studio boasts over 20 complete (exterior and interior) yacht projects designed and launched so far!

Below is a choice of the spectacular charter yachts designed by Andrew Winch Designs.

Sea Axe FYS Vessel GARCON 4 ACE – support vessel to 87m Lurssen ACE Yacht

September 24, 2012

Being present at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, CharterWorld was invited aboard the unique and very impressive Sea Axe FYS Vessel Garcon 4 Ace, the support vessel to the magnificent 87m luxury yacht Ace by Lurssen. Garcon support vessel is designed to accompany the ‘mother ship’, carrying all the superyacht toys, tenders, fuel and a range of other equipment, which could not be stored aboard a superyacht. Garcon comfortably accommodates up to 21 crew and staff, and is ideal for accommodating a relief crew for a large superyacht, featuring a large captain’s cabin and comfortable additional crew accommodation. One of the most impressive features is her deck, which has been equipped with a helipad able of supporting a large helicopter with maximum take-off weight of 5000kg. Sea Axe Fast Yacht Support Vessel Garcon 4 Ace was built by Damen with marketing and sales by Amels.

Garcon for Ace FYS vessel - A support vessel to the Lurssen yacht ACE

Garcon for Ace FYS vessel - A support vessel to the Lurssen yacht ACE

Sea Axe Yacht Support Vessels

Imagine never again being distracted or inconvenienced by crew handling a 40-foot tender or small sailboat; disposing of tons of wastewater or trash; taking on fuel, lubes, or stores; deploying water toys; preparing to land the helicopter; or even scouting for an anchorage in a remote bay. The SEA AXE FYS, just like Garcon, stows all the things you need for a long cruise, but which you don’t want cluttering your very private space. With a powerful double-knuckle crane, it’s a practical ticket to total freedom and enjoyment of the yachting experience. The SEA AXE can be configured to a maximum boat speed of 28 knots, with transatlantic range. This means you get all the comforts you expect, every time, everywhere.

Garcon 4 Ace - Luxury support vessel to motor yacht Ace

Garcon 4 Ace - Luxury support vessel to motor yacht Ace

DAMEN has designed, delivered, and continues building a series of Fast Crew Suppliers and Patrol Boats to meet demand among a variety of clients around the globe, including many national Coast Guards. The FYS is the only yacht-oriented craft with the same SEA AXE hull form and capabilities as these working boats. The essence of the SEA AXE performance is that it is not required to significantly slow down in heavy weather and large seas. Therefore, it can carry its load of vehicles, fuels, supplies, and other amenities and, with its reliable speed, reach a prescribed destination in advance, to prepare for the arrival of the mother ship and her guests, by deploying tenders and toys as needed.

Damen FYS vessel Garcon 4 Ace

Damen FYS vessel Garcon 4 Ace


In the early 1990s DAMEN and Technical University of Delft studied effects of lengthening hulls without changing shapes. They found that efficiency, operability, and running costs all improved, with little added building cost. They refined the bow, confirming in tank tests that this reduces vertical acceleration and slamming, which cause seasickness and force a crew to slow down. They then developed a new hull form, superior to the “Wave Piercer”. They called it “AXE BOW” because the forefoot is deeper than the keel, resembling an axe. The SEA AXE is very efficient in smooth water. It has up to 15% less resistance, better seakeeping in large waves, up to 75% less vertical acceleration than other fast ships, and resists broaching in following seas.

Arrival Garcon - a Sea Axe Fast Yacht Support Vessel to the motor yacht ACE by Lurssen

Arrival Garcon - a Sea Axe Fast Yacht Support Vessel to the motor yacht ACE by Lurssen


The FYS was conceived to enhance each owner’s chosen lifestyle, and equally to assist every crew’s logistic and operating needs. Set on a standard SEA AXE hull, the FYS can easily be configured to the requirements of any superyacht, with open or partially covered main deck, auxiliary cabins, and variable General Arrangement. This is a vessel of great practicality. The FYS delivers improved economical performance, with an already proven reduction in fuel consumption of as much as 18% over “standard” fast supply vessels. It is also practical in the way it “delivers the goods,” unburdening the mother ship in countless ways. Its performance is reliable and sustainable. After experiencing a four-hour endurance test aboard a SEA AXE supply vessel, in Force 7 winds and rough sea conditions, an experienced captain was quoted as saying: “I don’t believe that any other ship of this limited size and weight can come close to this sustained speed for such a long time in these conditions.”

Garcon a 67m fast yacht support vessel to the luxury superyacht ACE

Garcon a 67m fast yacht support vessel to the luxury superyacht ACE

Quality of the interior finish

One important aspect that will clearly distinguish the SEA AXE FAST YACHT SUPPORT vessel from lesser support boats, and set it apart from commercial service vessels, is the quality of the interior finish of the permanent accommodations. This is not the usual inexpensive industrial finish. It has been elevated to match the style and feeling of the crew areas of the current LIMITED EDITIONS AMELS 177s now in production. This means that high-quality, practical material will be used to create pleasant surroundings to support the crew’s morale, just as on the mother ship. It is the maintaining of such high standards that will make the FYS even more attractive to crews – as well as owners.


Because SEA AXE supply and patrol vessels are designed and built to endure constant duty at sea, have long range, and maintain predictable speeds regardless of weather conditions, they are outfitted with reliable multi-engine power trains and their bridges are equipped with top professional control, monitoring and communications components. The FYS will meet these strict standards in every way and have optional Dynamic Positioning, a great convenience when manoeuvring near the mother ship. In addition to these important specifications, wheelhouse windows are canted forward to eliminate glare, as on most commercial ships. With such close attention to detail and the typical DAMEN drive for design excellence, the result is a vessel in which captain and crew will feel the highest level of confidence and security in being able to perform their duties for the mother ship.

