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New 36,5m Sailing Yacht Concept for Kingship revealed by Barracuda Yacht Design at MYS 2014

September 29, 2014

Barracuda Yacht Design revealed their new 36,5m (120’) sailing yacht concept at last week’s Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). The well known Asian shipyard, Kingship, requested the 36,5m Barracuda fly-bridge superyacht design for an experienced owner, searching for an orderly and ‘un-pretentious’ deck-house cruising yacht of high interior volume.

New 36,5m Super Yacht Design for Kingship by Barracuda Yacht Design

New 36,5m Super Yacht Design for Kingship by Barracuda Yacht Design

Representing Kingship’s first serious move towards the construction of a large sailing yacht, Barracuda Yacht Design were proud to be involved.

The emphasis is for safe and relaxed cruising; with guests free to enjoy expansive and un-cluttered deck areas, including a large aft-deck lounge, wide side decks and a simplified foredeck.

From its raised position, the fly-bridge will afford guests an extra degree of privacy and the yacht’s sailing controls, dining and sun-bathing areas are also located here.

36,5m Barracuda luxury yacht concept - General Arrangements

36,5m Barracuda luxury yacht concept - General Arrangements

The deck house is a bright and airy space with a sliding partition that opens and closes to enable guests to enjoy full or partial interaction with the bridge room itself. Guests sitting at the lounge or dining table will be able to enjoy wonderful all-round views, either when the yacht is at anchor, or when moored in an attractive harbour location.

Down below a largely symmetrical interior accommodation layout lends itself to more cost-effective costs for new-build and easier repair and maintenance thereafter.

Rather than gloomy corridors, the ‘architectural’ style continues via a central lobby which provides convenient access from the aft-deck or deckhouse down to four large and luxuriously appointed guest cabins and a day head.

While purely cruising speeds are the primary intention here, a nonetheless generous 730m² sail area (main plus genoa), including a self-tacking inner jib, large genoa and gennaker matched with an easily driven hull, high-aspect balanced rudder and lifting centreboard will combine together to  give still rapid progress if required.

Main Characteristics of the new 36,5m Barracuda luxury yacht design

Length: 36.50m

Ballast: 62Tm

Waterline Length: 33.80m

Motors: 2x 700Hp

Max Beam: 8.30m

Water Capacity: 6,000 Litres

Draft: 3.80 to 6.50m

Fuel Capacity: 18,000 Litres

Displacement: 185Tm

Sail Area: 730m²

New 38m Sailing Yacht Concept for JFA Yachts introduced by Barracuda Yacht Design at MYS 2014

September 29, 2014

New 38m (125’) sailing yacht concept has been introduced by Barracuda Yacht Design at the recently concluded Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). The 38m Barracuda superyacht design is a serene and elegant looking, yet practical and efficient classic aluminium sloop, designed in partnership with a long-standing Barracuda client, JFA Yachts.

New 38m superyacht concept for JFA by Barracuda Yacht Design

New 38m superyacht concept for JFA by Barracuda Yacht Design

The new 38m Barracuda luxury yacht design was described by Barracuda Managing Director, Iñigo Toledo, as “luxurious and spacious, yet undeniably athletic by nature.”

Sporting a fairly tall rig intended for a 365m² high-roach mainsail, the sail plan offers a maximum sail area of 720m² (main plus genoa) and includes a self-tacking inner jib, large genoa and gennaker flown from the bow. Add to this a high aspect ratio rudder and the flexibility of a fully retractable deep bulb keel extending to a 4.60m draft and the prospect of either fast cruising, or competing at the front end of today’s international superyacht regattas with a suitably experienced crew becomes very real.

Shown here with three large double guest cabins with large bathrooms and generous wardrobe space, the design could be equally adapted to include four fairly equal size double cabins, without any major issues.

New 38m Barracuda Yacht Design for JFA Yachts in grey

New 38m Barracuda Yacht Design for JFA Yachts in grey

With good forward-looking views of the yacht’s bow and uninterrupted views down each side of the deck saloon, the amidships position of the port and starboard helm stations have also allowed for a 14m long, part-protected aft-deck space.

With a large dining table for 8 people and separate lounge area behind, the aft deck is considered a real focal point of the yacht and will be much used by everyone throughout the day.

Unencumbered by the movement of crew, the aft deck extends beyond the permanently fixed bimini where a further 6m deck space is ideal for the placement of sun-loungers and/or sport-fishing activities and such like, to take place.

