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St Barths Bucket 2014 to host 38 of the world’s largest sailing superyachts

March 06, 2014

The entries are in for this year’s edition of the St Barths Bucket Regatta, set to run from March 27 to 30, and an amazing fleet is expected to head to the fabulous island of St Barthélemy in the popular yacht charter destination – the Caribbean. Thirty eight of the world’s largest sailing superyachts will reach Gustavia for three days of exciting trade wind sailing, wholesome competition, shore side camaraderie, as well as shenanigans St Barths style.

Perini Navi luxury yacht State of Grace to attend the 2014 St Barths Bucket

Perini Navi luxury yacht State of Grace to attend the 2014 St Barths Bucket

New Launches to Compete
The fleet will include a number of the latest launches from the world’s premier superyacht builders.

Two recently launched Perini Navi yachts designed by Ron Holland will join the fleet: the newly designed 40m Sloop STATE OF GRACE and a new 60m Ketch SEAHAWK will be easily distinguished not only by her magnificent profile, but also by her crimson Aramid standing rigging by Future Fibers, supporting her towering spars.

Making their Bucket debut are competing 2012 launches from the Royal Huisman Shipyard. The classic Spirit of Tradition 38m sloop PUMULA and the 49m Ketch KAMAXITHA are both Dykstra Naval Architects designs.

Superyacht INOUI, the brilliant green 36m carbon fiber sloop by Vitters Shipyard will pace the fleet around the various courses. Also from Vitters, the 46m Sloop GANESHA will join us for her racing debut.

These six new launches will join their thirty two competitors, most of which have sailed in numerous Bucket Regattas, to comprise yet another Bucket superyacht fleet of historic proportions.

Schedule Updates
Registration will open at 0900 on 27 March, with a “Rules Review” seminar beginning concurrently. After a day of practice sailing, learning and taming the ropes (lines), the Skippers Meeting, Welcome Party and Owner’s reception will follow.

After Friday’s racing, at 1700 the Bucket will host a presentation by the Environmental Agency of St Barths and the NGO Megaptera, to educate the community on a concurrent scientific project, tagging and tracking whale migrations. The symposium will be followed by the Fleet Open House, a traditional highlight of all Bucket events.

Saturday night will host the annual Bucket Bash on the Quay in Gustavia. With a tropical theme, there will be dining, dancing and music by the very popular Soley into the night!

This year for the Sunday evening awards, the Government of St Barths has extended an invitation for the Awards Ceremony to be held on the grounds of the Hôtel de la Collectivité, the Government offices across the harbor from the Capitainerie. The St Barths Bucket organizers have gratefully accepted the invitation and look forward to sharing Bucket Hospitality with the entire racing fleet and their friends in St Barths.

Racing and Awards
In the Bucket Tradition, racing will be pursuit style with the slowest rated yachts starting first and finishes determined by the order of finish. The fleet is divided into four classes: Les Grandes Dames, Les Mademoiselles, Les Elegantes and Les Gazelles des Mers and we will continue the successful focus on competition within the classes. All yachts share the same starting and finishing line and sail the assigned course for their specific class. The starting times are structured, such that the classes finish at different times – in the interest of safety, the gap between class finishes will likely be approximately 10 minutes as it was last year.

Live Race Tracking is an exciting addition to the race coverage. Details on how to connect and view the races will be provided in the next update.

Daily awards will be presented to the top finishers in each class. Handcrafted, limited edition Chelsea Clocks will be awarded to the four class winners, with second and third place in each class also receiving elegant trophies. The overall winner will be recognized as well. The yacht’s name will be added to the perpetual St Barths Bucket trophy and they will receive a beautiful crystal Bucket keepsake trophy.

