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Sailing yacht TARA successfully completes expedition in the Mediterranean

November 24, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014, the first day of ‘European Waste Reduction Week’, saw sailing yacht Tara return to her home port of Lorient, following the successful completion of an expedition in the Mediterranean from May to November 2014. This expedition comprised scientific research about plastic pollution at sea, as well as educational outreach during stopovers concerning plenty of environmental issues related to the Mediterranean.

Expedition yacht Tara in the port of Lorient on November 22, 2014 - Image credit to Tara Expeditions

Expedition yacht Tara in the port of Lorient on November 22, 2014 - Image credit to Tara Expeditions

The strategy of the Tara Mediterranean expedition was to collect samples offshore, but also along the coasts, near the mouths of rivers, and in harbors, to study influences coming from land. At each sampling station, collection was done at the surface using special nets. The samples will be sent to partner laboratories for chemical identification of the collected plastic, analysis by microscopy, and also for studies of the living organisms colonizing the plastic, and the interaction between zooplankton (the base of the marine food chain) and plastic.

Analyses of samples will begin in December, and the first results will be published in spring 2015. But the initial findings of Tara Mediterranean are highly significant!

According to Tara Mediterranean’s scientific director Gaby Gorsky (CNRS/UPMC), and the expedition’s scientific coordinator Maria Luiza Pedrotti (OOV CNRS/ UPMC), “Plastic fragments were found in every net haul, throughout the entire Mediterranean from west to east. Greater concentrations of plastic were observed near big cities, but there were also significant concentrations in the high seas.” Martin Hertau, one of Tara’s two captains, confirmed, “We thought certain areas very far from big cities would be spared, but even these are affected, for example between Crete and Tunisia.” According to Francois Galgani, researcher at Ifremer, “The Mediterranean Sea has, on average, the world’s highest density of microplastic.”

The Tara Mediterranean expedition, the 10th for expedition yacht Tara since 2003, visited 13 countries with 20 stopovers (in France, Italy, Monaco, Albania, Greece, Lebanon, Cyprus, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Spain, Morocco and Portugal). Nearly 12,000 adults and school children from around the Mediterranean were able to visit the schooner.

Five workshops were conducted with local citizens, experts and policy makers in order to foster international cooperation and on-site projects. There is an urgent need to move towards solutions such as water treatment, waste management, innovation for biodegradable plastic, and promoting sustainable tourism, education and the creation of Marine Protected Areas. A “Blue Book” to be released in March will highlight local initiatives and solutions, and will review the exchanges accomplished during the Tara Mediterranean mission.

The Tara Mediterranean expedition in numbers:

- 13 countries

- 20 stopovers

- duration: 7-months

- 8,000 nautical miles (= 15,000 km)

- 2,300 samples collected to study the distribution of micro-plastics and zooplankton; to analyze the chemical composition of micro-plastics and the microbial communities attached to the plastic; to study POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) associated with plastic. Analyses of images, temperature, salinity, turbidity and pigments.

- 350 net hauls (each net was towed at the sea surface for an hour, or 4.5km)

- 14 laboratories involved

- 12,000 adults and school children welcomed on board

- 11 artists-in-residence (An exhibition of their work will be held in Paris in April and May 2015)

- 10 nationalities represented (Algerian, American, Brazilian, French, Israeli, Italian, Lebanese, Moroccan, Portuguese, Tunisian)

- T° max of air: 34° C; T° max of water: 31° C in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean.

T° max in the engine room: 60° C

- 3 gale force winds (between 7 and 9)

- More than 400 media releases

Plastic in the Mediterranean : BEYOND THE FACTS, WHAT SOLUTIONS?

March 10 – 11, 2015, Tara Expeditions will organize with the Surfrider Association and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation a conference entitled: “Plastic in the Mediterranean: Beyond the Facts, What Solutions?”

The purpose of the conference is to initiate a dialogue between participants (industry, civil society, citizens, scientists and politicians) and to develop actions to curb plastic pollution. This conference, open to the general public, and will take place in Monaco.

