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MCM and sailing yacht WISP to attend Monaco Yacht Show 2014

July 08, 2014

From September 24 to 27, 2014, Marine Construction Management (MCM) will be once again attending the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show, exhibiting in the Parvis Piscine, stand QP58. MCM is also delighted to announce that their first Royal Huisman new-build sailing yacht WISP (hull 393) will be on display during the event.

MCM MYS 2014 booth - Photo credit to

MCM MYS 2014 booth - Photo credit to

“MCM #163” superyacht WISP was launched at Royal Huisman in the summer – designed by André Hoek with a Rhoades Young interior, the 48-metre classic sloop is a comfortable cruising yacht that may also indulge in a little “gentleman’s racing”.

Royal Huisman superyacht WISP - Photo credit to Ruud Bergers

Royal Huisman superyacht WISP - Photo credit to Ruud Bergers

During the event, MCM founding partners Nigel Ingram and Peter Wilson will be on hand along with Michael Tywhitt-Drake, Mark Dauplaise and Erika Moore from the Yacht Management Division.

2014: 26 YEARS of managing new construction projects!

MCM has managed the construction of over 70 yachts in the last 26 years.

Esenyacht among IY&A Awards 2015 Finalists with GLORIOUS Yacht

July 08, 2014

Esenyacht has been recently selected as one of the finalists for the International Yacht & Aviation Award 2015 with GLORIOUS yacht. Luxury sailing yacht GLORIOUS has been nominated in the ‘Sailing Yacht over 30 metres’ as well as the ‘Sailing Yacht Interior Design’ categories.

Esenyacht superyacht Glorious

Esenyacht superyacht Glorious

Luxury yacht GLORIOUS is a magnificent cruising ketch for 8 guests boasting sumptuous interiors characterised by exquisite workmanship in wood and marble.

The design brief was to create a comfortable warm water cruiser that combines a modern exterior with a warm, hospitable interior. She also needed to be easy to manage with a versatile sail plan that could be managed by a small crew.

Glorious Yacht from above

Glorious Yacht from above

The owner wanted a more traditional interior than the exterior might suggest, with soft wood tones offset by pale fabrics to create interiors that would be cool and bright by day, and warm and welcoming after dark. Subtle lighting and high-gloss woodwork were also to be used to create a feeling of sensual luxury. The owner also wanted to make the most of the craftsmanship available at Esenyacht across the full range of natural materials and specified the use of high-quality detailing to enhance the classical ambiance down below.

Luxury yacht Glorious - Interior

Luxury yacht Glorious - Interior

Glorious superyacht - Dining

Glorious superyacht - Dining

As a sailing yacht the external areas were particularly important. Here the owner sought a number of areas suited for different needs, ranging from a protected space at the main deck level to a spacious area uncluttered by sail controls where he and his guests could relax when both at sea and in harbour. For this, good views of the surroundings were also a requirement.

Super yacht Glorious - Cabin

Super yacht Glorious - Cabin

To summarise, the brief was for a gentleman’s sailing yacht that would combine elegant and spacious living with the external facilities to enjoy the pleasures of the sun and the sea by day, and the warm Mediterranean evenings and nights at anchor or in harbour.

Babcock’s Devonport Royal Dockyard facility completes and delivers unique motor yacht ALAMSHAR

July 08, 2014

The beautiful 50-metre motor yacht Alamshar (Project 305) has been successfully completed and delivered by Babcock’s  Devonport Royal Dockyard facility, based in UK’s Plymouth. Superyacht Alamshar boasts a unique all-gas-turbine propulsion system, which comprises power by six gas turbines. With the control system and COGAG gears, this permits cruising with one to six engines, for the best fuel efficiency at any speed.

50m superyacht Alamshar (Project 305) - Image By Devonport

50m superyacht Alamshar (Project 305) - Image by Devonport

Two of the objectives of an all-gas turbine yacht were to achieve noise-free and vibration-free propulsion.  These goals have been achieved to a remarkable degree. At the design stage, the Naval Architects, Donald Blount and Associates (DLBA) investigated a third objective. This concerned the aerodynamics of a vessel expected to be fast, – to develop wind-free spaces whenever the vessel was operated at high speed.  This has been achieved both at the main deck level and the two decks above.