As usual, the particular attention will be paid to the traditional Bucket discretionary awards for meritorious acts and the occasional eyebrow raising behavior that perpetuates the “je ne sais quoi” spirit of the event. These include the Wolter Huisman “Spirit of the Bucket Award”, the Vitters Seamanship and Sportsmanship Trophy, the Holland Jachtbouw Cool Crew Award and the coveted Skulduggery Cravat, for the yacht or crew that demonstrates the best and most fun, ‘left field non-adult behavior”.

St. Barths Charity Donation
Each year, the Bucket Regatta designates a portion of the entry fees for donation to a meaningful non-profit program in St Barths. This year the St Joseph School and their grounds improvement project will be the recipient of our donation.

One of the oldest educational institutions on the island, The St Joseph School is a private Catholic institution that welcomes more than 200 students ages 3-11, from kindergarten through primary school. The school is in need of funds to improve the schoolyard/playground, where the clay coated sand is a health risk to the children and must be upgraded.

The 2014 St Barths Bucket is pleased to be able to help the St Joseph School and allow the children to continue to learn and grow in a healthy environment.

Welcome, and Thank You, New Bucket Sponsors!
The event organizers are grateful to announce several new supporting sponsors. They will help to continue the Bucket tradition that celebrates the superyacht industry and recognizes the yachts and their owners as they perpetuate this marvelous sport.

Skuld Yacht brings a major marine underwriting firm to the superyacht arena with tremendous capabilities for innovation and tailoring coverage to the owner’s specific needs.

Tradewind Aviation has also joined the Bucket fleet with generous support, while providing by far a most efficient way to get to the favorite Caribbean destination.

Thank you to all Bucket Sponsors
It is with great pleasure and thanks that we acknowledge all of the Bucket sponsors.

Major sponsors are Alloy Yachts, Holland Jachtbouw, Perini Navi, Royal Huisman and Vitters Shipyard.

Returning supporting sponsors are Burgess, Camper & Nicholson, Doehle Yachts, Doyle, Future Fibres, Newport Shipyard, North Sails, Pantaenius, Pendennis, Rybovich, the Superyacht Report and ZIS Insurance.

Taittinger Champagne and Barbeyrolles Rose are official suppliers.

Full 2014 order book for Future Fibres

February 28, 2014

Three years into mast production and the 2014 order book of Valencia-based composites specialist Future Fibres reflects a diverse range of performance yacht projects. With the 60m Perini Navi sloop fully assembled and awaiting stepping / sea trails and 3 of the largest furling booms in the world (26-30m long) almost completed, the workshop is currently busy with some no less challenging, but slightly more conventional sized yacht projects.

Nigel Irens designed APC 78 Yacht

APC 78 Yacht to feature the mast and rigging package by Future Fibres

The performance catamaran yacht APC78 project has a fully optimised rotating mast with a significant number of custom features. The boat is currently in-build at Green Marine in the UK and the mast and rigging package are scheduled to leave Valencia in April. Also. just going into final stages of fitout are the mast and boom for a new Frers 60 daysailor. This boat, currently being built by Persico Marine, is a development on the stunning Ciao Gianni; all about aesthetic and performance, Future Fibres are building an ultra clean, high modulus mast and boom with carbon RDS lateral rigging.

The design team is equally busy with a really exciting new project: designing a new, fully optimised, grand prix mast, boom and carbon rigging package for the TP52 Provezza. This rig will be built to the new 2015 rule but sailing by May 2014. This gives us the opportunity to develop and fine tune a 2015 compliant package one year early. There are a number of TP52 teams with new boat builds scheduled for next winter and this project gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our superior build accuracy, performance and quality to provide a credible alternative to existing suppliers in this finely tuned class. The 2015 TP52 rule also allows composite lateral rigging for the first time and this is a perfect time to showcase our new fully continuous FlexC™ carbon rigging to create the ultimate TP52 package.

Sales Manager Jim Lotz sums up: “With the marine industry slowly emerging from the doldrums owners, project managers and designers are being more prudent with choices they make with rig packages. It has never been more important to differentiate positively the points that make our mast and rigging product stand out from the crowd. With our team pushing design, build quality and technology we are increasingly seeing customers making the correct informed choice to work with Future Fibres.”

