Six World Debuts at Cannes Yachting Festival by Ferretti Group – Announcing Strong Sales Growth

The opening press conference at the currently running Cannes Yachting Festival, ...

Six World Debuts at Cannes Yachting Festival by Ferretti Group – Announcing Strong Sales Growth

September 09, 2015

Written by Eva Belanyiova

The opening press conference at the currently running Cannes Yachting Festival, held in the renowned yachting and charter destination Cannes on the French Riviera, Ferretti Group‘s CEO Alberto Galassi presented a review of the key consolidated figures for the first eight months of the financial year 2015, including a positive EBIT and cash flow, and a 105% increase in orders intake amounting to €253 millions.

Ferretti Group Debuts Fantastic Yacht Fleet in Cannes 2015

Ferretti Group Debuts Fantastic Yacht Fleet in Cannes 2015

Ferretti Group is showcasing a prestigious fleet of 21 craft that include as many as 6 world debuts: the Ferretti Yachts 550, Ferretti Yachts 700 by Ferretti Yachts, 76′ Perseo yacht, 88′ Florida yacht and 88′ Domino Super yacht by Riva, as well as the Custom Line 108′ superyacht by Custom Line.

At the press conference opening the boat show, Ferretti Group’s CEO, Alberto Galassi, presented an initial review of the positive key figures achieved this year, which are fully in line with the ambitious targets announced at the presentation of the Group’s development and growth strategic plans for the three years 2015-2017, focusing on the further development of the Group’s core brands – all largely thanks to Product Research & Development investments totalling € 50 million, which are supporting the launch of as many as 27 new models.

“This year, at Cannes, our Group presents 6 world premieres, confirming our commitments, continuous brand investments and strong focus on product development. In particular, we are very satisfied with the brilliant results achieved in the first eight months of 2015, showing a substantial increase in orders intake, as well as positive cash flow and EBIT performances, and validating the effectiveness of our strategy for growth through continuous product range innovation”, stated Ferretti Group’s CEO, Alberto Galassi.

The first eight months of 2015 show that the Group has continued its sales increase on the international level. In particular, in Europe, Middle East and Africa, the Group’s orders intake as at 31st August 2015 shows a noteworthy 187% increase in comparison to the first eight months of 2014. This confirms the Ferretti Group’s effective and widespread presence on its ‘historic’ markets. Asia Pacific, too shows a considerable increase equalling to 96% in the consolidated orders intake agains 31 August 2014, reaffirming the strategic importance of this area in Ferretti Group’s future development prospects. Finally, in the Americas the orders intake as at 31 August, 2015 shows a 20% increase as agains the previous year, demonstrating the Group’s growth on all markets.

2015, Europe – Middle East – Africa accounts for 59%, Americas for 22% and Asia Pacific for 19%. Ferretti Group’s cash flow and EBIT figures as at 31 August 2015 also show positive performances as against the first eight months of the year 2014, further validating the effectiveness of the strategy implemented by the Group during the last year.

Ferretti Yachts 700

Ferretti Yachts 700


The new Ferretti 700 yacht represents the evolution of one of the most important successes  for Ferretti Group’s historical brand. The yacht has been designed with sleek yet aggressive profile and is one of the sportiest ones ever in the brand’s history. There are three large glazed surfaces on each side of the hull, which, preserving the family feel with those found on the new 55 foot yacht, are stanchion-free with flush glued portholes.

The superstructure is light, with the dark long deck glazing, featuring the same colour as the stanchions, cuts across the yacht’s profile from stern to bow. The glazing follows the lowering of the gunwale in the central part of the boat, where the living area is located, thereby reflecting on the outside the main deck interior layout, while increasing the general sense of lightness that pervades the entire craft.

Plenty of natural light penetrates thats to the lowering in the glazing and provides guests and the crew with fantastic panoramic views. The motor yacht Ferretti 700 boast an aerodynamic design with an elongated tail, surmounted by a roll bar housing satellite system and antennas, characterised by a new colour shade called ‘Vulcan Grey’.

Beginning with the Ferretti 700, this warm grey shade will become the brand’s second colour, and will be used on all accessory systems (roll bars, hard tops…), in contrast with the white shade of the hull and the superstructure. The installation of all antennas in the roll bar will also make it possible to free up the aft area of the flybridge of any and all technical elements, thereby offering the Owner a panoramic terrace that can be furnished with free standing furniture.