Tara in 2015: en route to the Climate Conference: The highlight of 2015 will be Tara’s stay in Paris during November and December. The schooner will be an ambassador for the world ocean, docked alongside the Ocean and Climate Pavilion. Before and during the Climate Conference in Paris (COP21) in December 2015, this pavilion (under the patronage of UNESCO/Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission) will shelter dozens of NGOs, scientific institutions and universities, with the aim of bringing greater visibility to issues linking the ocean and climate. A series of exhibitions, screenings, lectures, and workshops for schoolchildren will also be held at the Tara Base in Paris (11 Boulevard Bourdon, 75004) on the theme “Ocean and Climate”. A feature film co-produced by Tara Expeditions is also in preparation, with a planned release in November. Prior to that, beginning in March 2015, Tara will voyage to several cities in France to inform the public about these issues.

Partners of the Tara Mediterranean expedition

agnès b., Fondation Veolia, IDEC Group, Serge Ferrari, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Lorient Agglomeration, IOC/UNESCO, CNRS, UPMC, University of Maine, University of Michigan, NASA, AFP, Le Monde, RFI, FRANCE 24, MCD, Le Monde Futura Science, MedPAN, European Surfrider Foundation, Oceanographic Observatory of  Villefranche-sur-mer, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Free University of Berlin, IFREMER, Oceanographic Observatory of Banyuls, University of South Brittany, University of South Toulon, Aix Marseille University, University of Corsica.

63m motor yacht SuRi to star in Jason Statham movie with marine co-ordination and logistical support by Yacht Solutions

November 19, 2014

Yacht Solutions has been appointed as marine consultant on Jason Statham’s new movie, called ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’,  which is due for cinematic release in January 2016. The impressive and robust 63m expedition charter yacht SuRi will appear in the movie. Motor yacht SuRi has just completed a two-month major refit with Yacht Solutions at Bangkok Dock in Thailand.

MY SURI - Main

MY SURI - Main

Shooting started in Bangkok with Statham reprising his title role as a master assassin who faked his death, in an attempt to walk away from his former profession, in order to lead a peaceful and quiet retirement. Also starring Tommy Lee Jones and Jessica Alba. Line producer in Thailand is Tom Waller of De Warrenne Pictures and marine consultant is Yacht Solutions who have chartered the yacht, helped arranged shooting and are working with the crew during shooting. Filming starts mid November until mid December onboard the 63-metre superyacht SuRi in Thailand.

They will be filming on location on explorer yacht SuRi in the Gulf of Thailand organised by Yacht Solutions and they will also be filming in and around Phuket.

Gareth Twist, managing director of Yacht Solutions said: “It’s a pleasure to be working on such high profile film, with such prestigious actors.  This is a great opportunity for the marine industry in Thailand, enabling us to showcase what filming opportunities are available here, both on land and sea.  Blockbusters such as these will help to promote the country as an exotic, beautiful and friendly location for filming.  We will be offering the production company marine co-ordination and logistical support.”

Dennis Gansel directs the thriller from a screenplay by Philip Shelby, Tony Mosher, Rachel Long and Brian Pittman. “Mechanic: Resurrection” is being produced by William Chartoff, David Winkler, John Thompson and Frank DeMartini. The 2011 original grossed $62 million worldwide.

Yachting Pages announces award-winning superyacht crew

November 19, 2014

This year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) saw Yachting Pages award a GoPro camera as well as iPad mini to elated superyacht crew members. The prizes were generously donated by FunAir and Global Marine Communications (GMC).

Yachting Pages GMC award iPad mini to superyacht Match Point crew

Yachting Pages GMC award iPad mini to superyacht Match Point crew

During the five-day event, members of Yachting Pages, a specialist in products and services for the superyacht market walked the docks surveying captains and crews. All those surveyed were entered into a competition to win a GoPro camera donated by FunAir.

The winner was chosen by random on the last day of the show; Nicholas Sheard, an excited first officer on board the 37m expedition yacht Zeepaard, was presented with the GoPro.  Todd Lewis, COO, John Courtney, business development executive and Margo Wickersham, marketing director from FunAir and Michelle Williams, website and digital marketing manager from Yachting Pages, awarded him the camera.

Nicholas said, “I am ecstatic, I feel like sinking my boat, going on holiday and using my GoPro.  I was going to buy one of these anyway, it’s perfect timing.  I’m so happy.  I never win anything.  You guys are turning my life around.”