New 76m mast for Perini Navi Yacht P3 (hull C.2218) completed by Future Fibres

September 19, 2013

After almost 18 months in design, development, as well as construction, Future Fibres shipped its latest carbon fibre mast to the Perini Navi’s La Spezia yard in Italy this week. Destined for the 60-metre sailing yacht P3 (hull C.2218), the 75,8 metre mast was built and shipped in two sections and will be joined over the next six weeks in the Perini yard. The accompanying Future Fibres furling boom and well known composite rigging package will be shipped later this month, with dressing and stepping of the rig scheduled to take place in November.

Shipping of the 76m Future Fibres carbon mast for the 60m Perini Navi mega yacht P3 (hull C.2218)

Shipping of the 76m Future Fibres carbon mast for the 60m Perini Navi mega yacht P3 (hull C.2218)

The brief for superyacht P3 (hull C.2218) focused on achieving the highest levels of performance and meant Future Fibres was able to utilise its extensive Grand Prix experience, incorporating many of the developments identified through its racing clients. However, with Future Fibres’ trade mark, milled aluminium, tooling they have managed to produce a tube with a perfect exterior surface and a flawless Clearcote, gloss carbon finish. The result not only looks impressive but with zero filler – which can add up to 3 per cent to the weight of a mast – further reduces unnecessary weight to deliver a mast with both performance and style.

1-76m carbon mast completed by Future Fibres

76m carbon mast completed by Future Fibres

Utilising Future Fibres’ 40 metre dedicated clean-room/oven meant the 23.4 metre furling boom could be manufactured using pre-preg carbon, rather than standard wet-laminate, improving structural performance and again, reducing weight. The boom has been through a detailed design and development process with special attention on the complex systems required for sail furling and handling. The result is a new mandrel furling and locking system which has gone through extensive testing and prototyping.

1-76m carbon mast for the 60m superyacht P3 by Perini Navi

76m carbon mast for the 60m superyacht P3 by Perini Navi

Tim Meldrum, Chief Designer for the project commented: “Bringing the innovations we’ve developed for the race market to a superyacht of this size certainly represented a challenge. We invested a tremendous amount of time into the design and management of the project to ensure we understood every variable down to the smallest detail and we are very pleased with the outcome. Once launched, C.2218 will have a hugely powerful Doyle Sails sail plan and a complete Future Fibres rigging package. The lateral rigging is solid carbon with a mix of carbon, PBO and Kevlar for the fore and aft cables. The enormous code zero is using the top-down furling technique for improved system safety and the cable required is the longest and most powerful furling cable we have ever produced. We even had to extend our winding bed through the end wall of the factory to build it! That alone is exciting but it’s just a tiny part of what should be an incredible boat and a real challenger on the superyacht race circuit for years to come.”

Multihull growth at Future Fibres continues

July 12, 2013

Future Fibres has announced that its first complete multihull mast as well as rigging package will be on the water this August, with a second scheduled for launch in September and a third already on the books.

Nigel Irens designed APC 78 Yacht to feature carbon mast and integrated rigging package

Nigel Irens designed APC 78 Yacht to feature carbon mast and integrated rigging package by Future Fibres - Photo credit to Nigel Irens Design / APC78

Although Future Fibres’ composite rigging is already commonplace in the multihull sector, the Valencia based composites specialist has just completed its first full multihull mast package for the Nigel Irens Design A65 catamaran, utilising a bespoke, high performance rotating wing mast, along with a full set of Future Fibres’ latest carbon rigging. The catamaran is expected to be ready for summer sailing in Abu Dhabi, where the boat has been built by Abu Dhabi Mar.

The second project, expected on the water within a matter of weeks, is the Rapier 550 for which Future Fibres has supplied another complete mast and rigging package. The rig utilises the same tooling as the A65 but offers some unique characteristics, with the mast and sail controls being led inside the main saloon for a truly ‘armchair sailing’ experience.