A stern garage houses a usefully large 4.5m RIB launched and recovered via davits, while the transom folds down completely to provide safe and convenient sea-level access via the combined swim-platform.

38m Barracuda luxury yacht design for JFA - Deck Layouts

38m Barracuda luxury yacht design for JFA - Deck Layouts

Three steps down from the aft-deck amidst the comfort of the deck saloon, guests will find themselves enjoying an even more intimate place to relax and discuss the day’s activities over dinner, surrounded by almost 360° views.

The clutter free foredeck has a large sail/anchor locker at the bow and behind that a separate hatch will allow crew members discreet access to their own living quarters and the yacht’s main galley, large engine room, ‘professional standard’ cold-room and all other necessary ‘service’ areas of the yacht.

Subject to advice from JFA Yachts, a build time of approximately 24-28 months and a potential completion and delivery beginning 2017 could become reality for the first owner.

Main Characteristics of the 38m Barracuda super yacht concept

LOA: 38.10m

Ballast: 53 Tm

LWL: 29.95m

Engine: 1x 750Hp

Beam Max: 7.95m

Fresh Water: 3,000 litres

Draft: 4.60m / 6.60m

Fuel Capacity: 13,000 litres

Displacement: 150 Tm

Sail Area: 720m²

New 42m Sailing Yacht Concept for Pendennis unveiled by Barracuda Yacht Design at MYS 2014

September 29, 2014

Barracuda Yacht Design unveiled their all-new 42m (138’) sailing yacht concept at last week’s Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). The 42m Barracuda superyacht design is a beautiful water-ballasted ketch, inspired by the grace and stature of large yachts from the first half of the 20th century. It is the result of an invitation from the Pendennis Shipyard to contribute to the new designs for the 2014 edition of their annual magazine, Voyage.

New 42m superyacht concept for Pendennis by Barracuda Yacht Design

New 42m superyacht concept for Pendennis by Barracuda Yacht Design

Capturing the romance of the period, the 138ft / 42m Barracuda water-ballasted ketch dispenses with excess baroque, in favour of painted surfaces, natural teak and sharp, modern details.

With a gently rising sheer line and pronounced overhang at the stern, the challenge was to combine classic external appeal with modern technology that included a comfortable and spacious interior.

Beneath the waterline, soft, flat lines for efficiency and a wide transom for good stability will ensure a fast and compliant ride. The water-ballasted hull with lifting centreboard will convey guests in speed and comfort at relatively low angles of heel.

42m Barracuda sailing yacht design for Pendennis

42m Barracuda sailing yacht design for Pendennis

The sail plan comprises a fully battened main and mizzen, with a self-tacking jib and overlapping Genoa, with downwind options for a Code-0 or furling Gennaker flown from the bowsprit.

Guests will board the yacht either by passarelle or, if arriving by tender, via the starboard side swim-platform with the accompanying assistance of the crew.

A large, full-beam width owner’s suite with twin bathrooms, plus symmetrical guest accommodation for 8x people via 2x double and 2x twin cabins is fairly unusual for ‘classic’ yacht concept such as this. All rooms benefit from large hull windows and luxurious appointments.

Dedicated living spaces include an enclosed deck saloon with 360° views and an external central lounge protected by a permanently fixed bimini. And for those who wish to get as close as possible to the sailing action, further seating has been made immediately abaft the twin helm stations.

42m Barracuda super yacht design for Pendennis - Interior and Deck GA

42m Barracuda super yacht design for Pendennis - Interior and Deck GA

Main Characteristics of the 42m Barracuda superyacht concept

LOA: 42.00m

Ballast: 52 Tm

LWL: 35.65m

Engine: 1x 800Hp

Beam Max: 9.60m

Fresh Water: 4,000 litres

Variable Draft:  4.00m / 7.00m

Fuel Capacity: 15,000 litres

Displacement: 180 Tm

Sail Area: 923m²

RIVA announces creation of new full custom line of superyachts in steel at Monaco Yacht Show 2014

September 29, 2014

Last week’s Monaco Yacht Show saw the iconic Italian shipyard RIVA, part of the Ferretti Group, announce the creation of its new full custom line in steel, which starts off with a first 50-meter motor yacht project, followed by a second 68-meter yacht. The line is expected to further develop over the next few years to include a range of vessels measuring up to 100 meters in length.