Yachting Pages FunAir award GoPro Camera to Nicholas from motor yacht Zeepaard

Yachting Pages FunAir award GoPro Camera to Nicholas from motor yacht Zeepaard

Todd Lewis of FunAir said, “It was great to work with Yachting Pages surveying captains and crews at FLIBS.  The crew were incredibly friendly and great to talk to.  We were delighted to meet Nicholas and award him the GoPro, he was so enthusiastic about winning; it was a pleasure to donate the prize.”

To enter the second competition to win an iPad mini offered by Global Marine Communications, crews posed for funny photographs with a copy of Yachting Pages to be uploaded to social media.

The chosen winners were Krisztina Hegyi, 2nd stewardess, Cori Fitzhugh, chief stewardess, Steffen Lee Bourne, bosun and Kendra Marie Human, chef from 48m superyacht Match Point.

Steffen commented, “This is a great day for us.  To be honest, I’m quite a lucky guy, but I don’t have an iPad, so this is a great prize.”

Costas Charalambous, sales director from Global Marine Communications said, “The Match Point crew deserved to win the photo competition, particularly the ladies, carrying Steffen posed like a mermaid made a great image.  I hope they enjoy the iPad mini.”

FunAir specialises in exciting and innovative inflatable products and toys for the superyacht market.  The company’s patented SeaStairs makes access from the water easy for everyone.  Their Rapidflatetm system inflates six times faster than other products, which reduces the amount of time it takes crews to erect slides and similar toys and is popular in the yachting sector.

Global Marine Communications (GMC) offers satellite communication products and services to yachts worldwide.  The company recently introduced BOSS, a bandwith optimiser service, which allows primary users (owners/officers) to have priority internet access.

Versatile 67m explorer motor yacht GLOBAL introduces Yacht Carbon Offset

November 19, 2014

Currently in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the versatile 67m explorer motor yacht Global (ex Allure) now includes the Yacht Carbon Offset service, as part of her environmental procedures. Ready for adventure and available for luxury yacht charter, mega yacht Global can now assure her Owners as well as Charter guests that the greenhouse gas impact of her engines has been counteracted through the fully-documented system of Yacht Carbon Offset.

67m expedition yacht GLOBAL (ex Allure)

67m expedition yacht GLOBAL (ex Allure)

Luxury yacht Global combines superyacht standards of luxury with long-range expedition capability including helicopter facilities, vast deck & interior areas to accommodate tenders, submarines, vehicles and heavy equipment, and a high capacity crane.

Kostas Andreou, Global’s Captain commented: “We are pleased to take a further step to improve our operations through Yacht Carbon Offset’s focused service. This sport-utility yacht offers a platform to explore the world’s most pristine destinations, so it is natural that the highest environmental standards must be met. Greenhouse gas emissions are a major concern today, so it is good to be able to take effective action in such a practical way.”

Yacht Carbon Offset’s Mark Robinson said: “Global’s decision to carbon offset her fuel makes a real difference to the green energy projects that receive funding through our service. These projects reduce the consumption of fossil fuel for power generation, in order to balance out the combustion of fuel by the yacht. It is a proportionate response for this powerful vessel, and we thank the team aboard Global for their environmental leadership and for their decision to work with Yacht Carbon Offset.”

Yacht Carbon Offset provides a fully-documented service for those that own and enjoy the world’s leading superyachts and has Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Certification.

Re-launch of 67m motor yacht DANAH EXPLORER by YachtProjects International

November 19, 2014

Measuring 67 meters in length, the impressive and robust motor yacht Danah Explorer has been successfully re-launched by YachtProjects International. Superyacht Danah Explorer has undergone a major four-month refit, performed by Southern African Shipyards, based in Durban, South Africa.

Danah Explorer yacht was originally launched as ‘Clipper Cap Haitien’ by Candies Shipbuilders/ Houma in 1980, before being converted to a support yacht and renamed ‘Peaceful Fish’. In 2011, she underwent a major hull extension, and was lengthened from her former length of 51,8 metres to her current length of 67 metres.

Following her latest refit, the 67-metre expedition yacht Danah Explorer now boasts an additional deck dedicated to the owner, including the owner’s stateroom, private lounge, gym, as well as spa. In addition, the all-new movie theatre has been created and all the audio visual and IT systems have been upgraded. Moving the helipad up also allowed the creation of a new open sun deck, offering generous entertaining spaces. Moreover, the vessel now features an elevator that connects all decks.