In addition to its most recent and upcoming multihull launches, Future Fibres has also announced the signing of its third multihull contract for Nigel Irens Design’ latest catamaran, the APC78 yacht. The Advanced Performance Cat, being built at Green Marine in Southampton, UK, will sport a state-of-the-art, fully customised carbon mast and integrated rigging package. The design of the tube section has been refined using data obtained from a detailed aero study in order to maximise performance. The composite rigging completes the package and incorporates the smallest diameter carbon rigging on the market, including a set of aerofoil diamonds to further minimise windage.

Catamaran yacht APC 78

Catamaran yacht APC 78 - Photo credit to Nigel Irens Design / APC78

Commenting on the latest projects, Nigel Irens spoke about his decision to choose Future Fibres: “The Nigel Irens Design office works in collaboration with a number of individuals who are specialists in diverse fields of activity. Where fast offshore multihulls are concerned, we’ve had the pleasure of an ongoing dialogue with Future Fibres’ Torbjörn Linderson, who has had as much experience as anyone in this field. In parallel, we have a longstanding relationship with Future Fibres. In fact, in 1994 the company supplied one of the earliest sets of Kevlar standing rigging to our 85 ft catamaran, ENZA New Zealand, as she prepared for what would become a record-breaking circumnavigation later that year. Given the above, it is hardly surprising that the news that Linderson was to combine his skills with those of Future Fibres was of immediate interest to us. Obviously we have no way of knowing how the APC78 rig will perform, but it is good to know that we are setting out on the road to the future, accompanied by a team composed of some of the best qualified specialists in the industry.”

Future Fibres’ multihull specialist, Torbjörn Linderson added: “In this rapidly evolving sector, Future Fibres is firmly focused on driving forward the development of its high performance products and using the experience of its uniquely qualified team to take the evolution of multihull rigs to the next level. It is an exciting time for us and the industry…a lot of records are going to get broken!”

Doyle Sailmakers to supply the complete sail inventory for 60m Perini Navi Yacht Hull C.2218

April 03, 2013

Based in Salem, Massachusetts, Doyle Sailmakers has recently announced that it has been awarded the contract to supply the complete sail inventory for the all-new 60m Perini Navi yacht Hull C.2218. Luxury sailing yacht Hull C.2218 is a beautiful performance sloop, currently under construction. She is due to be completed in early 2014 and will make her debut at the 2014 St. Barths Bucket.

Doyle to supply the complete sail inventory for 60m Perini Navi Yacht Hull C.2218

Doyle to supply the complete sail inventory for 60m Perini Navi Yacht Hull C.2218

The inventory for the 60m Perini Navi superyacht Hull C.2218 encompasses a staggering 10,200 square meters (110,275 square feet) of sail area including what will be the world’s two largest spinnakers.

The order reinforces Doyle’s commitment and expertise in engineering some of the largest projects in the Superyacht industry including the sails aboard charter yacht Maltese Falcon and superyacht M5, two of the world’s largest and most sophisticated sailing yachts.

Essential to the success of this program will be the contribution of Doyle CFD’s analysis which is being used to model all aspects of the sail shapes and loading, completely integrating data from the boat’s hull and rig in real sailing conditions. This will ensure that the sails as well as the associated hardware are all up to the task of propelling this yacht through the water.

CFD & FEA has been performed to quantify loading and refine shapes in all the sails

CFD & FEA has been performed to quantify loading and refine shapes in all the sails

After several months of discussions, the final inventory was decided on after reviewing a number of possible combinations with an eye on smooth sail crossovers for an aggressive racing schedule the boat has planned. For upwind sailing, the Hull C.2218 yacht will have a 840 sqm mainsail which is complemented by a range of headsails – a reacher, a blade jib, a working jib, and then a Code 0 for light air conditions.

