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125m GOLDEN ODYSSEY Yacht by Lurssen

March 26, 2015

Returning back to the newly-launched 125m Project Tatiana, supposedly to be named GOLDEN ODYSSEY yacht, we have decided to compare her to other important mega yachts currently in build or cruising the worldwide waters. The 125m GOLDEN ODYSSEY yacht by Lurssen left her shed at Lurssen’s facility in Germany’s Lemwerder last week. Believed to be designed by Martin Francis, with interior design by the late Alberto Pinto, mega yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY (Project Tatiana, hull no. 13689) is due to be delivered later this year and, once her length has been confirmed, will be placed as the 15th largest yacht in the world. She is the largest vessel to have been launch to date in 2015, followed by the 102m (333’) Feadship superyacht SYMPHONY (hull 808); although we have seen the 110m JUBILEE yacht by Oceanco slip out of her shed, but she has still quite a few months of work ahead, with delivery date in 2017.  Lurssen is also the builder of the current largest yacht in the world – mega yacht AZZAM, measuring amazing 180 metres in length and achieving an astonishing speed of 30 knots. 

The world's largest 180m mega yacht Azzam at Lurssen - Photo by Klaus Jordan

The world’s largest 180m mega yacht Azzam at Lurssen – Photo by Klaus Jordan

Following the launch of AZZAM we had the Blohm+Voss launched mega yacht ECLIPSE slipping down to a second place. Details about the accommodation aboard Project Tatiana or Golden Odyssey have not been revealed as yet, however as an example, ECLIPSE sleeps up to 34 guests in 18 staterooms. The 134m mega yacht SERENE by Fincantieri (#12 in the world), offers accommodation to 24 guests in 12 staterooms and the 126m OCTOPUS yacht (also by Lurssen and the 14th largest yacht in the world), can sleep up to 22 guests. Whatever the number of staterooms that Golden Odyssey will have they will surely feature state-of-the-art audio visual entertainment systems, the finest in furnishings as well as super-luxurious amenities.

Luxury mega yacht Eclipse built by Blohm + Voss

Luxury mega yacht Eclipse built by Blohm + Voss

It is not known yet whether luxury yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY will join the global superyacht charter fleet or rather mega yacht charter, however her expected ultra-luxurious facilities, numerous decks for socialising and de-luxe staterooms make her undoubtedy very well suited as a luxury charter yacht. Other expected features may include one or more Jacuzzi spas, a large beach club, an elevator providing easy access to all decks, numerous entertainment areas providing space for gatherings and socialising, as well as areas for sunbathing and relaxing outside. Guests will surely have plenty of options for dining, be it inside or al fresco. Whether her Owner decides to keep her private or share her as a charter yacht, GOLDEN ODYSSEY is surely going to be a spectacular mega yacht once delivered.

85m luxury charter yacht Solandge built by Lurssen - Photo by Klaus Jordan

85m luxury charter yacht Solandge built by Lurssen – Photo by Klaus Jordan

Lurssen Yacht Charter

Currently there is a wide range of Lurssen superyachts available for luxury yacht charter across the globe and one of the most outstanding belonging to this fleet is undoubtedly the striking 85m charter yacht SOLANDGE (Project NIKI), available for rent in the Caribbean during the winter and in the Mediterranean during the summer months. Boasting a timeless Espen Oeino exterior design and a stylish interior design by Aileen Rodriguez, she can accommodate up to 12 charter guests in 8 magnificent cabins.

Yacht TV - Underway in the Caribbean

Yacht TV – Underway in the Caribbean

Other yachts include the impressive 78m Yacht TV, 60m ARKLEY, or the 60m SOLEMATES II.

Follow this link for more information and a selection of Lurssen charter yachts, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

125m Motor Yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY by Lurssen

March 25, 2015

The impressive 125m (410’) motor yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY by Lurssen (Project Tatiana, hull 13689) hit the water at the German shipyard in Bremen, Germany on March 20, 2015. Scheduled for delivery in late 2015, luxury GOLDEN ODYSSEY yacht was launched in utmost privacy and there is very little information known to date. She was built under the Project name TATIANA. In fact the name ‘Golden Odyssey’, which appears to be the name of this impressive mega yacht,  is yet to be confirmed. There are speculations in the industry that she will belong to the ‘Golden Fleet’ of yachts. 