TAHITI YACHT CHARTER: Take Advantage of the Recent Tahiti Charter Tax Drop

November 11, 2014

Places not to be forgotten and memories of adventures to cherish forever is what you can expect from a Tahiti yacht charter in the South Pacific. Take advantage of the recent Tahiti charter tax drop from 12% to 5% of gross revenues and embark on the holiday of your dreams in this breath-taking French Polynesia yacht charter destination. The tax reduction combined with the recent extension of yachts allowed to stay up to 36 months in Tahiti ‘duty free’ creates a good opportunity for yacht owners in the Asia Pacific to base their yachts in Tahiti. We have selected a few of our favourite Tahiti charter yachts, offering fantastic accommodation, indoor and outdoor areas for entertainment, and last but not least professional and highly skilled crew aboard. For more information and a personalised itinerary contact our brokers here.

TAHITI - Photo by Kirkland Photos.com  - Courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme

TAHITI - Photo by Kirkland Photos.com - Courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme



The imposing 62m Holland Jachtbouw superyacht ATHOS is a double-masted schooner custom-made to the design by Hoek Design Naval Architects. Accommodation aboard ATHOS is provided in 5 luxurious en-suite cabins to a maximum number of 10 charter guests. She has an elegant and modern interior, boasting supple leathers, fine fabrics and a traditional flair. Her upper saloon is a great place for entertainment and socialising, featuring a large u-shaped sofa and a coffee table.

Sailing yacht ATHOS -  Main

Sailing yacht ATHOS - Main

The elegant dining table can be converted into two games tables, to enjoy a casual game of cards. There is also a wet bar further to port. Another great area to unwind is ATHOS yacht’s lower deck saloon, with a large comfortable sofa, occasional chairs and a custom pouf. Exterior deck areas are also ample with plenty of seating, and possibilities for al fresco dining or sunbathing. More information about ATHOS yacht …

Sailing yacht ATHOS -  Aft Deck

Sailing yacht ATHOS - Aft Deck


Built by the renowned Italian shipyard Perini Navi, the 50m sailing yacht SILENCIO (ex Perseus) is another magnificent yacht featuring accommodation in four deluxe cabins, two of which with Pullman berths. The full-beam master suite boasts a comfortable sitting room, which can be also converted into a private stateroom with its own facilities.

Sailing yacht SILENCIO

Sailing yacht SILENCIO

The outstanding outdoor spaces aboard SILENCIO include a large aft cockpit with sheltered lounging and dining area, as well as a large and comfortable fly-bridge with al fresco dining and sun-pads. Her main deck saloon is surrounded by large windows allowing for unprecedented views of the yacht’s surroundings. SILENCIO’s interior can be described as elegant and cosy, with fine joinery in cherry wood. More information about SILENCIO yacht …

SILENCIO Yacht -  Aft Deck Seating

SILENCIO Yacht - Aft Deck Seating


Charter yacht LUPA OF LONDON (ex RUSALKA) represents a spectacular Baltic 78′ yacht for keen sailors and is an exceptional performance sailing yacht designed by Reichel / Pugh. The yacht features an easily driven hull, powerful sail configuration as well as canting keel.



LUPA OF LONDON superyacht offers accommodation to 6 charter guests in 3 double guest cabins. The master cabin is situated aft of the saloon and features an en suite bathroom, whereas the two double cabins are located forward of the saloon, each with a head, sharing shower. There is also a large comfortable saloon and a separate galley. Fantastic al fresco dining opportunity is offered by the large cockpit table on deck, seating all guests comfortably. More information about Lupa of London yacht …




Charter yacht COSMOS is a great luxury motor yacht, sure to impress even the most seasoned charterer. There are vast deck areas aboard, such as the massive bow section boasting comfortable sunbathing couch and a spa pool. Fantastic panoramic views are offered by the top deck, where charter guests can also enjoy dining al fresco. One of the main features of the COSMOS superyacht is her swimming platform situated aft, also boasting a great range of water toys and sports equipment.