The upwind inventory will be constructed of Doyle’s proprietary Stratis membranes which have proven themselves on many of the world’s most glamorous Superyachts. This technology will enable Doyle’s engineers and sailmakers in Salem to construct high performance sails with minimal weight.

Downwind is where the 60m mega yacht Hull C.2218 will really shine. “We looked at every material available for these spinnakers and realized that there wasn’t anything in existence that would deliver the performance we were looking for,” explains CEO Robbie Doyle. “We partnered with Dimension Polyant to develop a new high-performance Polyester spinnaker fabric that is reinforced with Dyneema for durability and burst strength.”

60m Perini Navi mega yacht Hull C.2218

60m Perini Navi mega yacht Hull C.2218

The new cloth allows the sails to be light and soft like a traditional spinnaker yet has tensile strength on par with other, heavier options. The addition of Dyneema to the cloth will ensure that the sail resists tears, essential to success on the Superyacht racing circuit. The 60m luxury yacht Hull C.2218 will have two spinnakers, one measuring in at 2448 sqm and the other at 2170 sqm. In addition, she will be equipped with a 643 sqm spinnaker staysail set with a top down furler.

“With this project we are fortunate to take everything we have learned in the last 30 years on both Superyachts and Grand-Prix race boats and put it all together in one package,” comments Doyle. “We are extremely excited to be working with the project management team at Perini Navi, Future Fibers and Ron Holland Design to see this through its completion.”

The order caps a string of good news for Doyle Sailmakers in the Superyacht arena, highlighted by the recent debut of the 50m sailing yacht Ohana, new inventories for the 52m superyacht Prana, 45m luxury yacht Artemis, and the launch of the 40m Perini Navi superyacht State of Grace (hull C.2180) with a full Doyle inventory. When the 60m performance sailing yacht Hull C.2218 launches next year, it will be spectacular to see her perform.

Complete set of composite rigging back by Future Fibres for 60m Perini Navi superyacht Hull C.2193

January 17, 2013

At the moment in build at Perini Navi in Italy, the all-new 60-metre sailing yacht Hull C.2193 will feature a complete set of composite rigging back, developed by Future Fibres. In 2012, the company won the contract to supply the Perini Navi superyacht Hull C.2193 with the TSC and solid carbon rigging, which comprises V1s built to Dash -750. Last week saw Future Fibres ship almost a kilometre of bright red carbon cables to the Italian builder.

60m Perini Navi sailing yacht Hull C.2193

60m Perini Navi sailing yacht Hull C.2193 to feature a complete set of composite rigging back by Future Fibres

From the project’s inception, installing latest technological advances was high on the owner’s list of priorities. As a result, in addition to the most advanced carbon rigging on the market, Perini Navi luxury yacht C.2193 will feature a number of new technical innovations, including an advanced lifting keel, faster and lighter captive winches and a new furling system for foresails, positioned under the deck to maximise sail area. The flawless bright red finish, seen on the solid carbon lateral cables, was also at the owner’s request – ensuring that she will look even more imposing on the water!

Moreno Di Giusto, Head of Perini Navi Mast Division spoke of his decision to chose Future Fibres last year, commenting: “With Future Fibres, we’re confident we have the right people designing and building our rigs. Between the two companies there is a massive skill-set, and we believe that together we can make big advancements.”

Almost a kilometre of Future Fibres bright red carbon cables for Hull C.2193 superyacht

Almost a kilometre of Future Fibres bright red carbon cables for Hull C.2193 superyacht

Future Fibres’ founder, Tom Hutchinson, added: “It is great to see the largest set of carbon rigging cables we have ever constructed going out the door, especially when its destined for one of the most respect yards in the world. Perini have built their reputation on quality and reliability so to be chosen by them is testament to the investment and quality standards already in place at Future Fibres. It marks another milestone in our history and represents a real achievement for us.”

