Top 10 Scuba diving adventures on a luxury charter yacht

For Scuba diving enthusiasts, a luxury yacht charter is an unmissable ...

Top 10 Scuba diving adventures on a luxury charter yacht

March 25, 2020

Written by Rachael Steele

For Scuba diving enthusiasts, a luxury yacht charter is an unmissable opportunity to make the activity as time-efficient as possible in places such as these top 10 Scuba diving locations. Not only is accommodation and transport combined into one package, but your expert crew might also include a Dive Master, and larger yachts come with incredible amenities for safety such as a compression chamber for emergencies in remote locations. Take inspiration from the destinations below for wreck, cavern and drift dives as well as places that have one-of-a-kind geological features.

Top ten scuba diving locations on a private yacht charter

The Balearic Islands

The natural beauty of the Balearic Islands continues deep underwater and these popular charter grounds are known among Scuba divers for its incredible cave dives, wrecks and varied wildlife. The Isla del Sec has three dive sites – the shallowest of which can also be used for snorkelling – while the other two are wreck dives have become homes for the region’s diverse marine life. The Cave de Jeroni is a treat for underwater dives of all levels and features an entrance that descends to 18m/59ft before opening up into an underwater cavern filled with stalagmites and stalactites.

The Balearic Islands are ideal for scuba diving adventures

Dalmatian Coast

The various islands along the Dalmatian Coast provide everything from international glamour and DJ parties in the summer to quiet all-natural shores ready to host your own beach-side bash. Have your cameras at the ready for the gorgeous orange and purple sea fans, and the karst geology of the area has formed a network of underwater caves to explore with an experienced local guide, while out in the open sea there are plenty of wrecks, reefs and walls for an exhilarating journey around some of Croatia’s most beautiful coastline.

Dalmatian Coast


This unusual and far-flung destination has a whole host of unusual species to pique your interest, from the ugly and unusual red-lipped batfish to the mesmerising spotted eagle rays. More than just an exceptional Scuba diving location, birdwatchers can cross off Galapagos penguins, blue-footed boobies and red-throated frigate birds from their list in a single visit, and photographers will have no problem capturing the Galapagos turtle as they go about their languid daily routines.

Scuba Diving


Considered by many to hold the world’s best dive sites, Indonesia is perfect for a luxury yacht charter combined with plenty of Scuba diving in remote locations. Beginners can learn their skills and gain certification while exploring colourful wonderlands, while more experienced divers can go on muck dives to witness the fantastic diversity of such places. Pygmy seahorses and mesmerising nudibranchs are among the 3,000 fish species you have a chance to encounter, and when you want to dry off and warm up the white sand beaches of Sulawesi will be as picture-perfect as your time underwater.


Maldives & Seychelles

Parrotfish, ‘Spanish dancers’, eagle rays and much more await among the Maldives & Seychelles archipelagos, where everyday guests wake up to paradise. Under turquoise blue waters there are myriad colourful species to photograph in excellent visibility, making this destination one to satisfy sunbathers, water sports enthusiasts and those who lie to take their time wandering the depths.


Red Sea

The warm sea temperatures of the Red Sea create excellent conditions for beginner and advanced Scuba divers, who can spend longer at deeper depths without feeling the cold. In summer, the lively reefs attract whale sharks, endangered scalloped hammerhead sharks and schools of rays that glide gracefully by. Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam are the most attractive, however, this region also has some magnificent wreck dives from WWII: S.S. THISTLEGORM is the most famous, lying at a depth of 30m/98ft, however, the top deck sits at 15m/49ft, making it a site that even beginners can access.

Explore the underwater world while on a luxury superyacht vacation

New Zealand

The Poor Knights Islands is considered another of the world’s greatest dive sites, however, there are plenty of other breath-taking spots a short cruise away and down to the other end of the country: The wrecks of the HMNZS CANTERBURY and the Greenpeace flagship RAINBOW WARRIOR are covered in jewel anemones and corals that attract create the foundations for a whole ecosystem, and divers and fishing enthusiasts alike will be pleased with the number of trevally, kingfish and snapper among the kelp meadows and crevasses of the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand.

Explore the waters of New Zealand aboard charter yacht Noble House


For adventurers looking for new frontiers, an explorer yacht will head to some of the remotest regions of the planet to dive sites yet to be discovered. Iceland and its cold water reefs can be just as thrilling an experience as divers swim beneath ice sheets or drift along in crystal clear waters illuminated by the midnight sun. In Thingvellir National Park, dive between two continents – the North American and Eurasian – at Silfir, the only place in the world where you can dive or snorkel in the shallows or two tectonic plates drifting apart.

Scuba diving in Iceland

Caribbean & Bahamas

The extensive Caribbean & Bahamas luxury yacht charter grounds have been extensively explored over the years, uncovering more and more unique dive sites that will awe all ability levels. This large island chain is worthy of its own top 10, however, the highlights are Bonaire, of the ‘ABC Islands’ for its 86 dive sites and 360 fish species, St. Lucia for the astounding sea walls beneath the mountains and the night dive at Anse Chastanet Reef, plus the bubbling Champagne Reef in Dominica created by the volcanic underwater activity.

Luxury yacht charter

Whichever location you choose for your Scuba diving, your luxury yacht will provide the perfect place to rest and replenish your energy in time for more diving the following day. Your exceptional crew will take care of every detail, and the professional on board chef will create sumptuous meals worth leaving the water for.


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