Cosmos Yacht

Cosmos Yacht

Deluxe accommodation is divided into three cabins, sleeping up to eight guests, however Cosmos can entertain up to 75 guests during the day; an excellent option for work functions, parties or banquets during your holiday. The three staterooms include one master cabin and two guest cabins, with a double and single bed in each. There is a further double cabin of a similar quality accessible front the swim platform only, which is perfect for staff, dive instructors or anyone requiring little more privacy. More about COSMOS yacht …

Super yacht Cosmos Flybridge dinning

Super yacht Cosmos Flybridge dinning


For serious adventurous the 48-metre HANSE EXPLORER might be just the right choice! She was built by Fassmer Werft with interior design by Mieske Design, providing light and functional styling, and a relaxed atmosphere. The HANSE EXPLORER superyacht is a certified ice-breaker yacht with ice class GL-E3. She is ideal for charters of longer duration and able to explorer any corner of the world. In addition to the comfort aboard she is also very safe.



HANSE EXPLORER provides comfortable and luxurious accommodation to up to 12 charter guests in 7 cabins. All can be configured for either queen or twin sleeping arrangements. The master suite is located on the upper deck and includes a stateroom, en suite bathroom and a large private lounge. The rest of the guest cabins are located on the main deck, all with private en suite facilities. More information about HANSE EXPLORER yacht …

HANSE EXPLORER - Main Deck Alfresco Dining

HANSE EXPLORER - Main Deck Alfresco Dining


Another fantastic explorer yacht is MISS KULANI. She is a 2010 launched Marlow Explorer superyacht based in Papeete in Tahiti. MISS KULANI superyacht has a beautiful interior and a lovely open and airy main deck. Her main saloon boast comfortable settee to starboard with occasional chairs to port. There is also a hidden sink, a fridge and an ice maker, a bar with three stools and an entertainment system featuring surround sound and a 50’’ retractable TV/DVD as well as docking station.

Yacht MISS KULANI -  Main

Yacht MISS KULANI - Main

Accommodation offered by MISS KULANI comprises four staterooms, sleeping up to 6-8 charter guests. The owner’s stateroom is situated below deck forward, boasting a walk-around king bed, Cedar-lined hanging lockers and a vanity, as well as en-suite facilities with a sink and shower. There is also one guest stateroom with two Pullman berths (for small children only) and a queen bed, one twin stateroom and one stateroom with upper/lower twin beds, best suited for children. More information about MISS KULANI yacht …

Yacht MISS KULANI -  Al Fresco Dining on the Sundeck

Yacht MISS KULANI - Al Fresco Dining on the Sundeck


At 45 metres, expedition yacht BIG FISH represents yet another excellent choice for the great adventurers. She was designed by Greg Marshall Design and built by New Zealand’s McMullen & Wing in 2010. Her styling is powerful, yet elegant and accommodating. She is a fantastic example of a modern blue water, stable, functional and comfortable exploration superyacht.

BIG FISH -  Main


Her charter accommodation includes five double staterooms with en suite bathrooms, sleeping up to 10 charter guests in total. BIG FISH superyacht has a good range of water toys and equipment as well as comprehensive electronic equipment list, including audio video system, capable of storing 1200 films and thousands of music CDs. More information about BIG FISH yacht …

BIG FISH -  Spa Pool

BIG FISH - Spa Pool


For those looking for something smaller, yet comfortable and spacious, a catamaran could be an ideal option. The Lagoon 62 catamaran FEEL SO GOOD was designed by Van Peteghem and Lauriot Prévost (VPLP) in collaboration with Lagoon. Thanks to her catamaran dual hull design, she is a very spacious yacht with generous interior living areas created by Nauta Design. The saloon and dining area are open plan, with neutral contemporary décor accented by vibrant red soft furnishings.