New RIVA range of superyachts in steel - Photo credit to Riva Yacht

New RIVA range of superyachts in steel - Photo credit to Riva Yacht

“Building in fiberglass is undoubtedly easier than building in wood. Building well, though, is difficult.” Paraphrasing this statement made by Carlo Riva in the late 1960s by replacing the word fiberglass with the word steel would be enough to summarize the inextinguishable drive that has always pushed the iconic brand of worldwide yachting towards the future and innovation, heading for perfection.

Because this is Riva’s DNA: it was in the past as much as it is in the present. The brand has recently chosen one of its most beloved locations, Montecarlo, and particularly the charming Aquarama Lounge, on the terrace of the Yacht Club de Monaco, to announce that it is ready to seduce the world once more, making its debut in a market segment to which its reputation has naturally led it and to which it has ideally always belonged.

Riva is announcing the creation of its new full custom line in steel, which, starting off with a first 50-meter long project, followed by a second 68-meter yacht, will develop further over the next few years to include a range of crafts up to 100 meters in length. Between the 1960s and the 1970s, Eng. Carlo Riva, through his Yacht Division, had started to ‘think big’ – first by cooperating with Northern European shipyards and building the famous “Caravelle” and “Atlantic” M/Y series; then establishing a historic partnership with CRN, thanks to which six motor yachts exceeding 20 meters in length in the “Marco Polo” series and two 90-foot and 100-foot “Vespucci” crafts were built between 1970 and 1978. Today, his project turns into reality. And the baton, in this relay, has ideally been taken by ‘his’ Riva company, now a member of the Ferretti Group.

New 50m motor yacht project by RIVA - Photo credit to Riva Yacht

New 50m motor yacht project by RIVA - Photo credit to Riva Yacht

Alberto Galassi, Ferretti Group’s CEO, is understandably very excited to present this new adventure: “Just over three months ago, again in Montecarlo, we celebrated the debut of the 122’ Mythos, the flagship of the brand and Riva’s first yacht to be entirely built using a light alloy. Today is another extraordinary day, because Carlo Riva’s idea to build large yachts is finally turning into reality. Riva is ready to step into this market segment as a leader. Thanks to the support of our shareholders, who are truly in love with this brand, and thanks to the efforts of the numerous teams involved in this project, we will be able to offer owners magnificent works of art cruising the seas, characterized by Riva’s unmistakable style. From now on, everybody will immediately recognize a Riva creation not only when looking at an Iseo yacht tender, an 86’ Domino yacht or a 122’ Mythos superyacht, but also when admiring one of these new yachts-to be.”

Riva’s new line will include displacement yachts fully customizable by the owner in terms of fittings and interior decor and will be characterized by a very innovative look and style, somehow different from Riva’s traditional classical lines. Featuring slender, streamlined and dynamic profiles and a very sober, clean design, these yachts will be truly unique works of art fully embodying Riva’s DNA. Every owner will enjoy a unique experience: supported by Officina Italiana Design – the firm that deigns the brand’s entire range – and by Ferretti Group’s engineers, architects and designers, as well as by his own consultants, he will embark upon a fascinating path that, day after day, will lead him to owning something more than any other owner in the world – ‘his own’ Riva mega yacht, a unique creation by an iconic yachting brand.

Mauro Micheli, the designer and co-founder, with Sergio Beretta, of Officina Italiana Design, is really enthusiastic about this project: “I am thrilled by this new challenge and can’t wait to ‘dive’ into designing this new line. Riva – continues Micheli – is probably the only yachting brand that has been capable of creating, throughout its history, true icons which can be recognized everywhere in the world. And it managed to do so because it was always focused on innovation and perfection. Aquarama – only to mention the most famous model – was so innovative mainly as a result of its creators’ constant search for flawless quality. Thus drive towards perfection is inextinguishable for us too, who have ideally taken the baton of Riva’s tradition. This is why I am so eager to start. Riva is ready to ‘leave its mark’ also on these future ‘giants of the sea’.”

The first 50-meter yacht by Riva will be built in the Group’s shipyards in Ancona, which specialize in the construction of steel, aluminum and composite material yachts between 45 and 90 meters in length and which will witness the birth of this new yacht after building the brand’s current flagship, the 122’ Mythos.

“I’d love to try and cruise with her…” is the wish expressed by Eng. Carlo Riva himself. The same wish shared by the entire world of yachting, who is ready to welcome Riva’s new jewel.