COGAG gears connect two gas turbines for a single shaft output power to a waterjet. The transmission of power to the waterjet may be from either connected turbine, or the combined power of both.

Luxury yacht Alamshar has been in construction for a protracted period due, in main part, to the technical challenges faced by the two manufacturers of the gas turbines, Pratt and Whiney and Rolls Royce. At the outset, different combinations of gas turbines were considered but the final choice came down to the Pratt and Whitney model ST40M, extensively used in the Norwegian Navy together with the Rolls Royce 601-KF11. Changes in the ship sets of the engines required substantial modification to the Renk reduction gears.

Being waterjet-propelled, the yacht is agile as it is very responsive to the throttle for speed changes and steering is very responsive as it manoeuvres by employing its two outboard water jets and its bow thruster. With the combination of gas turbines powering waterjets there is virtually no perceptible mechanical vibration, which complements this acoustically engineered yacht. Acoustic levels are extremely low for the comfort of the owner and guests, both in the interior and on deck. The surrounding environment near M/Y Alamshar remains quiescent as turbines operate. The vessel can be piloted from the bridge, flybridge, or main deck with portable joystick.

Super yacht Alamshar demonstrates innovative technology throughout the entire design of this outstanding yacht. It represents significant advances in propulsion efficiency, high-speed seakeeping, dynamic stability, acoustics, marine aerodynamics and the interface of operating crew with systems for safe high-speed navigation.

This advanced yacht development comes with DNV classification.

The Devonport Royal Dockyard of Babcock was awarded the contract to construct Project 305, now M/Y Alamshar, following an international restricted tender competition. The selection process involved the evaluation of many shipyards with a wide variety of project management technological skills. Babcock’s experience in supporting the Royal Navy surface and submarine fleet, together with its announced ability to develop industrial processes for the fabrication of the unusually light weight, high strength structure into which would be incorporated an innovative, in fact, first ever for civilian vessels, all gas turbine propulsion system, were all important factors in its selection. The state-of-the-art shipbuilding and systems integration technology required to deliver the vessel to specification would have doubtless proved demanding even if employed in a commercial or military vessel. They were especially challenging in Project 305, a pleasure yacht, in which an extremely high-performing noise abatement and vibration control programme had to be combined with speed, sea-keeping, comfort and an interior of light weight but high standard of fit and finish.

Throughout this meticulous combination of design development, preconstruction tank testing, all along the construction and periodic dock and sea trials throughout the construction process, it was not unusual, and was anticipated, that specific challenges would arise. In each such case, solutions and improvements have been developed and incorporated. The non-linear design development, a joint effort between naval architects, project management, the manufacturers of the elements of the unique propulsion system, the Classification Society, the expert technological advisers for noise and vibration abatement and Babcock, has resembled much more the development of a first-of-type military vessel or NASA project than might have been imagined by observers totally outside the project itself.

The naval architecture and engineering advances made strengthened the core knowledge base of DLBA, Babcock and S SPA. Development and interface of gas turbines (by two separate manufacturers) into the Renk gear box brought new technologies of smaller power density turbines to P&W and Rolls-Royce. The Classification Society, DnV benefited by lessons learned working with a motor yacht with such a high power density propulsion plant and Noise and Vibration advances were made by J&A, ISVR and Babcock.

In summary extensive hydrodynamic and aerodynamic programs were conducted to advance and develop new technology to achieve the performance capabilities of motor yacht Alamshar. This yacht exhibits exceptionally good ride quality in seas. Model testing in irregular waves validated new refinements to further improve double-chine hull, sea keeping which has been known for some time to be markedly superior to planing hulls. Further, the inclusion of systems for dynamic control of pitch and roll motions fine tunes ride quality.

M/Y Alamshar demonstrates innovative technology throughout the entire design of the yacht. It represents significant advances in propulsion efficiency, high-speed sea keeping, dynamic stability, acoustics, marine aerodynamics and the interface of operating crew with systems for safe high- speed navigation. The extensive model testing, investigation into propulsion system parameters and concomitant sea keeping research have led to a vessel which is capable of achieving 700 nautical miles at speed in excess of 45 knots at full load,  950 nautical miles at a transit speed of 35 knots, and 1040 nautical miles at 15 knots.