Perini Navi mega yacht C.2193 is the first of two Perini projects that Future Fibres is currently working on. The second, a 60 metre sloop, Hull C.2218 yacht, will feature a full carbon mast and rigging package and is scheduled for delivery in winter 2013. It’s an incredible project, with a mast tube measuring 73.5 metres and a totally clear carbon finish, made possible by Future Fibres’ precision aluminium tooling, which is unique within the marine industry.

Future Fibres announce excellent 2012 and positive outlook for 2013

December 21, 2012

Future Fibres had a pleasure of announcing yesterday that the company has predicted to achieve a yearly growth of 30% in 2012, and pointed our Future Fibres’ positive outlook for 2013, with important race projects and a €30 million stronger order book.

Future Fibres

Future Fibres

Following what’s been described as ‘better-than-expected opportunities in the superyacht and race markets’, the Valencia based composite mast and rigging specialist revealed 2012 sales would, for the first time, exceed €15 million.

Commenting on the announcement, Future Fibres’ director, Phil Anniss, added: “In what remains a challenging environment, we are delivering double digital growth across our mast and rigging divisions, as well as significant developments in our special projects team. The mast division, which is just two years old, has been the biggest winner, with an increasing number of owners and yards choosing complete packages with us – demonstrating the speed by which we have become a preferred supplier at the very top end of the market.”

Perini Navi sailing yacht Hull C.2193

Perini Navi sailing yacht Hull C.2193

Helping to reinforce its position as a key player in the mast industry, 2012 saw Future Fibres chosen by one of the world’s most respected superyacht yards, Perini Navi, to supply a complete carbon mast, boom and rigging package for its latest 60m sloop. Work is well underway on the first of three 30m furling booms, which will be the largest ever constructed. This follows the completion of a complete set of Future Fibres’ TSC carbon rigging, which is due for delivery in the new year and destined for Perini’s 60m ketch, currently named sailing yacht C.2193.

“It’s great to see Future Fibres in such a strong financial position and working with the very top tier yards. The strength and quality of our order book, has enabled us to initiate a search for larger premises and an extensive recruitment drive, as we look to significantly expand the existing workforce over a three-year period. All in all, it is going to be an exciting few years!” Anniss concluded.

Future Fibres is currently looking to attract a number of key roles to the business in Valencia and is also exploring additional manufacturing sites as it looks to manage its capacity over the longer term, as Jim Lotz, Future Fibres’ sales director explains:

“Our strategy for the last three years has been about retaining the R&D crown. We created the composite rigging industry 15 years ago so we feel we have a responsibility, and a desire, to continue to push the market in the right direction by pioneering the latest materials and construction techniques. That investment is now paying off dividends. Our latest carbon products have been proven in the toughest conditions – which provides us with the detailed technical information buyers need and want. As a result, we are increasingly seeing buyers carefully assess all the available systems and making an informed choice to go with Future Fibres.”

Lotz continued: “We saw this in action recently when we won the contract to provide a complete mast, boom and rigging package for the mini maxi, Caol ila R. Her new owner wanted an out-and-out race boat that’s able to compete at the highest levels and against the very latest yachts. Having the optimum rig package goes a long way to making that possible and we are delighted he, like all our customers, feel that we are the right team, offering the best solution.”

John Hilderbrand of Darkhorse Yachting, representing Caol ila R’s owner, highlighted the reason for choosing Future Fibres adding: “Working with the Future Fibres guys is just easy. They all know their stuff, the design team is made up of some of the world’s best people and I have complete confidence in the product so it is not a tricky decision.”

Perini Navi to partner with Future Fibres on two 60 metre superyachts

July 25, 2012

Future Fibres is proud to announce the recent signing of two 60 metre superyachts with prestigious Italian luxury yacht manufacturer Perini Navi. The shipyard chose to collaborate with Future Fibres, sending a clear message: trust Perini Navi – trust Future Fibres. The contract won in April this year for two amazing 60m sailing yachts demonstrates the arrival of the Future Fibres spar division on the superyacht scene.