New 50m superyacht project by RIVA - Photo credit to Riva Yacht

New 50m superyacht project by RIVA - Photo credit to Riva Yacht


The new mega yacht, featuring an overall length of almost 50 meters and a 9-meter beam, will be a displacement yacht with 4 decks, capable of hosting up to 12 people plus 9 crew members. It will preserve the unique style typical of all Riva yachts while offering the huge and comfortable spaces of a mega yacht conceived for long, pleasant cruises.

Various very spacious areas will be devoted to relaxation and entertainment, to make sure all guests can enjoy onboard life to the fullest and in the utmost comfort during both daytime and nighttime. While the large outdoor dinette at the bow (located just before a garage fitting the second tender and the technical area with two jet skis), will ensure the utmost privacy, the aft part of each deck will be fitted with large outdoor spaces to be used for meals or simply relaxation. The cockpit on the main deck will include a lounge area with fixed sofas facing each other, while the upper deck may be furnished with a large dining table; the sun deck will feature freestanding seats plus a Jacuzzi with sun pads and loungers arranged around it at the bow. The aft area on the lower deck is really magnificent – a real beach club with a cocktail bar and an indoor living room that can be further extended outside, both towards the stern – thanks to the collapsible door turning into a swimming platform – and to starboard, thanks to a second optional door converting into a terrace at the sea level. The innovative float-in garage, which can store a tender up to almost 6 meters in length, will in turn open on the left bulwark, allowing for very easy launching and haulage operations.

The interior decor and fittings will be fully customizable to the owner’s taste. The shipyard will propose several layout versions for the main deck and the upper deck, which may be entirely arranged as living areas or include alternating lounge areas and stylishly furnished dining areas. The true protagonist on the main deck will be the master stateroom, which will be located across the entire bow area and will include four different sections: a private living room, a large walk-in wardrobe, a double room, and, at the extreme bow, an amazingly wide bathroom with two toilets and twin washbasins. Both bulwarks in this suite may be collapsible upon request, thus creating exclusive terraces overlooking the sea. The guest area, below deck, includes four VIP cabins, all having similar sizes and features and fitted with a double bed, a vanity set-desk area, and a large private head. Upon request, the guest cabins can be replaced by other rooms allowing the owner and his guests to enjoy their spare time in total relaxation, for example a gym or a SPA, or even a second master cabin.

Great care has been devoted to the crew quarters too. The galley, located on the main deck, the pilot station on the upper deck, and the sailor cabins on the lower deck will all be connected, thereby allowing the crew to move unseen without affecting the guests’ privacy. While the owner will be able to enjoy almost ‘royal’ spaces, the captain too will benefit from a carefully designed and very comfortable en-suite cabin, located to starboard on the upper deck. This will be part of a larger area entirely devoted to technical operations and strategically arranged behind the pilot station room. The crew cabins, located on the lower deck, will host up to eight more staff members in one en-suite cabin for the hostesses and two more double cabins, with bunk beds, for the sailors. The crew quarters will also include a large dinette with a galley.

The new 50-meter Riva may be equipped with two possible engine sets: either two CAT C32 2100 rpm engines or two MAN D2862 LE 466 2100 rpm engines, both capable of pushing the yacht to a maximum speed of 15 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots (preliminary data). The transatlantic range at a cost-saving cruising speed of 11 knots is extremely interesting, as it will reach 3,800 nautical miles. Two zero speed stabilizing fins will be installed standard, to ensure maximum comfort and stability even when the yacht is at anchor.

Vitruvius ® Yachts announces launch of 73m motor yacht GRACE E at Monaco Yacht Show 2014

September 26, 2014

Measuring impressive 73 meters in length over all, luxury motor yacht Grace E represents the latest yacht launched by Vitruvius ® Ltd and Picchiotti Spa. Mega yacht Grace E has been officially launched at the currently running Monaco Yacht Show 2014.

73m Vitruvius mega yacht Grace E underway

73m Vitruvius mega yacht Grace E underway

Superyacht Grace E is the Admiral of the Vitruvius fleet following on from the two motor yachts sold thus far, from the powerful Vitruvius/Picchiotti collaboration. She follows on from 50m motor yacht Exuma, launched in 2010, and 55M Ice Class yacht Galileo G, launched in 2011.

The combination of luxury, comfort and efficiency is a hallmark of the Vitruvius ® series for which naval architect Philippe Briand is recognized and has been rewarded.