Cat FEEL SO GOOD -  Main


There are also plenty of exterior living areas to take advantage of when on a Tahiti yacht vacation. The guest cockpit offers an excellent area for al fresco dining with ample seating and a bar area with a sink and a fridge. The sugar scoop transoms aft of the lower guest cockpit provide effortless water access. Wide wrap-around decks lead to the foredeck where an additional guest cockpit is perfect for private escape, followed by two large safety trampolines, ideal for sun lovers. Additional information about FEEL SO GOOD catamaran yacht…

Yacht MISS KULANI -  Relaxing on the Bow at anchor

Yacht MISS KULANI - Relaxing on the Bow at anchor


Vision of Paradise on Earth – these are the islands of Tahiti in the French Polynesia. A Tahiti luxury yacht charter includes sailing through turquoise-blue lagoons with white sand beaches, relaxing under palm trees and exploring the underwater beauty of expansive coral reefs. Discover the islands of Bora Bora, Moorea, The Marquesas, Huahine, Fakarava, Rangiroa, Taha’a, Raiatea, Manihi or Tikehau and enjoy the freedom only a Tahiti superyacht charter can offer.

Tahaa - Photo by G. Le Bacon - Courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme

Tahaa - Photo by G. Le Bacon - Courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme

Polynesian people are friendly and inviting, boasting of great love for their islands which is reflected through their music and dance. Whether you are on a romantic getaway with your loved ones or simply celebrating life with your family and friends, Tahiti yacht holiday is a perfect choice.

Photo by Tim-Mckenna.com - Courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme

Photo by Tim-Mckenna.com - Courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme

The islands are easily approachable thanks to the conveniently located Faa’a Airport with daily international flights from all over the world. Once landed, your crew will be waiting for you, ready to take you to your yacht and make sure all of your expectation are not only met, but also exceeded. The Captain and his crew will organise a personalised itinerary, cruising to places you always dreamt of, engaging in activities of your choice. For additional details and a full list of yachts that are available for Tahiti boat rental contact our experienced charter brokers here.

Further Shortlist Success for Hydro Tec by Sergio Cutolo S.r.l in IY&A Awards 2015 with 57m Motor Yacht Explorer

November 11, 2014

Hydro Tec by Sergio Cutolo S.r.l have had a second superyacht project nominated for the ‘Yacht Concept over 40 metres‘ Award in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015. The 57m Motor Yacht Explorer has been designed with all the toys as well as equipment needed to explore the globe. The 57m superyacht concept represents another example of Hydro Tec’s experience in the go anywhere explorer market, in partnership with manufacturer Mengi-Yay Yachts.

57m Motor Yacht Explorer by Hydro Tec

57m Motor Yacht Explorer by Hydro Tec

The 57m Hydro Tec expedition yacht offers a modern classic exterior, heli-pad and two 8 meter tenders on the main deck creating the opportunity for an expansive aft beach club. The addition of the crow’s nest creates the perfect vantage point for those incredible views as the owner journeys the far reaches of the globe.

57m Hydro Tec superyacht

57m Hydro Tec superyacht

The interior of the 57m Hydro Tec superyacht is spread over 5 decks all accessible by a lift and central stair case. The helm is located on the 4th deck which allows the upper deck to house the owners suite with incredible forward facing views.

57m Hydro Tec motor yacht

57m Hydro Tec motor yacht

The key features of the 57m Hydro Tec explorer yacht are the ability to hold 2 large tenders, jet skis, heli pad and still have the volume to hold 14 guests in complete comfort.

57m Hydro Tec expedition yacht

57m Hydro Tec expedition yacht

Hydro Tec feel the design ticked all the boxes that the team set out to with a classic explorer exterior look that is strong and elegant which also offers the owner the full interior and exterior superyacht experience.

Founders’ Dinner honoring 2014 DISCOVERY Yacht vessels hosted by The International SeaKeepers Society

November 06, 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014, saw The International SeaKeepers Society play a host to their annual Founders’ Dinner. The event honored vessels that participated in the 2014 DISCOVERY Yacht expeditions, SeaKeepers Drifter deployments, as well as outreach programs.

SeaKeepers Founders Dinner 2014 Honoring Discovery Yacht Members

SeaKeepers Founders Dinner 2014 Honoring Discovery Yacht Members - Photo by MagicalPhotos.com/Mitchell Zachs

Founders’ Dinner took place at the waterfront residence of Founders’ Dinner Chairs, Tom and Katia Bates, in Fort Lauderdale on the opening night of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Michael T. Moore, Chairman of the Board of SeaKeepers and Richard Snow, President and CEO of SeaKeepers awarded 2014 DISCOVERY Yachts Copasetic, Defiance, Fugitive, LoJo, Meduse, Penny Mae, Shredder of Fleet Miami, and Valkyrie yacht for their generous contribution to DISCOVERY Yacht missions.