Future Fibres to work on two 60m superyachts by Perini Navi

Future Fibres to work on two 60m superyachts by Perini Navi

Both luxury yachts, one a sloop and the other a ketch, come from a new generation of 60m sailing yachts sold by Perini Navi. For the sloop, Future Fibres will be supplying a full mast, furling boom and rigging package which will be completed by 2014. The mast tube will measure a massive 72.2m and the boat will become one of an elite few yachts that cannot transit the Panama Canal due to rig height.

The client’s desire for performance will see the sloop’s rig built with race-bred features throughout: locking mechanisms on halyards to reduce mast compression and save weight, a stowable staysail system, high modulus fibre for a lighter stiffer mast and an innovative batten slide solution to increase sail life.The clear finish carbon mast will leave nothing to hide – show-casing precision tooling and the build accuracy of the product.

The sloop will also have a Future Fibres female moulded carbon pre-preg boom with electronic furling motors. The new furling system will be fully tunable, using state-of-the-art software and torque feedback to optimise furling performance.

Once complete, the boom will have an overall length of 22.2m. This project comes off the back of a series of massive 25m+ furling booms currently in production, and will put Future Fibres behind the four biggest furling booms ever built. A set of Future Fibres solid carbon rigging will complete the fully optimised mast and rigging package.

For the ketch, Future Fibres has already started building almost a kilometre of TSC solid carbon rigging. The V1 for the main mast will have an impressive -750 equivalent cable (the 46m sloop Pink Gin has a -540 equivalent V1 span).

The signing of the two 60m projects follows a comprehensive discussion and negotiation process. Tom Hutchinson, founder of Future Fibres: “Perini Navi have built a reputation based on quality and reliability. The depth behind their decision making reflects their incredibly high standards. We are honored that they have chosen to partner with Future Fibres.”

Moreno Di Giusto, Head of Perini Navi Mast Division explains their decision: “With Future Fibres, we’re confident we have the right people designing and building our rigs. Between the two companies there is a massive skill-set, and we believe that together we can make big advancements.”

It was during a visit to Valencia in January that Perini Navi saw the scale of the Future Fibres facilities first hand. “We were hugely impressed with the purpose built facility and the amount of investment that has gone into it,” says Vittorio Blengini, Sales Executive at Perini Navi. “Plus, their European location means customers no longer have to go to the other side of the world for a rig build.”

In its first two years of business, the Future Fibres spar division has already delivered two Volvo 70s, an America’s Cup wing, an Open 60 and a 72′ Mini Maxi. Now, with the signing of the two 60m projects, their mission to build the biggest and fastest spars in the world is reaffirmed. In an industry historically dominated by only one or two players, the arrival of Future Fibres onto the superyacht spar scene finally gives customers a choice – a choice in how a rig gets built and who builds it.

Volvo Ocean Race Team Sanya selects Future Fibres

August 11, 2011

Volvo entry Team Sanya, led by Rolex World Sailor of the Year and previous winner of the Volvo Ocean Race, Mike Sanderson, has chosen Future Fibres for their complete mast and rigging package.

Volvo Ocean Race Team Sanya

Volvo Ocean Race Team Sanya

Team Sanya´s boat is the only one in this edition of the Volvo Ocean Race to have competed in the 2008/09 race and has undergone a major refit to close the performance gap to the newer boats prior to the start in October. Amongst other aspects, Team Sanya is fully embracing the major leap forward in mast and rigging technology achieved by Future Fibres.

Team Sanya will be Future Fibres‘ second Volvo 70 mast following the recent delivery for Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing. Having two complete mast and rigging packages matches the tally of the previously preferred supplier in this race and signifies a major achievement for Future Fibres´ new spar division.