Many of the features of this high-speed, seaworthy yacht are expected to find their way into other marine service, possibly military and paramilitary operations.


LOA 49.9 M (164 ft)

BOA 11.2 M (36.7 ft)

LOA/BOA 4.46

Hull Form double chine; planing

Hull Construction welded aluminum

Propulsion Machinery:

3 P&W ST40M gas turbines

3 R/R 601-KF11 gas turbines

3 BUSL 130/70-2 Renk – COGAG gears

3 KaMeWa 112 SII waterjets

900 NM range at 35 knots

Speed In excess of 45 knots

Builder Devonport Royal Dockyard Limited under the management of Babcock International Group PLC

Naval Architecture Donald L. Blount and Associates, Inc.

Exterior Styling Pininfarina

Interior Design Redman, Whiteley & Dixon

Sound & Vibration J & A Enterprises

Video: Superyacht Cup Palma 2014 attended by Claasen yachts

July 08, 2014

This year’s Superyacht Cup Palma, which was held at the end of June in the beautiful Mallorca yacht charter destination, nestled in Spain, was an amazing event for all who participated. Claasen Shipyards has released a video below, to share this dramatic footage of the five beauties from their stable – charter yacht Atalante, Hearbeat, sailing yacht Lionheart, Drumfire and superyacht Firefly – that performed so well in Palma.

Christensen Shipyards announces delivery of 50m D’NATALIN IV Yacht

July 08, 2014

Christensen Shipyards is proud to announce the delivery of the 160’ (49.9m) tri-deck custom series D’Natalin IV yacht (Project C-2014). Luxury motor yacht D’Natalin IV was handed over to her owner in Gig Harbor, Washington, on May 27, 2014.

Christensen super yacht D'Natalin IV (Project C-2014) in Gig Harbour, Washington

Christensen super yacht D'Natalin IV (Project C-2014) in Gig Harbour, Washington

After intensive sea trials in the Pacific Northwest, the lastest Christensen 160’ Custom Series was christened D’NATALIN IV by her owners in a ceremony at Gig Harbor Yacht Club. With a distinctive dark blue hull, and exterior styling from the boards of Christensen’s in-house naval architecture team, she is at once modern and classic, featuring a mascluline reverse-shear bow seamlessly tied to more classic elements through the mid and stern sections. Both hull and superstructure are of composite contruction using the shipyard’s proprietary vacuum infusion techniques.

The strength and grace of luxury yacht D’Natalin IV which define her exterior styling are expanded upon in the interior where Carol Williamson and the owners created a transitional interior design combining traditional raised-panel millwork with furniture and fabrics that are more contemorary. The result is a timeless and elegant design which will never go out of fashion. The majestic and glamourous D’Natalin IV was built with the exceptional attention to detail and focus on in-house craftsmanship that has become synonomous with the Christensen name.

“We are so happy to have D’Natalin IV be the first Christensen Shipyard Custom Series Yacht delivered since the 2011 launch of Remember When. This magnificent yacht with its bold red, white and blue exterior motif symbolizes American strength and perserverance, both halmarks of the Christensen brand. The owners of D’Natalin IV were wonderful to work with and are true American patriots for investing in such a beautiful Christensen yacht. We truly appreciate where we are today, because of our valued customers.” Joe Foggia Christensen Shipyards, Ltd.

Comment from the owner – “Christensen outdid themselves in delivering the most advanced yacht in their history!” “My family and our project lead, Christian Bakewell, worked very hard with the designers and engineers to get the details right. I could not be more pleased with the results. The layout of her four spacious decks make D’Natalin IV the most comfortable yacht I have ever owned, and I never get tired of staring at her beautiful blue hull”.