This year, SeaKeepers facilitated three scientific expeditions, four outreach programs, and had five SeaKeepers Drifters deployed. Motor yacht Copasetic hosted a genome sequencing expedition and housed a custom-made at-sea mobile laboratory. Charter yacht Penny Mae hosted a week-long tiger shark tagging expedition with assistance from LoJo. Fleet Miami’s Shredder hosted a three-day expedition monitoring the behaviors of various designs of ocean drifters.

Claudia Potamkin, Michael Moore, Sandra Yawn and Richard Snow - Photo by MagicalPhotos.com Mitchell Zachs

Claudia Potamkin, Michael Moore, Sandra Yawn and Richard Snow - Photo by MagicalPhotos.com/Mitchell Zachs

Five SeaKeepers Drifters were deployed thanks to charter yacht Defiance, Fugitive, superyacht Meduse, and Valkyrie.

Defiance hosted two educational outreach programs this year: a drifter deployment with school children in Bimini, Bahamas and a lesson on ocean conservation with children from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Newport County in Newport, Rhode Island. Shredder introduced youth of the Miami-based organization StreetWaves to ocean currents, drifter instrumentation and oil spill research. Copasetic led an outreach program teaching children about microscopic organisms and conducted a tour of the genome sequencing lab.

Founders’ Dinner guests viewed a video highlighting the 2014 DISCOVERY Yacht missions and had the opportunity to board Shredder, which was docked at the venue. A silent auction, featuring items from sailing experiences to vacation getaways, took place during the event.

Glen Allen, Tom Heyer, Kathy Kennedy and Richard Snow

Glen Allen, Tom Heyer, Kathy Kennedy and Richard Snow - Photo by MagicalPhotos.com/Mitchell Zachs

SeaKeepers received support from their generous event sponsors; Bentley Motors, Bradford Marine, Data-Dynamix Inc., Anything on the Water, Fleet Miami, IsoTropic Networks Inc., Florida Luxurious Properties, Bulgari, Merrill Lynch Miller, Broich & Associates, University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science & Source Water, Christofle, Kalla, Edrington, Russian Standard, Cuba Tobacco Cigar Company, and Denison Super Yacht Division. Innovative Creations Interior Design, and media sponsors Yachts International & South Florida Luxury Guide.

Hydro Tec by Sergio Cutolo S.r.l nominated for IY&A Award 2015 with 56m motor yacht Explorer G2

November 05, 2014

Hydro Tec by Sergio Cutolo S.r.l have been shortlisted for the fifth annual International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015, with their 56m motor yacht Explorer G2. The striking superyacht Explorer G2 will compete in the ‘Yacht Concept over 40 metres’ category.

56m superyacht Explorer G2 by Hydro Tec

56m superyacht Explorer G2 by Hydro Tec

This truly graceful explorer yacht offers modern lines whist keeping the elegance of a classic motor yacht. The design brief given by the client was to produce a modern yet classic explorer with elegance and grace. She had to travel the world in complete comfort and be able to handle whatever the sea throws at her.

Luxury motor yacht Explorer G2 from above

Luxury motor yacht Explorer G2 from above

Adding the huge rounded aft doors to enter the saloons opens the interior to the exterior seamlessly and still offers incredible views when closed. The folding aft hatch / beach club when open offers the owner and guests a vast outdoor entertaining space.

56m Explorer G2 Yacht - aft view

56m Explorer G2 Yacht - aft view

The design is particularly successful as the team managed to merge the clients requests with new ideas such as the opening aft hatch for easy access and embarkation to tenders. They managed to keep the classic feel of an explorer vessel, but with adding the large strip windows and folding balconies for a modern touch.

Explorer G2 superyacht - Exterior

Explorer G2 superyacht - Exterior

New Zealand superyacht specialist Integrated Marine Group celebrating 10 years of business

October 30, 2014

New Zealand superyacht specialist, Integrated Marine Group (IMG), is thrilled to be celebrating 10 years of business this year. Established in 2004, IMG has built itself a solid reputation as superyacht agents, as well as specialists in superyacht refit, service and repair in New Zealand and the South Pacific. The company has also forged good commercial ties, with their recent investment into Shipco 360, a Whangarei-based facility, specializing in commercial work.