Sea Axe Garcon in dock

Sea Axe Garcon in dock

The sea axe Fast Yacht Support vessel could not have been developed by a single entity alone. It required cooperative technical efforts and the market experience of three renowned Dutch organisations – DAMEN, Technical University of Delft, and the towing-tank MARIN – each with a specialty that harmonised with the others. The initial thrust came from DAMEN’s headquarters in Holland. There, more than 20 years ago, top management saw the need to develop a fast offshore commercial supply vessel that could withstand heavy weather, as routine storms are no excuse for halting offshore work.




LENGTH WATERLINE: 66.91 MetreS (219.5 FEET)

BEAM MOULDED: 11.20 MetreS (36.7 FEET

DEPTH AT SIDES: 5.40 MetreS (17.7 FEET)

DRAUGHT FULL LOAD: 4.00 MetreS (13.1 FEET)





CREW / STAFF (other layouts possible ): 21 PERSONS

FUEL CAPACITY (fys + cargo): 300 CUBIC MetreS


DECK SPACE (excluding helicopter landing area ): 235 SQUARE Metres

Interior deck storage (excluding crew accommodation ): 140 SQUARE Metres

VIDEO OF GARCON – Sea Axe Fast Yacht Support Vessel


The SEA AXE 6711 – GARCON is driven by four Caterpillar diesel engines. The vessel has four inside decks serving a total of 21 crew, with galley and mess. Enormous deck space of 235 square metres offers plenty of room for carrying water toys and a large helicopter with take-off weight of up to 5000kg. An optional hangar covers all vehicles and an optional on-deck “cabin” accommodates added crew or a workshop.



CLASSIFICATION: Bureau Veritas (other class on request)

FIRE FIGHTING: Fixed system for engine room and aft tank room

ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: Three generator sets CATERPILLAR C9, 50Hz or 60Hz, 175 ekW each

PROPULSION: Four Caterpillar 3512C B rating, 1425 kW @ 1600 rpm each / Reintjes gearboxes / Fixed-pitch 5-bladed propellers Alternative propulsion layouts available

BOW THRUSTER: Two tunnel type bow thrusters, 150 kW each

NAUTICAL, SURVEILLANCE AND COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT: Searchlights / GPS and magnetic compass / autopilot / echo sounder /radar / GPS / chart plotter display / VHF / MF/HF / Navtex / wind measurement equipment / AIS

No agreement between Lürssen and Drydocks World

September 13, 2012

The respected German luxury yacht builder, Lürssen Werft, has announced that no agreement has been made with Drydocks World in Dubai in any way. The shipyard is surprised and really disappointed by this misunderstanding.

Contrary to the announcement of Drydocks World in Dubai, Lürssen wishes to clarify that there has only been a friendly conversation, at the request of Drydocks World, of a very general nature during the recent SMM exhibition in Hamburg last week.

Lürssen has no plans to cooperate in general with Drydocks World in Dubai for the repair and maintenance of navy ships or yachts and no agreement relating to such work has been reached or agreed. Lürssen has no intention to form a joint setup with Drydocks World in the Dubai Maritime City facility.

In the conversation held, it was only stated that in the event that a client expresses the special wish to have his yacht repaired at Drydocks World, then the parties would discuss this specific project at the appropriate time.

Drydocks World in constructive talks with superyacht builder Lürssen

September 11, 2012

Important and constructive talks were held on the sidelines of SMM in Hamburg, by Drydocks World’s high level delegation, led by Mr Khamis Juma Buamin, Chairman of Drydocks World and Maritime World, and senior personnel of Lurssen Werft, a German luxury custom superyacht, naval ship and special vessels builder. Drydocks World is the most prolific ship builder in operation in the Middle East.

60m luxury charter yacht Arkley by Lurssen

60m luxury charter yacht Arkley by Lurssen

The two companies aim to work together on implementation of navy projects not limited to UAE’s naval fleet, by sharing scope of work and knowledge sharing on technical and project management aspects. The plan is to form a joint set up at the Dubai Maritime City (DMC) facility to cooperate in the yacht repair business. DMC is already an established centre for yacht repair repairing over 60 yachts annually.

“We are delighted about the atmosphere and progress of the discussion with Lürssen, a world leading player in the yacht and specialized business. Our facility in DMC is well placed to become a key destination outside Europe for yacht owners for service and maintenance. This co-operation will further strengthen and provide definite direction to our aspiration to become the preferred choice for maintenance of yachts,” said Khamis Juma Buamim, Chairman of Drydocks World and Maritime World.

Amels SEA AXE 6711 superyacht support vessel GARCON delivered

September 06, 2012

Measuring impressive 67 meters in LOA, the Amels SEA AXE 6711 superyacht support vessel Garcon has been successfully delivered. On display at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show, it is a support vessel to the 87m motor yacht ACE by Lurssen. Garcon 4 Ace is a real fast support ship, achieving speeds between 18-25 knots. The second SEA AXE 6711 superyacht support vessel FYS is currently in build.

SEA AXE 6711 superyacht support vessel Garcon by Amels

SEA AXE 6711 superyacht support vessel Garcon by Amels

Constructed at Damen Shipyards in the Netherlands, the Amels superyacht support vessel Garcon 4 Ace provides 235 m² deck space for toys such as tenders, jet skis as well as sailing dinghies. There is also a fully SOLAS certified helipad with 5000 kg take-off weight for commercial use.

Lurssen superyacht ACE - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Lurssen superyacht ACE - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Moreover, Garcon boasts the lovely bridge interior finished to superyacht standards. Its exterior is also painted to the same quality as a superyacht.