Super yacht Grace E is a very well balanced design. The yacht is perfectly stable, hence very comfortable. The fine water entry and the stretched hull guarantee low consumption. This efficiency makes her the ideal yacht for cruising and exploring the world. With her sleek looks, Grace E promises all who sail on her a unique experience. The perfect yacht for an owner wishing to explore the oceans, she is designed to travel to out of reach places.

Designed by Philippe Briand in conjunction with Picchiotti, the stylish Grace E yacht began as a three-deck 53-metre yacht but evolved into a 73-metre yacht with five decks, boasting 1200 m2 of luxurious recreational facilities.

Her superior surroundings are synonymous with a yacht of outstanding caliber. Beautifully designed accommodation for up to 12 guests is provided in seven staterooms, four double cabins and two twin cabins. The Owner accommodation comprises a 92m2 suite, situated on the main deck and featuring extensive bay windows offering fabulous views out to sea.

Grace E superyacht is the perfect setting for combining socializing with well-being. Guests may choose from a large exercise pool, an extensive spa which includes a hammam, gym, steam room, dry sauna and cold plunge pool as well as treatment rooms and plenty of shaded areas for relaxation. The state-of-the-art facilities center is equipped with cardiovascular machines, weight machines and a kinesis machine.

Timeless and elegant seating features throughout living areas to create a refined atmosphere that is comfortable without compromising on style. Designed by Remi Tessier, Grace E yacht’s sumptuous interior incorporates rich furnishings and a subtle colour scheme to accentuate the yacht’s aura of peace, tranquility and elegance.

When cruising at 16 knots, no sound may be heard as the use of azipods enables the Grace E yacht to move very quietly through the water. The dynamic positioning system allows the yacht to drift above the seabed rather than dropping a heave and potentially damaging anchor. Grace E also features reduced co2 emissions due to the optimized hull. The hull has been thoroughly tested and the reduced consumption has been confirmed during sea trials. She boasts 15% lower fuel consumption that other yachts of this magnitude and consumes just 23l per Nm (or 283l per hour) at 12 knots.

Philippe Briand’s hull optimizes water pressure distribution and offers a stretched waterline, whilst the yacht’s range of autonomy of 7,500 nm is more than enough to cross both the Mediterranean and Atlantic. All energy for propulsion and hotel needs are provided by the vessel’s eight generators which have been scaled to run at an optimal output rate of 80%.

Technical Specifications of luxury motor yacht GRACE E:

LOA 73m

Beam 13.30m

Draft 3.91m

Naval Architect Philippe Briand Ltd

Design Vitruvius Yachts Ltd

Builder Picchiotti Spa

Interior Designer Remi Tessier

Hull Steel AH36

Superstructure Aluminium 5038

Owner’s 2

Guests 12

Crew 20

Engines 2x Azipods 1750 KW at 300 rpm

Cruising Speed 14 knots

Classification Lloyd’s 100 A1 SSC, Yacht, Mono, G6, LMC, UMS

World debut for 85m Lurssen motor yacht SOLANDGE at MYS 2014

September 26, 2014

The leading German manufacturer, Lurssen, has proudly announced the world premiere of their impressive and breath-taking 85m motor yacht Solandge at the Monaco Yacht Show 2014. Luxury mega yacht Solandge has enjoyed her first summer in the Mediterranean.

85m Lurssen mega yacht Solandge - Photo by Klaus Jordan

85m Lurssen mega yacht Solandge - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Superyacht Solandge is an 85-metre yacht, delivered in October 2013. As a family vessel, she is built for pure yachting pleasure. At the same time, she also has what it takes to become an iconic yacht on the luxury yacht charter market. Above all, Solandge is engineered for self-suffiency during extended voyages on the high seas and well-equipped for whatever she may face.

Exterior Designed Espen Oeino has given luxury yacht Solandge exceptionally harmonious proportions and generous spaces. Despite her stately dimensions and accommodation of the full scope of the owner’s wishes, her lines remain sleek and elegant. A dark blue hull further highlights her graceful and dynamic flair.

Luxury yacht Solandge - Pool bridge deck - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Luxury yacht Solandge - Pool bridge deck - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Interior designer Aileen Rodriguez has created a highly luxurious atmosphere with classical touches and a contemporary backdrop. A special mix of rare and strikingly beautiful materials gives Solandge a unique and exclusive style.