Mike Sanderson explains the reasons for his mast and rigging choice:

“Individually the Future Fibres team and they have a great depth of experience with no shortage of Volvo, Open 60 and AC rigs under their belts. Also, as a new team, with state-of-the-art facilities, they are bringing together all their ideas on fittings and detail design and creating some really fantastic custom components. I have no doubt it will be an excellent, fast, reliable mast.”

Team Sanya’s mast and rigging package has its own unique set of challenges for the Future Fibres team. Lead designer David Barnaby: “Time is our biggest constraint. We have to deliver the full package within a 3 month lead-time. Our design brief calls for a very optimised specification which requires considerable design time for the structure and components. Having our facilities and design team 100% integrated with the rigging division in Valencia is a significant factor in achieving our goals. It also saves considerable time at the construction and pre-assembly stage which allows us to use that time in further development at the design stage.”

“The new mast is planned to go into the boat in late September. That doesn´t give us much time until the start on 29th October, but this doesn´t concern me.” explains Mike. “Knowing the team at Future Fibres, I have no doubt the mast and rigging will be great and it won´t take long to tune up and iron out any issues. I´m also sure it will be a significant improvement on what we have at the moment.”

Team Sanya and Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing have chosen full Future Fibres rigging packages, in conjunction with their masts, based on the significant performance advantage. Mike, who has just returned from winning the Transpac, on the Future Fibres rigged mini-maxi Bella Mente, says,”With the rigging, there is no question in my mind that the latest Future Fibres solid carbon is the state of the art in the industry. Having just sailed with their brand new TSC carbon, I was super impressed. Any Grand Prix race team out there has to be seriously considering it.’

Given the wide variety of rigging requirements for the Volvo 70′s, the teams will be using 4 different core fibres, and 3 different construction technologies, resulting in exactly the right product for each application. Including Team Sanya and Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, Future Fibres is supplying over 50% of the lateral, fore & aft and torsional rigging elements across the VOR 2011/12 fleet.

This edition also marks Future Fibres’ 15 year anniversary of supplying rigging to the Volvo Ocean Race which is a testament to its continued commitment to lead the market through development and innovation.

Future Fibres Italy

March 24, 2011

Future Fibres´ is pleased to announce the creation of Future Fibres Italy, a dedicated sales and support office to cater for one of the largest yachting markets in Europe. While Future Fibres already has a strong presence in Italy with long term customers such as Wally Yachts, Future Fibres Italy will focus on bringing the same level of support to all Italian based yards, designers and yacht owners.

Francesco Pizzuto who will be heading up Future Fibres Italy

Francesco Pizzuto who will be heading up Future Fibres Italy

At the heart of the operation is Francesco Pizzuto who will be heading up Future Fibres Italy. Francesco has supported Future Fibres for a number of years through Velamania, Future Fibres´ existing service agent. His new role is sales centric, fulfilling the increasing demand for high quality composite rigging and carbon spars in the Italian market.

Francesco comments; ‘Future Fibres is an incredibly strong brand both in terms of technology and customer service. Future Fibres Italy aims to convey this to the broader Italian market. We are looking to open the doors to every boat owner, designer and boat yard who wishes to have access to the best available technology.’

Having a dedicated point of sale in the Italy is a logical step for Future Fibres in conjunction with the start up of their mast making business. To date, a large portion of high-end super yachts are constructed in Italy by some of the most technologically advanced and demanding boat yards in the world who seek an equal partner for their mast and rigging requirements. Future Fibres Italy will be able to provide this at a local level with the full support of Future Fibres’ technical expertise.

Ewan Mclellan, CEO; ‘having Francesco come on board is a big step in raising Future Fibres´ presence in Italy. Francesco has a wealth of experience which will allow us to drive all our new and exciting products into one of the most dynamic markets in Europe.’

Future Fibres Italy will work alongside Velamania who remain the Future Fibres Service agents. Velamania’s trained technicians are on hand to support clients and manage all service and after-sales support on Future Fibres’ behalf.