Lurssen shipyard in Bremen, Germany - Photo by Marcus Meyer

Lurssen shipyard in Bremen, where the 125m mega yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY (project Tatiana, hull 13689) was launched – Photo by Marcus Meyer

Superyacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY, is believed to have been designed by Martin Francis, with interior design by the late Alberto Pinto. She boasts a beautiful balanced design in terms of styling, despite her very large volume.

No information is currently available regarding the accommodation aboard the 125m (410ft) luxury yacht  GOLDEN ODYSSEY (Tatiana yacht project), however, there is no doubt that she will boast ultra-luxurious staterooms with the finest amenities for all the guests aboard to enjoy. Other expected features may include one or more Jacuzzi spas, a large beach club, en elevator providing easy access to all decks, a gymnasium, several saloons and entertainment areas as well as dining solutions, inside or al fresco.

Super yacht GOLDEN ODYSSEY by Lurssen is a displacement vessel of about 7,600 tonnes, featuring a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure. Built to Lloyd’s Register classification society rules, she is reportedly powered by diesel-electric propulsion system.

Below is a selection of the beautiful charter yachts built by Lurssen.

New 125m motor yacht Project TATIANA to be launched by Lurssen soon

March 17, 2015

The premier German shipyard, Lurssen, is expected to launch their all-new 125m motor yacht Project Tatiana (hull 13689) at their facility in Lemwerder before the end of the week. With delivery scheduled for late 2015, luxury mega yacht Tatiana is believed to have been designed by Martin Francis, with interior design by the late Alberto Pinto. Below is an image of the 103m superyacht Quantum Blue, launched last year. The official information and images of the latest Lurssen launch are still to be released by the shipyard.

104m super yacht Quantum Blue by Lurssen at launch - Photo credit to Marcus Meyer

104m super yacht Quantum Blue by Lurssen at launch – Photo credit to Marcus Meyer

Made of steel and aluminium, luxury superyacht Tatiana by Lurssen is believed to have a diesel-electric propulsion system. Once completed, she will rank among the top 10 largest yachts in the world.

Living Oceans Foundation founder, Prince Khaled bin Sultan, awarded the 2012 Perseus award

November 12, 2012

HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan has been honoured with the 2012 Perseus Award for exemplary effort as well as contribution toward marine wildlife conservation. He is a founder of the Living Oceans Foundation, helping scientists find out more about the world’s oceans. This is supported by Prince Khaled’s Golden Fleet, including superyacht Golden Odyssey, motor yacht Golden Shadow, as well as luxury yacht Golden Osprey.

Golden Shadow superyacht at anchor off the Croatian coast © 2012 Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation

Golden Shadow superyacht at anchor off the Croatian coast © 2012 Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation

A message from His Royal Highness Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz: “As a young boy in Riyadh, I spent some time wandering the desert, and was surprised to find the fossilized remains of sea creatures. I realized then that much of the flat, endless desert of Arabia was in fact an ancient seabed.

This discovery led to a fascination with the unique geological evolution of my country, which came from an ocean floor, to a land filled with forest and wildlife, to the desert that it is now.  Years later, as I began to travel the seas and dive beneath them, my interest matured into a deep love for our oceans and the life they sustain.

I now have a passion for preserving and protecting the fragile balance of the seas, not only for my children but also for future generations throughout the world. I have been fortunate to be able to support scientists in their efforts to preserve marine environments, search for new medicines, map global weather changes, and discover the symbiotic interaction of reef organisms, knowing that healthy reefs are a crucial measure of the vitality of the earth itself. But what we have done so far is just the beginning.  There is much more that must be accomplished to guarantee the integrity of our oceans. That is why I look forward to a partnership with peoples throughout the world, working to benefit the oceans – and our future.”

Below is a video of HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan accepting the 2012 Perseus Award:

Porto Montenegro becomes homeport of the Golden Fleet Superyachts

May 15, 2012

Porto Montenegro announced today that it had concluded a 30 year lease with the “Golden Fleet” to make Porto Montenegro its homeport. The Golden Fleet includes the 80m motor yacht Golden Odyssey, the 67m superyacht Golden Shadow and her Sea plane Golden Eye as well as the 30m luxury yacht Golden Osprey. All of these three spectacular vessels will move from their current homeport of Nice to Porto Montenegro. Porto Montenegro is thus continuing a remarkable year with key development and expansion projects strongly establishing its position as the luxury homeport for superyachts.