“From the outset this was to be a family yacht, so it was only fitting that the owner and his entire family were involved in every important design decision. Because they are such gracious and appreciative people, there was this very real sense among the entire build team that everyone just wanted to work that much harder for them. Seeing the broad smiles on the faces of the whole family as we walked through the finished product together for the first time was a very gratifiying experience for me.” Christian Bakewell, Merle Wood and Associates

“There was this great collaborative experience in meetings with the owners which allowed us to integrate their love of the traditional with more contemporary styling cues…the final design is elegant, yet inviting and comfortable.” Carol Williamson, Carol Williamson & Associates

Main Specifications of super yacht D’Natalin IV (Project C-2014):

LOA: 49 m / 160’ 0”

LWL: 42.6 m / 139’-9”

Beam: 9 m / 29’-6”

Draught: 2.4 m / 7’-10”

Displacement: 390 L. tons

Gross Registered Tonnage: 499 GT

Main Engine(s): (2) Caterpillar 3512C – C-rating, 1650 HP @ 1800 RPM.

Speed (max/cruise): Cruising speed 15 knots max speed 17 kts

Range at xx knots: 4000 nm at 10 knots

Fuel Capacity: 57,920 ltr. / 15,300 gallons

Bow Thruster: ABT TRAC-24”, 100 HP

Stabilizers: Quantum QC-1800 Zero-Speed System

Generators: (2) CAT C6.6 – 125 KW & (1) CAT C4.4 – 99 KW.

Freshwater Capacity: 13,600 ltr. / 3600 gallons

Owner /Guests (cabins/people): 6 / 12

Crew (number of cabins/people): 5 cabin / 10

Tender(s): (1) Novurania 750LX & (1) Novurania 460DL

Davits or Booms (mfr. and capacity): (1) Steelhead Marine 5000# capacity (1) Nautical Structures 3500

Construction Materials: Composite

Classification: ABS Commercial Yachting Services Classifications & MCA – LY2 Large Commercial Yacht Code Compliant

Naval Architecture: Christensen Shipyards

Interior Designer: Carol Williamson

Below is a selection of the outstanding charter yachts built by Christensen.

Refitted 26m Feadship motor yacht Olympia (ex Monara) with items by FEEBE

July 07, 2014

The amazingly elegant and classic 26-metre motor yacht Olympia was originally launched as ‘Monara’ by Feadship in 1969. The current owners of superyacht Olympia went for her major refit to her home yard, where it all started, and which is known for the highest quality.

26m Feadship superyacht Olympia (ex Monara) with items by FEEBE

26m Feadship superyacht Olympia (ex Monara) with items by FEEBE

At Feadship it will be brought into a better than new condition by upgrading the technical systems to the latest technologies. As the high quality of the yachts is one of the main focuses at Feadship, they also are very specific in choosing their sub suppliers.

FEEBE boarding ladder BL7

FEEBE boarding ladder BL7

Amongst the items which were upgraded to the latest and most advanced technologies are the deck crane, passerelle, balcony with boarding ladder as well as the central hydraulic powerpack for all systems. FEEBE was chosen by Feadship as supplier for these items as they have more than 15 year experience in delivering high quality cranes and boarding ladders for the superyacht industry.

First AYSS PacificNet – Tahiti a Resounding Success

July 07, 2014

The inaugural AYSS PacificNet –Tahiti was a huge success. The event was held in the fabulous South Pacific yacht charter destination – Tahiti at Marina Taina in Papeete on June 26, 2014.

AYSS PacificNet - Tahiti 2014

AYSS PacificNet - Tahiti 2014

The first AYSS PacificNet –Tahiti held 26th June 2014 in Papeete, was a welcome success, reports Etienne Bouton of Asia Pacific Superyachts Tahiti, destination host for the new event.

The festive and insightful event, also benefiting the Red Cross, drew AYSS agents, some sail & motor superyacht crews, Australian, New Zealand, Tahiti, Vanuatu and Fiji yachting industry representatives along with Papeete Port Authority and Tahiti Tourism authorities.

The event was very well received by those attending, including AYSS agents from Australia – Carrie Carter from Carter marine in Cairns; from New Zealand – Phil and Fleur Tomlinson from Thirty Seven South, Rachel Harrison from Integrated Marine group and Janice Lynch from Asia Pacific Superyacht New Zealand; from Vanuatu – Jess Bell from Kaleva Yachting Services; and from Fiji – David Jamieson from Yacht Help.

There was also a fair amount of crew joining from sailing superyachts, noted Etienne, including superyacht Erica XII, sailing yacht Mondango 3, charter yacht Douce France, charter yacht Nephele, luxury yacht Silvertip, charter yacht Bliss, and charter yacht Salperton. Joining the sailing superyachts were charter yacht Ultimate Lady and charter yacht Jambo, both based for charter in Tahiti.

