Urban Voyage Studios for 3D superyacht solutions

Since 2000 Urban Voyage, a New Zealand based design company  has been providing ...

Urban Voyage Studios for 3D superyacht solutions

August 18, 2010

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Since 2000 Urban Voyage, a New Zealand based design company  has been providing their superyacht customers from all around the world with the highest quality  exceptional 3D solutions. One of the latest projects is the 3D imaging of the Alloy Yachts constructed sailing yacht Imagine II, designed by Dubois.

Urban Voyage  solutions for superyachts, and not only, help their clients to connect with their customers and provide an advanced level of engagement and interaction. Their design studio of developers, artists and visionaries offers the yachting industry with number of design works, that will help empower your business and brand.

There are many reasons why someone should choose to have their yacht produced in high quality virtual image. Most importantly to communicate the idea of the yacht and her visual aspects to a potential client, to generate attention in the media or simply because the images aid the production and development process.

When Urban Voyage is contacted by an Architect, Developer, Advertising Agency, or similar they go through their unique process of understanding the intent, purpose, goals and objectives of the project. This provides the background to help them find the ‘essence’ and ‘spirit’ within the architect’s plans. To begin Urban Voyage work from hand sketches, 2D drawings, CAD files and sometimes 3D models are provided to them which makes their job a real pleasure. The process starts with modeling from the plans to create the base model, once the base model has been approved by the customer, the designers work through creating realistic textures, surfaces and ‘materiality’.

Views are then chosen based on particular features or aspects that need to be shown and this normally involves producing quick 3D renderings to get the general feel for camera and scene placement. Urban Voyage consider the camera’s field of view (camera to subject distance and focal length of the lens), crop factor, framing, perspective distortion, and other important factors. When the client is happy with the view, the Urban Voyage team proceed to ‘dress’ or ‘stage’ the environment, similar to what happens on film sets (just virtually). These objects can be famous design furniture, modern art or other elements on the your yacht that help create warmth and depth within the scene.

Next the team produces pre-final digital versions of the yacht images to a standard which is close to the final result. Any last aspects or details are addressed and then rendering of the high-resolution and HD animation begins. Rendering is done using their rendering farm comprised of high-end multi-processor CPU “slaves” with large amounts of RAM. Once high resolution 3D images are ready, their team complete the post-production process which involves color-correction, image touch-ups, exposure and light levels, photo-matching, adjusting sharpness and adding environmental elements.

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