Master Yachts supervised the project and brought in their huge spectrum of experience and consolidated knowledge.

Luxury yacht Solandge - Main deck saloon - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Luxury yacht Solandge - Main deck saloon - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Technical Specifications of Solandge Yacht

LOA: 85.10m (279’1’’)

Beam: 13.80m (45’3’’)

Builder: Lurssen Yachts

Exterior Designer: Espen Oeino

Interior Designer: Aileen Rodriguez

Below is a selection of the outstanding charter yachts built by Lurssen.

Sunseeker Yacht Show well underway

September 26, 2014

The Sunseeker Yacht Show is in full swing. The event is being hosted by the Port de Plaisance in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, a beautiful French Riviera yacht charter destination, positioned between Monaco and Nice.

The Sunseeker Yacht Show in Beaulieu runs in parallel with the Monaco Yacht Show and is open until Sunday 28th September

The Sunseeker Yacht Show in Beaulieu runs in parallel with the Monaco Yacht Show and is open until Sunday 28th September

With one of the industry’s largest international boat shows – the Monaco Yacht Show – taking place just a short drive down the road, it is by no means a coincidence that the Sunseeker France Group are also displaying a selection of new and pre-owned boats at the Port de Plaisance until 28th September. Daily opening times are from 10.00am until 6.00pm (out of hours by appointment).

Situated in the beautifully elegant marina town of Beaulieu, this is a chance for clients to view the boutique showcase of selected Sunseeker and non-Sunseeker craft from 46 to 84ft.

The Sunseeker France Group is hosting a unique Sunseeker Yacht Show in Beaulieu-sur-Mer

The Sunseeker France Group is hosting a unique Sunseeker Yacht Show in Beaulieu-sur-Mer

The line-up of boats on show include two of the key new models from the British shipyard: the 75 Yacht (example is motor yacht Finezza) and the Manhattan 55, both presenting examples of Sunseeker finery.

The 75 Yacht presents a fusion of both style and sophistication, a motoryacht which will never fail to impress. Over two spacious decks, both modern and classic design blend harmoniously to exceed even the highest of expectations. On the lower deck, signature ‘Z’ shaped windows allow plenty of natural light to illuminate both the dining and separate seating areas. Below deck, three double suites, plus twin bed guest cabin comfortably accommodate up to eight guests. Outside, the vast outdoor playground was made for entertaining. Complete with wetbar, sunpads and dining area, it’s the perfect space for relaxing in a secluded bay or enjoying the thrill of travelling along the coastline at a cruising speed of 27 knots – proving that sometimes, you can have it all.

The Sunseeker 75 Yacht is a perfect combination of style and sophistication

The Sunseeker 75 Yacht is a perfect combination of style and sophistication

The Sunseeker France Group are also pleased to exhibit the Manhattan 55, one of their most popular classic models. Stylish, versatile and spacious, the Manhattan 55 displays all the characteristics of a Sunseeker. A practical, elegant space, both the main saloon and guest cabins have been expertly finished with the finest materials and modern technologies. Whether you’re onboard for a short stay or long break, up to six guests can unwind and appreciate the surroundings on this remarkable motoryacht. Guests can also experience the pure enjoyment of cruising along in the open air thanks to the large, family size flybridge – ideal for those looking to get away from it all.

These two new models, the 75 Yacht and the Manhattan 55, are also joined by the following vessels for sale with Sunseeker Brokerage:

Sunseeker Predator 84 “FIRECRACKER”

Sunseeker Predator 72 “MAK ONE”

Sunseeker Manhattan 62 “KLUTE”

Sunseeker Predator 60 “LADY ICE”

Pershing 46 “POCKET ROCKET”

The Predator 84 “FIRECRACKER” is the largest Sunseeker on display at the Sunseeker Yacht Show

The Predator 84 “FIRECRACKER” is the largest Sunseeker on display at the Sunseeker Yacht Show

With many Monaco Yacht Show visitors also looking at pre-owned examples, the Sunseeker Yacht Show provides a fantastic opportunity for clients to view a range of models in a relaxed boutique setting where some of the industry’s most respected Sunseeker sales brokers will be on hand to give invaluable advice regarding motor yacht purchase.