Others joined the AYSS PacificNet, noted Etienne: “We were also blessed with visitors from the Australian industry such as Maryanne Edwards from Superyacht Australia, Steve Fisher from Brisbane Rivergate Marina, Steven Mitchell from Sydney City Marina, David Good from Ports North, Peter Luke from Superyacht Solutions and more.”

Enjoying the first time event and helpful in sharing information with agents and yachting professionals, reported Etienne: “We also received Christiane Chaine, the commercial manager of Papeete Port Authority, who joined us to present the new marina under construction in downtown Papeete.  As well, Vaihere Lissant, marketing manager at Tahiti Tourism met with Maryanne Edwards to discuss possibilities for joint promotion actions between Australia, New Zealand and south pacific islands such as Tahiti.”

Tahiti Tourisme recently published news, separate from the event, includes the following announcements:

“Marlon Brando’s private island new eco-friendly resort, located on the stunning Polynesian atoll of Tetiaroa, is set to open in July 2014. The highly anticipated opening will add a whole new dimension of exclusivity to Tahiti’s accommodation offering, featuring 35 villas along a private beach only accessible via private airfield. The Brando will also have two restaurants and a Polynesian Spa and has released a short movie explaining the concept of this luxurious new property featuring interviews with the owner and Marlon Brando’s son.”

Coming up on the calendar soon, Tahiti announced, “Tahiti and her islands is gearing up once again to host the Billabong Pro Surfing Competition on 9thto 26th August 2014.  48 of the world’s best competitive surfers will take to the sparkling blue waters surrounding Teahupo’o, south east of Tahiti for one of twelve stops on the Billabong World Championship Tour, providing a breathtaking action-packed competition.”

Tahiti and her islands is now well into its dry ‘winter’ period, taking place from May to October. With endless sunshine and warm waters this is the perfect season for both first time visitors and Tahiti enthusiasts to visit the exotic destination.

For those looking for some top tips on activities, tours, accommodation and restaurant options, Tahiti Tourisme has launched an interactive travel planner available online. Etienne and his team will then assist with arrangements and bookings through their licensed travel agency Pacific Avenues.

Tahiti and her islands enjoy a tropical climate, which is cooled all year round by the Pacific trade winds. The average air temperature is about 27°C, and the water of the lagoons is more or less constant at 26°C making this destination the perfect sailing escape.

This proved especially true for the special first-time occasion of the AYSS PacificNet – Tahiti 2014.

Record Winter/Spring Superyacht Refit Season for RSB Rigging Solutions

July 07, 2014

Founded by ex super yacht captain and sailor Steve Branagh in 2005, the RSB Rigging Solutions has grown annually both in number of clients as well as reputation. The year 2014 has been no exception.

Wally 105 sailing yacht Nariida re-stepped by RSB Rigging Solutions

Wally 105 sailing yacht Nariida re-stepped by RSB Rigging Solutions

Throughout the winter/spring refit season RSB Rigging Solutions has put a massive eighteen Superyachts with a total of 24 masts through full rig refit programs and also found time to remove 5 communications masts from 3 large powerboats. While all this was going on the running rigging department have produced 26 kilometers of running rigging and mooring lines for projects ranging from new build Superyachts to 75 meter powerboats.

Russ Brown, operations manager of RSB states: “We have had an exceptional winter yard period this year. The whole team has worked incredibly hard and really pulled together to deliver an extraordinary number of completed refit programs as well as all the other projects we have have undertaken at the same time. So much so that we have recruited new riggers throughout the season in order to keep up with demand.

Our client list of motor yachts has also been growing steadily for the last two years, with this year being at an all time high. Our splicing team has built mooring lines for yachts such as superyacht Kisses, luxury yacht Bartender, mega yacht Ilona, Eminence yacht, charter yacht Slipstream and super yacht Tranquility to name just a few.”