80m megayacht Golden Odyssey

80m megayacht Golden Odyssey

“As captain of the Golden Fleet, I am delighted to be able to call Porto Montenegro our new ‘home’. Not only is it an extremely impressive full service superyacht facility that is continually growing, it is also located in the Bay of Kotor, one of the most protected and beautiful areas in the Mediterranean. I am confident that Porto Montenegro will continue to become one of the major superyacht hubs over the next few years and this is why we have chosen to make the move,” states Captain of the Golden Fleet, Mike Hitch.

“With the illustrious Golden Fleet now based at Porto Montenegro, we are firmly positioned as one of the Mediterranean’s leading luxury yacht homeports. Along with the doubling of our marina capacity, our 5-star Regent hotel, and our new refit facility 2012 is on course to be our best year ever” says Oliver Corlette, Managing Director of Porto Montenegro.

Maldives – a world favorite for a superyacht cruising journey

May 07, 2012

Becoming one of the best superyacht destinations in the world, the Maldives Archipelago, boasts groups of 26 atolls in completely natural formation, with a small number of islands inhabited, waiting to be discovered.

Aerial Rihiveli Sunrise Island

Aerial Rihiveli Sunrise Island - Image Courtesy of Asia Pacific Superyachts Maldives

The flat islands are formed from coral layers, the highest point rarely being more than 6’ above sea level. Located in the Indian Ocean 670 km south-west of Sri Lanka and covering an area of 300 km, they are protected from monsoon devastation by barrier reefs and rarely suffer from major storms.

These Maldives archipelago miniscule coral islets of deep blue seas offer fantastic cruising adventures with the waterways providing the best and most natural of transport and overhead weather generally picture perfect – sunlit days, breezy nights, balmy mornings and iridescent sunsets.

APS Maldives sailing yacht Sailfish at Kuda Bandos

APS Maldives sailing yacht Sailfish at Kuda Bandos - Image Courtesy of Asia Pacific Superyachts Maldives

Long stretches of sugar-white beaches are sanctuary to countless sea birds and extensive coral reefs host an endless variety of exotic fish and marine life. The islands provide a home for the annual migration of Whale Sharks and Mantra Rays and throughout the Maldives Whale Sharks are found patrolling very close to the surface, making the Maldives an ideal destination for snorkelers in any season.

The largest fish on the planet, the Whale Shark (Rhincodon Typus) can grow up to 40’ in length and is a fascinating creature to behold. With no known predators (except humans) and a completely peaceful nature they are huge, harmless and sublime. Despite its incredible size the Whale Shark feeds, like its namesake, almost entirely on plankton and small fish. They are most plentiful near Baa Atoll through July and August, when plankton is at the highest level. Because they pose no real threat to humans, diving with these gentle giants in the Maldives has become a favorite adventure. Other gigantic fish often seen in the area include Manta Rays, Napoleon Wrasse and Reef Shark; and large Sea Turtles are relatively common.

Rhihveli Baby Island (Bird Island) in the lagoon

Rhihveli Baby Island (Bird Island) in the lagoon - Image Courtesy of Asia Pacific Superyachts Maldives

Arriving Superyachts start their adventure at the Capital island of Malé, lying north and located among the miniscule coral islets of the Maldives’ nature-rich archipelago. Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS) Maldives provides visiting vessels a wide range of services with a head office in Malé and branches in the Northern Part of HA, Uligan (North Thiladhunmathi Atoll) and the Southern Part of S. Gan (Addu Atoll). Mohamed Hameed, founder of APS Maldives and a multi-generational resident, and APS director, Arif Abdul Samad, offer the following sample itinerary for an extraordinary trip on one´s own yacht or a luxury charter yacht.