So pop down to the Sunseeker Yacht Show between now and Sunday 28th September inclusive, sit down and enjoy a coffee, chat with some of the most knowledgeable brokers in the industry and take a tour of some of the finest examples of motor yachts, all in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Note: Article supplied by the official Sunseeker Blog Book

Photos: Launch of Vismara sailing yacht NAKUPENDA to be displayed at Genoa Boat Show 2014

September 26, 2014

Vismara Marine is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Vismara V80 sailing yacht Nakupenda. The new maxi carbon fiber yacht Nakupenda will be displayed at this year’s Genoa International Boat Show, running from October 1 to 6. Below are the images from the launch of this beautiful vessel, released by Vismara Marine.

Launch of V80 super yacht Nakupenda at Vismara Marine

Launch of V80 super yacht Nakupenda at Vismara Marine

Superyacht Nakupenda at launch

Superyacht Nakupenda at launch

Luxury sailing yacht Nakupenda

Luxury sailing yacht Nakupenda

Nakupenda Yacht ready to hit the water

Nakupenda Yacht ready to hit the water

Technical Specifications of the Vismara V80 super yacht Nakupenda:

LENGTH 24.00  M

BEAM MAX. 5,80 M



DRAFT 3.20 M



Owner of Feadship motor yacht COMO wins Baccarat SuperYachtWorld Trophy

September 26, 2014

Feadship is pleased to announce that Sir Neville Crichton, the owner of the Feadship motor yacht Como, has been honoured with the Baccarat SuperYachtWorld Trophy. The prize was presented to Sir Neville on board the 46-metre superyacht Como, which is presently on display at the Monaco Yacht Show 2014.

Baccarat SuperYachtWorld Trophy for the Owner of Feadship super yacht Como - Sir Neville Crichton

Baccarat SuperYachtWorld Trophy for the Owner of Feadship super yacht Como - Sir Neville Crichton

The Baccarat SuperYachtWorld Trophy is bestowed on an owner who, through a career of ownership, has had the vision and passion to steer superyachting into new areas of technology and creativity. Sir Neville was one of a shortlist of well-known owners, which also included Eddie Jordan, John Staluppi and Shahid Khan.

“The fact that Sir Neville Crichton won the award against such prestigious competition speaks volumes for his services to superyachting and for his new Feadship Como,” comments Feadship’s director Henk de Vries, who joined a select audience of guests to witness the trophy being presented.

“At Feadship we are used to working with incredibly inventive clients to create incredible custom superyachts. The partnership with Sir Neville has been a fine example of how this works in practice, as an owner is given carte blanche to put our promise of perfection to the test. This award is further testimony to the success of the Como project.”

Luxury motor yacht Como on display at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show

Luxury motor yacht Como on display at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show

While Sir Neville is a highly experienced owner, luxury yacht Como was his first custom Feadship. The yacht features an innovative exterior profile, with an unprecedented use of glass panels all the way round the yacht and a radical mast design. Feadship’s craftsmanship can also be seen in her exterior metallic paint, praised by the class association for being unprecedented in its beauty.

Como superyacht has a ‘two-and-a-half deck’ layout. This incorporates Sir Neville’s specific request for a climate-controlled flybridge that serves the raised pilothouse lifestyle he so enjoys. The interior by Redman Whiteley Dixon features a masculine yet calming design based primarily on high-gloss Macassar ebony.

Below is a choice of the superb charter yachts built by Feadship.

Heesen Yachts presents new 70m motor yacht KOMETA at MYS 2014

September 26, 2014

Heesen Yachts proudly presented their all-new motor yacht Kometa during a breakfast meeting in Yacht Club de Monaco, which was held at the currently running Monaco Yacht Show 2014, on Wednesday, September 24. At 70 metres, mega yacht Kometa represents the largest Heesen project to date.

Heesen Yachts unveiling the new 70m mega yacht KOMETA - Image credit to Heesen Yachts

Heesen Yachts unveiling the new 70m mega yacht KOMETA - Image credit to Heesen Yachts

Following on from the multi award-winning superyacht Galactica Star, the aluminium fast displacement yacht Kometa achieves a top speed of 30 knots.

65m Heesen superyacht Galactica Star - Photo credit to Jeff Brown

65m Heesen superyacht Galactica Star - Photo credit to Jeff Brown

With a sleek, elegant profile by Espen Øino International, interior by Sinot, and the revolutionary Hull Vane technology by Van Oossanen Naval Architects, Kometa is the perfect combination of speed, space and style.

Utilising the Heesen’s revolutionary fast displacement technology, super yacht Kometa is already under construction and due for delivery in 2016.