During the winter RSB had a few firsts for Palma de Mallorca, including re-stepping three large rigs in two days (Perini Ketch S/Y Is a Rose, and McMullen & Wing built charter yacht Nephele), as well as un-stepping the heaviest rig ever to be pulled in Palma; the 20 Ton main mast from the 56 meter Perini ketch S/Y Asahi.

While Palma is the hub of operations for RSB they have also sent their rigging technicians further afield with trips to Finland for the refit on the Wally 105 ketch Nariida and Cartegena for the Swan 100 yacht Muzuni rig pull and refit.

Steve Branagh, founder of RSB Rigging Solutions says: “We are very proud of our team and their achievements throughout the winter and spring. Currently the pace has not let up with a number of yachts choosing to carry out refit work over the summer period meaning we will remain busy right through until the autumn when it all starts again.…we are already expecting to match this year in 2015.

The fact that our work force is now so international speaks volumes. We are very lucky to have recruited such a skilled and hard working team. It is a real testament to everyone that we are so busy throughout the year with many of the guys regularly asked to crew on various boats at regattas all over the world.”

Princess Yachts Greater China Limited (PYGC)

July 07, 2014

The leading UK luxury yacht manufacturer, Princess Yachts International, has reinforced its distribution network in Asia with the newly formed ‘Princess Yachts Greater China Limited’ (PYGC). The company’s representative for South China as well as Hong Kong will now take overall responsibility for the People’s Republic of China.

Princess Yachts

Known as Princess Yachts Greater China Limited (PYGC), this newly formed operation amalgamates Princess’ existing Distributor for Hong Kong, Macau and Southern China, a subsidiary of Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited, the flagship investment holding company controlled by Dato’ Dr. Cheng Yu Tung and family (the “Cheng Family”), with a new partner, DCH Marine Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Dah Chong Hong Holdings Ltd. This newly formed joint venture will allow Princess to expand its reach across China with plans already underway to create a network of sales and service centres in key locations across mainland China.

The base of operations for PYGC will remain in place within the existing offices in Central Hong Kong. Through its previous work in the south, PYGC has already established a strong record for sales and service and this new move will further improve Princess’ reach throughout the region, having already sold and delivered a number of new Princess craft up to and including the Company’s 98 Motor Yacht and 105-foot  32M Yacht.

Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited is a Hong Kong-based conglomerate with a diverse portfolio in automotive, food and consumer products. With huge experience in the luxury market, DCH is a prominent force in the automotive sector in Greater China, with over 50 years experience. DCH was the key player in the successful introduction of Bentley Motors to mainland China and led the market to become the second largest importer for Bentley in the world.

Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited is the controlling shareholder of New World Development Limited, a leading Hong Kong-based conglomerate with interests in property, infrastructure and service, department store and hotel businesses. The Cheng Family also controls Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited, the world’s largest jewellery retailer with over 2,000 points of sales in Greater China.

Below is a choice of the superb charter yachts built by Princess Yachts.

A-Sign Studio among IY&A Awards 2015 Finalists with 35m Planing Fiberglass Yacht Concept

July 07, 2014

A-Sign Studio has achieved further shortlist success in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015 with their 35m Planing Fiberglass Yacht. The 35m A-Sign Planing Fiberglass Superyacht has entered the ‘Yacht Concept up to 40 metres’ category.

35m A-Sign superyacht concept

35m A-Sign superyacht concept

The 35m A-Sign motor yacht is a synthesis of innovative elements and brave solutions with every design element focused on functionality.

35m A-Sign luxury yacht concept

35m A-Sign luxury yacht concept

The 35m A-Sign sleek concept superyacht may span 35 meters from bow to stern, boast open plan interiors and all of the splendors that this form of sea travel can offer, but it consumes only what it harnesses responsibly.

35m A-Sign super yacht concept

35m A-Sign super yacht concept

Up to 62 square meters of sliding solar panels cover the top deck of the hull, powering everything from the boat’s air conditioning and electricity to its propulsion through the water with 6kW. The layout hosts 5 generous cabins and a huge main saloon with stunning view outside.

35m A-Sign motor yacht concept - Interior

35m A-Sign motor yacht concept - Interior

With the side red reticular truss, all the superstructure weight rests directly on the hull, and this gives the main saloon complete autonomy about the layout, without any interior pillar. The raised pilot house gives an incredible view for extremely safe driving.