Riva 76 Perseo

Riva 76 Perseo


Riva Perseo 76′ Yacht is Riva’s new coupé vessel created with a view to preserving the family feeling with other models in the brand’s sporty range. The yacht boasts beautiful sporty features and elegance, enhanced by her colour shades. The first hull of Riva 76′ Perseo yacht has a metal silver shade of ‘Moon Grey’ combined with Riva’s classical dark shade of ‘Bright Black’.

Perseo 76′ by Riva has over 40 square metre of glazed surfaces with large hull glazing on both sides that comprised two elliptical surfaces, ideally connect by the Riva logo, in polished stainless steel, one of the brand’s distinctive and traditional materials.

The side glazing on the main deck, in turn, is ideally ‘cut through’ by a handrail installed along the edge of the superstructure, which makes the yacht’s profile even more slender and extends the overall size of the glazing in the main salon, while ensuring the utmost safety along the outdoor passageways.

The wide windshield, supported by a central stanchion, comes in the largest possible size, in order to offer the captain the widest and most thorough visibility.

The spacious sun deck perfectly harmonizes with the yacht’s aerodynamic lines and ensures the utmost privacy and relaxation, besides allowing to pilot the craft from a privileged position.

Riva Florida 88 Yacht

Riva Florida 88 Yacht


Riva’s typically rigorous lines and the 88’ Florida’s own unparalleled elegance are made even more enticing by the yacht’s innovative ‘Convertible Top’ technology, derived from the automotive sector, creating the first convertible luxury

motor yacht.

The new ‘Moon Grey’ shade, a light metallic grey that enhances the yacht’s slender lines, characterizes the slender lines of the first 88’ Florida, and is in pleasant contrast with the ‘Bright Black’ shade details. The hull profile is really unmistakable thanks to the innovative-design continuous glazing featuring a stainless steel plate that bears the Riva logo in its central part. The large windshield and the steel roll bar complete this new yacht’s design.

Riva 88 Domino Superyacht

Riva 88 Domino Superyacht


The 88’ Riva Domino Super immediately strikes the eye for its slender, streamlined profile, which is further highlighted by the color of the hull, a dark grey that has been named ‘London Grey’. The same innovative color shade can also be found in some deck details and harmoniously contrasts the light grey (‘Moon Grey’) of the superstructure. Other important design solutions bear witness to the great value of this evolution: the new sundeck highlights the yacht’s sporty character, while offering guests additional comfort; the outdoor pilot station has been moved to the central part of the boat and has a very limited size, thereby making room for a large sofa at the bow; and the large uninterrupted hull glazing, featuring a very aggressive design, extends across the yacht, almost like an arrow, from the central part of the boat to the extreme bow.

The stainless steel plate bearing the Riva logo, just in the middle of the glazing, is the ‘seal’ on this masterpiece and the restyled aft area adds the final touch to the yacht’s dynamic personality. The 88’ Riva Domino Super ’s outstanding technical equipment and solutions perfectly harmonize with its sporty look and offer additional comfort to all guests, making technical operations extremely easy.

First Custom Line 108 superyacht on the water

First Custom Line 108 superyacht on the water


This new planing maxi yacht reaches the heights of excellence in yachting thanks to a skilful combination of distinctive features: a sporty spirit, a refined design, spacious volumes, cutting-edge technological solutions, and extremely refined interiors, tailor-made to the Owner’s taste and requirements.

Characterized by stylish finishes and original contrasts, further highlighted by exclusive furniture and the greatest possible care for details, the Custom Line 108’ embodies a new concept of luxury, with a truly ‘noble’ touch. The Owners can thus not only experience the charm of ‘creating’ the yacht of their dreams: beyond that, they will own a Made-in-Italy jewel that is truly unique thanks to the solutions implemented onboard.

The Custom Line 108’ is also fitted with the patented Dual Mode Transom device and the innovative ‘VOTIS’ (Videoworks One Touch Infotainment System) infotainment system. Last but not least, to ensure unmatched comfort even when at anchor, the Custom Line 108’ will be equipped with electro-hydraulic stabilizing fins with underway and zero speed functions.

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