SAMPLE ITINERARY (courtesy of Asia Pacific Superyachts Maldives)

1st Day Kuda Bandos
Situated in Malé Atoll Kuda Bandos is a breathtaking island a shout away from the main island, Bandos. It is ideal for a first day private sunset beach picnic after reef snorkeling & swimming in a clear blue lagoon, as your boat’s needs are all taken care of.

2nd Day Olhahali Island
This beautiful island lies at the northern tip of North Malé Atoll on the north near One & Only Reetha Rah and offers the special attraction of the Olhahali Cave. There are several smaller caves and a big cave 40 metres long at a depth of 25 metres, the main attraction.

3rd Day Dusit Thani Resort on Mudhdhoo Island in Baa Atoll
A beautiful sanctuary sheltered by nature amidst white sandy beaches and encircled by a turquoise lagoon, 100 top of the line guest villas are situated amongst the natural waterways. The Dusit Thani is fast becoming well known for frequent sightings of Dolphins and Sea Turtles and the resort’s ‘living house reef’ is a snorkeler’s paradise. Special dinners and sand spit picnics/set ups in their area for yacht guests and crew can be arranged as well as visits to the wonderful reef that surrounds Mudhdhoo (advance permission required).

4th Day Nibiliga Island
A small but exclusive island and an add-on for those who wish to spend an extra day in the pristine natural beauty of Baa Atoll; Nibiligaa is one of the uninhabited islands of Baa Atoll. Located in the Mendhoo Region are: Nibiligaa Island and reef, Mendhoo Island and reef, Mendhoobinmathee Faru and Kaburu Faru.

5th Day Gemendhoo Island
If time permits, Gemendhoo is a ‘must visit’ island before making the return journey to Malé. This beautiful and small island in Baa Atoll has one of the finest and cleanest of the beaches in the Maldives.

Medhufinolhu Island white beaches

Medhufinolhu Island white beaches - Image Courtesy of Asia Pacific Superyachts Maldives

Major changes are being implemented to support conservation and preservation efforts in the above locations and throughout many of the beautiful areas in the Maldives. Among the important changes are those in the diving regulations at Hanifaru Bay at Baa Atoll, outlined under the “Hanifaru Management Plan” of the Baa Atoll Conservation Program.

A popular international dive location, the change at Hanifaru Bay from diving and snorkeling to ‘only snorkeling’ was made to minimise the potentially negative impact from divers on the Manta Rays and Whale Sharks; however, diving is still permitted on the outer area of Hanifaru Bay and the rest of Baa Atoll.

Dusit Thani Maldives Aerial

Dusit Thani Maldives Aerial - Image Courtesy of Dusit Thani Maldives

Changes like these brought about the coveted distinction of the entire Baa Atoll being declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve – a distinction awarded to an area of natural excellence recognised for its unique harmony between man and nature.

Many resorts are implementing practices to protect the reefs and marine life due to dire warnings of future danger and the Dusit Thani Maldives is one of the leaders in sustainable resort development in the Maldives; geared toward achieving a carbon-neutral programme and implementing structures to support the live coral reefs.

Dusit Thani Maldives beach pit dining

Dusit Thani Maldives beach pit dining - Image Courtesy of Dusit Thani Maldives

Supporting superyachts on the Maldives and a member of the Association of Yacht Support Services (AYSS), APS Maldives founder Mohamed, with 15-year experience in the marine and tourism industry, welcomes new arrivals to join past APS superyacht clients, including: Ambrosia; motor yacht Annaeva; charter yacht Cloud 9; superyacht Family Day C; luxury yacht Plan B; megayacht Golden Odyssey; Golden ShadowTalisman-C megayacht; Ilona; superyacht Mayan Queen; Meduse; megayacht Sunrays; luxury yacht Octopus; charter yacht Lauren L; M/Y Anna; charter yacht Q.M of London; Samax superyacht; Serenity; M/Y Shandor; Sinbad; luxury yacht Slipstream; charter yacht Alexandra; Calisto; Valkyrie; sailing yacht Alithia; Anekena; charter yacht Red Dragon; luxury yacht Enterprise; S/Y Foftein; charter yacht Grandbleu; charter yacht Mysterysuperyacht  Juliet; charter yacht Perseus; and Squall.

Dusit Thani Maldives area snorkeling

Dusit Thani Maldives area snorkeling - Image Courtesy of Dusit Thani Maldives