The IMG team (l to r Dave Low, Tony Whiting, Rachel Harrison, Mark Wightman and Munesh Sharma)

The IMG team (l to r Dave Low, Tony Whiting, Rachel Harrison, Mark Wightman and Munesh Sharma)

Led by Managing Director Mark Wightman, IMG has a highly experienced long-standing team and strong core values, which Wightman credits for the company’s success. “Our team is at the heart of all we do,” he says. “We have always stuck to our principles and our core values focusing on quality and dependability. These are the kind of things that help a company to outlast others, and we are very proud that we have always had great feedback from those who use us.” As well as their own central team, IMG also works with a proven network of longstanding partner companies to ensure their consistently high standards of work are always maintained.

IMG has gone from strength to strength over the years, with several initiatives enhancing their global roots. The yacht support division has worked with, and undertaken exchanges with Lunautica, based in Nice, Hamburg and Valencia. In 2012 IMG also partnered with Spanish yard Atollvic to provide a global full-service offering to yachts in their network. One yacht that has taken full advantage of this service is 58m charter yacht Seawolf, which is now in for her third refit with the companies since the partnership was formed.

Every project the team has worked on has been unique, and understanding the custom nature of the superyacht industry has been an important factor in IMG’s wider success. “All the projects we have worked on have been notable in their own way,” said Wightman. “It is always a privilege to work on and with these incredible yachts.” Over the years IMG has maintained a high number of repeat customers, which Wightman says is a hugely gratifying testament to the quality of service that IMG offers.

One repeat customer is the Royal Huisman-built 58m sailing yacht Ethereal, which visited New Zealand for the two consecutives summers of 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 “The owners decided to visit New Zealand because of the the beautiful and dynamic cruising on offer, but also due to the unparalleled quality that the marine services there have to offer as well,” said James Turner, relief captain/first mate on Ethereal. “Each occasion involved owners cruising along with significant refit/maintenance and survey work and during each of our visits we enlisted the invaluable assistance of Integrated Marine Group. The IMG team gave us not just reliable, efficient and quality workmanship at a competitive rate but also fantastic shore side and logistical support ready at a drop of hat. Furthermore IMG assisted with the budgeting and financial side of the refit work, which in turn saved a lot of time, effort and stress.”

Key projects for IMG over the last ten years have included:

49m M/Y Karima (Amels) – A split refit, with the owners taking time to cruise between works periods, Karima underwent a major refit between October 2007 and February 2009. Work included the installation of a new helicopter deck, survey work, a new Quantum Stabiliser system and significant interior work.

56m S/Y Zenji (Perini Navi) – The eight-month refit on Zenji in 2009 was a large-scale project that included her five-year ABS survey, and interior refurbishment and extensive engineering and systems work. “The refit [of Zenji] was the largest in monetary expenditure, scale and complexity to ever be undertaken in New Zealand at that time. The combination of work required was beyond extensive and made seemingly effortless by the strong leadership that IMG brought to the eight month yard period.” – Bradley Tong, Refit Manager, Zenji.

58m M/Y Seawolf (J&K Smit) – The five-month refit that Seawolf underwent in Auckland in 2012, is one of many the yacht has since undertaken within the IMG-Atollvic partnership. Work done included the refurbishment of the owner’s area, repaint of upper deck area, engineering and systems work. “IMG has great group trades under their wing. They want to do a good job for you and are passionate about what they do. There was no warranty work to speak of, drive away [with] no issues, and they were realistic with timelines and meeting them.” – Captain Drarg Richards, Seawolf.

61.4m M/Y White Rabbit Echo (North West Bay Ships Pty) – The owners of trimaran White Rabbit Echo brought the yacht all the way from Singapore to have her refit work undertaken with IMG in 2013. Work done included New Zealand’s biggest ever paint job, with 3,400m2 of paint applied. Other jobs included underwater work and a survey.

The IMG team is now looking forward to the next ten years of business, with a busy workbook ahead. Upcoming projects include refit work on the 42.5m Royal Huisman-built S/Y Juliet, a repeat customer of IMG, and 73m SilverYachts-built M/Y Dragonfly.